Chapter 1013 - Losing Control

Chapter 1013 - Losing Control

Mu Xuanyin spoke in a light and slow voice but it was devoid of any emotions; it was evident that she was furious at the moment. Unlike the case at Heavenly Netherfrost Lake, she was truly angry at Yun Che, for the first time.

His inability to tell good from bad had really enraged her!

"Disciple apologizes... I've failed Master." Yun Che felt tense in his heart as he lowered his head unable to meet Mu Xuanyin's eyes. He knew that she only intended to fulfil his cherished desire. Moreover, the vital yin of three thousand Ice Phoenix female disciples... would be an enormous loss to the whole sect but she still didn't hesitate to make the choice for his own good.

In addition, she schemed against Huo Rulie to obtain the Golden Crow's Record of the Burning World from him for no one else other than him.

Although it was only his first day as her disciple, she had shown extremely great care to him.

He said it himself just a while ago, that so long as he can reach Divine Tribulation Realm before the Profound God Convention, he would willingly participate in it and use all means to do so, no matter how faint the hope was. But now, in the blink of an eye, he was straight up refusing her...

Therefore, he truly meant it when he said "I've failed Master."

As his head drooped down, his gaze fell upon Mu Feixue who was still prostrate on the ground. Immediately, he fell into a trance; a devastatingly beautiful and aloof figure like an ice fairy surfaced before his eyes.

Little Fairy...

The first time he saw Mu Feixue he couldn't refrain from thinking about Chu Yuechan because their temperament and eyes bore quite a lot of resemblance, so much so that even their looks shared some similarities.

He knew well that Mu Feixue wasn't Chu Yuechan and his Little Fairy was the one and only in the world. However, despite that, looking at the similarities between them, he still had no way of holding himself back from recalling the fairy-like figure he would certainly feel apologetic to for the rest of his life. Furthermore, the figure of Chu Yuechan overlapped and merged with Mu Feixue in his line of sight, making it even more difficult for him to stop thinking about her.

She isn't her, not the one I know... Yun Che shook his head silently.

"You're sorry?" Mu Xuanyin's brows tightened. "You believe that you have the right to refuse my decision!?”


Mu Xuanyin stretched out her palm. An extraordinarily rough sound of ice condensing issued from behind Yun Che. He subconsciously turned a round only to see several layers of thick and heavy ice piling up in a criss-cross fashion. In an instant, they built up a ice room less than ten meter square in area.

Mu Xuanyin flipped over her palm the moment Yun Che turned around. Soon after, a bizarre bead of blood emitting red light, floated up to the tip of her finger before abruptly shooting forth to his chest.


Taken by surprise, Yun Che could only groan in fright as the red bead drilled into his body in no time with the aid of Mu Xuanyin's profound energy and fused into his blood.

He had the Fire Spirit Evil Body so he wasn't afraid of any sort of fire; even the scorching hot temperature of the flaming body of a Golden Crow wouldn't make him feel uncomfortable in the least. But as soon as the blood bead entered his body, he felt as though flames had erupted around his chest region which then quickly coursed through his body to reach every part within.

Yun Che turned pale with fear at the unprecedented reaction shown by his body. "Master, what is... this thing?"

"It's the blood of the ancient horned dragon from the God Burying Inferno Prison!" Mu Xuanyin replied coldly.

"...!" Yun Che's pupils shrank in shock.

Mu Bingyun had spoken to him before about the ancient horned dragon in the God Burying Inferno Prison... Its breath was extremely poisonous and its blood immensely depraving.

Its breath was so fatally toxic that even Mu Binyun nearly lost her life. And its blood...'

"The blood of the ancient horned dragon has the attribute of extreme yang and as such, it's an utmost depravity-inducing substance. Even though I didn't use more than a drop of it, one at the Divine Spirit Realm wouldn't be able to put up any resistance against its effects, much less you who has just entered divine way! I want to see for myself whether your body is as stubborn as your mouth!"

Mu Xuanyin's words carried along an oddly scalding aura which forced Mu Feixue to turn away her bright eyes. In the short time of a few breaths, Yun Che's face and his exposed skin had completely turned crimson. As if he had been set afire, his breathing became heavy like a bull; his forehead was dripping with so much perspiration, it was as if torrential rain was pouring down.

"Sss... ah..." His whole blood seemed to have tuned into lava, crazily igniting his lust as it boiled intensely.

His body had Sky Poison Pearl, making him fearless against all poisons under the heavens. However, the thing that has invaded his body wasn't some poison but dragon blood of extreme yang.

He fully understood what Mu Xuanyin was trying to do at this moment. A horned dragon’s blood possessed intense yang energy of a terrifying level. He had seen too many estrus-inducing things back then when he used to follow around Yun Gu. But their potency couldn't come anywhere close to one ten thousandth of the single drop of dragon blood.

However, he was already unable to escape from this place even if he wanted. Mu Xuanyin's palm drew closer and struck lightly on his chest.


Yun Che's body flew backward with an explosion as it fell into a cramped ice room with incomparable precision. Very soon, Mu Feixue was also blown into the room by a cold wind.

Even her profound strength was completely sealed, leaving her unable to use the slightest bit of it.


A blue light flashed through the air, instantly condensing a layer of ice which firmly blocked the only exit of the room.

The chilly ice forming the room and the blockade were personally created by Mu Xuanyin. Consequently, it was simply impossible for Yun Che and Mu Feixue to break out of it.

The layers of ice the room was made of weren't transparent at all. Not only did they serve to obstruct others from looking inside, they also had the ability to prevent all sounds from reaching in or coming out.

Immediately, the entire Sacred Hall quieted. Mu Xuanyin's beautiful brows slightly tightened into a frown. Her cold and absolutely gorgeous face was covered in a thin layer of pallid light, apparently still angry due to Yun Che's sudden refusal.

In Divine Ice Phoenix Sect, direct inheritors of the Ice Phoenix bloodline who possessed Ice Phoenix vital yin were extremely few. Moreover, all of them had quite a high status and talent in the Snow Song Realm. She was willing to pay an enormous price for Yun Che. It was certainly the best method she could come up with to make his cultivation reach Divine Tribulation Realm before the Profound God Convention.

Besides, her plan was basically an absolutely great temptation to any man in the world, to say nothing of Yun Che who was deemed uninhibited by Mu Bingyun.

But despite everything, he was audacious enough to refuse right to her face!

Other than being surprised by his action, how would she not be enraged!?

And since it was a decision made by her, Yun Che only had the choice to do it willingly or not. He had no qualification to voice his refusal!

Mu Xuanyin slowly brought her arm down before turning around as her snow white robe fluttered in the wind. Her tightened brows gradually relaxed and curved down a bit right after the moment she faced the other side. The exceedingly chilly aura emanating from her disappeared without a trace, like melting ice. Her lips that contained endless might of ice, could be seen moving a little bit. Although her lips only curved into an almost indiscernible smile, it seemed as though countless flowers had bloomed all of a sudden, indescribably and inexhaustibly enchanting.

"The brat is such a handful. Doesn't even listen to a thing I say."

She lightly muttered to herself but her voice didn't have the bone-piercing chilliness from before and had instead become quite soft. Her previously cold eyes were shining like a lakelet reflecting the rays of sun, holding the same languid charm when a beautiful woman would awaken from an erotic dream.

"Feixue is Huanzhi’s only granddaughter. Che'er, you need to treat her tenderly and take care not to break her."

She let out a lovely laugh, appearing like a witch who had succeeded in her prank. Her snow white robe fluttered in the air as she disappeared within the chilly fog, seemingly dissipating into thin air.

But she didn't really leave the Sacred Hall and was actually floating high into the sky. She closed her eyes as she focused her mind. She was far more clear about the intensity of the horned dragon blood's yang attribute. It wasn't the least bit of exaggeration to say that just a drop of its blood was so potent that even profound practitioners of Divine Spirit Realm would be unable to keep themselves in check under its effect.

With Yun Che's current profound strength, he wouldn't be able to hold back for any more than ten breaths, no matter how strong his willpower was. Afterward, he would totally lose his reason and his body would be governed by his lust. And as for Mu Feixue who was in the same room as him, she had personally sealed her profound power and hence, there was no means left to her for resisting the assault of the lust-driven Yun Che.

Under the influence of extreme yang dragon blood, a man would go crazy even for a sow, to say nothing of the exceptionally beautiful Mu Feixue, whose looks were unmatched in the entire sect.

With the help of Mu Feixue's extremely strong and pure Ice Phoenix vital yin, he would recover very quickly as well… therefore she planned on waiting for an hour before opening up the room.

After all, she was really worried about Yun Che losing control and ending up playing with the powerless Mu Feixue to the point of being thoroughly broken.

Time continued to pass by amidst the silent chilliness. After half an hour passed, Mu Xuanyin slowly opened her eyes as she looked at the ice room.

She speculated that Yun Che must have obtained Mu Feixue's vital yin by now. But even she, Snow Song Realm’s Realm King, would have never expected what had actually happened in the ice room.

"Ahah... Ugh, ahah... ah!!"

Yun Che was shouting as if he had gone insane. His voice had already become extremely hoarse, giving off the impression that he was suffering from the greatest pain in the world.

His snow white robe was in an utterly miserable state; every torn piece of it was dyed with scarlet bloodstains. His hair were also in a complete mess as he continuously clawed at his body with his own hands. And his head was ruthlessly hitting against the icy walls again and again, producing violent deafening sounds of collision.

The blood coursing through his body was incomparably burning hot and his body was boiling with such momentum as though it would blow up at any moment. The desire to madly ravage Mu Feixue filled up each and every cell of his body, nibbling away at his last bit of reason and soberness.

Mu Feixue quietly stood at the corner of the room without making any sort of sound; like a finely sculpted ice-crystal statue of a young lady. Only her starry eyes could be seen faintly swaying, as unprecedented ripples surfaced in them.

She had heard before about the fearfulness of a horned dragon blood.

She had thought about accepting her fate the moment she entered the Sacred Hall. She had no thoughts of defying it, nor was it possible, as it was an order from the Sect Master.

She knew very well that given her appearance, the men in the sect would always look at her with gazes of shock, infatuation, and stultification; they would even feel themselves inferior to her, not daring to show the expressions of desire in their eyes. In any case, even if she was ugly, she still had Ice Phoenix vital yin, which was an immensely great temptation in itself to all men.

And right now, the only person who could do anything with her was...

Unexpectedly, roaring to vent his feelings, clawing at himself and knocking his head against the wall with all his might. Despite the fact that half an hour had passed, he hadn't shown any signs of assaulting her helpless self, even though he was being tormented by the blood of the horned dragon.

He had started to lose his voice gradually after howling for such a long period of time, as if his throat had ripped open at several places. Large pools of blood and sweat could be seen at his feet. He had drawn back his body, that appeared to be in utmost pain, to a corner of the room with his back facing her, seemingly doing his best to forget about her existence.

He stubbornly managed to restrain himself so far despite the effect of the blood, something even people in the Divine Spirit Realm would find impossible to do. There was just no way to imagine how strong a willpower it required to accomplish such a feat and the fearful extent of pain one had to suffer. Mu Feixue stared blankly at him as such a situation was totally different from what she had expected. She also couldn't understand why he was doing that. It was an order from the Sect Master, she herself was clearly an irresistible, devastatingly beautiful woman, and there was evidently endless benefit to him if he did as said. But why would he still not be willing to touch her even if that meant bearing so much pain?

"Why are... you trying to restrain yourself?"

Her snow-like lips opened lightly as she spoke in a dreamy voice.

It might be the first time in her life that she had taken the initiative to talk with a man excluding those from the older generation.

Moreover, the words she said were ambiguous enough to be taken as an invitation to defile her.

Perhaps, even Yun Che didn't know about the thing he was enduring at the moment. It might be due to the shadow of Chu Yuechan left in his mind or the unwillingness to surrender himself before the might of the horned dragon blood.

However, the icy and soft feminine voice of Mu Feixue ruined all his efforts to forget her existence in the end. The final defensive line in his mind that was holding him back was routed in the twinkling of an eye...

Yun Che stopped roaring and his body turned around all of a sudden. With bloodshot eyes, he stared towards Mu Feixue who was standing in a daze...


His heart throbbing crazily and his blood surging fiercely, Yun Che's will was being dominated by the desire to ravage Mu Feixue to his satisfaction. He pounded over to her like a hungry tiger pouncing on its prey. But as he had currently lost quite a bit of his strength, he lost his balance and fell upon her legs instead, causing her to fall down due to the weight of his body.


Mu Feixue's lower garment was instantly ripped apart by Yun Che, who was currently out of his mind. A jade-white, slender, and long leg revealed itself before him which he greedily caressed as he pressed his face against the beautiful bare part of her leg. The soft and smooth sensation of her leg possessed a chilly aura and comforting delicate fragrance, making the fire of lust, that was threatening to split his body into pieces, burn with even more force and intensity.