Chapter 620: An Unexpected Encounter

As Han Li remained silent, Silvermoon asked yet another question, “I never clearly understood why Brother Han wishes to acquire the Brightsight Water even though it has no effect on cultivators beyond Foundation Establishment stage.”

When Han Li heard this, he faintly smirked and said, “The Hidden Sword Mountain cultivators were mistaken. It isn’t that the Brightsight Water has no effect on high grade cultivators. It’s that high grade cultivators have already cleansed their body’s essence upon forming their core. Their eyes can already see through simple illusion techniques and dense fog, so there isn’t much to be gained from cleansing them such a small amount. Since the amount of spirit water wouldn’t be enough to be effective for a high grade cultivator, it’s better for a low grade cultivator to use it.”

Silvermoon yelped in surprise, “Yi! How does Brother Han know about this?”

“When I was originally in the Scattered Star Seas, I read it in an ancient book. It shouldn’t be false.”

“Could it be that Brother Han has a plan in mind?”

“That’s right. I plan on using this opportunity to draw close to the Spirit Well Tree, and see whether or not I can take some of its roots. I’ll be able to mature the roots with my small bottle if I get ahold of them and could acquire countless Spirit Tempering Pills and limitless Brightsight Water. Of course, I’ll have to acquire the recipes some other way.”

“Hehe, Brother Han’s methods are truly long sighted. In that case, you’ll only need to place in the top ten. Although it will be quite attention-grabbing, it will be far safer than placing first.”

Han Li smiled and thought to say something else when he swept his gaze across and unconsciously gasped as he slowed to a stop.

In the distance, he spotted a red streak of light that enveloped a beautiful woman with an expression as cold as frost. It was the woman surnamed Mu who had assigned him to the medicine garden.

When the woman drew closer and spotted Han Li, she also wore an expression of surprise. She soon slowed down and stopped at Han Li’s side.

“Did you also receive a message to go to Dayspring Mountain?” The woman indifferently said.

Han Li replied with a calm expression, “I did, Martial Aunt Mu! Would Martial Aunt happen to know what happened or why the mountain lord has summoned all of us disciples?”

“I don’t know, but it should be related to the Sword Trial Assembly.” Mu Peiling curtly replied. Afterwards, she glanced at the flying sword beneath Han Li and frowned, “Although your magic tool is high grade, it isn’t specialized for flight. How about I use the Daystar Belt to bring you along? It will save time.” With that said, the woman enveloped Han Li in the magic tool’s red light without even waiting for his reply.

Han Li was initially surprised, but he had no intention of refusing her offer. As such, he was drawn into her magic tool’s red light and was brought along.

As they flew, the woman swept her gaze over Han Li and expressionlessly said, “Did you cultivate the Profound Ice Arts that I gave you? Although cultivating this technique won’t greatly increase your base cultivation, it will allow you to use powerful water attribute magic techniques. If you reach Foundation Establishment, you’ll be able to smoothly switch the cultivation art to your main cultivation art without any harm.”

Having heard that, Han Li found it difficult to respond. If he said that he had already cultivated it somewhat and she wished to see, he shouldn’t have any problems mimicking a few of its water attribute techniques.

Fortunately, this woman merely raised the question in passing and didn’t continue speaking.

Silvermoon knew that this wasn’t the time to talk to Han Li and stayed quiet in the presence of Mu Peiling.

As the two were about to draw closer to Dayspring Mountain, Mu Peiling’s expression stirred as she looked upward.

A moment later, a streak of green light flew down from the sky, blocking the woman’s path forward and causing them to stop.

“Junior Martial Sister Mu, I haven’t seen you in quite a while. Have you been busy recently? I’ve sent you quite a few sound transmission talismans but I haven’t received a single response.”

Han Li revealed a flabbergasted expression. The green light had faded away to reveal a sharp-eared, thin-faced cultivator in his thirties. This was the cultivator surnamed Yan who had blocked Han Li’s group when they were about to enter the sect.

When the cold woman saw this person, she revealed surprise but her expression soon grew sullen, “Yan, I am under orders of the Mountain Lord to assemble at the mountain. You dare to block me?”

“Hehe! Junior Martial Sister Mu’s words are quite heavy. How could I dare to block you? However, I merely wished to ask if you received the letters of my esteemed father? You see, the elders of our clans have already agreed to our wedding. We should discuss this in the coming days.” The cultivator surnamed Yan’s gaze wandered over the woman’s ample body with desire as he spoke. However, when he spotted Han Li, his expression grew sullen.

The woman surnamed Mu seemed to see through his wicked thoughts and a trace of hostility appeared in her eyes. She scolded him with an expression like ice, “What’s going through your mind? This is Martial Nephew Han who my master had given to me to instruct. There is nothing else between us. As for the matter of marriage, I naturally cannot oppose my clan’s seniors. However, I will always be in control of when we pair cultivate, if ever. Whenever your cultivation reaches my level, I might consider it. Otherwise, don’t even think about laying a finger on me.”

This woman loathed Yan to the extreme and couldn’t even put up a polite face.

When cultivator Yan heard her, his face went through a series of red and white flushes. But just as he thought to say something, the woman had ran out of patience. With a cold snort, she propelled her magic tool with the entirety of her spiritual power, causing them to flying over cultivator Yan in a large pulse of red light.

Cultivator Yan was greatly flustered and thought to chase them. But after some further thought, he stayed in place with a trace of resentment.

When Han Li turned around to glance at him, he saw an extremely bitter expression on Cultivator Yan’s face.

After a moment of hesitation, Han Li asked with an odd expression, “Martial Aunt Mu, you’re engaged to this man?”

Cultivator Yan was only an early Foundation Establishment cultivator, but Mu Peiling was already at mid Foundation Establishment. Also, their appearances were as different as day and night as well. Han Li felt completely puzzled as to why this woman’s clan had wed her to him.

Although Han Li felt somewhat curious, he originally wished to leave this matter alone. From the woman’s sulking expression, the subject seemed like something that should be ignored. But despite the possibility she would rebuke or ignore him, Han Li’s curiosity won over and he asked anyways.

“It is best of Martial Nephew asks little of my matters!” As soon as Han Li asked, she icily glared at him and replied without emotion.

Of course, Han Li responded by shutting his mouth and revealing an embarrassed expression. However, at that same moment, Han Li faintly heard Silvermoon giggling inside his head for a moment.

It was only a moment before they arrived at a large stage at the center of the mountain.

A large hall of antique design was erected on the stage. The words “Heart Cleansing Hall” were written on the building’s silver signboard.

At that moment, the huge black wooden doors were tightly shut, and the many disciples of Dayspring Mountain were chatting amongst themselves as they gathered outside.

There were about six hundred disciples already densely packed outside of Heart Cleansing Hall. They were all whispering to one another in small groups. However, these people were all Qi Condensation cultivators. None of them were at Foundation Establishment.

The cold woman circled once in the air before landing in front of the hall’s gates. When the nearby cultivators spotted her, they all respectfully saluted her.

The woman waved her hand and walked towards the hall without the slightest hesitation.

Through some unknown method, she gently slapped the door and it opened a sliver. Just after she entered, the door closed once more.

Han Li watched the woman disappear and shook his head, but when he thought to enter the crowd, the nearby cultivators gazed at him with strange looks. A few of the cultivators in the distance even began to point at him.