Chapter 771: Battle at the Border (5)

The cultivator’s layer of rainbow light was clearly specialized in blocking spirit techniques. Under such heavy attacks, the light barrier wasn’t shaken in the slightest. Long Han rejoiced at the sight.

The thousand of cultivators that had activated the formation were elite disciples from the Nine Nations Union. From how skillfully they placed down their spell formation, it appears that Wei Wuya’s description of them wasn’t exaggerated.

Seeing that the attack had no effect, the shriveled old man’s expression grew unsightly, but he immediately ordered another wave of attacks regardless. 

The next series of incantations from the spell warrior army didn’t form simple fireballs and icicles. Rather, fire crows and translucent ice pythons began to take form in the sky. Of course, due to its increased complexity, the attack took longer to channel.

At that moment, a series of disturbances occurred in the cultivator army, and a division of green-robed cultivators flew out from barrier. They raised spirit beast pouch from their waist and released several tens of different demon beasts in a burst of rainbow light.

The three in the lead appeared particularly uncommon. There was a rarely seen Dragon Horse — with a horn on its head and scales that twinkled with white light on its body, a Two-headed Demon Lion — with a fishy scent and green fur, and the most fearsome of them all, a fifteen-meter-long Venomous Scorpion — with a crimson shell and a pitch-black stinger.

These demon beasts were the most vicious and meticulously nurtured spirit beasts of the Controlling Spirit Sect. Immediately after they were released, they led an overbearing charge against the huge beasts and transformed spirit beasts. For a time, the beasts fought together in a chaotic battle.

Although only the three main spirit beasts could stand against one of the huge beasts alone, they had numbers on their side. They were well trained; together, they were able to block the huge beasts’ advance and even gained the upper hand in battle.

At the same time that the demon beasts were released, several thousands cultivators took to the skies. As they flew, these five cultivators divisions each wielded their various magic tools and rained down attacks upon the spell warrior army.

The current wave of spirit techniques that the spell warriors were casting were far more vicious than the others. As such, the cultivators wouldn’t calmly wait for the spell warriors to finish and they continuously sent waves of magic tool attacks and raging waves, wearing down the Moulan defensive spell formation.

The shriveled old man’s expression sank and he coldly snorted before giving the order for a large number of spell warriors to fly to the skies and engage the cultivators in battle. A fierce exchange of spirit techniques, magic tools and treasures erupted through the sky. In the confrontation, several hundreds of defensive magic tools ruptured upon receiving enemy attacks and their owns fell from the skies, making for a desperate sight.

But in that moment of delay, the spell warrior army had already finished preparations for their next spell technique barrage. Several tens of fire crows and ice pythons charged towards the cultivator armies as if they were alive.

Likewise, in the time the Moulan were casting their spell techniques, the cultivators had also prepared defenses. Before the attacks could land, countless magic treasures and tools flew into the air and struck down a majority of the flame crows and ice pythons. As for those who made it through, they were completely blocked by the rainbow light barrier, causing no lasting damage, only a few sways.

Long Han frowned when he saw this. It seemed the Nine Nations Union’s defensive spell formation was incapable of completely blocking more powerful spell techniques. After breathing out a long sigh, he gave the order for the cultivator army to slowly advance towards the spell warriors under the protection of the rainbow barrier.

At that same moment, many cultivators began taking out their magic tools and treasures, using them to protect themselves. Soon, various incantations followed, and the magic tools and treasure began to brightly shine as if being readied for an attack.

The shriveled old man’s eyes coldly glinted. He knew that the cultivators risked taking the initiative to approach to interrupt the casting for another spirit technique barrage, and they were successful. With these new developments, he gave the order for the spell warrior army to leave their defensive barrier and slowly march forward.

The distance between both sides quickly drew closer. When the armies were only three hundred meters away from each other, they could faintly see their enemies’ faces. Seven white jade talismans took the initiative to leave the ranks of the cultivators, each talisman sent out by seven solemn old men from the Phoenix Cry Sect. Just as the jade talismans were released, they shot towards the ranks of the spell warriors in streaks of white light, and revolved about a hundred meter above them before revealing their true form.

They contracted and swelled before releasing sky-shaking claps of thunder. Each of the seven talismans shattered and turned into balls of dazzling white lightning. As they floated in place, they suddenly grew in size, expanding to miniature suns the size of thirty meters in length in the blink of an eye. 

Many of the spell warriors couldn’t help but look above, dumbstruck at the sight of them.

‘Not good! It’s an ancient talisman!’ The shriveled old man lost his composure at the sight of this and turned pale with fright. Before he could react, the seven blazing suns exploded in succession.

Scorching arcs of electricity surged instantly above the spell warriors, covering them in seven huge arcs of electricity. The other seemed to have taken this as a sign for actions. Countless flashes of various colored light filled the sky as they tossed their own talismans into the fray. At that moment, a muffled thunder clapped from within the white light. 

“It seems quite lively on the outside,” Han Li muttered to himself. At that moment, he was staring at the crimson barrier in front of him with complete tranquility. 

Ever since he realized that the Moulan planned to trap them, Han Li’s worries had disappeared without a trace. The Moulan might be completely confident in this barrier, but likewise, Han Li was confident in his ability to dispel restrictions. However, he had to be careful deciding when he would emerge.

Although Han Li might be willing to lend his strength to resist the Moulan invasion, he also didn’t wish to become cannon fodder and die a worthless death in the middle of a chaotic battle. After all, this was a war between armies of cultivators, not a battle against single cultivators.

If he were spotted by several Nascent Soul stage cultivators as soon as he appeared or was met with the simultaneous attack of hundreds of spell warriors, it would prove very dangerous even with his lightning movement. It would only be safer to emerge once the melee starts between both armies, when a majority of high grade cultivators were fighting each other. 

Of course, even if the blood barrier hadn’t appeared, Han Li would’ve had other methods of disappearing during the most dangerous parts of the battle. Able to feel the thunderous vibrations through the barrier, Han Li felt that it was a sign that the melee was about to start. While he didn’t know what caused such an astonishing attack, he knew that it was certain to be devastating to the side that received it.

With that thought, Han Li sighed and he shook his head before examining the other areas of the blood barrier.

The blood barrier was truly weird. His spiritual sense wasn’t able to penetrate it in the slightest. While it was clear this restriction was a Devil Dao Technique, his Divine Devilbane Lightning had no effect on it, greatly arousing Han Li’s interest.

Previously, Han Li had examined various areas of the blood barrier using his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, but he wasn’t able to see anything apart from the layer of red. This hadn’t flustered Han Li at all, and with the battle occurring on the outside, he still had quite a bit of time to study it.

Han Li opened his mouth and spat out a small azure sword. Wielding it with his spiritual sense, he had it transform into a foot-long streak of light and fiercely strike at the barrier.

With a muffled bang, the barrier remained unshaken, and his flying sword was flung back by three meters.

Unsurprised, Han Li withdrew the flying sword and took out a pitch-black item in his hand. It was the magic treasure, the Thousand Fold Mountain.

He tossed it into the air and formed an incantation gesture with his hands. Black light flashed, revealing a small mountain that was over thirty meters tall. 

With a point of his finger, the mountain trembled before fiercely striking at the distant wall. With a loud smash, the black and crimson light intertwined, but the mountain was repelled, resulting in only a few light trembles from the barrier.

A trace of shock appeared on Han Li’s face and he held his chin in hand as he pondered a bit more over the matter. Soon, he pointed to the small mountain once more and had the treasure fly towards the center of the blood barrier. Then with a muttered incantation, the small mountain glowed with black light as it begun to rapidly expand.

A short moment later, it grew over two hundred meters tall and pressed against the top and bottom of the barrier. Without any intention of stopping, Han Li raised his arms and struck the small mountain with several spell seals, causing it to enlarge at even greater speeds. With rumbling swaying, the mountain grew to over three hundred meters talls as its entire body shined with black light. It appeared as if it were a huge pillar firmly propping up the crimson barrier. Soon, the mountain began to cause a slight protrusion from the barrier followed by violent swaying.

Han Li rejoiced at the sight of this and hastily circulate the spiritual power in his body. As he continued to strike various spell seals at the small mountain, it grew ever so slowly as it deformed the blood barrier before it was blocked from further expanding.

Han Li ceased his incantation gestures and stared at the top of the blood barrier with narrowed eyes. It seemed that using the Thousand Fold Mountain to break the restrictions wasn’t going to work. He would have to try using the Celestial Ice Flames and the Purple Apex Flames to break it.