Chapter 712: Entering Disguised

Not long after Yuan Kun began shopping in the village, he smoothly gathered all the items he needed and flew back to the Gemcut Mountains with his two assistants. But when the three only traveled fifteen kilometers away from the city,  silver light suddenly flashed ahead of them, revealing a gorgeous young woman. She looked at the three with a captivating smile.

“We are Masked Moon Sect disciples. Senior...” Although Yuan Kun’s cultivation was low, the strange scene that appeared before him indicated that the woman was beyond ordinary. He immediately fell back on his identity as a sect member to protect them.

However, it seemed as if the woman didn’t hear him. She chuckled and blew out a pink mist from her mouth. The mist appeared to be slow, but it enveloped the three in an instant.

Yuan Kun and company were unable to resist due to their meager cultivation. After smelling a trace of the scent, they felt their minds fade away as they fell unconscious, promptly collapsing onto the ground.

Without any hesitation, the young woman waved her sleeve and released a white mist from her cuff. The mist immediately grabbed the three and brought them to her side. After glancing at their faces, the young woman giggled and glowed with silver light, immediately taking to the skies with her captives.

The white light traveled over five kilometers away before dropping down at a desolate forest. There was an azure-robed youth that was sitting down cross-legged beneath a large tree and peacefully resting.

Right after the white light suddenly appeared before them, it disappeared. Yuan Kun and company were silently laid down in front of the youth, and the young woman gracefully floated down from the sky. The woman stood in front of the youth and respectfully said, “Master, I’ve brought people. They called themselves Masked Moon Sect cultivators. They should be what you’re looking for.”

The youth opened his eyes and indifferently asked, “You didn’t alarm any others?” 

Of course, the youth was Han Li who had spent most of the last month rushing to the State of Beiliang.

Since he planned on stealthily finding Nangong Wan, he couldn’t brazenly pay her a visit on her doorstep. It would better to avoid any unnecessary trouble. As such, he needed to understand a few details about the Masked Moon Sect and he decided to stay at a small town nearby.

As one who had once tread the path of cultivation since he was a low grade cultivator, Han Li understood that a sect’s low grade disciples were incapable of completely separating themselves from the mortal world. The town closest to the sect should be a place well frequented by low grade disciples.

With Han Li’s immense spiritual sense, regardless of how many cultivators entered the city, they would be incapable of escaping his notice.

Originally, Han Li was eyeing another Masked Moon Sect Qi Condensation disciple, but when a Qi Condensation disciple wearing steward robes arrived in town, Han Li’s target had changed to him. A disciple of higher rank would naturally know of the sect far better.

With a thread of spiritual sense tied around him, he ordered Silvermoon to capture him and his associates. Afterwards, they were brought to the forest where he was waiting.

Knowing that Han Li was currently in a poor mood, she abandoned any intent to jest and tactfully replied in an earnest manner, “Master, be at ease. It was an easy task to capture three Qi Condensation cultivators. It definitely didn’t catch anyone’s attention.”

Han Li expressionlessly glanced at Yuan Kun’s body and coldly grunted, “Well done. With your demon fox illusion techniques and my Dreamtear Technique, we will have him tell us everything.”

Silvermoon immediately answered, “As you command, Master.”

Afterwards, she turned around and blew several breaths of pink mist onto the three on the ground, filling the entire surrounding area.

Han Li stood up and slowly entered the mist. Not long after, faint azure light faintly pulsed from within it.

Although the Gemcut Mountains had a notable name, the first time anyone that came to its mountain wouldn’t know why it had the name “Gemcut”. It didn’t appear exquisite as its name had implied. Rather, it appeared strange and oversized.

The Gemcut Mountains didn’t have many branching mountain, but the main mountain spanned tens of kilometers in length. Moreover, the bottom half the mountain appeared quite smooth and flat without any cliffs as if it were a huge slope.

But the center of the mountains suddenly grew steep. Not only was the mountain stones frighteningly steep but the spiritual Qi was far more plentiful. It was where the Core Formation cultivators placed their own cave residences.

But in order to prevent any attacks from the sky, ferocious spell restrictions were placed down around the top of the Gemcut Mountains. Low grade disciples have no method of climbing the mountain apart from a few set pathways.

Han Li currently stood at the center of the Gemcut Mountains on a simple stone road. He looked up to the top of the Gemcut Mountains with a soft expression.

His current appearance had greatly changed through the use of the Appearance Exchange Arts. His entire body and stature had precisely changed to that of Yuan Kun. Of course, he had also restrained his cultivation to Qi Condensation stage.

After acquiring the information that he wanted from Yuan Kun and his subordinates, he imprisoned the three in a dry tree hollow and boldly entered the Gemcut Mountains. With Yuan Kun’s steward command medallion along with the information he had acquired from the Dreamtear technique, he was able to easily enter the Masked Moon Sect.

He currently stood at a market city that was constructed at a corner of the Gemcut Mountains where thousands of disciples traded for wanted items. Among them were a few stores that sold mortal goods which were specifically managed by this Steward Yuan.

Han Li didn’t directly head to the top of the mountain. Instead, he patiently brought the items that Yuan Kun purchased at the mortal town and delivered them to these stores. He left each of these stores under the respective gazes of the shopkeepers and glanced up the mountain.

From these three disciples’ memories, although Nangong Wan was on the verge of getting married, she wasn’t freely accepting visitors despite not being in secluded cultivation. Even the high grade disciples of the sect found it difficult to meet their Martial Ancestor Nangong.

As for why Nangong Wan would agree to become the pair cultivation companion of the Flowing Mind Sect’s Wei Lichen, it was still unknown to Han Li. The three he had captured were lowly ranked and didn’t know anything of the matter, much to Han Li’s disappointment.

But from their memories, Han Li was able to clearly see, as the youngest Nascent Soul cultivator in the Masked Moon Sect and an amazing, world-shaking beauty, Nangong Wan held the vast adoration of many of the low grade disciples in the sect. There were even vast amounts of male disciples that secretly held romantic feelings for her, Yuan Kun being one of them.

Although he had only seen Nangong Wan a couple of times in the many years that he spent there, he was infatuated. When he heard that Nangong Wan was to be married, Steward Yuan felt depressed for a long while. When Han Li saw these memories, he was speechless.

Now that Han Li had finished delivering the mortal goods, he casually dealt with other matters in accordance to Yuan Kun’s memories. Fortunately, Steward Yuan didn’t have any particularly deep relationships in the sect and none were able to see through any gaps in behavior.

A while later, Han Li saw that the sky was dimming and felt that it was about time. According to the Yuan Kun’s ordinary behavior, he calmly climbed the mountain.

Although Yuan Kun was only a Qi Condensation cultivator, he was still a sect steward, and possessed a small, unremarkable residence on the second level of the Gemcut Mountains.

Han Li was able to make it into the second level of the Gemcut Mountains without any problems, but he came across a few Foundation Establishment cultivators along the way. When they spotted Han Li disguised as Steward Yuan, they each glanced at him with disdain. There were a few that ignored him.

When Han Li was alone, he bitterly chuckled as he stroked his chin. It seems that apart from Steward Yuan’s subordinates, this person didn’t get along well with others.

After entering the second level, Han Li didn’t go to Yuan Kun’s small residence. Instead, he flew towards the top of the mountain along the path on a low altitude flying tool. Although the other areas appeared empty, Han Li knew that formidable restrictions had been placed there. He naturally didn’t dare to touch them.

Eventually, Han Li arrived at the border entrance between the second and third level of the mountain. There were two Foundation Establishment cultivators that had bluntly blocked his way.

The pale-skinned cultivator frowned and loudly shouted, “Yuan Kun! What did you come here for! You should know that you have no business here.”

After a long while of hesitation, “Martial Uncles, this Martial Nephew wishes... wishes to see Martial Ancestor Nangong. Would Martial Uncles be able to report this?”

Once the two cultivators recovered from their shock, they harshly rebuked him without further thought, “What are you saying? Yuan Kun, are you awake? You must be daydreaming to think you can see Martial Ancestor Nangong!”