Chapter 649: Harboring Sinister Designs

The short and stout cultivator explained with a proud expression, “Did you not see his magic tool when we were traveling together? That was clearly a top grade magic tool. Not to mention the many storage pouches at his waist. They were all bulging and there were even a few spirit beast pouches there. How could a vagrant cultivator possess so many items? It is clear that this cultivator came from a small sect. If he came from a large sect, he would’ve been too arrogant to travel with the likes of us. Additionally, he didn’t take out an invitation card to enter Purple Road Mountain. Hehe! After all, given how powerful the Devil Dao are, small sect cultivators wouldn’t dare to act so openly. All of them would sneakily act as vagrant cultivators for fear that they would attract the Devil Dao’s ire and subject calamity upon their clan for generations to come. That is why we’ve never heard of him despite his strong cultivation and magic tools.”

With eyes filled with avarice, the bald man rubbed his hands in eagerness, “From what Brother Luo has said, that does seem to be the case and we can boldly attack him without worry. Although he is somewhat wary of us, he definitely wouldn’t have thought that we were concealing our true cultivation. It should be quite easy for us two mid Foundation Establishment cultivators to kill an early Foundation Establishment cultivator. That youngster is bringing about his own doom to come across the Dual Fiends Peng Yi.”

The fat man licked his thick lips and sinisterly said, “Of course, but in order to smoothly succeed, we lower his guard as much as possible. It will take much less effort if we launch a sneak attack. Let’s wait two days prior to the Fu Clan Ancestor’s birth celebration to attack.”

“Yes, let’s do as Brother Luo says. Even if neither of us makes it into a sect of clan, we’ll still make quite a bit of profit!” The bald man seemed quite confident in the fat man and he wore a grin on his face.

The fat man chuckled and said, “Hehe, of course. If such an easy mark comes knocking on your door, how could the Dual Fiends Peng Yi return empty handed?”

While the two chatted without restraint about killing the draped-haired man, the man in question sat down expressionlessly in the other room. However, he was able to easily hear their words as if the soundproofing barrier didn’t exist.

Han Li opened his eyes with a cold glint and softly said, “Since you’ve taken the initiative to court death, don’t blame me for being ruthless.” He then closed his eyes once more and continued to refine Qi.

To tell the truth, Han Li had arrived in the State of Yuan Wu two months prior. He had passed through many countries affiliated with the Righteous and Devil Dao along the way, but as a Nascent Soul cultivator, he was able to stealthily pass through with his cultivation and appearance concealed. 

After Han Li arrived in the State of Yuan Wu, Han Li didn’t immediately take action. Instead, he gathered information on the Fu Clan from the local market cities and vagrant cultivators. As a result, Han Li found rather displeasing information about the Fu Clan.

This wasn’t because the three Fu Clan Core Formation cultivators were troublesome to kill, but that the Fu Clan had many of their disciples located in the Devilflame Sect. Even with his vast abilities, he couldn’t directly contend against the Devilflame Sect itself. 

And if he didn’t kill the entirety of the Fu Clan at once, the Fu Clan could one day rise to prominence once more, leaving his promise with Xin Ruyin unfulfilled! Just as Han Li was making a plan for action, rumors of the Fu Clan Ancestor’s birth celebration spread throughout the State of Yuan Wu. When Han Li heard this, he rejoiced.

Since the Fu Clan Lord took the initiative to call upon his clan disciples to pay their respects to him, the Fu Clan disciples of the Devilflame Sect should also be returning to the Fu Clan castle. This was an ideal opportunity to deal with the entire Fu Clan in a single blow.

However, given Fu Clan’s current power, not anyone could participate in the celebration. One must either be a cultivator from a clan or be a member of the Devil Dao. As for vagrant cultivators, they had to be at Foundation Establishment stage in order to enter the castle.

After Han Li acquired the finer details, he patiently waited a month to passed by. As for the Dual Fiends Peng Yi, they immediately chatted with him along the road when they saw that Han Li possessed an unordinary magic tool. When they heard that Han Li was also heading to the Fu Clan Castle, they happily raised an invitation to travel together.

Han Li could tell the two harbored sinister designs at first glance, but he had nothing to fear from the two, given his current cultivation. Instead, he casually agreed to travel with them with plans to use their identities to allow him to enter the Fu Clan without suspicion.

But he didn’t expect that only cultivators with invitations would be allowed inside the Purple Road Mountains. Vagrant cultivators could only enter the castle on the day of the celebrations.

This was to Han Li’s surprise, but it didn’t matter. After all, that day should be when all the Fu Clan disciples and members should gather together. If he were to act any earlier, he would scare a few away.

As of current, he was staying at an inn and hadn’t yet planned on how he should deal with the Dual Fiends Peng Yi. Since the two were incapable of staying patient, Han Li wasn’t going to be merciful.

In the following days, Han Li and the Dual Fiends Peng Yi took a few trips nearby and would return to the inn at night to cultivate. The time of the Fu Clan celebration drew near.

In these few days, The two spoke quite effectively with Han Li and even addressed him as “Brother Han” as if they were good friends for many years. At that moment, many vagrant cultivators began to gather at the small city. While a majority of vagrant cultivators were accustomed to the outdoors, a few cultivators more fond of creature comforts stayed at the two inns of the city.

As a result, Han Li came across several other cultivators at the same inn. When these cultivators came across Han Li and two cultivators at their side, their expressions vastly changed and they steered clear of the three, doing their utmost to avoid talking to them. Han Li wasn't sure whether or not he should laugh or cry. It seemed the two at his side held a rather notorious reputation among vagrant cultivators.

When the Dual Fiends Peng Yi saw this, they feared that Han Li would grow suspicious and fabricated a story that the two didn’t get along with other cultivators. As a result, the two alternated keeping watch of Han Li, preventing him to speaking with anybody else.

When Han Li heard them, he was completely indifferent. However, the fat man grew somewhat doubtful, but his greed got the best of him.

Two days later, the two cultivators suddenly urged Han Li to visit a nearby scenic spot with them. They said that the scene was fascinating and was too good to miss.

After Han Li heard them, he knew that the two finally planned to attack. With a curt agreement, he followed the two with a smile and the three head out from the inn towards this ‘scenic spot’. 

Because there were far too many cultivators nearby, the two could only think of bringing Han Li out fifty kilometers from the city to a small remote mountain.

Once they all landed, the fat man began to speak with a beaming smile, “Brother Han, take a look! There is a small valley past this mountain. There are pure flowing streams and flowers of countless sorts. It is absolutely...” Despite the plain surroundings, he managed to continue his fanciful words about how impressive the scenery was.

When Han Li heard this, he continued to derisively laugh in his mind. There truly was a hidden valley past this mountain. But apart from the passable scenery, there was also the spiritual fluctuations of a hidden restriction. It was very faint, but he was able to detect it with his spiritual sense. It appeared the two were quite experienced at killing others as they placed down a rather simple spell formation.

If Han Li truly were an ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivator, he would’ve found it difficult to survive if he entered the formation and were suddenly attacked by the two.

When Han Li finished listening to the fat cultivator, he casually swept his gaze around and mysterious smiled at the two, “This scenery is not bad and there is no one here. From how I see it, there is no purpose in going to the valley. Right here should be fine. What do you two think? No one would be disturbed if you were to kill someone here and rid of their remains. It should surely go unnoticed.”

When the fat cultivator hear Han Li, his expression changed and he flusteredly spoke as if he were truly surprised, “Brother Han, what do you mean? Could it be you’ve misunderstood something?”

However, his chubby hands had already moved to his storage pouch. As for the large bald man, a savage expression appeared on his face and he silently moved to Han Li’s side with his hands tightly clenched.

Han Li held their petty maneuvers in little regard and remained in place with a serene expression.

When the fat cultivator saw this, he grew anxious and faintly felt a sense of foreboding. However, it was far too late to back down and merely moved to attack simultaneously with the bald man.