Chapter 271 - The Greater Displacement Medallion and an Ancient Transportation Formation

Chapter 271: The Greater Displacement Medallion and an Ancient Transportation Formation

“Greater Displacement Medallion” Han Li had never heard of this name before! Seeing that Lu Tianmeng and Xuan Yue had acted to eliminate all others, this object was obviously precious.

However, facing the strange appearance of the rainbow skeleton, Han Li didn’t dare to rashly act.

He took out his golden blades and carefully touched the skeleton with it. Seeing that nothing happened, he felt reassured and walked closer, attentively sizing up the command medallion.

The blue luster of the command medallion faintly released twinkling light similar to gems. The medallion was engraved with simple decorative designs and an ancient character. It was clearly an object of ancient origin. As for other areas, Han Li didn’t find anything noteworthy. The spiritual power contained within wasn’t very large either.

Han Li pondered for a moment and used his golden blade to lightly pick at it, causing the command medallion to easily fall from the hand.

After picking it up with his hand, he noticed that it wasn’t made of metal as he had imagined. It was both flexible and hard. It seemed to have been refined from wood.

After Han Li fiddled with it for a moment, he attempted to inject it with a bit of spiritual power.

But then a huge suction force came from the command medallion, taking a great amount of spiritual power away from his body. Fearful, Han Li cut off the spiritual power connection without delay, causing the suction force to disappear.

Having suffered, Han Li didn’t dare to recklessly attempt it again and carefully put the command medallion away in his storage pouch.

Then he looked at the several layers of the mysterious transportation formation. He felt very curious regarding where the transportation formation went!

Naturally, Han Li didn’t attempt to recklessly use it. Furthermore, even if he truly had such idiotic thoughts, he would be incapable of acting upon them. This was because a corner of the transportation formation had already been damaged. Although the damage was not much, it was sufficient to cause the transportation formation to be inoperable.

Han Li blinked his eyes and suddenly took out a jade slip. He started to record the transportation formation’s appearance and decorative design, preparing to ask others about it and see if he could restore the transportation method. He was greatly looking forward to this!

After doing all of this, Han Li looked around the huge cavern to see if there was anything he had missed.

As a result, behind a coarse stone pillar, he had discovered two sparkling translucent eggs, each about the size of a fist.

When Han Li saw this, he was pleasantly surprised. Without guessing, he already knew they were the eggs of the spider demonic beast.

Having personally experienced that spider demonic beast’s ferocity, how could Han Li miss this opportunity? He immediately looked for a leather pouch that specialized in holding spiritual beasts from a Spirit Beast Mountain cultivator’s storage pouch. Then he carefully put the spider eggs into the bag and then stuffed the bag into his pocket.

With this harvest, Han Li looked around even more attentively, but unfortunately he found nothing else.

However, Han Li didn’t mind as he was perfectly content with his spoils.

He returned to the white spider’s corpse and dismembered it with no trace of politeness, stuffing the limbs into his storage pouch. Then he took Xuan Yue, Lu Tianmeng and the other cultivators’ corpses and used fireballs to turn them into ashes, burying them there.

When Han Li looked at the rainbow skeleton, Han Li threw a few fireballs at it in passing, intending to turn it to ash. But as a result, the skeleton fused with the inferno and condensed into seven to eight small rainbow pearls. This greatly shocked Han Li, and he collected them with curiosity.

Han Li then wanted to leave this place, but in order to make it so the transportation formation wasn’t discovered by anyone else, he used azure essence sword streaks to destroy the cavern entrance as he was leaving and completely block the passage. Naturally, he also committed this place to his memory so that he could find it in the future.

After that, Han Li followed the direction of the wind in the stalactite cave, finding an extremely hidden opening. He had finally returned to the surface.

Because Han Li was afraid of Devil Dao cultivators wandering around in the vicinity, he didn’t dare to delay and piloted his Divine Wind Boat in the direction of the Tai Yue Mountain Range.

Seven to eight days later, Han Li returned to Yellow Maple Valley. After he went to report about their losses to a steward who was on duty, he remained on standby at his Immortal’s cave.

At this moment, he knew the second wave of war had already started. Furthermore, the Seven Sects had received vigorous assistance from two neighboring countries at the very start of the star, and it seemed as if they were currently winning against the six sects. This caused the atmosphere in Yellow Maple Valley to greatly ease up; it was no longer as pessimistic as it was the beginning of the war.

After returning, Han Li saw that everything inside his Immortal’s cave was the same as before. He relaxed, deeply breathing out.

Although it could be said that returning to his sect now wasn’t sensible as he was likely to be assigned to fight, any Seven Sects disciple that shrank back as battle approached and used excuses to avoid being conscripted was severely punished; Light punishments took away spirit stones, heavy punishments crippled one’s magic power. These things weren’t tolerable in the least!

Furthermore, others have told him that Seven Sects had already dealt over a hundred punishments of varying degrees.

Also, regardless if they fled the battlefield, disciples with no assignments or had already completed their assignments were required to report back to the sect within a certain amount of time! If there weren’t any reasons for not returning within the timeframe, one would be judged for punishment.

Naturally, consequences for blunt evasion without reporting back or fleeing to another country grew even harsher. They would be chased by a Seven Sect enforcement squads for the rest of their lives until they were killed. So long as the Seven Sects existed, the pursuit would never end.

At this moment, Han Li was unwilling to break away from Yellow Maple Valley and flee the State of Yue; naturally, he openly returned to obey orders.

In truth, according to his deductions, how could there be a single peaceful haven in the Heavenly South Region if it was suffering from the simultaneous expansion of the Devilish Dao and the Righteous Dao? The cultivation worlds of every region would be in a state of war. It was only a matter of time. As such, he may as well stay in the State of Yue; after all, one’s homeland was hard to leave!

The first thing Han Li did when he returned to his Immortal’s cave was to soak the spider eggs in the spirit well spring. The Spiritual Qi should slowly incubate and grow them.

Then he quickly secluded himself for two days and finally finished refining the first layer of the Great Development Technique. He didn’t know whether it was a coincidence, but the Azure Essence Sword Art simultaneously broke through to the fifth layer after a long period of no progress, much to his surprise. This caused Han Li to enter mid Foundation Establishment.

When Han Li sensed this, he greatly rejoiced. After all, every increase in cultivation would increase the chances of one’s survival within this period of chaotic unrest.

But what baffled Han Li was that even after several days, the sect had yet to assign him a mission, This caused Han Li to feel uneasy!

According to his experiences, the rarer the tasks, the more dangerous and troublesome they would be!

But now that Han Li thought better of it, they were currently at war against the six sects, so there were no safe missions! If he nearly lost his life guarding a spirit stone mine, then who knew what would happen on a different assignment!

After these considerations, Han Li’s mind became calm once more. Should he take advantage of this short break to start investigating this “Greater Displacement Medallion”?”

As for his master Li Huayuan and Hong Bi, he didn’t need to explain the matter of Dong Xuan’er to them. As Core Formation cultivators, they had long since left the sect on missions.

In the Heaven’s Knowledge Pavilion within Yellow Maple Valley, Han Li spent two days of frantic searching, eventually finding a simple introduction of the “Greater Displacement Medallion”  in a book called 《Knowledge of Cave Mysteries》.

According to the book, this lustrous blue command medallion was actually used by ancient cultivators to transport themselves across extremely long distances. One must have this magic tool or else the journey’s safety couldn’t be guaranteed.

By only possessing a similar “Shifting Movements Medallion”, a cultivator wouldn’t die from the pressure of being transported through a long distance of space. As for short distance teleportation, the pressure could be disregarded. For example, with the small transportation formation at Yue Lu Hall, Han Li hadn’t felt the slightest bit of discomfort.

As for how the Shifting Movements Medallion guaranteed the safety of long-distance transportation, the book didn’t explain. Furthermore, the method to create the Shifting Movements Medallion had long been lost during the turmoil of the ancient cultivation world. Existing “Greater Displacement Medallion” had also disappeared one by one without a trace. In current times, it had already become an item of lore, an item that nobody was heard to possess.

However, in the current cultivation world, this may not be the case!

Because ancient transportation formations had become an object of legend earlier than the Greater Displacement Medallion, a single such formation could not be found in the Heavenly South Region, though this could not be said for other places. It was slightly possible one could be found in in a desolate area or a sect’s hidden grounds.

But in the current cultivation world, the farthest a transportation formation could travel was about fifty kilometers. As for ancient transportation formations, they could travel for over several millions of kilometers. They fundamentally couldn't be compared. Even as such, a sect or clan could only afford the construction of three or four transportation formations. Any more would be far too much of an expense.

Now that Han Li clearly understood the usage of the Greater Displacement Medallion, the first thought that came to mind was ‘Could it be that the underground transportation formation was an ancient transportation formation?’

This guess caused Han Li’s heart to wildly thump! He knew the odds of this were high.

If this were true, with this Greater Disposition Medallion and with a repaired transportation formation, he could immediately travel to a place at least five million kilometers away. He wouldn’t need to get further tangled in this mess between the Seven Sects of the State of Yue and the Six Sects of the Devilish Dao. He could travel to a new place and continue his cultivation there.

With this thought, Han Li found he was unable to restrain himself.

He started to look for books regarding ancient transportation formation to see whether or not there was a method to restore that underground transportation formation.

Han Li spent many days searching through the libraries of the Heaven’s Knowledge Pavilion. However, he hadn’t found a single formation spell book with regards to ancient transportation formations.

This caused Han Li to become greatly disappointed!

At this moment, Han Li thought of a single person who could perhaps help him restore this formation.