Chapter 713: Nangong Wan

Han Li wore a miserable expression and said, “When this Martial Nephew went out to purchase a few items, I encountered a Senior with an unfathomable cultivation, he wanted to me to give something to Martial Ancestor Nangong. He even placed a restriction on my body, saying that only Martial Ancestor Nangong would be able to dispel it.”

The pale-skinned cultivator asked bewilderedly, “Senior!? Was he a Core Formation cultivator?”

Continuing his dejected expression, he helplessly said, “This... Martial Nephew isn’t sure. But this cultivator stated that he was an old friend of Martial Ancestor Nangong and wished to send her a congratulatory gift, having heard that he grand celebration was drawing near. There are still some things that I have to personally say to her.” 

“An old friend of Martial Ancestor? Could he also be a Nascent Soul Senior?” This time, the burly cultivator had spoken with alarm.

After the pale-skinned cultivator recovered from his surprise, he doubtfully said, “It is possible, but since Senior was already there, why didn’t he personally arrive at the mountain and present the gift?”

“Who knows! Maybe this Senior has some of other matters to attend to, or maybe he finds it inconvenient,” after a few of his musings, the burly cultivate bluntly said, “Martial Nephew Yuan, extend your hand and let us see the restriction on your body!”

Having expected this, Han Li calmly extended his arm towards him and surged spiritual power throughout his power, simulating a bizarre magic power restriction on his body.

The burly cultivator grabbed onto Han Li’s arm and revealed astonishment after sensing it for a short moment. The pale-skinned cultivator also curiously placed two of his fingers on Han Li’s arm. Not long after, he wore a similar expression on his face.

The pale-skinned cultivator eased his expression and his tone grew less harsh, “That’s right, a fearsome restriction has been placed on your body. From the degree of its complexity, it appears to have been laid down by a Nascent Soul cultivator. However, we cannot allow you to easily climb the mountain on this alone. First, take out the congratulatory gift. One of us will take it to Martial Ancestor Nangong and see whether or not this person is truly an old friend of hers.

If Martial Ancestor is willing to see you, you can climb the mountain. Do you understand, Martial Nephew Yuan?” 

When Han Li heard this, he wore a bitter expression, but after some thought, he nodded his head.

Han Li took out a long wooden box from his storage pouch and handed it over to him. He anxiously added, “This is fine. However, Martial Uncle must clearly explain the matter of the restriction placed down on my body!”

The lid of the wooden box had a faint silver restriction talisman placed on top of it. From its spiritual Qi fluctuations, it appeared to be quite importantly. It was clear to see this was to prevent anybody from opening the box as it was delivered.

“I understand. Properly wait here for the time being. Junior Martial Brother Ma, I am going!” The pale-skinned cultivator spoke impatiently to Han Li and gave a word of warning to the burly cultivator before flying off on his magic tool with the wooden box in hand.

Han Li could only calmly stand in place.

Although he was confident that Nangong Wan would see him once she opened the box, he still felt somewhat apprehensive.

He answered the intermittent questions from the guard that was left behind. However, when he asked of the appearance of the Senior who had delivered this gift, Han Li answered that this Senior was wearing a cloak and that he couldn’t tell whether or not they were a man or a woman.

After the time it took to finish a meal, the pale-skinned cultivator returned with empty hands.

“Martial Ancestor Nanlong said that this person is truly an old friend of hers, and that I am able to bring you to see her to dissolve the restriction.” After curtly speaking, the pale-faced cultivator had Han Li follow him up the mountain.

Han Li was overjoyed by this and wore an excited expression as he followed the pale-skinned cultivator.

“Be careful. There are paths that you cannot take no matter what. These restrictions are far more formidable than the restrictions on the center level. Even I wouldn’t survive if I fell into them.”

Of course, Han Li answered with acknowledgement.

At that moment, a streak of blue light shot forwards to meet them. The pale-skinned cultivator seemed to recognize the owner of this light and stopped in place with a respectful expression.

Soon, the light arrived before the two and faded away to reveal a middle-aged, embroidered-robed cultivator with an imposing appearance.

The embroidered-robed cultivator glanced at Han Li and said with a cold tone, “Martial Nephew Sun, why have you brought a Qi Condensation cultivator to the top of the mountain. Do you not understand the rules here?

The pale-skinned cultivator seemed to hold much reverence towards the embroidered-robed cultivator and hastily explained, “Martial Senior Lan, this Martial Nephew is only following Martial Ancestor Nangong’s orders. I wouldn’t have the courage otherwise to dare to do this.”

At that moment, Han Li swept his gaze past the embroidered-robed man to discover that he was merely an early Core Formation cultivator, and that he need not pay him much heed. Although these were his thoughts, he also assumed a respectful expression and didn’t dare to rashly speak.

When the embroidered-robed cultivator heard this, he was stunned for a moment before astonishedly asking, “Martial Aunt Nangong wishes to see this person? Tell me how this came to be.”

“It’s like this. Martial Nephew Yuan...” Unknown whether the pale-skinned cultivator didn’t dare to conceal this matter from his Martial Senior or that he was indifferent about the matter, he narrated the events that had occurred.

“An old friend of Martial Aunt Nangong placed a restriction on his body?” The embroidered-robed cultivator frowned and suddenly looked at Han Li with a penetrating gaze.

The embroidered-robed cultivator bluntly ordered, “Let me have a look at the restriction on your body!”

Han Li cursed at this person’s nosy meddling and could only helplessly obey.

The embroidered-robed cultivator grabbed Han Li’s wrist and deeply examined it for a moment before nodding his head, “Yi! This is truly odd. However, although this restriction is complex, it isn’t malicious. It seems this person didn’t have any ill intent. Go ahead and see Martial Aunt Nangong!”

Afterwards, he paid the two no further heed and shot down the mountain in a flash of faint blue light. A short moment later, the light dimmed and grew indistinct, disappearing soon after.

The pale-skinned cultivator waited until the embroidered-robed cultivated departed before taking a deep breath and gazing in the direction that the light disappeared. He muttered, “Martial Uncle Lan’s Incorporeal Evasion Technique can be said to be as blue as his name [1]. Although he is only at early Core Formation stage, even late Core Formation cultivators would find it difficult to deal with him!” 

‘The Incorporeal Evasion Technique!’ When Han Li heard this, his heart stirred. Could this person have something to do with the Old Eccentric Qiong [2] that he saw during the Trial by Blood and Fire? Perhaps he was a descendant or disciple.

At that moment, the pale-skinned cultivator had relaxed and continued to lead the way. Soon after, Han Li tossed the matter of the embroidered-robed cultivator to the back of his mind.

Because the top level of the Gemcut Mountains didn’t house many cultivators to begin with, the two didn’t encounter anybody else as they traveled to a cave residence close to the peak of the mountain.

The pale-skinned cultivator spoke with a tone of admiration, “This is Martial Ancestor Nanlong’s meditation area! Speak carefully when you reply to the Martial Ancestor, and don’t say anything unrelated to the restriction placed on your body. Perhaps she may have some benefits in store for you!”

After he said that, he turned towards the gate and respectfully said, “Reporting to Martial Ancestor. The disciple is already here.”

“En! I understand. Have the disciple enter alone. You may take your leave!” The voice faintly carried a trace of familiarity and strangeness. Once those words were said, the door to the cave residence flickered with yellow light and the stone opened.

Han Li walked forward without any hesitation.

To Han Li’s surprise, there was a beautiful female cultivator wearing yellow short-sleeved robes that stood behind the door. She appeared to be the age of eighteen and possessed early Foundation Establishment cultivation.

The woman examined Han Li’s transformed figure of Yuan Kun and found nothing to be wrong. She coldly said, “Follow me. Martial Ancestor is waiting for you in the main hall!” 

The woman turned around and entered the cave residence. Han Li lightly sighed and closely followed after her.

Nangong Wan’s cave residence couldn’t be considered large. The Foundation Establishment woman brought Han Li down a short corridor and through several small side rooms before arriving at the main hall.

The hall was elegantly decorated and there was some unknown essence being burned at an unknown corner of the room. There were two interesting small flower pots, each with a precious herb flourishing in them.

There was an exquisite square wooden table at the center of the hall. Each side had a light green straw chair. One of the chairs was occupied with a black-haired, white-clothed young woman. She was looking down at the huge sparkling silver sword in her hand.

The wood box on the table was open now laid empty.

[1] His Surname “Lan” 蓝 is the same character for blue.

[2] First mentioned in chapter 176, Elder Qiong was a formidable Core Formation cultivator from the Masked Moon Sect.