Chapter 318: Qing Wen’s Reappearance

Chapter 318: Qing Wen’s Reappearance 

“As expected, Han Li is far beyond ordinary, being able to find a hole so quickly. What is its weakness?” Liu Jing praised Han Li and amiably asked.

Han Li faintly smiled and suddenly handed the crystal ball over.

“Senior Martial Brother, look into this Violet Light Orb and you’ll understand.” Han Li pointed in the direction he had just looked at.

When Liu Jing heard this, he took the magic tool with great curiosity and carefully looked into it.

After he took a glance, Liu Jing revealed astonishment. After a short moment, he passed the crystal ball back to Han Li and lowered his head, muttering to himself.

Another moment passed by before he raised his head and anxiously said to the others, “Han Li’s words are true. For some unknown reason, the Spiritual Qi fluctuations in that direction appears much thinner. It seems that this formation was laid out in a hurry and exposed an unintentional flaw.” Liu Jing’s voice grew louder as if he were brimming with confidence.

“Then what does Senior Martial Brother Liu intend to do?” Chen Qiaoqian’s Senior Martial Sister couldn’t help but ask.

“Concentrate all of our attacks at the weak point. I am confident we will be able to break this formation without expending much magic power.” Liu Jing said with certainty.

“Since it is like that, we should act quickly!” When Song Meng heard this, he could no longer wait. He immediately raised his hand and released his “Blue Threaded Sword”, causing it to spin above his head.

The others wore expressions of eagerness after hearing Liu Jing’s words.

When Liu Jing saw this, he no longer hesitated and immediately exclaimed, “Good! Let’s break through this formation and give our enemies a show.”

After this was said, over ten magic tools emitted a dazzling radiance and fiercely shot toward the formation’s flaw.


Outside of the formation, the Ice Demon felt extremely anxious while commanding the school disciples to take up an encirclement formation.

Ever since the Black Fiend School Master had requested the four great Blood Servants to remain within the palace, they should have been taking turns to guard in pairs.

But Xie She, who was originally supposed to be on guard with him, had recently reached the Great Success stage in his cultivation. Using the excuse of wanting to immediately enter mid Foundation Establishment, he stealthily ran off to the blood prison to cultivate. As the Ice Demon was unwilling to offend the brilliant rising talent in the four Blood Servants, he had tacitly turned a blind eye.

However, that moment of neglect had left him alone while guarding the entrance against an invasion of so many strong enemies.

However, it was fortunate that he was quick-witted!

He first used this “Four Divisions Formation” to trap the enemy, and then dispatched disciples to the blood prison and the rear palace to quickly fetch the other three Blood Servants without delay.

He clearly understood that these few Qi Condensation disciples were no match against these strong enemies. But luckily, the enemy had been trapped within the Four Divisions Formation, buying quite a bit of time!

So long as he could stall for a bit of time, his three comrades would be certain to promptly arrive.

With the four great Blood Servants acting together, the Ice Demon would have nothing to be afraid of.

Just as he was thinking this, a loud rumbling vibration could be heard from within the Four Divisions Formation.

The thick white fog that filled the formation was then fiercely blown away, appearing as if the formation was about to be destroyed.

“What is this? It is impossible for the Four Symbols Formation to break so quickly. Something must’ve went wrong!” When the Ice Demon saw this, his pale face concealed by the cold Qi had turned somewhat green.

“Sir Ice Demon, the enemies had struck far too quickly. A few of the disciples that were in charge of the formation had died in the attack, causing the Four Symbols Formation to be insufficiently manned. It is possible that the enemy saw through the gap.” When a nearby Black Fiend School Disciple saw this, he carefully gave an explanation.

When the Ice Demon heard this, he became alarmed and furious. Just as he was about to loudly rebuke him, he heard a gentle voice from behind him.

“Ice Demon, what happened? The Four Symbols Formation had actually activated but it appears unable to hold the enemy.”

When the Ice Demon heard this, he immediately felt relieved.

“Qing Wen, it’s good that you’ve quickly arrived!” The Ice Demon couldn’t conceal his happiness and hastily turned his head to look at him. [1. Han Li previously met Qing Wen at the Great South Trade Assembly in Chapter 130.]

At an unknown time, two people had appeared about fifteen meters behind him.

One of them appeared thirty years old with a beardless and unremarkable face. He was wearing an azure Daoist robe and looked at the Four Symbol Formation’s strange condition with a solemn expression.

“Who is invading us? And where is that youngster, Xie She?” Tie Luo stroked his bald head with an expression of bloodlust.

“Right now, Xie She is...”

A huge rumbling from the Four Symbols Formation interrupted the Ice Demon. The Four Symbols Formation’s dense fog ruptured and completely disappeared, revealing the silhouettes of Han Li’s group.

After clearly seeing the number and cultivation of these invaders, Qing Wen’s complexion slightly darkened and Tie Luo appeared greatly astonished.

“Haha! You evil cultivators believed that a broken formation was able to trap us Yellow Maple Valley cultivators? That’s just wishful thinking!” After Song Meng appeared once more before the cold palace, he couldn’t help but loudly yell this with excitement.

“Yellow Maple Valley?”

Qing Wen and the other two were slightly startled. However, after a short moment of thought, they quickly recovered. Apart from the Seven Great Sects, who else could dispatch so many Foundation Establishment cultivators in the State of Yue?

“Why have you stormed the Imperial palace in the night? Could it be you are unafraid of violating the prohibition?” Without waiting for Liu Jing and company to speak, Qing Wen calmly asked.

He knew about the Seven Sects’ ban and hoped he could use this to cause Liu Jing’s group to become fearful of the consequences.

Liu Jing coldly snorted, and before he could open mouth, he heard an alarmed cry from the bald man.

“It’s you! Aren’t you from the Thousand Bamboo School? How are you together with the Yellow Maple Valley cultivators?” As the large bald man, Tie Luo, swept his gaze across them, he discovered Han Li among them and couldn’t help but loudly ask this with amazement and confusion.

These words left both enemies and allies stunned. In a flash, all eyes gathered upon Han Li.

At this moment, Daoist Priest Qing We had clearly recognized Han Li and couldn’t help but twitch his face. Disbelief could be seen in his eyes.

“When have I ever said that I was someone from the Thousand Bamboo School?” Han Li coldly gazed at the large bald man and then turned his glance toward Daoist Priest Qing Wen.

That year at the Great South Meeting, Qing Wen had urged Han Li to travel together with him. Surprisingly, Han Li now found him here.

As a result of this, he was able to answer the lingering questions from back then; namely, why Qing Wen made such great efforts to journey together with low grade cultivators and why that yellow-clothed man had pursued and attempted to kill Han Li.

Now understanding the entire story, Han Li was furious and felt an intense desire to kill to Qing Wen.

“Nonsense. If you aren’t from the Thousand Bamboo School, then why can you use puppet techniques?” The large bald man retorted, refusing to let the matter drop.

“Are we required to tell you the techniques that Junior Martial Brother Han is able to use? Everyone, attack! These people are deliberately stalling for time. Do not fulfill their wishes!” Liu Jing’s expression darkened before suddenly saying this with a stern voice.

With that said, he extended his arm and a streak of silver light directly attacked the Ice Demon in front.

Upon hearing this, the Yellow Maple Valley disciples suddenly realized and inwardly cursed the enemy’s craftiness. They then released their magic tools without restraint, and immediately joined the fight.

As Han Li had been staring at Daoist Priest Qing Wen earlier, he immediately performed a pincer attack with Chen Qiaoqian’s Senior Martial Brother Wang, in an attempt to trap Qing Wen.

Without speaking further, Han Li patted the storage pouch at his waist, causing over ten streaks of red, black, and golden light to simultaneous soar out. After they hovered above Han Li for a moment, they shot toward the enemy with the sound of a faint explosion.

Han Li didn’t bother speaking to Qing Wen as he didn’t have the slightest intention to reminisce about old times.

When Qing Wen and that Senior Martial Brother Wang saw Han Li’s display of immense strength, both of their expressions changed significantly.

Senior Martial Brother Wang revealed pleasant surprise, while inwardly praising Han Li. ‘As expected, Han Li’s reputation as an expert that had previously killed many Foundation Establishment cultivators was well-earned; he is truly outstanding!’

Daoist Priest Qing Wen revealed a cautious appearance and faintly shrouded his body in a layer of azure Qi. Upon seeing Han Li’s vicious actions, he knew Han Li intended to kill him. Naturally, he wouldn’t just wait for death like a sitting duck.

In turn, he also didn’t speak any rubbish before suddenly extending his hand toward the attacking magic tools.

Five azure bead magic tools flew from his hand and formed a pentagon around him in an instant.

Then, with a flash of azure light, Daoist Priest Qing Wen was enveloped in a cloud of azure mist as a pentagonal prism barrier appeared around him out of thin air, closely protecting him.

Han Li’s Golden Swarm Blades, Black Dragon’s Grasps, and Blazing Chain Tridents simultaneously struck Qing Wen’s pentagonal prism barrier, producing an explosion of blinding light. Bursts of radiance flew in every direction, yet the strange barrier was left unscathed from the attack.

“Han Li, my Azurewood True Barrier can only be broken by Core Formation cultivators. Foundation Establishment cultivators like yourself aren’t able to damage it in the slightest. You had best give up!” Qing Wen suddenly said this with a slight smile, speaking to Han Li in a very intimate manner.