Chapter 688: Danger in the Wildlands

The others didn’t find it strange for Marquis Nanlong and the white-clothed old man surnamed Yun to have first pick. Since they were both the founders of this expedition and had the deepest cultivation, it was natural for them to have a larger share of the treasure.            

In order to prevent any unexpected matters from occurring, the group immediately agreed to the plan. The group would set off in two days, before the end of the trade fair. After taking a heart demon oath to not divulge this information, the meeting was concluded.

Han Li noticed that the Marquis and the old man surnamed Yun appeared rather confident as if they weren’t fearful that the early Nascent Soul cultivators would perform any petty tricks. Considering the location and method to break the spell restrictions were only known to them in addition to their shrewdness and abilities, it was likely that the others wouldn’t think of any dirty schemes.

Of course, Han Li also agreed with this reasoning.

Ever since Han Li reached Nascent Soul stage, his cultivation for the Azure Essence Sword Arts was excruciatingly slow due to a lack of suitable medicine pills. Han Li reckoned that if if he were to bitterly cultivate for three hundred years, he still wouldn’t reach the peak of early Nascent Soul stage.

As for whether or not he would be able to reach mid Nascent Soul stage, that would simply be a matter of luck, not aptitude. Nascent Soul cultivators that managed to reach this far were all people with exceptional aptitude.

According to Han Li’s original plans, he would’ve diligently cultivated for over a hundred years once the trade fair concluded. Once he made some progress with his cultivation art, he would immediately leave his cave residence and find a few ancient cultivator ruins or some land rich with natural treasures. It was only like this he would find an opportunity to progress to the next stage of cultivation. But now that Han Li had heard of the treasures of the renowned Devilfall Valley, Han Li couldn’t possibly let them go. This was perhaps the opportunity he needed.

The others likely shared the same thoughts.

These old Nascent Soul eccentrics were stuck at early Nascent Soul stage for countless years. There was no possibility they would renounce such an opportune breakthrough. The techniques and medicine pills were certain to be significant.

Of course, since the Ghost Spirit Sect’s young master was travelling with them, if there was an opportunity to kill him on the way, Han Li wouldn’t hold himself back. Even if Wang Tiangu witnessed it, what would change? The Devil Dao and the Heavenly Dao Alliance were already enemies.

As killing intent filled Han Li’s mind, he walked down the azure stone road back to his own residence.

But unbeknownst to him, Wang Tiangu was calmly walking down an alley several streets away with Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan silently following after him.

“Once we return, clearly explain any grudges that are held between the two of you. It seems this person has yet to release his hatred towards you. In the future, you both must not stray too far from my side in order to prevent any ambushes.”

Wang Chan respectfully replied, “Yes, Second Uncle. I didn’t think that from an ill considered action from the past, this nephew would create such a large enemy for you. In such a short amount of time, he was able to breakthrough the bottlenecks of both Core Formation and Nascent Soul stage. It was far beyond what I could’ve predicted.” He seemed to grow depressed at the thought of Han Li having already condensed a Nascent Soul.

Wang Tiangu coldly smiled, “Humph! These is no need for you to be so discouraged. With the Blood Spirit Arts’ supreme might, there is no need to fear that youngster when the two of you join hands. So long as you breakthrough to the seventh layer of the cultivation art, you and Ruyan will be able to condense a Nascent Soul together. It will be hard to say who will be troubled then! However, you two had best be careful on this trip to the Moulan Plains. Even if I am truly busy and cannot stay by your side, you two must stay together. With your combined strength, you will definitely be able to defend yourselves.”

“Many thanks for Second Uncle’s advice!” Wang Chan was greatly relieved by his uncle’s words and felt much more at ease.

“Hehe! Of your brothers, I think highest of you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have brought you to this trade fair alone. However, that cultivator was originally a Yellow Maple Valley cultivator. The old ghost Linghu also personally made a trip to this trade fair. Could they have a connection with each other?” Wang Tiangu muttered to himself. His voice lowered as if he felt trepidation towards the Yellow Maple Valley Ancestor.

Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan looked at each other in bewilderment.

When Han Li returned to his residence, he slept for the night and spent the entirety of the next day hurriedly purchasing the materials he required. Afterwards, he repeatedly warned Mu Peiling to be careful and particularly requested Lu Luo to accompany her.

When Lu Luo heard that Han Li was about to hastily leave before the end of the trade fair, he felt amazed. However, he didn’t ask for a detailed explanation. He agreed in a single breath, leaving Han Li with a rather favorable impression towards him. 

For the remainder of the day, Han Li spent his time at his residence in meditation.

It was only when the appointed time had drew near that Han Li departed from the pavilion and set off to a small mountain five hundred kilometers south of Soaring Heavens City.

Six hours later, he and the others had all arrived. The three from the Ghost Spirit Sect were the last to arrive.

When Han Li saw this, he felt his heart stir.

As soon as Marquis Nanlong said, “We go!”, the group of nine silently departed south towards the Moulan Plains.

The State of Yu was the country of the Nine Nations Union closest to the Moulan Plains, but there wasn’t truly a border between them. There was five thousand kilometers of desert wilderness separating the two. This area had very little vegetation and clouds of yellow sand eternally blowing through the air. It was the battlefield where the Nine Nations Union and the Moulan spell warriors fought. It was unknown how many cultivators had died in this barren wasteland.

Even when official battles weren’t taking place, the wasteland were exceptionally dangerous. There were many other reasons why cultivators on both sides ended up wandering the desert.

There were those that were brazenly killing one another for their treasures. There were those that were fighting on the frontlines in order to breakthrough their cultivation bottlenecks. Regardless of their reasons, they all shared something in common: they all had the confidence that they would be able to prevail over cultivators of similar grade. Most of these cultivators were at Foundation Establishment stage with a few Core Formation cultivators mixed among them.

Each time a Core Formation cultivator appeared, the lower grade cultivators immediately kept their distance in fear that they would be caught in the crossfire.

As for Nascent Soul grade cultivators, they wouldn’t easily make an appearance in a small scale battle such as this one. That was why the Marquis’ group weren’t particularly vigilant when crossing through this area.

The distance of five thousand kilometers was something that was easily traversed in less than a day for a Nascent Soul cultivator. That was why the cultivators traveled at a relaxed pace. With Marquis Nanlong and the white-clothed old man leading the way, the rest of the party followed after them in a scattered manner.

They had passed by many low-grade cultivators along the way, completely unnoticed.

However, just as the party flew out for an hour, the white-clothed old man suddenly stopped.

Marquis Nanlong asked with surprise, “Brother Yun, what happened?” He had been taking turns with the white-clothed old man to keep a lookout with their spiritual sense.

The old man surnamed Yun narrowed his eyes and solemnly said, “There is a huge gale ahead of us. It is suspicious.”

“A huge gale? What do you mean? Isn’t a bit of wind normal?” Marquis Nanlong bafflingly asked. He then released his spiritual sense and probed the distance ahead of them.

Han Li and the others had clearly heard their words. After clearly hearing them, the party glanced at each other and released their own spiritual senses.

Although they had yet to truly enter the Moulan Plains, it was better to be careful. As they were all individuals with powerful spiritual senses, they may as well probe the situation themselves instead of relying on the word of another. As a result, each of them wore a bewildered expression.

The old woman sullenly said, “That wind isn’t merely suspicious. There is certainly something wrong with it. Such a gale cannot naturally occur.”