Chapter 352: Promise

Chapter 352: Promise

Han Li didn’t immediately refuse or agree. Instead, he tightly wrinkled his brow and lowered his head in silence, weighing the potential gains and losses.

Truth be told, Han Li was unwilling to agree.

As of current, Han Li held little interest in spell formation and tool refinement techniques. Only after he successfully reached Core Formation would he have the time to research such things. In addition, he was unwilling to provoke a huge cultivator clan for no reason, not to mention that he didn’t have the ability to do so.

“I understand that this request is overreaching, but Ruyin truly doesn’t have any other way.” Xin Ruyin gave a bleak smile with a pale complexion.

“Elder Brother Qi’s death by the Fu Clan was because of the incident that I brought about. If I do not avenge my husband, then I wouldn’t have the face to see him after I die; I would prefer to go to hell!” Xin Ruyin softly whispered with a pleading tone.

When Han Li heard her say ‘die’, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows as he suddenly thought of something. He suddenly raised his head, taking a careful look at Xin Ruyin’s complexion and leaving Xin Ruyin stunned in response.

“There is something amiss with your complexion. Let me see your veins.” Han Li spoke in an irrefutable tone, greatly surprising Xin Ruyin.

A queer glint flashed from her eyes. After a moment of hesitation, she obediently handed Han Li her flawless wrist.

Han Li impolitely brought two fingers to her wrist and poured a strand of Spiritual Qi into her body.

A long while later, Han Li’s expression became unsightly.

“Are you aware that your blood vessels have completely withered away? If this is not addressed, you will die within two years!” Han Li coldly said after withdrawing his hand.

Xin Ruyin faintly smiled in response to Han Li’s assertion.

“Of course I know this. How could I not know about my own body? My constitution is of the Dragon’s Cry, a male body wrongly born as female. If someone with this constitution were to forcefully cultivate, their meridians would gradually wither away along with their lifespan. For me to have lived this long was by mere luck. Originally, I had hoped to find an ancient formula to cure this illness. However, I failed, merely wasting the many spiritual medicines that Elder Brother Qi had searched for in vain!” Xin Ruyin revealed an expression of self-mockery.

“Young Madam!” Xin Ruyin’s maid couldn’t help but shout out with sadness from behind her.

“It’s nothing, Xiao Mei! I am only going to see Elder Brother Qi a bit sooner. This is exactly what I desire!” Xin Ruyin unexpectedly consoled her maid with a peaceful expression.

Han Li’s expression grew soft and for some unknown reason, he truly felt pity toward her. But unfortunately, Han Li couldn’t do anything about Xin Ruyin’s strange illness and could only watch on as her life and beauty withered away.

“Since Senior Han now knows of this matter, he should understand why I have acted in this manner. Although Senior is currently only a Foundation Establishment cultivator, you are the sole person familiar with Elder Brother Qi and me that has a chance of avenging him. I don’t require Senior to swear an oath. I only want a promise, so that I may pass away with ease.” Xin Ruyin returned to her previously calm demeanor and nonchalantly mentioned the matter of vengeance again.

Han Li stroked his nose with all his strength, finding himself in a rather difficult position. But after a moment of hard thought, he suddenly asked, “What about those from Fellow Daoist Qi’s clan?”

“Humph, the Qi Clan? They are merely a common clan within the State of Yuanwu. How could they dare to offend the Fu Clan? Besides, Elder Brother Qi was only an external branch disciple driven out from the sect. They couldn’t be less concerned! As for me, I’ve learned everything from a nameless formation spell grandmaster. He was a rogue cultivator that had long since passed away.” Xin Ruyin understood what Han Li meant and explained her and Qi Yunxiao’s background to Han Li in a soft voice.

Han Li’s mind grew quiet. He had truly thought that this woman had an alternative.

“Fine, I can give Young Lady Xin this promise! However, I will only act when I possess the ability to do so. If such an opportunity does not appear in my lifetime, will you regret it?” After pondering for a long while, Han Li took a deep breath and spoke in a heavy voice.

“That will be enough! So long as you can give me hope, it will do. Let me thank Senior Han in advance!” Xin Ruyin couldn’t help but widely smile in response, suddenly appearing daintily beautiful.

Han Li was stunned as he took in her beauty. But soon after, he shook his head and bluntly swiped his sleeve across the table, causing to two jade boxes to disappear without a trace into his storage pouch.

“Since you require another month to restore the transportation formation, then I will have to trouble Young Lady Xin in a month’s time. I will now be taking my leave!” Han Li spoke unhurriedly as he stood up. With this gap of time available, he had quite a few matters to attend to.

“This one pays Senior her respects!” Xin Ruyin said respectfully without further urging Han Li to stay.

As a result, Han Li flew to the Heavenly Star Sect’s market city with Crooked Soul in tow.

After a day, Han Li arrived in the vicinity of the market city. After he took out a cloak from his storage pouch and covered his face, he entered the market city with a swagger, bringing Crooked Soul along with him.

As Han Li walked through the streets of the market city, he was astonished to find so many cultivators trading and bustling about.

There were several times as many cultivators compared to the last time he came here. In addition to the hurried atmosphere, there were also a few rarely seen Foundation Establishment cultivators within the city.

After pondering for a moment, Han Li’s eyes flashed with thoughtfulness. But soon after, he tossed the matter to the back of his mind and went straight toward that magic tool store that helped him craft his magic tools on his previous trip. He had a few materials that could be refined into useful magic tools, thereby increasing his own strength.

That magic tool store still looked exactly the same as before. Even its arrogant signboard was completely the same.

Han Li entered the store with a faint smile.

The circumstances within the store caused Han Li’s brow to slightly furrow.

The tiny store actually had six people standing and sitting around. When they saw Han Li enter, they couldn’t help but glance at him.

When Han Li saw them, he swept his cold gaze past them without a trace of politeness. In response, they immediately lowered their heads. As Qi Condensation cultivators, they naturally wouldn’t dare to offend Han Li, a “Senior” Foundation Establishment cultivator.

But a man with a fiendish appearance sitting in a chair looked at Han Li without the slightest hint of fear. Although he was only in early Foundation Establishment, he didn’t turn his gaze away.

Han Li didn’t pay him any mind and walked over to the two store employees that were chatting.

“Is Store Owner Xu here?” Han Li calmly asked the burly man called “Dahei”.

“Senior, who...” The burly man revealed an expression of doubt.

Han Li sighed and took out the Black Dragon Claws, revealing them to him. He was assisting at the side as this magic tool was created. There was no way he wouldn’t have recognized it.

“So it turned out to be Senior! This one will call Master out.” The burly man’s eyes brightened, recognizing the Black Dragon Claws as Han Li had expected. He immediately apologized with a wide grin and hastily ran to the back courtyard.

Seeing that Han Li was the store owner’s acquaintance, the others couldn’t help but look at each other in shock. However, nobody dared to untactfully bother Han Li.

Not long after, the fully white-haired shop owner welcomed Han Li with a beaming smile. On his last trip, Han Li left him with a significant amount of rare materials. It was only natural for the old man to give him such a warm welcome.

“This small old man is honored to have Senior come to my shop once more! Does Senior wish to refine more magic tools?” After exchanging a few pleasantries, Old Man Xu impatiently asked with a face full of anticipation.

Han Li faintly smiled and deliberately swept his gaze past the other cultivators in the room.

“How foolish of me!” Shop Owner Xu exclaimed, immediately understanding what Han Li had meant. He then invited Han Li to the rear courtyard and excitedly led the way.

The others didn’t dare to say anything, except for the large, fiendish man who snorted with dissatisfaction. He was greatly angered at how differently he was treated compared to Han Li, as he was also a Foundation Establishment cultivator who had even sought out this Tool Refinement Store.

In response to the large man’s snort, Han Li shot an ice-cold glance at him.

Han Li had killed no small number of cultivators and unconsciously carried a murderous aura as a result. That single glance immediately caused the large man to feel as if his entire body had turned to ice, and he couldn’t help but reveal an expression of terror.

Having seen the large man’s expression had changed, Han Li didn’t pay him any further attention and brought Crooked Soul along with him to the rear courtyard.

At that moment, Dahei cleverly stepped forward and apologized to the others, casually giving them an excuse in an attempt to placate their discontent.

“Did Senior bring back more materials?” When Han Li and Crooked Soul entered the rear courtyard, Shop Owner Xu glanced at Crooked Soul with slight surprise before impatiently asking Han Li.