Chapter 754: Transforming Flames

Han Li and Cultivator Song flew alone in the skies, and they spoke not a word. But when they saw Skyfirst City in the distance, the woman hesitantly asked, “Martial Uncle Han, countless Nascent Soul eccentrics had entered Devilfall Valley and had never returned. Would Core Formation cultivators be able to find the spirit fruit and safely return from the valley?”

Han Li was somewhat surprised by her question and the light around them pulsed, causing them to slow down. He then astonishedly glanced at the woman.

After a moment of silence, he calmly said,  “On cultivation alone, you are lacking much in comparison to the other cultivators that have seeked treasure in the valley. If you encountered any danger, your chances of surviving would be vastly inferior. However, it is likely due to greed that these cultivators have perished. With so many Nascent Soul cultivators, there had to be some cultivators that could safely leave with one or two treasures, but most of them were blinded by the temptation for treasure, wishing to acquire just another item or perhaps some spirit medicine that can extend their lifespan or breakthrough their bottleneck. As such, it was only a matter of time before they perished.”

Cultivator Song frowned with worry. “Then from Senior’s words, we will most likely die?” 

“If one doesn’t have a safe route through the valley and a way to leave and enter, they will most definitely die; apart from Master Cang Kin, no one else had lived to leave the valley.

Unless we have this, we shouldn’t even consider entering Devilfall Valley. It would be suicide. Although your cultivation is low, so long as you control your greed and fully investigate the whereabouts of the Spirit Kindle Fruit, you’ll be able to make succeed with some luck.

Of course, Devilfall Valley is the most dangerous area in Heavenly South. You should properly prepare yourself and set up your affairs in case you perish. As for the Ghost Spirit Sect, they should also know of the fruit, and will acting to acquire it. They will most likely rush to be the first to acquire the treasure in the valley, forced to brave dangers in the fear that Marquis Nanlong will be faster. I fear their method of entering the valley will be quite risky.” 

A trace of alarm appeared on the woman’s face. “Since Martial Uncle had guessed that the Ghost Spirit Sect’s method of entering the valley is dangerous, why didn’t you mention it before?” 

Han Li smirked. “Didn’t it seem inappropriate to tell this in front of the others? Could it be that you believe I have other intentions?”

After a brief pause of surprise, she hurriedly said, “No, I don’t dare to doubt Senior.”

“Relax. It is natural that you have doubts. It wasn’t out of malice that I didn’t mention this before. While this may come as some surprise to you and Mei Ning, Violet Spirit wouldn’t be shaken by this in the last. You should know that while the Nature Origin Pill is extremely precious, it is a bit of a waste on early Core Formation cultivators like you and Violet Spirit. With regards to Mei Ning, she will have a greater chance of entering Core Formation stage with the pill, and as a result, her lifespan will be extended by several hundred years. But with you and Violet Spirit, you two would most likely break through to mid Core Formation stage with time in respect to your exceptional aptitudes. If you take the pill, it will only save you about a hundred years to break through the bottleneck.” 

“On one hand, you and Violet Spirit will save yourselves a hundred years of cultivation, but on the other, you could die after entering Devilfall Valley. These two choices vary from person to person. I don’t know what you will choose, Martial Niece, but Violet Spirit would definitely take the risk. A hundred years saved on cultivation is an additional hundred years she further cultivate, and she doesn’t plan on staying as a Core Formation cultivator. This will vastly increase her chances of reaching Nascent Soul stage.” As Han Li spoke, it was with a heavy tone.

Cultivator Song revealed an odd expression. “Martial Uncle means to say that Violet Spirit has already steeled her resolve to become a Nascent Soul cultivator? Is that why she is willing to brave the grave dangers of the valley?”

Han Li turned his head to glance at the fading red sky as if reminiscing in past memories, and he slowly said, “That’s right. Violet Spirit’s experiences are quite different from you and Mei Ning. She had been pressured by powerful cultivators several times, and even had her own mother’s sect taken away from her. Although she hadn’t mentioned this to anyone else after she had fled, I can faintly feel that her ambition has far surpassed that of an ordinary cultivator.”

Then under Cultivator Song’s amazed gaze, Han Li paused for a moment as if deliberating what to say. “If the Spirit Kindle Fruit is truly within the valley, I will most likely make an attempt for it. After all, it is incredibly difficult to progress one’s cultivation in Nascent Soul stage. If I do not seize this opportunity, I may find myself forever struck at early Nascent Soul stage. However, I won’t be saying about being overly careful before entering Devilfall Valley, unless it is absolutely necessary. When the time comes to enter, I’ll be sure to stress what dangers you should be careful off and point out any dangerous aspects of the Ghost Spirit Sect’s method to enter the valley. Nevertheless, what I said before were merely guesses. It is possible that the Ghost Spirit Sect has a method of entering the valley that is even greater than Master Cang Kun’s. This was also one of the reasons I hadn’t mentioned the matter from before.”

When Cultivator Song heard this, she grew silent but her eyes seemed to reveal understanding.

“Enough of that. I originally didn’t plan on telling you this, but since you asked, I gave you an answer. Having returned to Skyfirst city, your most important task is to survive the battle ahead. It will be your top priority. 

If you run out of luck, something may happen during the war, and you need not further consider going to Devilfall Valley. It will be the same for me. When I return to Skyfirst City, I will be setting the matter aside for more pressing affairs.” With that said, Han Li wore a self-mocking smirk.

Cultivator Song felt her heart trembled at his words and curtsied. “Many thanks for Martial Uncle’s advice.”

Han Li waved his arm. “It is hardly advice. Just needlessly said things that you would’ve come to understand after some thought. Let’s enter the city, the sky is nearly dark.”

“Yes, Martial Uncle!”

The azure streak of light shot forth at full speed once more and entered through the gates of the city.


Several days later in the Drifting Cloud Sect’s encampment, Han Li was sitting cross-legged in a hidden room surrounded by layers of restrictions. He was holding up a fifteen meter long sword in his hands and was thinking of something with a frown. Strange azure and purple flames were currently burning on top of them — the Purple Apex flames and the azure flames of the azure lantern.

After he came back from his meeting with Violet Spirit, Han Li had Lu Luo introduce him to many Nascent Soul cultivators with good relations to the Drifting Cloud Sect. During that time, he asked this various cultivators to take a look at this difficult problem. However, they were at a complete loss over the matter.

These cultivators naturally knew of Han Li’s great reputation so they didn’t dare to be negligent and wished to establish good relations with him instead. There were a few that even had a rather pleasant conversation with him, but nevertheless, Han Li gained little from his discussions. Afterwards, he immediately sought out a quiet room to deal with the lingering damage of the battle — the azure flames that had never ceased burning.

The swords weren’t harmed as the flames burned. They were in balanced competition with the Purple Apex Flames. While it was unknown what kind of devilflame this azure flame was, its might was just as astonishing as his own Purple Apex Flames. He could now rely on quantity to forcefully restrain the flames, but it was still a problem with how he could refine them.

If these azure flames weren’t eliminated, he wouldn’t be able to use his Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, nor would he be able to easily draw on the Celestial Ice Flames and Purple Apex Flames to attack.

At that moment, Han Li was staring at the sword with wandering eyes. After a long moment of consideration, he raised his hand above the huge sword and struck it with an azure spell seal.

The huge sword revolved once in the air and split into several tens of small flying swords with a ring. Han Li’s spiritual sense stirred and a majority of his flying swords shot back into his body as streaks of azure lights. Only one sword remained in the air, slowly floating in front of Han Li.

Han Li glanced at the sword’s azure and purple flames. He narrowed his eyes and he suddenly opened his mouth, spitting out a streak of purple flames directly onto the surface of the flying sword. It flourished with purple flames, restraining the azure flames.

Then under the control of an incantation seal, roiling purple flames slowly pressured the azure flames to the tip of the swords before turning into a pea-sized ball of azure light.

Having seen this, Han Li wore a grave expression. With a deep breath, he began to form incantation gestures in a flurry, sending streak after seak of various colored spell seals onto the sword. In an instant, the sword’s purple flames grew turbulent and more powerful as they formed wave after wave of flames towards the tip of the azure sword.

The azure flame began to sway and grow unsteady on the sword tip as if it were about to be extinguished. However, the azure light simply grew brighter as the purple flames exert more pressure. No matter what the purple flames did, the azure light remained at the sword tip without being extinguished.

A trace of dread appeared from his eyes as the hand incantations he formed grew more hurried.

A short moment later, Han Li’s face grew unsightly; there wasn’t any change in the slightest. Then with another moment of thought, an icy glint appeared in his eye and he waved his hand, covering it in a layer of brilliant purple flames.

Then without the slightest hesitation, he pinched off the azure flames from the flying swords.