Chapter 753: Making an Appointment

“Brother Han, please don’t hesitate to ask about anything. As this matter is important, we cannot have anything overlooked.” Violet Spirit felt some admiration for Han Li having seen him so calm at the mention of the Nature Origin Pill.

Han Li stroked his chin and asked, “While I did make a trip to the Moulan Plains, why is it that you sought me out? The one who knows best how to enter Devilfall Valley should be Marquis Nanlong, unless you know of some other method to enter the valley?”

“I know that Marquis Nanlong holds the method to enter the valley. However, with his rumored temperament, how could I dare to have a secret discussion with him? As for Brother Han, we know you to be someone who doesn’t forget past friendships, and we feel far more at ease with you. With regards to entering the valley, that same Ghost Spirit Sect disciple told me that their sect has been researching this method for a while now and their research is growing close to completion. While this person doesn’t know the specific details, they did mention that the Ghost Spirit Sect will be certain to act the next period where the spatial tears in Devilfall Valley stabilize. If Brother Han’s cultivation isn’t enough, then let’s leave the matter be. After all, even if he safely enters the valley, who knows what calamitous dangers lie within.” Once this was said, Violet Spirit revealed a hesitant expression.

Han Li pondered to himself for a long while before sighing. “The Ghost Spirit Sect also has a way to enter the valley? This is the first time I’ve heard of this. But from your tone, it seems there isn’t much information about it. Hm, how about this? It is still a few years before Devilfall Valley’s spatial tears stabilize. Before then, make a few deeper inquiries and make certain that the information is true. If the Spirit Kindle Fruit is truly within the valley, I will take the risk. As for cultivation, you don’t need to worry about it. If I cannot succeed, then a mid-Nascent Soul cultivator likely wouldn’t be able to either.”

Han Li didn’t mention that Marquis Nanlong had earlier made contact with him about Devilfall Valley. Although the Spirit Kindle Fruit was truly tempting, Han Li need to further consider the matter. If the Ghost Spirit Sect’s method of entering the valley was safer, he didn’t need to mention Marquis Nanlong’s matter to them.

Violet Spirit wasn’t dejected in the least from Han Li’s vague answer. Rather, she was happy about it; knowing his cautious attitude, those words were practically an agreement. Moreover, his tone may as well have confirmed the rumors to be true. With his current abilities, his chances of acquiring the Spirit Kindle Fruit will be all the better.

At that moment, she smiled and said, “In truth, the reason why we so impatiently sought out Brother Han was because we felt that if we didn’t find a capable partner, this entire matter would result in nothing, and any further action would’ve been wasted effort. But now that Brother Han has agreed, we will feel more at ease investigating this issue.”

After all, we also wish to enter the valley. We don’t wish to treat our lives as a joke.”

“What? You three wish to enter the valley?” When Han Li heard this, he felt his heart thump, and an expression of surprise appeared on his face.

With a bitter smile, Violet Spirit helplessly said, “Does Brother Han think we want to enter the valley? We are only doing this out of necessity. A majority of ancient books only record its marvelous effects, but there were a few records that all pointed out that the Spirit Kindle Fruit cannot survive once picked. It will need to be immediately refined in half a day. Once it exceeds that point, the fruit’s medicinal power will vastly decrease, and at three days it completely disappears. But most terrible of all is the Nature Origin Pills. If they aren’t consumed shortly after they are refined, they completely lose their efficacy. As such, Devilfall Valley is something that we must force ourselves to brave. It is better than remaining stagnant in our cultivation for a hundred years, maybe even several hundreds.”

Han Li frowned. “I’ve looked through many ancient records but not once have I heard that the Spirit Kindle Fruit had such limitations. Why have I never heard of this before?”

“Martial Uncle Han, there is an ancient book of secrets that was passed down from the ancestors of the Song Clan. I have a copy of it right here. Please take a look at it.” Much to his surprise, Cultivator Song took out a jade slip from her storage pouch and respectfully offered it to Han Li. An astonished expression appeared on his face and he gave the woman a cautious glance before nodding and reading the jade slip with his spiritual sense.

This ancient book introduced pills and medicines from times of antiquity, including a few that Han Li have seen before. They even gave a detailed explanation of the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng and included the pill formula that the Bone Sage had given him.

He found many medicine pills that were quite useful towards Nascent Soul stage cultivators. Although the pill materials were lost since times of antiquity, it was always best to be prepared in case he found some unknown spirit medicine pill in the future, else he wouldn’t know what to do with them. It appeared cultivation clans still had a few good things even large cultivation sects didn’t have.

Using his powerful spiritual sense, he was able to quickly find the Spirit Kindle Fruit among the many entries in the jade slip. Sure enough, he found the limitations of the Spirit Kindle Fruit and the Nature Origin Pill within. He unconsciously frowned after reading them.

A short moment later, he withdrew his spiritual sense, but rather than speaking, he rubbed the glossy surface of the jade slip and muttered to himself for a short moment.

With great tact, Cultivator Song said, “I heard Big Sister Violet Spirit mention that Martial Uncle Han obtained great attainments with regards to pill refinement. This ancient record is of little value to our Song Clan. Although there are many ancient pill formulas, the main ingredients for each of them aren’t something that our Song Clan are able of acquiring. If Martial Uncle doesn’t find it disdainful, he may take the jade slip. Please consider it a gift for accepting our request, Martial Uncle!”

Han Li paused and took a deep look at the woman before smiling. With a moment of thought, he calmly said, “I’ve never been a cheap individual in my life. If the Spirit Kindle Fruit is truly within the valley, I will also greatly benefit from it, so there is no need to reward me; it is likely that I would’ve gone to the valley anyway. However, this ancient book of yours is quite useful to me. How about I exchange it for some medicine pills for cultivation progression? These pills should be suitable for your current cultivation.” Han Li then took a small green bottle from the storage pouch on his waist and handed it over to Cultivator Song.

The woman unconsciously accepted the bottle, but her face appeared hesitant as if she were at a complete loss. When Violet Spirit saw this, she simply smiled.

Violet Spirit chuckled and said, “Since it was given it to you, Big Sister Song should take it. Brother Han’s pill refinement techniques are truly vast. The pills are most likely refined from some high-grade demon cores. It will definitely bring your cultivation to the next stage. There is no need to hold back with business.”

Cultivator Song revealed delight upon hearing Violet Spirit. She repeatedly uttered thanks to Han Li before carefully putting the medicine bottle away.

Han Li smiled and took away the jade slip.

“Since the Spirit Kindle Fruit and the Nature Origin Pill cannot be preserved, it seems you three will be heading into the valley. If you are going straight to the spirit fruit and head nowhere else, there is a good chance of leaving intact. But for now, you should first gather together the supplementary materials for the Nature Origin Pill. Although these ingredients aren't nearly as rare as the Spirit Kindle Fruit, they will be difficult to find.” Han Li then sighed and solemnly said, “With regards to the details, I will only make a decision once everything is understood. After all, this matter is still quite a while away. If we are defeated in the war against the Moulan, the matter about Devilfall Valley can’t even be considered. By then, we’ll be attempting to retain our place in the Heavenly South.”

The three were startled upon hearing Han Li. Mei Ning couldn’t help but ask, “What? Senior Han doesn’t seem confident in this war.” 

Han Li noncommittally said, “It’s hard to say. At first glance, the united forces of the Heavenly South along with the home terrain advantage should be able to prevail against the Moulan. Even if the Heavenly South’s three great cultivators and the Heavenly Dao Alliance’s Long Han and Feng Bing are able to restrain the Moulan Divine Sages, those black-robed men are of unknown origins. They clearly belong to an external power meddling on our wary. They may cause something unexpected to happen.”

Violet Spirit’s expression turned grave. “From what you’re saying, the odds of victory for either side are even.”

“It can be said that way. However, the most likely possibility is...” Han Li’s gaze flickered and his voice grew inaudible, much to the three women’s surprise.

Han Li shook his head and calmly said, “Alright. That’s enough of that. No one truly knows how the war will turn out in the future. You simply need to make preparations for entering Devilfall Valley. Let’s see if it is possible when the time comes. Who knows what might happen?”

Afterwards, Han Li no longer spoke of it. Rather, he curiously asked about what Mei Ning and Violet Spirit have been doing these past few days. At the same time, Han Li answered the excited questions about his escape from the Moulan Divine Sage.

Since speaking in such pleasant company as these three beauties was truly a delightful matter, time quickly passed by.

When Han Li saw that the sky had darkened, he took his leave. Cultivator Song also parted with him with Violet Spirit and Mei Ning seeing them off at the valley’s entrance.

When they departed, Han Li saw that Mei Ning hesitated to say something several times, but in the end, she bit her lip and remained silent.

Han Li felt his heart throb at seeing her blush, and he turned his gaze to Violet Spirit, who looked at him with a mysterious smile. Unconsciously feeling a trace of embarrassment, he didn’t dare to say any longer. With a parting word, Han Li flew off as a streak of azure light, bringing Cultivator Song with him back to Skyfirst City.