Chapter 353: The Stardust Pavilion

Chapter 353: The Stardust Pavilion

Han Li wore a slight smile when he saw the old man’s eagerness. He casually took out the materials-filled storage pouch and turned it upside down. A white light suddenly shone, and the materials Han Li obtained from the white spider and demon mantis poured out onto the ground.

“This is...”

The shop owner crouched over and gathered together the white spider’s lower limbs, inspecting them with rapt attention. He revealed an expression of puzzlement.

Although the old man was a tool refining expert, he didn’t understand much about rare, strange insects. As a result, even if he were able to see that the materials were unordinary, he was still left baffled.

Han Li smiled for a moment before giving him an explanation, “Most of these materials came from the limbs and shell of a white spider. There are also the wings and forelimbs of a huge demon mantis. They were both grade four demonic beasts. As for the mantis, it was a peak grade four demonic beast and was exceptionally powerful. I hope that your esteemed self will be able to properly make use of these materials. I had to spend quite a bit of effort to obtain them!”

“Materials obtained from grade four demonic beasts!?” The white-haired old man shouted in astonishment and immediately sank into ecstasy.

Not to mention grade four demon beasts, even materials from grade two demon beasts were rarely seen.

“That’s right, Shop Owner Xu! However, for this set of magic tools, I have a particular request for what is to be created. I will only allow you to work with them if you are able to fulfill my request. Payment will be handled the same as before. If there are any leftover materials, you may keep a portion of them to do with as you please.” Han Li said calmly.

“Senior, please feel at ease. Regardless of the request, this small old man will comply! To be able to personally refine such top-grade materials, I didn’t spend my life pursuing the Dao of Tool Refinement in vain!” Shop Owner Xu then picked up the mantis arms  and caressed them with a fanatical gaze.

Han Li was surprised to see him with such an expression, but his heart grew increasingly at ease. He spoke to the old man with a gentle tone, “The magic tools that I request you refine are rather unusual. I wish for you to refine the spider legs into a set of offensive magic tools. As for the mantis...”


Two hours later, Han Li and Crooked Soul left the Tool Refinement Shop.

He had come to an agreement with Shop Owner Xu after the shop owner inspected the materials. Several days later, the shop owner would finish his plans for the methods of their refinement. At that time, Han Li would return with the materials and they would officially start their refinement.

But for now, Han Li had an opportunity to take a proper stroll around the market city. His suspicions were finally confirmed by an old man as he was browsing around.

It turned out that news of the defeat of the State of Yue and their two allied countries had spread to the State of Yuanwu. Regardless of whether they were from a cultivator clan or unaffiliated, all of those in the State of Yuanwu felt both uncertainty and premonitions of hardship.

Consequently, massive numbers of cultivators flocked to the market city. Many even brought along their rare treasures to trade for direly needed items, thereby increasing their strength to brave the upcoming catastrophe.

Within a short few days, all the market cities in the State of Yuanwu began to spread news of precious magic tools, pills, and other such items. A great number of cultivators were instantly attracted, leading to great furor within the market cities.

Naturally, Han Li couldn’t let such a golden opportunity slip by him.

With that in mind, Han Li began to stroll around the shops, taking a look in every direction.

As he had expected, there were far more high-quality goods for sale. But much to Han Li’s surprise, there were very few top grade magic tools for sale. Still, it wasn’t as if Han Li had any need for those common top grade magic tools.

After walking in nearly a full circle, Han Li had only bought a few uncommon medicinal ingredients that he hadn’t seen before; there was nothing else of interest to him. He subsequently headed toward the heart of the market city, the “Stardust Pavilion”.

Having traded in market cities several times, Han Li already knew that if he wanted to buy better goods, he would have to go to the larger, more imposing stores. Only they would have the power to acquire quality goods.

Though the small vendors might actually possess a few decent items, they had nothing compared to the collection of a large store.

Not long ago, he acquired many quality items from the “Thousand Treasures Pavilion” of the Yellow Maple Valley Market City.

With that line of thought, Han Li brought Crooked Soul along to the Heavenly Star Sect’s Stardust Pavilion, a huge, hundred-meter-tall building.

Han Li was rendered speechless upon entering.

This was because there were over thirty cultivators bustling about on the first floor’s hall. They were all surrounding several display counters, talking with red-clothed store employees. Not a single person noticed Han Li.

Han Li scratched the back of his head and absent-mindedly walked toward a display counter, looking around for the stairs to the second story.

Three Qi Condensation cultivators stood beside the display counter. One of them was continuously waving a white formation flag while speaking to the store employee in a dissatisfied mumble.

The Stardust Pavilion employee appeared to not mind at all. From the very start, he had been giving explanations with a wide smile on his face.  

However, when these cultivators saw Han Li and Crooked Soul approach them, they immediately grew silent.

It was clear that they were very wary of unfamiliar cultivators.

When the flag-holding cultivator saw Han Li approach, he hastily brought out several tens of spirit stones to give to the store employee before hastily flying off with his friend.

Han Li gloomily gazed at them as they took off. He felt slightly at a loss!

But just a moment later, the store employee politely addressed Han Li, “Senior, my sincerest apologies! As this is the first floor, I’m afraid there is nothing of interest here. If Senior truly wishes to find suitable items to purchase, then the floors above the third would be best. Those floors specialize in receiving high-class cultivators.”

Initially, Han Li was somewhat startled, but he soon recovered his usual bearings. He asked indifferently, “Could you give me an introduction to the floors of the Stardust Pavilion?”

The employee appeared slightly surprised, but he respectfully agreed, “Of course. Since it’s Senior’s first time at our Stardust Pavilion, it’s only natural that I introduce our store to you.”

“Our Stardust Pavilion has a total of nine floors. The first seven are open to the public, and the last two are closed off to outsiders. The first three floors are for inferior Qi Condensation cultivators. Floors four through to six are for high-grade cultivators such as yourself. As for floors seven and higher, they are at the service of Core Formation cultivators.”

The employee quickly gave Han Li a general introduction to the store. Han Li nodded his head and then wordlessly walked straight toward the stairs to the second floor.

The second and third floors were a bit smaller than the first, but the arrangement was obviously more luxurious. It seemed that the farther up he went, the more precious the items that were on sale.

With that thought, Han Li quickly passed through floors two and three, even directly passing through the fourth floor.

He had originally thought to head straight toward the sixth floor, but a young, red-clothed servant blocked his way.

“According to the store rules, you must first gain the approval of the fifth floor shopkeeper before being allowed to proceed to the sixth floor.” The elegant, young servant expressionlessly said. Although he was only a Qi Condensation cultivator, he didn’t fear Han Li, a Foundation Establishment cultivator, in the slightest.

Han Li wrinkled his brow and headed toward the fifth floor’s main hall instead of becoming angry.

Although the main hall wasn’t large, there were several young, pretty female servants waiting there. When Han Li walked in, a man and woman were having a relaxed discussion.

The man had a common appearance and seemed to be about thirty-five years old. The woman appeared to be nearing forty years old and had the grace of a noble woman. It could be seen that in her youth she was a rarely seen beauty.

While the two were both Foundation Establishment cultivators, Han Li was surprised to see that the middle-aged woman was a late Foundation Establishment cultivator.

“Fellow Daoist, do you require any assistance?” When the middle-aged woman saw Han Li enter, she turned her head and gave him an enchanting smile. She spoke with a melodious voice that soothed those who heard it.

“I wish to purchase a few truly precious items. Do you have any such items? I don’t care whether it is a magic tool, talisman, or anything else.”

Hearing that Han Li’s tone was rather arrogant, the man glanced at Han Li with slight surprise.

“Hehe! If Fellow Daoist truly wishes to buy quality goods, then he has come to the right place. So long as you have the money to pay, we will definitely leave you satisfied.” Although the middle-aged woman was no longer young, her laughter was just as charming as that of a young woman.

“But as it happens, this Fellow Daoist also wishes to buy quality goods. Please wait for a bit, and I’ll take out a few items for you to browse.” The woman said with a beaming smile.

She then turned her head and gave a command with a serious expression, “Violet Lotus, come and serve these two esteemed guests some tea!”

“Of course, Madam!” The maid standing behind the woman respectfully replied.

As the middle-aged woman leisurely walked out, the maid poured a cup of tea for Han Li and the man who was originally here.