Chapter 371: Immortal Records Pavilion

Chapter 371: Immortal Records Pavilion

“Fellow Daoist Han, the ten cultivators to be challenged were hired at great expense by the great clans from the island’s protector squad. Although their cultivation isn’t high, their experience and techniques are superior to that of common cultivators as they have fought demonic beasts at sea and sparred with the cultivators from other islands. Not to mention opponents at the same layer, it wouldn’t be odd for them to defeat common cultivators with a cultivation of three layers above them.” Wen Qiang clicked his tongue with an expression of praise.

Han Li smiled and spoke modestly, “It was nothing. I was merely lucky.” Han Li had quite a bit of experience with regards to battle.

The youth looked in the direction of the azure mountain before turning his head around and asking with a smile, “Ah, yes. Fellow Daoist Han came here to handle some formalities at the Immortal Records Pavilion?”

As this wasn’t a matter worth concealing, Han Li calmly answered, “Fellow Daoist Wen guessed correctly. I wish to handle the formalities for settling down on this island and choose a cultivator’s residence.”

Having heard Han Li’s destination, Wen Qiang immediately offered a suggestion, “Hehe! I’ve been to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion several times already. How about I bring Fellow Daoist Han there along the way? It would be hard to look for it alone, considering the size of the Azurecloud Mountains.”

Han Li was slightly surprised to see him act so enthusiastically, but he still expressed his thanks and agreed.

As such, the two flew side by side towards the large mountain.

While the youth was leading the way, he gave Han Li a garrulous explanation of the mountain range, “On our island’s Azurecloud Mountains, in addition to the three great peaks: the Heavenly Pillar, the Heavenly Night, and the Heavenly Gate, there are also three hundred sixty seven smaller mountain peaks. The amount of caves among these mountains are countless, and it is said that many of them are capable of being a cultivation area.”

“Naturally, although the majority of the Azurecloud Mountains have large spirit veins, the density of Spiritual Qi varies. It is generally said that the taller the mountain’s peak, the denser the Spiritual Qi. As for the thirty-six mountain peaks with the densest Spiritual Qi, they are the prizes of the island’s decennial Great Spirit Land Contest. Those who feel that their cultivation is greater than the lords of these thirty-six mountain peaks may challenge them at will. The victor shall become the master of the peak. The differences between the peaks aren’t very significant. It is said that as long as a cultivator managed to enter Foundation Establishment, they would be able to acquire one of these mountain peaks as a cultivation area. As for Qi Condensation cultivators, they can only obediently find a valley or cave to use as a cultivation area.”

“Foundation Establishment cultivators are able to claim an entire mountain peak for themselves?” Han Li was greatly surprised.

The youth said with a self-mocking tone, “That’s right. However, the Foundation Establishment cultivators of the island have already occupied most of them. Us Qi Condensation cultivators shouldn’t think of such hopeful matters.”

“Oh!” Thoughts churned through Han Li’s mind, causing him to grow somewhat excited.

Han Li suddenly thought of something and casually asked, “Ah, then the three tallest mountains should have the greatest Spiritual Qi, yes?”

“Of course. The tallest peak, the Heavenly Pillar, is the cultivation area of our island’s master, Master Mu Long. It is forbidden from entry. It is said that our island’s lord is at mid Core Formation stage, and his divine abilities are devastating. As for the Heavenly Gate and the Heavenly Night mountain peaks, they are respectively occupied by Master Yuan Jun and Master Kan Qin. Although the Spiritual Qi is somewhat lacking in comparison to the Heavenly Pillar, it is still several times denser than in other areas.” Wen Qiang stated with a somewhat envious expression.

Han Li slowly asked with raised eyebrows, “Fellow Daoist Wen, are those two Core Formation Seniors as well?”

Wen Qiang nodded with a pleased expression, “Not only are they early Core Formation cultivators, they are also Dao companions.”

Han Li unconsciously frowned. Stalwart Star Island unexpectedly had three Core Formation cultivators. This was truly beyond his expectations.

While Han Li was lost in thought, he arrived at the center of the Azurecloud mountains with Wen Qiang.

They occasionally ran into other cultivators on the way there, but after giving the two of them an indifferent glance, they all flew away, minding their own business.

A few minutes later, Han Li and Wen Qiang finally arrived at a relatively tall mountain peak.

The peak had a small, two-story pavilion of unknown age. Not only was its exterior thoroughly worn out and of an outdated design, it also hung a sign on its gate that was missing a corner. The words “Immortal Records Pavilion” were crookedly written on the sign.

Han Li blankly stared. Although he saw the sign, Han Li could not bring himself to believe it. He couldn’t help but turn towards Wen Qiang and ask, “This is...”

“Although I don’t want to admit it, this really is the Immortal Records Pavilion.” The youth spread out his arms with an appearance of helplessness.

The youth waved his hand and gave Han Li a warning just before he took his leave, “Alright, I’m going to leave now. However, Fellow Daoist Han should take note that the senior in charge of the Immortal Records Pavilion has a strange temperament!”

Han Li indifferently gazed at the youth as he disappeared. After mindlessly shaking his head, he landed in front of the pavilion and walked in with a calm face.

Just as he approached the gate, he heard a somewhat gloomy voice, “Come in! The gate isn’t locked.” Han Li was shocked by the sudden announcement, but he couldn’t help but walk toward the pavilion hesitantly.

After entering the pavilion, Han Li was left stupefied.

The interior sharply contrasted with the outer appearance of the pavilion. It was magnificently decorated. The floor was covered in sparkling fire-red silk, and the walls were made of gold and jade while countless amounts of sparkling gems glittered on the ceiling. Corners of the building were decorated with many species of gorgeous plants that Han Li had never seen before.

There was also an odd stone bed across from him, sparkling with a strange blue light. Although he didn’t recognize what it was made out of, they were certain to be some sort of precious materials.

A haggard, middle-aged man was currently reclining on it. His clothes were made of dazzling, fire-red demon fur. He was embracing a huge, white pearl as he indifferently glanced at Han Li.

Han Li suppressed his amazement and bowed. He then asked with a respectful tone, “Hello Senior. This one wishes to handle the formalities for taking up residence. May I ask if Senior is in charge of this matter?”

The middle-aged man lightly sighed before spiritedly asking, “Taking up residence? Do you have a guarantor?”

“I do!” Han Li immediately took out the document that the Gu Clan member had given him and stepped forward to give it to the man. Han Li didn’t dare to belittle him as his spiritual power fluctuations clearly revealed his status as a powerful late Foundation Establishment cultivator.

The middle-aged man took the signed document from Han Li and swept through it. His eyes then flashed with bright light, sizing Han Li up.

Caressing the pearl in his embrace, the middle-aged man indifferently asked, “I have heard that there was a new cultivator on the island that was able to defeat a member of the protector squad while at the fifth layer of Qi Condensation. Could that have been you?”

Han Li was somewhat surprised, but he hastily replied with a modest tone, “Junior only won through a fluke! It wasn’t really like that!”

“Humph! A fluke...” The middle-aged man snorted with a cold smile.

Han Li inwardly frowned and felt puzzled, ‘The battle only took place several days ago. How does this person know about it?’

The middle-aged man tightened the demon furs on his body as if he saw the confusion in Han Li’s mind and calmly said, “That person you defeated from the protector squad is my unbecoming disciple! Having lost to someone with a lower cultivation than himself, I’ve sentenced him to secluded study as punishment.”

Han Li bitterly smiled after being stunned for moment as this was far too coincidental! Han Li became somewhat worried. Could it be that he intended to teach Han Li a lesson on behalf of his disciple?

The middle-aged man squinted at Han Li and spoke with an icy tone, “Don’t worry. This is a matter between you juniors, and I won’t take advantage of you as your senior. I hope that you will fight my unbecoming disciple one more time. After that, I won’t pursue the matter any further, regardless of the outcome.”

Han Li felt his heart relax. “Since it is Senior’s request, Junior naturally will not refuse!”

The middle-aged man was surprised to see Han Li so willingly consent, but soon after, he revealed a satisfied expression.

The middle-aged man’s hand flashed with white light and the pearl disappeared. He then stood up and slowly said, “Next, I will be handling the matters of your residency.”

The formalities for residency were actually quite simple. The middle-aged man merely took out a golden book and wrote Han Li’s name in it. Han Li also exchanged the green jade medallion he had received from the harbor for a blue jade pendant.

The jade pendant twinkled with blue light and was a low grade magic tool. According to the middle-aged man, the pendant possessed minor waterproofing effects. The effect was quite practical.

Next, the middle-aged man tossed a silver booklet towards Han Li.

“All of the places shining with golden light have already been taken. The white ones are unoccupied. Choose one to be your cultivation area! Cough, cough...” After quickly speaking just a few words, he started to cough without end. The middle-aged man seemed to be afflicted with a truly serious illness.