Chapter 687: Cang Kun’s Buried Treasure

“Brother Nanlong, did you speak correctly? The Moulan Plains?” The stern-faced cultivator frowned, speaking as if he couldn’t believe what he had heard.

The other cultivators didn’t fare much better. But since all of them were old eccentrics that had faced countless hardships, they were able to preserve their calm in spite of their turbulent emotions as they waited for Marquis Nanlong’s reply.

Marquis Nanlong calmly explained, “Fellow Daoist misunderstands. I didn’t mean that we would head deep into the Moulan Plains, merely fifty kilometers within its borders.” 

The stern-face cultivator shook his head as if greatly fearful of the idea, “That is still extremely dangerous. The Moulan Tribes have been honing their strength for many years already, and have become restless. The edge of the Moulan Plains has already become a danger zone. I fear that many Nascent Soul level spell warriors will be gathered there. Although only a few of those spell warriors possessed a magic treasure, their cultivation is still on par with ours. Additionally, their spirit techniques are not only vastly powerful, but they are extremely adaptable as well. If we were discovered, it would be difficult to escape unharmed.”

Marquis Nanlong sullenly said, “Of course I know how difficult they are. In the past, I fought against a Nascent Soul spell warrior for three entire days. Although his cultivation was on par with mine and his magic treasure was greatly inferior, the battle had ended in stalemate.”

“Since that’s the case, there must be an important reason why Fellow Daoist intends to go there. Why else would Brother Nanlong brave such danger?”

“Hehe, Brother Wang truly understands me. Have any of you Fellow Daoists of the name of Master Cang Kun?”

A bright glint flickered form the eyes of the old woman that had yet to speak, “Master Cang Kun! Wasn’t that the mad cultivator that suppressed both the Righteous and Devilish Dao five thousand years ago?”

With an odd expression, the Marquis said with a strange voice, “Lady Tai is correct. It was that madman that wreaked havoc against both the Righteous and Devilish Dao in the past. Although no one had officially concede this, the daring mad cultivator was definitely the greatest vagrant cultivator during that time. He had profound abilities swept past many fearsome opponents in the Heavenly South. Even the great elder of the Harmonious Bond Sect and the Righteous Dao Alliance Leader, the number one figures of both sides at the time, didn’t dare to say that they could prevail against the mad cultivator.”

Wang Tiangu asked with an odd expression, “So Fellow Daoist Nanlong means to say that this matter is related to the mad cultivator?” 

The Marquis heavily said, “Hehe! It is as Brother Wang says. We will be heading to where Master Cang Kun died. It is a meticulously hidden cave residence.”

The old woman strongly shook her head in disbelief, “Impossible! Wasn’t that madman killed after being surrounded by many of his enemies?” 

Marquis Nanlong simply smiled and was give an explanation when the other mid Nascent Soul cultivator, the white-clothed old man, suddenly said, “Master Cang Kun wasn’t killed by the attack. Rather he was forced to self detonate two of his puppet incarnations to create the opportunity to escape. The cultivators who surrounded him were none the wiser and had believed that one of the incarnations was his true body. However, the battle had greatly injured Master Cang Kun’s vitality and it was extremely difficult for him to restore his abilities. 

“As a result, he spent several years there in recover, and his original cave residence disappeared alongside any messages. It was only when Fellow Daoist Nanlong and I recently discovered his place of death that we came across this knowledge from a remnant message. Once Master Cang Kun disappeared, he braved Devilfall Valley and was the very first person to make it out alive.”

The old woman sharply yelled with an expression of excitement, “He returned from Devilfall Valley alive? How is that possible?!”

All of those that heard the story felt their breathes turn cold. For a moment, they were both shocked by this information and were pondering the validity of these claims. For a time, they couldn’t help but glance at each other in dismay.

The tanned cultivator pondered for a moment before asking with a sneer, “Even if this matter was true, what does it have to do with the Moulan Plains? Don’t tell me that Master Cang Kun buried the treasures he acquired from Devilfall Valley inside this hidden cave residence?”

Marquis Nanlong twirled his beard and expressionlessly said, “Fellow Daoist Bing’s words are mostly correct. According to what was left behind at Master Qian Kun’s place of death, he stayed at Devilfall Valley for several years, but not long after, he met death in meditation. He possibly relapsed from his old injuries or acquired new injuries from Devilfall Valley, but either way, he should’ve brought many treasures out from Devilfall Valley. Treasures that caught the fancy of the greatest vagrant cultivator of that era is no small matter. Furthermore, from his capabilities to suppress crowds of cultivators as a vagrant cultivator, he must’ve possessed extraordinary secret arts and magic treasures. Are you still be unwilling to head into the Moulan Plains?”

The white-clothed old man calmly added, “As a group of many Nascent Soul cultivators, common spell warriors will not be able to block us. Moreover, if the worst occurs, we will simply break through their enclosures separately. If you are unwilling to risk this amount of danger, please do not force yourselves to join. We will find others to go instead.”

Once that was said, the other cultivators began to wear expressions of hesitations. Han Li suddenly said, “There is something that puzzles me. Since you two know where the treasure is, why have you sought us out in particular, those with particularly strong spiritual senses? Could it be related to how well hidden the cave residence is?”

Marquis Nanlong revealed a helpless expression and said, “I was just about to explain that in a moment. If we could acquire the treasure by ourselves, we’d be able to monopolize the treasure. However, we were able to find the cave residence after much searching when the two of us snuck off to the Moulan Plains. Unfortunately, the cave residence is surrounded by a marvelous ancient spell formation. Despite our best efforts we were unable to break through it. Of course, we didn’t dare to linger too long as we were still in the Moulan Plains. We committed the spell formation’s characteristics to memory and returned to the Heavenly South. After searching through various records on spell formations, we eventually discovered the ancient spell formation was the ‘Wondrous Soul Restriction’ which was thought to be lost with time.”

Wang Tiangu revealed amazement, “Wondrous Soul Restriction! Is that not one of the ten great ancient restrictions? How could it be there?”

A majority of cultivators hadn’t heard of the spell formation before, but their hearts trembled upon hearing the Ghost Spirit Sect Master. Anything from the ten great ancient restrictions would absolutely be difficult to dissolve.

A trace of astonishment flickered from Han Li’s eyes, but it soon disappeared.

The Marquis was somewhat surprised that Wang Tiangu knew of this. After exchanging a glance with the white-clothed old man, he smiled and offered a word of praise, “I had already heard of Brother Wang’s grand reputation as a master of formation spells. To know of such an obscure ancient formation, I see that his reputation was well deserved.”

Wang Tiangu seemed to realize something and politely declined to speak, “Brother Nanlong, please continue. I’ve only heard of its name and know nothing of how to dissolve it. The matter is completely unfamiliar to me.”

When the white-clothed old man saw this, he gave a rare smile and he directly said, “We spent several years after our discovery researching the method of breaking through the restriction. We either had to whittle it away with brute force or find eight cultivators with powerful spiritual sense capable of manifested spiritual sense to dissolve the restriction.

Forcefully breaking through the restriction definitely wouldn’t do. Ancient restrictions were extraordinarily profound. Even if we were to violently attack the formation without end for several months, it may not be enough to break it. Of course, there would be no way we would so boldly display such actions inside the Moulan Plains! If we were to dissolve it with manifested spiritual sense, it would only take a day to breakthrough so long as all of your abilities are sufficiently powerful.”

The cultivators in the hall now understood why they were all called together.

Perhaps other mid Nascent Soul cultivators would possess stronger spiritual sense and be more suitable for breaking the restrictions, but the two clearly didn’t wish for other powerful cultivators to join them in fear that they would be betrayed. After all, while two mid Nascent Soul cultivators might not be able to win against the early Nascent Soul cultivators, they would be able to force a stalemate, if just barely.

Regardless, all of the cultivators present in the hall each felt rather excited at the thoughts of treasures from Devilfall Valley.

Although it would be dangerous to enter the edge of the Moulan Plains, the danger was insignificant in comparison to what there was to be gained. This was an opportunity that was seldom seen but often sought. 

Marquis Nanlong confirmed their participation and revealed a genuine smile upon seeing that no one had backed down.

“There is still something I must make clear to you all. If we are successful and are able to truly enter the cave residence, Brother Yun and I will have first pick. Then we will split the remaining treasures evenly. Any objections?”