Chapter 650: Demon Nascent

In the same moment the two men moved to attack Han Li, a chuckle suddenly broke out.

“Hehe! How interesting. I didn’t think I’d wake up from my nap to see murder and plunder. But for two Foundation Establishment cultivators to attack a Nascent Soul cultivator? Could I be dreaming?”

These words were said by the soft, sharp voice of a young girl.

Once Han Li heard this, his expression changed. As for the fat and the bald cultivators, they were thunderstruck and immediately turned deathly pale.

“A Nascent Soul cultivator!?” The fat cultivator shrieked and stared at Han Li as if he were looking at a ghost.

The bald man was greatly frightened as well, but he appeared to have  thought of something and hastily shouted, “That’s impossible! His colleague must be attempting to scare us off.” 

Although he had attempted to rouse himself, he still took two steps back while continuously glancing around for the young girl. His courage greatly recovered when he found no one.

At the moment, Han Li was far more alarmed than the “Dual Fiends Peng Yi”. 

For some unknown reason, he felt his body break into an indescribable shiver as the Nascent Soul that had been deep asleep in his Dantian awoke in a panic. A trace of dread had even appeared on its face. But what was most astonishing to Han Li was that after sweeping every inch of a five kilometer radius with his spiritual sense, he was incapable of finding the source of the voice. But from the sound of it, the owner should clearly be nearby. Despite using the Great Development Technique alongside his Nascent Soul cultivation, he was unable to discover the speaker. Could it be this person possessed deep and profound abilities?

Han Li’s throat dried up at the thought.

The fat cultivator regained a bit of color in his face as if he had been roused by the bald man’s words. He calmly glanced around and said, “Who’s there? Who is it that is deceiving us? You dare to trick the Dual Fiends Peng Yi?” His body was covered in the glow of a barrier of yellow light as a small black shield appeared in front of him.

The girlish voice boldly said, “Hehe! If you could see this old woman, I’d kill myself out of shame. However, the spiritual sense of this Nascent Soul cultivator is quite strong. If it were even slightly stronger, perhaps you’d be able to find me.”

Han Li’s expression grew sullen and he did his utmost to sweep his spiritual sense over everything in his surroundings. Even with his exceptional spiritual sense, he was unable to find even a trace of another cultivator. He felt that this was far too strange.

“Hm, I am a tad hungry. How about I make a meal out of you three? Tch tch, it’s been a while since I’ve had a taste of a cultivator’s Nascent Soul. I long to experience it once more!” The girl’s tone was completely free of malice, in stark contrast to the meaning of the words being said.

Han Li snorted and ceased concealing his cultivation while his expression remained unchanged. With a flash of azure light, an astonishing pressure began to emit from his body and many azure lights flew out from his mouth. These were the seventy-two Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

“He... He truly is a Nascent Soul cultivator! Senior, please spare our lives. Us Juniors had eyes but were blind to your magnificence. We didn’t mean to offend Senior. Second Brother, what are you doing!? Don’t run! We don’t stand a chance before Senior Han.”

The fat cultivator couldn’t help but feel completely awed after the emergence of Han Li’s true cultivation and immediately kowtowed before him as he plead for his life. As for the huge man, he did the opposite, and slapped a golden talisman onto his body. He abruptly traveled through the sky in a streak of golden light.

“Do you truly believe you’ll be able to run away with a Goldspeed Talisman?” A derisive expression appeared on Han Li’s face. He pointed his finger and a flying sword loudly rang out before disappearing with a glint. But in the next instant, it appeared at the side of the golden streak not far away.

In a flash of azure light, the large man miserably screamed and the golden light dissolved into specks. The man’s body had already disappeared.

“Tch tch, what a shame. A Foundation Establishment cultivator’s soul also has a fine taste. I only had them eight times before I awoke.” The girlish voice grumbled with slight annoyance.

When Han Li finished dealing with the bald man, he ignored the fat cultivator trembling before him and turned his gaze to a small tree nearby. With blue light flickering within his eyes, he said, “There is no need for your esteemed self to act so mysteriously. Are you not also a mere Nascent Soul cultivator? For you to speak so boldly, it seems you want me to personally drag you out.”

The girlish voice paused for a moment before coldly continuing, “How did you discover me? My Light Transmutation Technique isn’t something that a Nascent Soul cultivator can see through.”

“Regardless of my method to discover you, will you not reveal your true form? Or would you rather I chop down that tree of yours?” Han Li’s voice remained calm, but his heart was filled with trepidation. He had only found the source of the voice by a fluke.

In his panic, he had unconsciously swept his surroundings using the ability granted to him by the Brightsight Water. As a result, he found a small tree nearby that was somewhat unlike the others. With a resolved heart, he confronted it, no longer wishing to be deceived.

“A mere Nascent Soul cultivator? Your tone is also quite bold. I wonder how your Nascent Soul will taste once I swallow it.” As the girl’s tone grew sullen, the small tree flashed with green light, shrinking to reveal a person only half a foot tall.

This small person had an exquisite face and long hair. However, its body was composed of green light and completely bare. It seemed this small silhouette was the source of the girlish voice.

“A Nascent Soul! No, that’s not right.” After further examination, Han Li appeared hesitant.

The small silhouette looked at Han Li and slowly said, “A Nascent Soul? Hehe, you aren’t wrong. But you are quite out of luck to be the first Nascent Soul cultivator I’ve seen since awakening, or maybe my luck is just good!”

Soon after speaking the small silhouette flashed and appeared before the fat cultivator. it giggled and said, “Your soul would make a good fit in my stomach, yes?”

“No! Senior, please spare me!” Realizing that this small silhouette was an existence on par with a Nascent Soul cultivator, the fat cultivator pleaded for his life as he jumped away, wishing to flee.

However, a malevolent expression surfaced on the small silhouette’s face, and its body turned into a ball of green light that shot into the fat cultivator. An instant later, it came out of the man’s body back in its original form, except with a thumb-sized green ball of light that was intermittently twinkling.

As for the leader of the “Dual Fiends Peng Yi”, he had already collapsed onto the floor and was no longer moving.

The small silhouette didn’t bother to speak any further and simply gobbled the ball of light with a few bites. Afterwards, the silhouette’s body grew slightly more concentrated.

Han Li could no longer keep calm upon seeing this. After pursing his lips, he harshly shouted, “Are you ghost or man? You dare to directly consume a soul!?”

He had clearly felt the small silhouette’s cultivation to be similar to his own at the early Nascent Soul stage. But after it consumed that soul, it grew a sliver stronger, clearly demonstrating that it could increase its cultivation by directly consuming cultivators’ souls. It was inconceivable that this was the result of a technique.

The incandescent green silhouette ignored Han Li’s question and instead glanced at Han Li’s Dantian as if it were directly looking at his Nascent Soul. It wore a greedy expression and muttered, “The appetizer is done and now it is time for the banquet. After consuming your Nascent Soul, this old woman will be able to directly enter mid Nascent Soul stage!”

“You want to swallow my Nascent Soul? I’m afraid it’d be too much for you to stomach!” Han Li furiously grinned and he clapped his hands together. A muffled explosion sounded out, followed by thick golden lightning arcing between his palms.

Ever since Han Li had entered Nascent Soul stage, he was able to directly store Divine Devilbane Lightning from his swords into his body. As a result, he was able to use the lightning as before despite having all seventy-two swords outside of his body.

The green silhouette tilted its ahead upon seeing the golden lightning in Han Li’s palms and muttered, “Golden lightning? Where did I hear of this before? I can’t seem to recall it.” 

Han Li raised his brow and indifferently said, “Then how about giving it a taste? I’m sure you’ll recall it.” At that moment, the lightning in his hands transformed into a python and fiercely pounced towards the small silhouette.

For some unknown reason, the small silhouette remained in place with a smile and directly swallowed the python. Afterwards, countless arcs of lightning bursted from all around the small silhouette. A short moment later, the silhouette glowed with golden lightning and released pangs of thunder.

Han Li narrowed his eye, lacking the slightest joy in his expression. Since the opponent dared to directly receive the Divine Devilbane Lightning, they were clearly well prepared and weren’t about to easily be dispatched.

Before the golden glow faded away, the girl’s laughter interrupted the sounds of thunder, “As I thought, is this not Divine Devilbane Lightning? Tch tch, isn’t this just great! It’s hard to believe that a mere early Nascent Soul cultivator could possess such a heavenly treasure. However, don’t think that this old woman is a devil or ghost cultivator. Using that lightning to deal with me is beyond its abilities!”