Chapter 619: Brightsight Spirit Water

Han Li frowned and asked, “By low grade disciples, do you mean that both Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment disciples will be participating?” 

Senior Martial Brother Wang nodded his head, “That’s right. The Sword Trial Assembly doesn’t differentiate between Qi Condensation cultivators and Foundation Establishment cultivators. They are all lumped together in the competition.”

Han Li said with a doubtful tone, “Then isn’t it unfair towards Qi Condensation cultivators?”

Senior Martial Brother Wang slightly smiled and spoke with a deep tone, “The Sword Trial Assembly was originally meant to compare the cultivation of the Foundation Establishment disciples between sects. Qi Condensation cultivators are only secondary. However, in order to encourage enthusiasm among low grade disciples, they didn’t restrict external affair disciples from participating. Although Qi Condensation cultivators have never been able to seize first place, there have been Qi Condensation cultivators that were able to defeat Foundation Establishment cultivators and force their way into the top ten.”

“Qi Condensation cultivators forcing their way into the top ten? Could it be that their magic tools are immensely powerful?’

Kui Huan shook his head and said, “Hehe, Junior martial brother is truly smart. He already knew the crux of the matter without being told. The Core Formation Seniors of the sects all have their own descendants and occasionally give them a few greatly powerful magic tools so that they may acquire a high rank. As such, it is no surprise that these Qi Condensation disciples would be able to overcome a Foundation Establishment cultivator with an unwieldy magic tool.”

With that said, the doubt on Han Li’s face only grew deeper. After a moment of thought he said, “From what you’ve said, there should be more rewards than just that for the top ranking. There would be no way that this much effort would be put into the contest for only magic tools.”

Senior Martial Brother Wang slowly said, “Even if Junior martial brother didn’t mention it, I would’ve said it anyways. In fact, the Sword Trial Assembly’s most attractive reward is the opportunity to cleanse one’s eyes in spirit water if one places in the top ten. It is said that the first drop that is shed each time from the holy tree is particularly valuable and can be concocted into the legendary Brightsight Water. Although one’s cultivation won’t increase from using the water, it grants the fantastical ability to see through mist and stone. This is the reason why there are so many that strive their hardest to make it into the top ten. If there were only a few top grade magic tools as a prize, there would be little attraction for the disciples of sect elders of large clans. After all, while the Spirit Tempering Pill is a precious prize, there is only one of them.” 

Han Li raised his brow and muttered, “Brightsight Water!”

The name of this spirit water was something that Han Li had seen in many records. However, he wholly didn’t expect for the three sects of Dreamcloud Mountain to actually be capable of refining it. It made even him feel tempted.

With a dreamy tone, Kui Huan added, “Not to mention the first drop of the sacred tree, but even the other materials used to create the Brightsight Water are all extremely rare. It is said that it uses several kinds of thousand year spirit medicine. If it weren’t for the fact that Brightsight Water is only effective on Qi Condensation and Foundation Establishment cultivators, the seniors of the sect would’ve been reluctant to place it as a reward.”

With this, Han Li had acquired a rough understanding of the Sword Trial Assembly. Once he acquired a few of the finer details, he planned on personally participating. After all, since this matter involved both a Spirit Tempering Pill and Brightsight Water, Han Li couldn’t possibly let this opportunity go. 

After that, the four chattered a bit more about the Sword Trial Assembly with Han Li before taking their leave.

Han Li watched them go on their flying magic tools until they became black specks in the sky. He then stood in place and began to ponder with a serious expression.

The white fox’s soft voice suddenly spoke from his cuff, “What? Is Brother Han tempted? Do you have eyes on the Spirit Tempering Pill or the Brightsight Water?”

Han Li raised his head and bluntly replied, “Don’t tell me I can’t go after both?” He shook his sleeve and had the fox jump out.

The white fox quickly regained its original size and raised its head. It softly chuckled, “Fellow Daoist Han is truly greedy. However, this is fine too. Regardless of whether it is the Spirit Tempering Pill or the Brightsight Water, they will prove to be rather practical. If you were to miss this opportunity, they would become quite difficult to acquire.”

“I am well aware. For now, come back with me to my cave residence. I’ll deal with your matter first and leave the deliberations for the Sword Trial Assembly for later.” Han Li said with a sullen voice. He then turned around and headed towards his cave residence.

The white fox’s eyes revealed anticipation, and she wordlessly followed after him.

Once Han Li entered the cave residence, he immediately started having the artifact spirit transfer onto his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords. Han Li grew faintly excited at prospect of his magic treasures growing in power with the addition of an artifact spirit.

Originally, there was an extremely small chance for a magic treasure to take in an artifact spirit as the demon beast’s soul would do its utmost to resist. But with Silvermoon taking the initiative to enter Han Li’s magic treasure, there wouldn’t be much of a problem.

He had also assumed that moving Silvermoon’s main soul from the jade scepter would prove to be a troublesome task. However, she seemed to be quite confident and certain, stating that she could handle the preparations all by herself. 

When Han Li heard this, he felt slightly less tense and drew a strange spell formation in a quiet room in accordance to the white fox’s instructions. He then placed the jade scepter and the white fox into the formation before leaving.

The silent room was under the effects of a soundproofing restriction. If there were any sounds produced from Silvermoon’s separation from the jade scepter, Han Li would be completely ignorant, nor did he plan on prying. He knew he had no part to play in moving her soul.

Han Li didn’t remain idle after that. He walked into a neighboring quiet room and began his own preparations for accepting an artifact spirit into his magic treasure.

Half a day later, Han Li had finished his preparations and headed towards Silvermoon’s room, feeling that it was about time to start. But once he entered her room, Han Li’s expression stirred.

The jade scepter and the white fox were properly sitting inside the room’s spell formation as he had expected, but the jade scepter’s radiance had greatly dimmed and the white fox’s fur had grown into a damp and disorderly messed. The fox’s eyes were also filled with exhaustion.

When Silvermoon saw that Han Li had entered, she neither moved nor spoke as if she lacked the energy for either.

Han Li’s expression relaxed and he gently asked, “How did it go? Was it a success?”

Silvermoon strenuously said, “Although it was painful enough to kill me, I was able to endure. It seems the preparations on your end are done. Since I have no host artifact, I cannot stay in the white fox’s body much longer. I need to join together with your magic treasure immediately, otherwise my soul will scatter.”

Han Li nodded his head and picked up the white fox without any hesitation. He then brought it into the neighboring room.

Once Han Li entered, he sealed the room and silence once again took the residence.


Three days later, a sound transmission talisman burst into flames outside the medicine garden’s restrictions and entered the mist, quickly disappearing from sight.

Two hours later, the mist flashed with azure light to reveal Han Li.

He raised his head to look at the sky and rubbed his chin before releasing a flying sword magic tool and heading straight towards Dayspring Mountain.

Silvermoon’s smooth voice suddenly appeared within Han Li’s head. “Brother Han, from the message it seems that there is a gathering of disciples from Dayspring Mountain. Could it be related to the Sword Trial Assembly?”

Han Li calmly replied with his spiritual sense, “I’m not sure. But since even someone as out of the way as I received a summons from the mountain lord, even if it isn’t related to the Sword Trial Assembly this matter must be important.”

Silvermoon softly reminded, “While it would be extremely easy for Brother Han to place first in the competition even if he doesn’t reveal his true cultivation, that would certainly attract much attention, perhaps even from the three sects’ Nascent Soul cultivators. If that occurs, it is likely the losses would outweigh the gains.”

Han Li expressionlessly replied, “I’m fully aware. When did I say that I’d participate in the assembly for certain? And even if I were to participate, there would be no way that I’d place first. I won’t do anything to attract too much attention before I condense a Nascent Soul.”

Silvermoon chuckled, “It seems I’ve said too much. With Brother Han’s rich experience with hardship, there is naturally no need for me to remind you of such a trivial matter as this.” Although this was only her voice, it contained a strong charm.

When Han Li felt this, he couldn’t help but sigh.

Although Silvermoon called herself a wolf, he couldn’t help but feel that she more closely resembled a fox, given her graceful allure.

Furthermore, it seemed that she knew that after becoming his artifact spirit, Han Li wouldn’t do anything to her. While it was fortunate that Silvermoon wholeheartedly cultivated while possessing the fox form, once she possessed Han Li’s flying swords as an artifact spirit, she incessantly spoke with him. It appeared that the jade scepter had been quite a lonely place and she was now venting her feelings.

This caused quite the headache for Han Li. Luckily, he had always found her voice to be gentle and pleasant to the ear! There was even a chance that her temperament would gradually become more mellow as time went by.