Chapter 319 - The Four Great Blood Servants

Chapter 319: The Four Great Blood Servants

“I’m not so sure about that!” Han Li coldly sneered.

Han Li then formed an incantation gesture with his hands, causing his magic tools that were attacking the azure barrier to loudly howl, before flying into the sky and converging as one.

This scene stunned Qing Wen as he didn’t know what Han Li intended to do. However, as he was also of the cunning sort, how could he allow Han Li to perform his magic so easily? His hands immediately shined, producing a dazzling golden ring in each hand that released dense cold Qi. One could tell from their appearance that the rings were extraordinary.


Qing Wen softly yelled as he threw out the rings without the slightest hesitation. They turned into twin golden streaks of light as they directly attacked Han Li.

Han Li raised his eyebrows in alarm, and with a menacing expression, he tightly gripped his white scale shield.

However, before those magic tools struck their target, three green foot-long streaks had suddenly flown in from the side and intercepted the two streaks of golden light.

“Fiendish Daoist, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about me?” Senior Martial Brother Wang flashed Han Li a friendly smile as he controlled the green streaks of light.

When Han Li saw this, he felt relieved and returned the smile.

However, Qing Wen wasn’t feeling calm like these two. His complexion darkened as his gaze started shifting everywhere.

Not long after, he had reached his wit’s end.

After all, simultaneously controlling the Azurewood True Barrier and Goldlock Rings had nearly used up the entirety of his spiritual sense. He was unlike Han Li, who had learned the Great Development Technique and was able to smoothly control so many magic tools.

Although he possessed a few incisive magic tools, he didn’t dare to lightly use them. Using the entirely of one’s spiritual sense to control magic tools was very dangerous, as it left the user incapable of paying attention to their surroundings.

Furthermore, cultivators being able to control over ten magic tools simultaneously in an attack was something rarely seen. In part, Han Li was able to do this because these magic tools were created as sets, and only used the same amount of magic power as three magic tools.

If it were truly more than ten separate top grade magic tools, even if Han Li’s spiritual sense could support it, he wouldn’t be able to produce enough magic power to activate them.

Supporting about five magic tools was the limit of Han Li’s magic power. This was why Han Li favored using complete sets of magic tools, as they allowed him to display the full power of the Great Development Technique.

As for why Han Li was able to control the eight children blades of the “Golden Beetle Swarm Blades”, it absolutely wasn’t because of direct control. He instead completely relied on the mother blade in his hand to control the children blades. Its current power and flexibility was incomparable to before as it was different as heaven and earth.

As Qing Wen was hesitating on what action to take, Han Li had finished casting his technique.

“Giant Sword Technique.”

Han Li said those words with an ice-cold tone.

Soon after, the magic tools that were spiralling above Qing Wen released a blinding radiance.

In that tri-colored radiance, the gold, black, and red streaks had intertwined, forming a huge sword of light that spanned over thirty meters in midair.

This “Giant Sword Technique” was something he had learned from the Azure Essence Sword Technique written compilation, the golden page. This was also the only sword controlling technique that he could use with his Foundation Establishment cultivation. Naturally, its might was beyond ordinary.

Although Qing Wen and Senior Martial Brother Wang were locked in combat with their magic tools, they both revealed expressions of astonishment. Even an idiot could tell just how immensely powerful Han Li’s technique was.

Qing Wen inwardly complained without end, immediately abandoning the two golden rings. Instead, he hurriedly searched himself and took out a shiny brass mirror.

At this moment, Han Li pointed at the huge sword of light with an ice-cold expression.

The huge sword fiercely chopped down from the sky without sound. The crushing blow was about to break through barrier and man with astonishing grandeur.

Upon seeing this, Senior Martial Brother Wang had forgotten to take advantage of Qing Wen’s moment of distraction to destroy his golden rings. Instead, he was mesmerized while staring at the huge sword’s heaven stunning might.

His entire mind was occupied with the thoughts of whether or not he would be able to withstand such a strike.

As the target of the attack, Daoist Priest Qing Wen’s expression grew extremely solemn, and he hastily tossed the brass mirror above him.

The brass mirror quickly flew out of the light barrier and flashed, producing a yellow cloud about three meters wide above him. In the blink of an eye, it solidified into a huge shield that continuously revolved above him.

Han Li’s complexion sunk as he formed an incantation gesture with his hand. The huge sword of light thunderously roared and chopped down with even more astonishing might, reaching the brass shield in an instant.

Along with the sound of an immense explosion, the shield released an immense yellow radiance. But underneath the huge sword’s fierce blow, it was only able to endure for a short moment before releasing a wail as it broke into pieces.

With nothing left to stop the sword of light, it chopped down on the azure prism barrier, causing it to groan underneath the huge sword’s immense pressure.

Seeing the huge sword’s astonishing might, Qing Wen’s expression finally became panicked.

His hands flickered with azure light before he quickly pressed them against opposite sides of the prism barrier. He then did his utmost to pour spiritual power into the Azurewood True Barrier in an attempt to strengthen its defensive power.

The three-colored light released by the huge sword strained the azure light barrier underneath it, causing the barrier to produce a crackle. With Qing Wen’s desperate assistance, the Azurewood True Barrier managed to withstand the might of the light sword’s downward chop.

In the following moment, Han Li expedited his magic techniques. He wished to use the huge sword to forcefully break through the light barrier and kill him as revenge for his previous betrayal. On the other side, Qing Wen was madly pouring Spiritual Power into the light barrier in an attempt to exhaust the sword’s strength and save his life.

At this moment, Senior Martial Brother Wang finally came to his senses and quickly destroyed the two golden rings with ease. He then commanded his three streaks of light to strike Qing Wen in a relentless charge, clearly understanding that Han Li was stuck in a deadlock with Qing Wen.

So long as he provided even the slightest assistance, he would be the final straw that would tip the scales and overwhelm the enemy, easily killing this formidable opponent. With this, he would be entitled to a significant share of this Blood Servant’s treasure when the time came.

With that thought, the fire in his heart became even more fervent.

But as Senior Martial Brother Wang was dreaming, Qing Wen’s complexion greatly changed, and a streak of yellow light shot toward Qing Wen at the speed of lightning. In the following instant, he had disappeared from his original location, allowing Han Li’s tri-colored sword of light to strike at the ground and create a large hole three meters deep.

Senior Martial Brother Wang’s three streaks of green light naturally missed its target, causing him to glance in the direction of the yellow streak of light with alarm and anger.

As expected, Daoist Priest Qing Wen’s light barrier appeared nearly a hundred meters away. A yellow-clothed youth with a lazy appearance stood by his side. He looked at Senior Martial Brother Wang and said with complete calm, “This person had previously saved my life. Could your esteemed self not kill him off so lightly?”

After he said this, he chuckled and continued, looking at Han Li with a smile, “Brother Han, I truly didn’t think that we’d one day meet again. Wu Jiuzhi pays his respects.”

The unperturbed youth was that young cultivator Wu Jiuzhi who had attempted to pickpocket Han Li that previous year at the Great South Meeting. However, at this moment, his body was faintly emitting a strange yellow light and his cultivation had reached the early Foundation Establishment stage. [1]

“Jiuzhi, this person walks an entirely different path from us. Why must you speak so much? Since you’ve come, all four of us can now fight.” Daoist Priest Qing Wen retracted his previously thrilled expression and couldn’t help but resentfully look at Han Li.

When Wu Jiuzhi heard this, he sighed and didn’t speak any further with Han Li.

When Qing Wen saw this, he suddenly made two long whistles followed by a short whistle.

When Tie Luo and the Ice Demon heard this, they revealed pleasant surprise. They immediately leapt out of the Yellow Maple Valley’s joint attack and flew toward Qing Wen and Wu Jiuzhi.

“What going on? Another one has appeared! This is going to be troublesome.”

When Liu Jing saw the sudden appearance of Wu Jiuzhi, he immediately understood the battle’s circumstances had shifted and couldn’t help but wrinkle his brow.  

Now that four of these truly unordinary Blood Servants had gathered together, it was clear to Liu Jing that the situation had become more difficult to deal with. In the previous battle against the two Blood Servants with his group of five, they weren't able to even injure one of them. Even with their advantage of numbers, they had only been able to gain the upper hand.

With that thought, Liu Jing prudently called out for Han Li and Senior Martial Brother Wang to stand beside them.

As Han Li looked at Wu Jiuzhi who had just appeared, he felt an indescribable feeling in his heart. During that year, he had quite a favorable impression of that strange, spirited youth. However, gods make fools of men and now the two had no choice but to fight to the death.

Demon Transformation.”

Qing Wen and the other Blood Servants realized that by relying on ordinary means, they would be unable to win against Han Li’s group, as they were outnumbered nearly two to one.

Following Qing Wen’s cold declaration, their bodies all released a blood-red radiance. They then transformed into four cocoons of blood-red light, and began their demon transformation, intending to eliminate Han Li’s group in a single move.

[1]. Han Li met Wu Jiuzhi at the Great South Meeting. At the time, he had attempted to pickpocket him.