Chapter 372: Minor Expanse Island

Chapter 372: Minor Expanse Island 

Han Li slowly unfolded the booklet before discovering that it was a complete map of Stalwart Star Island. Gold and white light intertwined on the map and flickered with a mysterious radiance.

The areas that were sparkling were concentrated at the center of the island, the Azurecloud mountain range.

Han Li discovered that the Azurecloud Mountains were even more expansive than he had imagined. They occupied an entire fourth of the island’s area.

As Han Li carefully examined the sparkling areas of white light, he couldn’t help but squint his eyes.

There were half as many of the gold lights as white lights. However, the white lights were of varying brightness; some were blinding, while others were dull.

The mountain peaks that were marked with blinding light weren’t even considered by Han Li as the middle-aged man had already explained, “Qi Condensation cultivators don't have the qualifications to choose the mountain peaks. As for the other areas, they don’t have those restrictions, so long as they are an area marked by white light.

This was exactly the same as Wen Qiang had told him, but there were only valleys and caves left to choose from, and these all possessed dim white lights.

After looking at the map for a moment, he raised his head and asked the middle-aged man with a serious tone, “Junior wishes to ask a question. Are there any restrictions on how large an area I can use to establish my Immortal’s cave?”

The middle-aged man was somewhat surprised but soon replied with a mocking tone, “You may set up any formation spells and restrictions you choose within a radius of five kilometers, so long as you have the room for it that is.”

Han Li calmly said, “Then can Junior pick this place? Since this place is also marked by a white light, shouldn’t there be a spirit vein there?” He lightly tapped a certain spot on the map, causing a white light to flash to yellow. Han Li then handed the picture book back to the middle-aged man.

“There!?” The middle-aged man’s pale face revealed surprise upon seeing where Han Li had pointed.

The place was an area outside of Stalwart Star Island. It had previously been flashing with a weak white light.

“That is Minor Expanse Island. The island is only about thirty-five kilometers long, but it does have a small spirit vein that is a few kilometers long. We laid down a small defensive formation spell and established a small village on the island, a few hundred people currently live there.” The middle-aged man spoke with a mysterious smile that revealed hints of mockery.

Han Li remained silent. He knew that since the middle-aged man wore such an expression, this island was certain to have its complications.

“This small island is of little interest to Stalwart Star Island. We only held onto it because it would be a shame to abandon the spirit vein. It’s Spiritual Qi density is greatly inferior to that of other islands, and its area is small. It’s true that other cultivators won’t bother you if you choose that area, but its Spiritual Qi density is only two-thirds of that found in the Azurecloud Mountains. As such, your cultivation speed would be quite a bit slower than the cultivators staying on this island.

“There were previously other cultivators like yourself that loved to bitterly cultivate in isolation. However, those cultivators would inevitably return after only a few years. They would rather spend a large amount of spirit stones to choose a new cultivation area than to continue staying on that island. After all, Spiritual Qi density is the most important factor to cultivators. Furthermore, those who select this island must also undertake the responsibility of protecting it. You would be the one to pay for the spirit stone expenditure of the island’s defensive formation spells.

“Naturally, you would receive a certain amount of spirit stones as compensation from the residents of the island, and you won’t have to pay tribute to the Island’s master. But I must warn you that the spirit stones you receive in compensation won’t be enough to sustain the daily usage of the defensive formation. The island’s spirit stone consumption has been sustained up until now by Stalwart Star Island.” The middle-aged cultivator lazily pointed out the rule while tapping the bedside.

After muttering to himself for a moment, Han Li eventually asked in a soft voice, “If I choose that small island, doesn’t that mean I would in fact become the island’s master?”

“Hehe, you could think of it that way.” The middle-aged man replied with some surprise. He had already laid out the island’s shortcomings. If this youth still wanted to choose that island, it was none of his business.

The middle-aged man thoughtfully sized up Han Li once more and inwardly sneered. He would spend a huge amount of spirit stones before long, and come to complain without end!

He was convinced that within two years at most, this young cultivator would come back with gray hair and a haggard complexion to choose a new cultivation area. Why else would such a position, being the master of a small island, remain uncontested until now?

After some more thought, Han Li spoke without further hesitation, “Alright, this Junior will pick the Minor Expanse Island!”

Having heard that Han Li was certain, the middle-aged cultivator didn’t hesitate. He took out a golden brush and lightly dabbed the island on the map. The island’s white light immediately turned golden.

He then searched his robes for a jade slip which he then wrote a few characters on with his golden brush before tossing it to Han Li.

Han Li lowered his head to look at the jade slip and saw that there were two golden characters on it. They seemed familiar, as if it were his name written in the local characters.

“This jade slip is evidence that Minor Expanse Island is your cultivation area and contains the names of the island’s inhabitants. Make sure to hold onto it properly!” The middle-aged man indifferently said.

Afterwards, he put away the booklet and laid back down on the stone bed. He then waved his arm at Han Li, obviously shooing him away.

Han Li gave him a quick salute before tactfully leaving.

Exiting the Immortal Records Pavilion, Han Li had no inclination to sightsee around the Azurecloud Mountains or meet other cultivators. Instead, he directly flew back to the Gu Clan Estate.

On the morning of the next day, Han Li left a letter for Master Gu on the desk in his room. Then he brought Crooked Soul with him to the closest village and bought a map of Stalwart Star Island and its nearby territories before heading straight towards the harbor.

Wang Changqing had told Han Li previously that the island’s largest city “Stalwart Star City” was located in the western part of Stalwart Star Island. That city had a market by the name of "Sky Capital Market" where cultivators traded items.

Although Han Li wished to go there and see what the cultivators overseas possessed and learn their cultivation arts, his current cultivation was pathetically weak. As such, he was fearful to go to an area with many cultivators, and reluctantly dropped the idea.

As Han Li flew to the harbor, he muttered to himself with ridicule, ‘With my strength lacking, my courage suffers as well.’

He didn’t choose a cultivation area at the Azurecloud Mountains, favoring the vacant Minor Expanse Island where the Spiritual Qi was thinner. This decision was so that he wouldn’t have to go through great pains to conceal the secret of his small bottle. Only at an isolated island far away from other cultivators would he be able to to freely cultivate the spiritual medicines required to massively increase his cultivation without attracting any unwanted attention.

Although his cultivation speed would somewhat suffer as a result, the Spiritual Qi would still be enough to cultivate spiritual herbs. After all, he mainly relied on consuming refined spiritual medicines for his cultivation. Having thinner Spiritual Qi wouldn’t influence him too greatly.

Han Li flew out of Stalwart Star Island’s huge island-wide restriction from the port. Following the map, he headed straight towards Minor Expanse Island.

On the map, the island was located right beside Stalwart Star Island. But only after flying for an entire day on his Divine Wind Boat was he able to spot it.

After flying once around the island, Han Li found the entrance to the island’s formation spell, a small dock. Han Li then slowly descended towards it.

There were very few people on the dock, with only about a dozen fishermen sitting on small boats beside the port. Once they saw Han Li and Crooked Soul descend from the sky, they got off their boats and gathered together to see Han Li.

The crowd walked towards Han Li and saluted him one by one. A particularly burly man with a dark face separated himself from the crowd and paid his respects to Han Li. It seemed this person was the head fisherman, “This humble one is Hei Gui. He pays his respects to Immortal Master!”

“Is this Minor Expanse Island?” Although Han Li felt that he wasn’t mistaken, it was best to be prudent.

Hei Gui asked with a puzzled expression, “Yes it is, Great Immortal! Has Immortal Master come to replace the spirit stones already? It hasn’t been that long since they were last changed!”

Having heard that this really was Minor Expanse Island, Han Li let out a breath of relief. With a faint smile, he spoke to those present, “I didn’t come to replace the spirit stones. From now on, I will be the one providing the spirit stones for the island as this small island has become my cultivation area. You may all call me Immortal Han!”

Under the astonished gazes of the fishermen, Han Li called out to Crooked Soul, and they flew towards the center of the island.