Chapter 677: Meeting the Boy

Han Li stood on the side of a mountain and glanced at the huge city walls several kilometers away. He softly said, “This is Soaring Heavens Mountain?”

Lu Luo stood at Han Li’s side and spoke with a similar expression, “Has Junior Martial Brother never seen such a large city before? The Nine Nations Union have expanded this city several times before reaching such a size. Although I wouldn’t dare to say that this is the largest city in the Heavenly South, it definitely is among the top five. The entire city is also made of huge stones from the same source.”

When Han Li heard this, he faintly smiled. What city could possibly best Scattered Star Seas’ Heavenly Star City? Now that city was truly gargantuan existence. Although Soaring Heavens City was a huge city that spanned over fifty kilometers, it still wasn’t something that could be compared to Heavenly Star City.

Han Li didn’t care much of it, but Mu Peiling was clearly amazed by the sight of this stone city.

“Nevertheless, we will have to approach Soaring Heavens City on foot. How troublesome!” Lu Luo shook his hand and spoke with slight dissatisfaction.

Han Li pursed his lips and replied, “The Nine Nations Union can’t help it. There are far too many high grade cultivators that have come. They would have no way of managing the city if they were to come by air. Fortunately, these restrictions are merely superficial against Nascent Soul cultivators like us. If we truly wished to fly, these restrictions couldn’t do anything to us.”

“I didn’t expect for Junior Martial Brother to be so open minded. Alright, let’s go. The sooner we get to the city, the more profit will be had!” Ever since Han Li’s bout with Marquis Nanlong, Senior Martial Brother Lu had treated Han Li in a far greater familiarity.

Han Li nodded with a smile, and the three began to walk towards the city gate in stride.

Because they were in the vicinity of Soaring Heavens City, there were vast crowds entering the city from every direction.

Han Li and Lu Luo already concealed their cultivation as this didn’t wish to cause a disturbance. They entered the crowd under the guise of Foundation Establishment cultivators and made way towards the city gate.

Although there were protectors from the Nine Nations Union, they didn’t discover anything amiss from Han Li or Lu Luo.

After they entered Soaring Heavens City, they spotted orderly rows of stone buildings. There were stone streets of varying length between each of the stone buildings, forming what seemed to be a crowded weblike pathway.

Since Lu Luo had been at Soaring Heavens in the past, he suggested, “Let’s first get a fixed residence. There is no need for us to barge into any inns. There are distinguished pavilions that are specialized for Nascent Soul cultivators like us. We’ll be heading there directly.”

Han Li didn’t raise any objects and followed after Elder Lu with Mu Peiling in tow.

Lu Luo ended up bringing to the two towards a corner of the city. A short moment later, the three passed through many roads before arriving in front of a white light barrier. Behind the light barrier laid many pavilions that were simply designed but elegant nonetheless.

There were other cultivators outside the light barrier, peering inside with expressions of admiration and reverence. However, they didn’t dare to stay for too long and each of them eventually hurried on their way.

“The restrictions here are only something a Nascent Soul cultivator can dissolve.” Lu Luo pressed his hand against the light barrier and blue light flickered from his palm. With a woosh, the white light barrier formed a hole from where Lu Luo’s palm had touched it. He then flew inside with a blur, followed by the light barrier closing at an inconceivable speed.

After a moment of surprise, Han Li opened his mouth and spouted out a mist of azure light. The white light barrier flickered upon contact with the azure light and a three meter large hole immediately shattered. Han Li grabbed onto Mu Peiling’s waist and quickly brought her through the light barrier.

Mu Peiling blushed from being in Han Li’s embrace and felt a peculiar emotion in her heart.

Lu Luo appeared amazed at how easily Han Li had broken through the barrier, but his calm soon returned.

Lu Luo pointed to a few of the pavilions with a smile and said, “These pavilions are for the use for any Nascent Soul cultivators and any disciples they may bring. They may be chosen at will, but the light restrictions surrounding the pavilions illustrate whether or not they are already occupied. However, not all Nascent Soul cultivators are willing to use this place. There are a few eccentrics that are willing to stay outside the city or at inns.”

As expected, a small portion of the pavilions were already glowing with light restrictions.

Lu Luo pointed to two pavilions a couple hundred of meters away and proposed, “Junior Martial Brother, let’s pick those neighboring pavilions. If anything happens, it will be best if we look after each other.” 

After examining them for a moment, Han Li replied, “Let’s do as you say.”

Just as Lu Luo was about to say something else, the white-yellow light barrier covering another pavilion suddenly opened to reveal a small figure. When this person swept past Han Li and Luo Lu, they astonishedly said, “Yi! Is it not Brother Lu? I didn’t expect for you to arrive so early!”

Han Li hastily peered in the speaker’s direction.

This person was a child with delicate, flawless skin. He was the Child Fire Dragon that Han Li previous saw at the sacred area of the three sects. Once he finished speaking, his bright eyes turned towards Han Li and Mu Peiling, resulting an expression of astonishment.

With his vast memory, he was able to recall them both being among the finalists of the last Sword Trial Assembly. However, Han Li was now only using a superficial cultivation concealment technique, something ineffective against cultivators of the same grade. After a moment of surprise, the boy revealed an expression of understanding.

Lu Luo quickly smiled upon seeing him. It seemed their relationship was quite good. “Hehe! So it turned out to be Fellow Daoist Lan! How are we early? You obviously rushed over here. Ah that’s right, this is our newly joined Elder Han. Junior Martial Brother Han, I believe you’ve met Brother Lan once before. There should be no further need for introductions.

When the Child Fire Dragon heard this, he wryly smiled and said, “So it is true that Fellow Daoist Han entered the Drifting Cloud Sect as a new elder. My eyes were truly awry that day.”

Having heard this, Han Li offered a cursory explanation with a smile, “I had merely heard of the grand reputation of the Sacred Spirit Well Tree and wished to enter the sacred area to take a look. I sincerely hope Fellow Daoist Lan didn’t take offense.”

“Since Fellow Daoist is now an elder of the Drifting Cloud Sect, this matter need not be mentioned further. However, you two have arrived quite timely. I happened to be meeting a few friendly acquaintances of mine at the Crystal Dragon Pavilion for a small scale trade. How about you two Fellow Daoists come and take a look. Perhaps you might find something you like.” The Child Fire Dragon seemed to have a straightforward temperament to have invited them with a beckon.

Lu Luo joyously said, “To think there would be an exchange so soon. Tch Tch. We’ve definitely come at a good time,” he then hastily turned towards Han Li with his expression quickly turning solemn, “Junior Martial Brother Han, there aren’t many exchanges that occur between Nascent Soul cultivators. We must go, else we could miss some good items.”

Han Li calmly smiled and said, “Then let us follow Senior Martial Brother Lan!”

After Han Li and Luo Lu arranged restrictions outside their pavilions, they followed the Child Fire Dragon out of the residential area.

Han Li had instructed Mu Peiling to stay inside the pavilion for the time being.

The Child Fire Dragon explained in a clear voice, “The Crystal Dragon Pavilion was opened by a good friend of mine from the Nine Nations Union. My good friend has made a wide range of connections, acquinting himself with those from every power. As such, he was able to form this trade meeting. However, In order to prevent any unnecessary trouble, all of those attending will be concealing their true appearances.”

Lu Luo’s heart stirred and he spoke with amazement, “Brother Lan seems to be talking of Daoist Heavencrystal. However, I recall that Daoist Heavencrystal isn’t fond of business matters. Did he truly take the initiative to hold this trade meeting?”

The Child Fire Dragon chuckled and said, “Hehe, I didn’t expect that Fellow Daoist Lu would know of my old friend’s reputation. That’s right, while my old friend isn’t fond of such inconvenience, there are a few required materials that he had been searching for. I reckon he took the initiative to start this trade meet in order to find them.”

Lu Luo nodded his head, “Oh, if that’s the case, it does seem quite likely.”

As Han Li listened to the two, his expression remained as always.

The three walked towards a pure white pavilion ahead of them. It was three stories tall and grew more narrow towards the top. There was a silver sign that hung from the building with the words “Crystal Dragon Pavilion.”