Chapter 1014 - Rescinding the Order

Chapter 1014 - Rescinding the Order

In contrast to the burning hot aura emanating from Yun Che, Mu Feixue's body was giving off a pure, cold aura. After being eventually pounced upon by the former, she didn't show any resistance despite the fact that she was going to be defiled by him.

A series of tearing sounds could be heard once again; Mu Feixue's snow-white garments had turned into bits and pieces in no time. Her flawless, jade-like body was immediately exposed to the air, revealing the smooth, dazzling, snow-white skin in front of Yun Che's bloodshot eyes.

She quietly remained beneath him with her body fully exposed, without struggling to stop the other party or showing any signs of sensuality. She seemed like a snow woman, born from an ice lotus of the Heavenly Lake, whose beauty would remain pure and holy even if she were to be sullied by a wild beast that had lost its reason.

The crimson color of Yun Che's pupils deepened several fold. He let out an uncontrollable low roar as he pounced forward to firmly grab and knead her jade-white, flawless chest, causing Mu Feixue to tighten her beautiful brows in pain.

Then, Yun Che impatiently lowered his head to bite directly on her lips. There was barely any distance between the eyes of the two people.

Yun Che's pupils were blazing like flames, apparently in a state of irritable unrest. Mu Feixue didn't close her eyes and simply looked on with a glazed expression in them; resembling a pond of still water, ice-cold, holy and pure, eliciting deep sorrow and melancholy within others.

She resembled the helpless Chu Yuechan in the past when her body was pressed down by him at Dragon God trial grounds.

In an instant, Yun Che let out a queer cry as though countless lightning bolts had ruthlessly bombarded into eyes and soul. His body flipped away from its position on Mu Feixue all of a sudden. He grabbed his head and rolled about on the ground, howling and crying endlessly.

Blue veins popped out on his forehead, bearing a similarity to desperately struggling earthworms. His reddened eyes had miraculously gained some clarity, despite him totally going out of control just a while ago. After yelling for a long time, he lifted his trembling right arm and stretched wide the five fingers before fiercely smashing down on his chest.


The fingers were imbued with all of his power as they firmly pierced into his chest and dug out five deep bloody holes. Blood immediately gushed out of the holes, bringing about a sharp pain that helped him sober up even more than before. He exerted his whole strength to get as far away from My Feixue as possible while rolling and crawling on the ground.

"..." Mu Feixue quietly got up to her feet as she absentmindedly looked at Yun Che doing his all to get as far from her as he could. He left incomparably scarlet bloodstains on the ground in his wake as he crawled his way to the other corner of the room.

"Knock... me... out..."

Suddenly, he spoke with his body curled up in the corner. He said no more than three words but his voice was so hoarse that it didn't bear any similarities to that of a human's; it sounded more like it was coming from a wild beast in a moment of despair.

"..." Mu Feixue didn't move a muscle, even forgetting to cover up her naked jade-like body. There was a blood-red mark on her cherry lips... left behind by none other than Yun Che.

Since her profound strength had been completed sealed by Mu Xuanyin, it was impossible for her to knock him out even if she wanted to do so.

"Hurry up.... AHHHH!!"

Yun Che roared in maddening pain. His faintly sobered up mind was telling him that his sanity might get swallowed up again by the instincts of lust at any moment.

I... can't...

I can't!!!

Yun Che's eyes abruptly widened to their limits as the image of a dark blue True Dragon at once surfaced on his body.


With the dragon soul released, his mind became extremely clear. At least, he could channel sufficient power now.

"AHHHHHHH!!" Yun Che straightaway gathered all his power in the right arm before launching a punch to his temple.


There was so much weight behind his punch that it jolted the entire ice room.

Outside, the meditating Mu Xuanyin suddenly opened up her eyes.

This is... the aura of a True Dragon!?

Her gaze immediately turned to the ice room below. Unexpectedly, the aura of a True Dragon was originating from within it!

Mu Xuanyin's body flashed and instantly arrived before the ice room. With a stroke of her palm, the ice wall right in front melted away in no time.

She was momentarily stupefied by the scene before her eyes.

Yun Che was sitting paralyzed with his body curled up in a corner of the room. His whole body was dyed in blood and five bloody holes could be seen on his chest. Although blood had stopped flowing out of them, it was still a ghastly sight to behold.

His eyes were open but they had lost nearly all their luster, and his mental condition had fallen to a semi-conscious state by now. As Mu Feixue's profound strength had been sealed, he could be the only one to turn his body into such a mess.

Mu Feixue was standing in another corner with all her garments torn to pieces. Her bare jade-like body looked so splendid that even Mu Xuanyin felt admiration for it in her heart. It was just that although there were some ravaging marks left on her, the breath of her vital yin was still pure as before.

There were large bloodstains on the ground between the two people.

"..." Mu Xuanyin remained silent for a long while, standing in place, before walking over to Yun Che's side.

Her snow white hand lightly pressed on his chest, sending some frost energy in his body to quickly dispel the blood of horned dragon that was wreaking havoc within even at this moment.

Mu Feixue had been looking fixedly at Yun Che all this time. Her eyes had lost their previous cold and calm expression as they got replaced by utter confusion. It was her first time forgetting to kowtow upon seeing Mu Xuanyin.

Under the effect of Mu Xuanyin's cold energy, Yun Che's breathing recovered to normal. His body stopped convulsing and the look of pain on his face disappeared gradually.

"Che'er, why are you unwilling to touch Feixue despite the fact that it would only cause you so much suffering?"

Mu Xuanyin asked in a low voice.

She injected him with the blood of horned dragon and confined him in the ice room with Mu Feixue due to his disobedience and inability to appreciate her kindness. However, seeing that he didn't want to do anything to Mu Feixue even after being tormented by the blood of the horned dragon for an entire half hour and even hurt his entire body in the process, she couldn't bring herself to be angry at him, though she should be further enraged at his actions.

Yun Che opened his lips to speak. He was almost in a stupor at the moment but still managed to maintain an extremely vague consciousness. "If it's someone else... disciple... will obey Master's words... But disciple... is unable to... do it with her..."

Mu Feixue, "..."

"For what reason?" Mu Xuanyin asked.

"Because... she... resembles... Little Fairy..."

Yun Che's voice came to a halt as he spoke out the two words, "Little Fairy." Suddenly, a pained expression appeared on his face, showing no signs of disappearing any time soon.

"Little Fairy? Who's she?" The light in Mu Xuanyin's eyes flickered slightly. She didn't hear this name when Mu Bingyun talked about Yun Che with her.

"She… is… no longer in this world..." His consciousness became further indistinct but his voice turned even more pained.

It was natural, as talking about Little Fairy was basically coming into contact with the deepest and most painful, shame-inducing, regretful and untouchable place of his soul.

Mu Feixue, "..."

"..." Mu Xuanyin fell silent for a brief moment. She slowly moved her hands away from his chest after driving out all of the horned dragon blood.

"Disciple... requests Master... to rescind the order..." Yun Che's face turned pale as he closed his eyes and continued, "Or else... Jasmine would... loathe me... when she finds out..."

His eyelids shut down completely as he truly passed out.

The words he spoke came from the depths of his soul but he wouldn't remember saying anything of it after awakening, due to his consciousness being disassociated from it.

Mu Xuanyin stood up before quietly turning around to face Mu Feixue.

"Feixue, tell your grandfather that the previous decision has been cancelled."

Her voice was devoid of any anger or majesty. Even she was surprised by how easily she decided to rescind the order.

Especially considering that it was an order the Sect Master had decided on in the presence of everyone during the Great Sect Assembly.

After the prohibition was lifted from her body, Mu Feixue lightly waved her hand before her chest; her naked jade-like body was now covered in new snow-white garments. She bowed slightly without making any sound in response and turned around to leave.

"Wait a moment!" Mu Xuanyin said all of a sudden. She paused for a bit before continuing, "Have Huanzhi come here. This king wants to discuss some matter with him."

Bathing in the snow falling from the sky, Mu Feixue lonesomely walked out of the Sacred Hall. Afterwards, she stopped in her tracks to look silently at the pale white world around her. But she wasn't unable to stay as quiet as the Snow Region within her heart.

"Just... what sort of person is he...?"

She lightly murmured to herself.

That Little Fairy… is no longer in this world... but he still disobeyed the order of Sect Master, willingly suffered such a great torment, and even didn't hesitate from self-mutilation because of her.

Do I truly resemble that much...?

Earlier, her world was only filled with pure snow, without the presence of any blemish or dust.

But at some point in time, the figure of the man who chose to suffer devastating pain over touching her, even after receiving the order directly from the Sect Master, had etched deeply into her heart and soul... Perhaps, it was impossible now for her to ever erase it, no matter how hard she tried.

Mu Huanzhi rushed over to Sacred Hall burning with impatience. When he reached the entrance, he saw Mu Xuanyin standing with her hands at her back with a cold and clear look in her eyes. Apparently, she was waiting for his arrival.

He promptly stepped forward and performed a salutation from a distance, "Huanzhi pays respect to Sect Master. Huanzhi feels extremely apologetic to make Sect Master wait so long."

"Get up." Mu Xuanyin's voice travelled through the snowy wind, carrying a hint of tiredness.

"Huanzhi, This king called you here to entrust a task."

Mu Huanzhi got up and nodded, "Sect Master, please give your instructions."

"Feixue..." Mu Xuanyin's cold eyes looked somewhat complicated, "We'll have to temporarily drop the matter that was decided for her and Yun Che. However, you're not allowed to privately marry her off to anyone else without this king’s permission!"

The latter part of her words were clearly said in a stern tone making Mu Huanzhi's heart skip a beat. He didn't get time to think through it as he nodded at once in agreement, "I understand."

"This king wants you to look for four things."

Mu Huanzhi focused his mind and pricked up his ears. The things for which Sect Master herself was going to instruct him to seek were bound to be extraordinary after all.

"The four things are: a Qilin horn, a Wood Spirit Orb with at least seventy percent of it spiritual power preserved, a Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and... an intact Immortal Emperor Grass!"

Initially, Mu Huanzhi was listening intently to her words. But when he heard "Wood Spirit Orb", he couldn't help but raise his head in startlement. Soon after, he heard his throat made a deep sound involuntarily, as his ears caught the names of "Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade" and "Immortal Emperor Grass."

Putting the Qilin horn aside, a "Wood Spirit Orb" was the life source of the people from Wood Spirit Race. Once it was taken out of them, their bodies would die and their soul dissipate into thin air. Their number was on continuous decline due to the large scale hunt for them. That naturally lead to a ceaseless increase in the selling price of the Wood Spirit Orb. In addition, killing people of their race was widely recognized as unethical and inhumane. Therefore, Wood Spirit Orbs had always been sold in private, with no one daring to do it publicly. As a result, it had become extremely difficult to obtain the orbs nowadays, much less one with seventy percent of its spirit power preserved.

It was also an option for him to go hunt a member of Wood Spirit Race but doing so would be equal to defying the heavenly law, and righteous profound practitioners, would not do it openly.

Now the possibility of getting his hands on a Wood Spirit Orb was still viable but the Divine Nine Star Buddha Jade and the Immortal Emperor Grass were the kind of things that could be only seen in the ancient records. It was uncertain whether even the rumor of their locations could be heard once in several thousand years. It was immensely hard to obtain them even in the upper star realms.