Chapter 676: Spiritual Sense Formation

“Fellow Daoist speaks the truth, but I have no intention of handing over my concubine. I merely wish to exchange a few pointers.” Han Li spoke calmly and soon released his spiritual sense. With the appearance of an astonishing aura, something shot towards the Marquis.

“Good.” Marquis Nanlong appeared completely calm and released his spiritual sense. Two streaks of nearly incorporeal force appeared between the two and burst in a collision. A violent gust suddenly appeared and blew out in every direction.

Marquis Nanlong felt alarmed by the development as his initial spiritual sense probe instantly grew several times greater in size. Layers and streams of violent white instantly flew into the gap of space between Han Li and the Marquis, causing their silhouettes to blur as if there were two originless and unmoving shadows .

“Spiritual sense formation! How can this be!? How is Junior Martial Brother Han’s spiritual sense so strong!” Lu Luo couldn’t help but cry out in disbelief.

“Spiritual sense formation? Could my Lord win?”

“I’m not sure either, but ordinarily, spiritual sense formation is a divine ability only mid Nascent Soul cultivators can grasp. For Junior Martial Brother Han to be able to use this technique, his main cultivation art must be specialized in spiritual sense. That is the only possible explanation.” Lu Luo’s excited words turned into a pensive mutter halfway through.

Filled with hope by her Martial Ancestor Lu’s explanation, Mu Peiling said, “In that case, my Lord must have a fighting chance!”

With a shifting expression, Lu Luo said, “That’s hard to say. There are differences in strength among even similar grade cultivators. Marquis Nanlong had already entered the mid Nascent Soul stage three hundred years ago. Although his progress has stalled, he is without a doubt only a step away from late Nascent Soul stage. It should be quite difficult for Junior Martial Brother Han to win against this old eccentric!”

When Mu Peiling heard this, her briefly hopeful heart immediately turned ice-cold once again.

At that moment, the explosions in the skies suddenly became far more dense and winds began to continuously revolve, forming a huge ring of white wind around Han Li and the Marquis.

Lu Luo yelped in surprise as an odd expression appeared on his face, “I can’t believe it. Junior Martial Brother isn’t losing.”

Mu Peiling was overjoyed by this and thought to ask something more, but a series of blinding white lights filled the skies. Soon after, claps of thunder rang out and the ring of wind surrounding them ruptured, sweeping up their surroundings in a violent windstorm.

A hundred meters away from them, the others revealed shock as they saw the overbearing squalls arrive towards them.

“Not good!” Lu Luo softly shouted. His figure blurred and blocked Mu Peiling. At the same time, he crossed his hands, summoning a blue light barrier in front of them.

In that short moment, the fierce squall had already arrived at their barrier. Strange creaks continuously sounded out from the wind as if it were a heavy strike. An instant later, there was a deep indentation left behind on the barrier.

Fortunately, the winds quickly scattered and a majority swept past them. The light barrier was soon restored to its original form.

As for Marquis Nanlong’s group of soldier cultivators, they lifted their golden halberds in a disciplined manner, forming a huge barrier of golden light around them and the carriage.

However, the golden light only lasted against the white galefor an instant before shattering. When the remaining gust swept through, the cultivators behind the barrier held their heads in their arms and misteraby screamed. Blood bled from every opening of their head in a frightening display.

Only the two concubines were safe due to the carriage’s protective restrictions. However, their faces were pale from fear.

Mu Peiling felt her blood turn cold at the sight as she turned her gaze once more to Han Li, mesmerized. 

At that moment, Marquis Nanlong coldly snorted. A ball of golden light suddenly appeared and burst into countless streaks of golden light that quickly surrounded his servants.

When the golden light appeared, his servants ceased their screams and stood firm once more. Although they appeared panic-stricken, they no longer seemed to be in pain.

Having saved his subordinates, Marquis Nanlong turned his gaze towards Han Li and revealed bewilderment as if he couldn’t believe that Han Li’s spiritual sense could rival his own.

In that previous bout, he had released a majority of his spiritual sense but Han Li was able to effortlessly continue. From how relaxed he appeared, it seemed possible that Han Li’s spiritual sense was actually stronger than his own.              

Marquis Nanlong’s contempt had long disappeared and his heart wavered.

At that moment, Han Li widely smiled at him and casually said, “Shall we stop the contest? I fear I might not last if this continues.”

With some further thought, Marquis Nanlong’s expression relaxed and he said, “Haha! Fellow Daoist Han is far too modest. Let alone your techniques, but even your spiritual sense isn’t inferior to my own in the slightest. Let us drop the contest, else we may end up injured.”

When Han Li heard this, he inwardly sighed despite the smile on his face. Although he wasn’t willing to truly fight against this Marquis Nanlong, from what he had experienced in the contest, Han Li should prove an equal match at the very least.

However, their recent struggle had caused the Marquis to view Han Li with some apprehension and he didn’t dare to treat him lightly. Moreover, his spiritual sense was strong enough to meet his conditions. He had a request to make of Han Li.

Marquis South Dragon strangely smiled at Han Li and stealthily sent him a voice transmission, “Since Fellow Daoist Han’s spiritual sense is on par with mine, I will tell you the true reason for the contest. It is as Fellow Daoist guessed; I had a different objective in mind for forcibly testing your spiritual sense. However, this matter is quite important and it is inconvenient to speak of it here.

The jade slip contains a map. On the fourth day of the trade meet, there will be a gathering of cultivators as indicated. I will introduce you to these Fellow Daoists, and we will discuss a matter that will benefit us all.” 

Afterwards, he stroked his storage pouch and took out an exquisite jade slip that he tossed towards Han Li without any regard to Lu Luo.

When Han Li saw this, he immediately extended his hand and took the jade slip. After examining the Marquis for a moment, he placed the jade slip into his storage pouch for later.

The Marquis chuckled at the sight and then descended towards his carriage in a sphere of golden light. The carriage’s golden light then appeared once more and he quickly made his way towards Soaring Heavens City with his escort.

The Marquis seemed to ignore Lu Luo in his departure. While other Nascent Soul cultivators would feel indignant and dissatisfied by this treatment, Lu Luo knew of the Marquis’ eccentric personality and could only smile wryly.

At that moment, Han Li descended towards Elder Lu and Mu Peiling.

“My Lord, are you alright?” When she saw Han Li return, Mu Peiling greeted him with a flushed face as she stared at him with bright eyes.

Although her 'Lord' had contested with Marquis Nanlong for only a moment, that recent display of mighty ability had greatly shaken her heart. She felt somewhat more appreciative of her position by his side and faintly developed a sense of security from him.

“It was nothing, merely a bit of effort.” Han Li calmly said. Her sudden display of concern had made his heart throb.

Lu Luo looked at Han Li for a long while with admiration before beaming and said, “Junior Martial Brother, you keep your secrets well. You made me worry for nothing.” 

Han Li calmly said, “I never meant to conceal this from my two Senior Martial Brothers, it’s just that you haven’t ever asked me about it, but let’s hurry for now. Those spiritual sense gales will certainly draw the attention of many cultivators.” 

Lu Luo instantly agreed, “That’s right. It would be troublesome if this were widely spread! Let’s quickly head to Soaring Skies City!”