Chapter 272 - One Year

Chapter 272: One Year

The person Han Li thought of was naturally Qi Yunxiao, whom he had made a pact with several years ago.

Since Qi Yunxiao, a friend and formation spell master, was proficient in the “Five Elements Reversal Formation”, surely he should be very knowledgeable about other formations.  This ancient transportation formation could also be considered a formation spell. As such, perhaps this friend of his could help him restore the formation.

As Han Li thought of this, his heart felt greatly moved. After thinking about the dates, he realized that the day the two had arranged to meet again shouldn’t be far away. However, he could be dispatched on a mission at any time, so he wouldn’t be able to immediately leave to go find him. It seemed he had not choice but to postpone the trip.

After a moment of contemplation, Han Li felt slightly disheartened and was no longer in the mood to further look through formation spell books, returning to his Immortal’s cave.

Returning to his Immortal’s cave, Han Li discovered that the spider eggs had grown larger. It seemed the spirit well spring was quite effective at accelerating their incubation.

When Han Li saw this, he immediately drew a simple spirit-controlling spell formation, a cultivator’s basic method for controlling infant demonic beasts. He then bled several drops of essence blood into the spell formation and placed the spider eggs within. The spell formation took effect, and the two white eggs absorbed the essence blood. Han Li then placed them back into spirit spring.

As Han Li finished this, a sound transmission talisman arrived and told him to go the main hall without delay.

His heart trembled. He knew his assignment has finally come.


On the main battlefield between the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and the Six Sets of the Devilish Dao, at a patch of stones in the Golden Drum Plains at the common border between the States of Yue and Che Ji, Han Li was controlling two streaks of light formed from his Black Dragon’s Grasp and several golden blades. He was madly attacking an early Foundation Establishment disciple from the Ghost Spirit Sect at all sides.

Although the black Qi on his opponent's body surged formidably and had several human skulls faintly howling around him, under the violent storm of attacks from Han Li’s two magic tools, Han Li quickly found an opening and chopped him into pieces.

Han Li skillfully snatched the other’s storage pouch from his body. Yet another person had disappeared from this boundless wasteland.

By the time he reaped his harvest, the sky had already turned dark. As usual, the Core Formation cultivators of the Devil Dao and the Seven Sects should have come out to fight.

If the battle spread to his location, he was certain to die an unjust death!

Han Li recalled a battle between Core Formation cultivators that he had previously witnessed with his own eyes; Fear still lingered in his heart!

The magic battle between the cultivators of Saber Transformation Dock and the Controlling Spirit Sect had shattered the heavens and earth and swept back and forth over several kilometers.

From then on, so long as the sky was the slightest bit dark, he made an early return even if he turned up empty-handed.

A year before, he and several others had received orders to escort a spirit stone transport to this location. Afterwards, they would remain there and become high-grade cannon fodder for the Seven Sects, participating in multiple successive large-scale battles. The battle that had just occurred deep within the Golden Drum Plains was such a battle, where over a thousand scattered enemies mutually killing one another was a common occurrence.

What was even more baffling was that ever since the second campaign between the Devil Dao and the Seven Sects had resulted in a draw, the two sides facing each other across the vast Golden Drum Plains would engage in a large skirmish every month, as well as random battles, both small and large, occurring every day.

The so-called ‘large skirmishes’ involved both sides dispatching over a thousand troops in a mutual struggle. For small melees, each side would dispatch small groups of cultivators spanning from groups of three to five or even solitary cultivators to the center of the Golden Drum Plains, all of whom sought to kill enemy cultivators.

Large skirmishes didn’t go as one would expect. Although both sides had fought fervently enough, the number of casualties were quite small. If a side truly tried their utmost, the other side would activate their core defensive barrier, so it would become extremely difficult to harm them.

For other smaller skirmishes, because the strength of Core Formation and Foundation Establishment cultivators were incomparable, they tacitly agreed to reserve the time between morning and early evening for close skirmishes between Foundation Establishment cultivators after each side had probed one another out. When night arrived, Core Formation Experts would appear, and a great battle would occur.

Core Formation cultivators fought alone, one on one, even if they were likely to be defeated or sustain heavy injury. But if their lives were in danger, the speed at which a Core Formation cultivator could flee with all their strength was truly astonishing!

A year passed in this manner. Each side had suffered several hundred losses of Foundation Establishment cultivators. As for Core Formation cultivators, their losses also were not few. This caused the leaders of both sides to feel great heartache at their losses and a bit of depression.

As for Qi Condensation cultivators, because their magic power was meager, they could only prepare their strength and had preserved the entirety of their numbers.

However, with this passing year of war on the battlefield, sabotage and raids had not ceased, causing both the the Devil Dao and the Seven Sects to feel they could not endure much longer! Both sides simultaneously attempted to weaken the other and accumulate their own strength. They both clearly understood that the moment of their decisive battle was soon drawing near.

After two hours on the Divine Wind Boat, Han Li arrived at his allied camp.

Wood and stone rooms of various sizes could be faintly seen from within the great restrictive formation, scattered about without any semblance of a pattern. These were improvised buildings created by cultivators with wood and earth attribute Daoist magics. Naturally, the camp was divided into regions accordance their sects.

Han Li first went to his dwelling, a stone room that wasn’t very large.

After he firmly closed the door, he temporarily sealed the room with essence restriction formation flags.

Then, Han Li took out the items from the storage pouch he obtained today and laid them out before starting to pick through them.

“Again with heaps of human skulls and small flags! Apart from the Ghost Spirit Sect, who else would have such use for these ghostly items? Yi! This sword isn’t bad. I’ll keep it as a spare. This...” After Han Li muttered to himself as he quickly separated the magic tools that would be of use and would remain. Those that were of little value and could not be used would go into a separate storage pouch.

After Han Li put everything into the storage pouches, Han Li removed the formation and walked out.

He turned several corners and eventually walked toward a very conspicuous room.

This wooden room spanned a length of hundred fifty meters and was painted with golden paint all over. When the sun setted, it glimmered as if it were truly made from gold.

Han Li impolitely pushed the door and entered. The room was bustling with activity and had several tens of trading stalls set up by cultivators. There were even more cultivators who were currently haggling over the price or picking items from the trading stalls.

With great familiarity, Han Li hastily rushed through several stalls and turned the items in his storage pouch into spirit stone with great speed. After all the items had disappeared, he had about a hundred more spirit stones.

Han Li didn’t pay any further attention to anything else and went to the center of the room toward the largest vendor stall.

This vendor’s stall spanned over twenty meters, nearly three to four times bigger than that the other vendor stalls. The stall’s owner was a chubby mid Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Han Li didn’t say any superfluous words and immediately threw a storage pouch full of spirit stones toward the fatty, impolitely saying, “Elder Brother Chen, I have gathered five hundred spirit stones for the Dragon Cry Grass.”

“Hehe, well if it isn’t Brother Han! Truly impressive, you managed to gather this many spirit stones so quickly!” When the fatty saw Han Li, he immediately beamed with a smile. Then he sunk his consciousness into the storage pouch within his chubby hands to count the spirit stones.

“Not bad, not bad! It really is five hundred spirit stones! Here is the Dragon Cry Grass. Make sure to put it away properly!” Fatty Chen then took out a jade box with a joyful smile and handed it over to Han Li.

Han Li took the small box and immediately opened it to see what was inside. He then nodded his head and put it away. Afterwards, he asked the fatty with slight anticipation, “With regards to my previous requests for pill formulas, is there any news? So long as there’s a pill formula, I am willing to pay a bit more!”

“Old pal, pill formulas are extremely rare. Although Foundation Establishment cultivators are likely to have some, they are extremely treasured items. Who would dare to take them out and sell them? Furthermore, if dear friend wishes to have pill formula that are of use to Foundation Establishment cultivators, it would be even more difficult. I’ve spared no effort, but even so, I truly haven’t been able to find any!” When Fatty Chen heard Han Li’s words, he face grew bitter as he poured out his complaints.

Feeling slight disappointment, Han Li wore an indifferent smile and said, “It doesn’t matter. If there’s nothing, then forget it! I still must thank Elder Brother Chen for helping find those two formulas earlier!”

When Fatty Chen heard those words, he happily smiled, saying, “Those two nearly ruined pill formulas were something I picked up over my many years. I didn’t dare to be confident that you would actually want them! However, dear friend wished to take them and experiment to see whether he could improve them. This is something ordinary people wouldn’t dare to do. After all, the energy and time required to do so is far too great! It’s a feat that perhaps would be accomplished with the constant efforts of multiple generations!”

The fatty said this while feeling slightly moved.

When Han Li heard this, he faintly smiled and didn’t say anything else.

Ever since Han Li arrived here, he shockingly discovered that within the camp’s improvised market, there were many rare goods that couldn’t be found in market cities. From medicinal herbs and raw materials to magic tools and cultivation techniques, it nearly had them all.

All the medicinal ingredients he lacked for the Spirit Gathering Pill were easily gathered within the market. With only a bit of maturation, he’d be able to immediately progress his magic power once more.

With this fatty here, Han Li only had to spend about a thousand spirit stones for two of his greatly desired pill formulas, much to his pleasant surprise!