Chapter 1022 - Fangs in the Night

Chapter 1022 - Fangs in the Night

Situ Xiongying’s condition was a huge fright to Madam Situ and Mu Xiaolan. Mu Xiaolan hastily asked in a soft voice, “Father, what’s wrong? Are you feeling unwell?”

“...” Situ Xiongying’s lips opened and closed several times but he was unable to speak a single word. It was only after his throat violently hacked for moment, with a “gulp”, that he regained a little of his breath. However, his face remained deathly pale, “Noth… it’s nothing, he… he… is really…”

In all her life, this was the first time she had seen such an exaggerated reaction from her father. Mu Xiaolan burst out into giggles, “Hehe, so even father is so afraid of his identity. It’s actually alright, even though Yun Che is the sect master’s direct disciple, he’s just how Senior Brother Hanyi described. He will never rely on his identity to bully others. Just like… how he still calls me senior sister even after becoming the sect master’s direct disciple and does not have the arrogant mannerisms of someone who places himself above everyone else. I used to feel that there were so many loathsome points about him but now, I feel that he has many favorable qualities.”

“Oh that’s right father, back then on the profound ark, what did you say when you pulled him over? It shouldn’t... be anything rude right?” Mu Xiaolan asked.

It would have been better if Mu Xiaolan had not mentioned this. Once he recalled how he had coldly threatened and showed his contempt for Yun Che previously, Situ Xiongying’s body shook as he fell to the ground on his butt, causing the chair to break in the process.

No one doubted Yun Che’s identity. In the Snow Song Realm, besides those that were tired of living, no one would dare to masquerade as the Realm King’s direct disciple. Moreover, the one who had revealed his identity was Mu Hanyi.

Under the shock and tremendous intimidation brought by the “the Realm King’s direct disciple”, the hall was so silent that even the drop of a pin could be heard. Nobody dared to even breathe too loudly. Feng Huita and Feng Hange stood on both sides with their bodies bowed. They did not dare to move before Yun Che was seated.

Yun Che did not walk forward but instead took out a flawless snow white jade case. He opened it in front of everyone and a nine leaved grass, surrounded by a hazy icy blue brilliance, appeared. In an instant, an utmost pure chill filled the entire hall, causing everyone’s minds to clear as their gazes were firmly drawn to it, unable to detach themselves.

“Ice Wind Emperor, this grass is known as the ‘Nine Leaf Frost Glaze’ and is one of the unique grasses found in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake. It can temper one’s body and clear one’s heart. I hope that you will accept this humble gift of mine for your thousand year birthday.”

Although his target was the Qilin horn, since he had come to give his birthday wishes, it was only natural that he did not arrive empty handed. This nine leaf frost glaze was a congratulatory gift that he had come up with at the last moment while on the way here. It was indeed one of the unique grasses that grew in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake and should be a fine gift for the ruler of a country.

Mu Xuanyin had confined him in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake over this period of time. Hence, he had certainly collected as many of the unique flowers and grasses within as possible. However, he had still far underestimated the weight the three words, “Heavenly Netherfrost Lake”, had in the Snow Song Realm. Upon hearing that it grew in the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, everyone in the hall… including Mu Hanyi and Mu Xiaolan, had their mouths wide open and their eyeballs almost popping from their sockets.

Feng Huita slowly extended both of his hands but did not dare to move forward for a long long time. His voice trembled as he spoke, “Such a sacred item, how can this little king… possibly accept such a thing…”

“Since it is a fine gesture from Senior Brother Yun Che, Royal Father should accept it,” Mu Hanyi said with a smile.

Only then did Feng Huita reach out with his hand and receive the nine leaf frost glaze. His movements were extremely careful as he cupped it to his bosom, his voice still trembling as he said, “This little king never imagined that he would actually obtain a sacred item from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake in this lifetime. With regards to the great kindness of the Great Realm King and her honored disciple, this little king truly… truly does not know how he can repay such a gesture.”

Anything that originated from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, even a grain of sand, could be said to be a sacred item in the people’s eyes.

“Young Yun,” Even in his emotional state, Feng Huita spoke in a solemn manner, “Since you have visited Ice Wind this time, you must stay for a few more days and give this little king a chance express his gratitude… oh, if Young Yun has any requests or instructions from now on, feel free to tell this little king. This little king will do everything in his power comply and even ten thousand deaths will not be able to stop me.”

This was flattery and fawning from the emperor of a country. However, Yun Che’s response exceeded everyone’s expectations. With calmness that did not belong to someone of his age, he casually waved his hand, “Ice Wind Emperor, your words are too heavy. This junior has come to pay his respects on Master’s behalf and is only an ordinary guest.”

In the hall, flattery was given from far away, “Young Yun does not only possess venerable status and talent unmatched since the dawn of time, but is also so modest and courteous. Truly admirable!”

After this first piece of flattery was given, the people in the hall immediately regained their senses as if they had been awoken from sleep. As such, even more flattery began to be sent in waves.

“This is the first time I have seen such an outstanding individual!”

“Young Yun is after all the chosen disciple of our Great Realm King, how can he not be a man amongst men.”

“Choosing such a successor is not only the good fortune of our Great Realm King but also the good fortune of our Snow Song Realm.”

The Sacred Amethyst Crown Prince’s expression remained stiff for a long time before it finally eased a little. He took a few steps forward as he bowed and said, “To be have been blessed to personally witness Brother Yun’s elegance, this little prince’s trip to Ice Wind this time has not been in vain… no! Not this trip, but this prince’s entire life… this prince also wants to congratulate the Ice Wind Emperor for receiving such generosity from Great Realm King and Brother Yun.”

When facing Feng Huita once again, the Sacred Amethyst Crown Prince’s attitude was completely different than before. He was no longer the least bit excited or arrogant. Every word he spoke contained deep anxiety.

“Hahahaha,” Feng Huita heartily laughed. After the initial fright, the next thing to rise to the highest point was naturally his spirits. The Realm King’s direct disciple had personally come to his birthday celebration… and it was even under the Realm King’s personal orders. This was something that had absolutely never happened in all of the Snow Song countries, let alone the fact that he had received a valuable gift that came from the Heavenly Netherfrost Lake.

The glory he felt at this moment was a hundred times greater than when he first ascended the throne back then.

“Young Yun, quickly come and be seated! My esteemed guests, today has been the best surprise we have ever been given. We will have no regrets even if our life ends today. Everyone, come drink with us under the honor and glory personally gifted upon Young Yun and the Realm King. No one shall leave until they are drunk! Hahahahaha…”

In his spirited state, Feng Huita did not forget an “important matter”. He was practically shouting as he sent a concentrated sound transmission: Quick! Quickly prepare the Ice Maiden Palace anew. Take out the ice lamps, frost spirit rugs… my hidden stash of ten thousand year spirit liquor and those rare fruits! Get Palace Master Feng Xue to go to the city to select ten.. no! Select twenty first class virgins… make haste! If all of this not prepared in six hours, we will personally behead all of you—wait! Ensure that Hanjin is dolled up and ready to serve in the Ice Maiden Palace!

Feng Huita had clearly lost the majesty of an emperor as he loudly shouted while everyone quickly responded. Thus started the birthday of the Ice Wind emperor in a way that no one would have ever expected...

Only after the sky darkened was it finally over.

The lead actor of the emperor’s birthday had unquestionably changed from Feng Huita to Yun Che. When they saw how unpretentious Yun Che was, those of the Snow Song Realm with extremely high status and positions swiftly swarmed forward in succession. The praise, flattery, boot-licking and gasps of admiration never stopped.

The treatment Yun Che received after his identity was known had changed completely, thoroughly revealing what was known as human nature. This fact was unrelated to whether one was in the Profound Sky Continent or the God Realm… it remained unchanged no matter where one went.

Night descended.

Mu Hanyi stood alone under an ice tree. His expression was serene as he quietly played with the ice flower in his hand. His gaze calmly looked to the front while the light in his eyes remained focused, as if he was thinking extremely hard about something.

“Thirteenth Brother, why are you here?”

A luxuriously dressed figure swiftly arrived at his side. It was the Ice Wind Crown Prince, Feng Hange. He spoke with a blaming tone, “Didn’t Royal Father ask you to accompany Yun Che? When I saw that you were not around just now, I was under the impression that Royal Father and you had gone to send off the guests. What are you daydreaming about here alone? It will be a disaster if we do not properly entertain Yun Che.”


The ice flower in Mu Hanyi’s hand was crushed, turning into ice dust as he clenched his hand. He gently smiled and said, “Worry not Royal Brother, he does not need my company. Likewise, there is something that I am extremely puzzled by. Since you are here, you may perhaps be able to dispel my doubts.”

“What is it?” Feng Hange frowned.

Mu Hanyi turned around. Under the darkening sky, his eyes had a gloomy feeling that made one’s heart palpitate. “Why do you think sect master allowed Yun Che to participate in Royal Father’s birthday?”

Feng Hange was a little taken aback. Soon after, he replied, “This… this favor is indeed a little too big and Royal Father was completely caught off guard. However, my guess is that because Thirteenth Brother had always been seen as the person who was most likely to become the Realm King’s direct personal disciple for the last several years but the Realm King still chose someone else even in the face of this. She perhaps felt that this would surely affect the Ice Wind’s prestige and has disappointed our Ice Wind Empre. Thus she commanded Yun Che to come as a form of compensation and to somewhat restore our Ice Wind Empire’s prestige.”

“Hahahaha,” Mu Hanyi laughed loudly. “Royal Brother, do you really believe the words that you have just said?”

Mu Hange, “...”

“If it was another sect or another country, for such a situation, a similar method would indeed be used to console the hearts of the people. But, who do you think the sect master is? In her eyes, our enormous Ice Wind Empire is merely a country of ants. She would not even feel the tiniest bit of guilt if she casually wiped out our entire country.”

“No one has the right to make her compensate for anything!”

“In the ten thousand years that the sect master has remained in her position, countless old countries have fallen, empires changed, and new emperors ascended the throne. Yet, she has never cared for any of this and they are also not worthy of her attention. However, she sent her recently recruited direct disciple to Royal Father’s meager Thousandth Year Celebration. No matter how I think about it, this is not normal at all. At the very least, it is impossible for Yun Che to have come solely for offering birthday congratulations.”

“...” Mu Hanyi’s words caused Feng Hange to be stunned for a while. Soon after, he shook his head and said, “Although your words make sense, these are merely wild guesses. Who do you think the Great Realm King is? Her thoughts are not for the likes of us to guess. Moreover, you said earlier that our Ice Wind Empire is merely a land of ants in the Realm King’s eyes. What can there be in a land of ants that can catch the Realm King’s eyes? Do not let your imagination run wild, properly entertain our valued guest. No matter what intentions he has, Yun Che’s arrival can only bring endless benefits to our Ice Wind Empire and we cannot be the slightest bit negligent in receiving him.”

“Something that can catch her eye?” These words made Mu Hanyi frown as his eyes slowly narrowed, becoming incomparably deep.

“What did you say?” Mu Hange was not able to clearly catch his mumbling.

“Nothing.” Mu Hanyi lifted his head, “Becoming the sect master’s direct disciple is truly wonderful. All must obediently bend their heads whether they are royalty or an overlord. Even Royal Father cannot help but fawn over him.”

“Naturally.” Feng Hange continued, “Who would dare to provoke the Realm King’s direct disciple? Who would dare to be disrespectful to him? Thirteenth Brother, why do you suddenly have such sorrows?”

“I am only somewhat unresigned.” Mu Hanyi softly sighed, “Royal Brother might not know this but victory was already in my grasp in the previous direct disciple competition. However, in the end… it was those short few seconds… or else, all of this… would have been mine!”

The Mu Hanyi who had “calmly accepted” Yun Che gnashed his teeth at this moment as the fingers of his tightly clenched fists turned white.

Feng Hange walked forward and reached out his hand to pat Mu Hanyi’s shoulder, “Royal Father and I were also extremely frustrated and depressed when we knew that you were unable to become the direct disciple. Royal Father and I best understand your efforts and hopes over the years and we know that it was not easy for you. However, this is fate and we can only accept it. The Great Realm King’s direct disciple selection has always been incomparably harsh. Since she chose Yun Che, there must be something about him that surpasses everyone else… so don’t dwell too much on this.”

“I cannot deny that he does have his extraordinary points. He was in the limelight in the Great Sect Assembly half a month ago while I was reduced to a laughable stumbling rock.” Mu Hanyi deeply breathed in before he looked to the sky. His voice suddenly relaxed. “Royal Brother, if Yun Che suddenly disappears from this world, will the things that belong to me return?”

These incomparably slow words instantly frightened Feng Hange until his face turned ashen, “You… what are you saying?”

He looked about in panic and only after he made certain that no one was nearby, did he tightly grab Mu Hanyi’s arm and say in alarm, “Are you crazy!? Do you… really plan on…”

“Hehehe." Mu Hanyi merely softly chuckled, “No need to be so tense Royal Brother, I merely spoke without thinking.”

“Spoke without thinking!” Feng Hange’s eyes were wide open while cold sweat emerged all over his body. He clenched his teeth and said, “Are these words that can be spoken so casually!? The Great Realm King’s abilities are exceptional, you… you…”

“Of course I know.” Mu Hanyi unhurriedly pulled off Feng Hange’s arms from his body while he smiled in an incomparably ordinary manner. “Even if I had courage that was as enormous as the heavens, I would not possibly dare to think about the disgraceful thing that Royal Brother is imagining in his heart. What’s more, Yun Che is currently in our Ice Wind Empire. If anyone dares to harm him, even if I have such thoughts, I can only desperately protect him with my life. Or else, if something bad happens, under the rage of the sect master, not only you, me, and Royal Father, even our entire Ice Wind will be done for.”

Feng Hange firmly stared at Mu Hanyi. It was a long while later before his throbbing heart and breathing finally returned to normal. He said in a serious voice, “I know that you do not have such courage but you must surely have had such thoughts… after today, you cannot ever have such thoughts again. No matter how unwilling, you must be as respectful and obedient as Royal Father to Yun Che! Is this clear!?”

“I know. Royal Brother is the one who understands me the most in this world. You must know that I am not someone who would do such things. Don’t worry.” Mu Hanyi’s expression was calm as he replied.

“...” Feng Hange nodded his head. Only then did he truly put down his anxiety.

“Just take it that I never said those words. I am going to accompany Yun Che. You stay here and first clear your mind before joining us later.”

Feng Hange used profound energy to remove all the cold sweat on his body. With a sigh of relief, he quickly left.

His footsteps swiftly disappeared into the distance. Only then did Mu Hanyi turn around and watch as Mu Hange’s figure disappeared from his sight. His eyes slightly narrowed as the light in his eyes became increasingly dark and sinister while ice-cold mockery emerged from his mouth,

“This is why you will always be trash that will never accomplish great things.”