Chapter 772: Battle at the Border (6)

Han Li waved at the huge mountain and it shrunk back to several inches in size in a flash of light before flying back into his sleeve. And in a display of tenacity, the blood barrier shortly returned to its original shape. 

He turned around and extended his finger. With a crackle, a walnut-sized ball of faint blue flames appeared on his fingertip. Han Li then shouted, “Go!”, sending the fireball to strike the distant wall. 

With a light bang, the blue flames ruptured and formed a blue icy layer that covered the inner layer of the barrier, turning its interior into a world of a severe winter. It had turned so cold that one’s breath would turn to frost as soon as they breathed out. 

Sparkling blue covering the inner layer of the blood barrier, Han Li pressed his hand against it in a blur, striking at the dense layer of ice with azure sword Qi. As a result, the ice around his hand shattered into translucent fragments of ice drifting through the air. 

Han Li’s expression grew sullen. The area where he struck at the ice was unscathed and still as crimson as blood. The barrier wasn’t truly frozen though, its surface was merely covered in a layer of frost. Blood Qi still roiled at the center of it. 

Han Li pondered for a moment before sweeping his hand, covering it in purple devilflames. He pressed it directly against the blood barrier. The difference in strength between the Celestial Ice Flames and the Purple Apex Flames were clear to see. As soon as the purple flames touched the wall, the blood mist protruding from the barrier instantly solidified and began to glow with a brilliant purple light. 

With a smile on his face, he carefully controlled the Purple Apex Flames and concentrated their power on a small portion of the barrier. He then opened his mouth and spat out a bolt of golden lightning, thunder ringing from his mouth. 

Golden light flashed as the lightning struck the barrier, leaving behind fine cracks. But soon, the barrier violently shook and instantly mended itself. 

Han Li was dumbstruck. The blood barrier greatly resembled Ghost Dao Techniques; it was even capable of restoring itself. It was no wonder why the Moulan was so confident in this restriction, even the Purple Apex Flames was incapable of damaging it. Truly, the restriction was more than capable of trapping Nascent Soul cultivators. 

Although he felt somewhat alarmed, Han Li quickly slapped his storage pouch and took out an azure thumb-sized pearl into his hand. This was one of his newly refined lightning beads. Ever since he had refined it, he hadn’t had a chance to test it yet. 

Having no other way of sensing how the battle was faring on the outside apart from the rolls of thunder, Han Li believed that there should be many obstructions waiting for him as the battle was still in its beginning phase. Additionally, if he were too slow in escaping the barrier, the cultivator army would have already been defeated, leaving him surrounded by the Moulan forces. No matter how exceptional he may be, he wouldn’t be able to escape from that. 

With that in mind, the lightning bead began to glow as he willed the lightning bead to spin in his hand before shooting towards the blood barrier. 

With a muffled roar of thunder, a head-sized ball of gold-azure light struck the ceiling of the barrier, violently shaking the entire dome as a result. A trace of astonishment appeared from Han Li’s expression. The might of these lightning beads were far beyond what he had expected. 

Just as the thought surface in his mind, his expression made a sudden chance and azure light brightly shined from his body as he shot through the air. The strike from the lightning bead was able of easily ripping open a small hole in the blood barrier, causing Han Li to fly towards it without another thought. 

The hole rapidly shrunk, but Han Li was able to escape just in time. He was overjoyed. The lightning bead created from purple flames and azure lantern flames could easily breakthrough such a durable barrier, much to his surprise. Had the lightning bead not worked, his only other options was to use the Gold Devouring Beetles or the Blood Devil Sword. 

Although there was nothing the Gold Devouring Beetles couldn’t consume, devouring the barrier would’ve taken time. As for the Blood Devil Sword, the consequences of its use wasn’t something that Han Li could accept lightly. 

The Nameless Lightning Bead’s ability to deal with the blood barrier came as a pleasant surprise. It seemed the Purple Apex Flames was incapable of breaking the restriction because it was inherently an ice-attribute flame, unlike the lantern flames which were a true fire-attribute flame. 

But when Han Li flew out of the barrier, he heard many astonished cries of alarm before he could clearly see what was going on. Followed by that, there were various explosions, rumbles, and furious roars from all around him. 

Han Li hastily looked at the scene in astonishment. At that moment, he was surrounded by ten spell warriors. Fortunately, he was able to quickly see that their cultivations wasn’t very high. 

There were two Core Formation spell warriors with the rest of them being at Foundation Establishment stage. They were all holding onto formation flags and were about to prepare a spirit technique attack. But when Han Li emerged from the blood barrier, he appeared right in front of them. 

Han Li ignored them and examined the surroundings instead. He felt his breath turn cold. The area surrounding him, be it sky or ground, were all densely filled with spiritual light and treasure aura, not to mention a rapid succession of explosions far and near. 

The cultivators and spell warriors from both sides were engaged in a melee, with groups of varying numbers engaging one another. At that moment, Han Li wasn’t able to see which side was winning, and he turned his gaze to coldly examine the nearby spell warriors. 

When these spell warriors saw Han Li emerge from the blood barrier, they were dumbstruck.

“Not good! He’s a Nascent Soul cultivator! Call for the great sages!” One of the Core Formation cultivators was the first to recover. After he shouted, he slapped the back of his head and spat a green saber towards Han Li before flying away in a streak of green light. When the others spell warriors heard him, they also recovered from their shock. 

The other Core Formation cultivator released a fire-red trident and raised his hand, sending a voice transmission talisman through the sky. As for the Foundation Establishment-stage spell warriors, they all raised the formation flags in their hands and began to utter an incantation. Over ten streaks of light shot out from the tips of the flags and formed a sea of flames burning around Han Li. 

“Yi!” Han Li felt greatly surprised that the spell warriors actually took the initiative to tie him down rather than flee. However, a trace of killing intent appeared on his face and azure light twinkled to release several tens of azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Sword from his sleeve. He struck them with a spell seal in a casual wave of his hand and had each of these flying swords lightly tremble before immediately splitting into several copies of themselves, instantly surrounding Han Li in a dense screen of swordlight. The sword QI surrounding him instantly soared with astonishing pressure. 

When the two Core Formation cultivators saw this, they were greatly alarmed, but they ordered their magic treasures to continue the attack regardless. 

Han Li coldly smiled and casually flicked two of his fingers, sending several streaks of swordlight to block the incoming saber and trident. In a bright flash of azure light, the two magic treasures were utterly suppressed by the swordlight and endlessly wailed as their spiritual light shrink. As for the sea of flame that roiled around him, the swordlights surrounding his body dispelled the flames whenever they grew near. 

Since he didn’t have the time to further place with these spell warriors, Han Li had no intention of holding back. With a single command, the hundred streaks of swordlight brightly shined and simultaneously launched towards each of the spell warriors nearby. 

Although the Foundation Establishment spell warriors raised the formation flags in attempt to block the attack, they were completely shredded without resistance. When the Core Formation spell warriors saw the swordlight fly towards them, blood drained from their faces. Their possessed neither the courage nor recklessness to receive such a powerful attack, and hastily fled in streaks of light. 

When Han Li saw this, a cold glint appeared in his eyes. He formed an incantation gesture with his hands and two swordlights masses of swordlights chased after them. With a series of rings, they bonded together and increased in speed. 

Just as the two Moulan spell warriors flew fifty meters away, swordlight had already enveloped them. Despite their greatest efforts to protect themselves and the various techniques they released, the azure light instantly shattered everything that protected them. Without even scream, the swordlight split their bodies into countless pieces, shattering apart even their primal souls. 

As Han Li killed them with ease, a violent roar came from up above him. A blinding yellow light soon followed, pouncing towards him at great speed. With a change of expression, Han Li instantly unfolded the Thunderstorm Wings and disappeared in a flash of silver light. 

When the silhouette in the yellow light saw this, he couldn’t help but slow down and come to a stop, revealing a beardless old man who wore yellow clothes. Although he wore an expression of fury, bewilderment also appeared on his face. 

He was a Moulan sage who had been battling against a Heavenly South Nascent Soul cultivator when he suddenly received a voice transmission from a clan member. He immediately disengaged from the fight and quickly flew towards the sender only to see two of his relatives exterminated by azure swordlight. One of them had even been his succeeding disciple, his own nephew. 

However, Han Li had quickly disappeared from sight. Alarmed by the sight, he quickly recalled a particularly fearsome Heavenly South cultivator and he restrained his hatred only to sweep his spiritual sense around him. 

In the following moment, silver light flashed behind him and Han Li came into existence once more. 

“Die!” The old man quickly turned around as soon as he sensed him and raised his hand, releasing a cubic magic treasure towards Han Li. As it flew, it brilliantly glowed in yellow light, instantly turning into a huge brick that was over forty meters large — carrying a fearful momentum as it screamed through the air.