Chapter 575: Divine Golden Flames

When Han Li saw the light beam increasing in size with every reflection, he furrowed his brow as he stared at every Wen Tianren’s every movement. His hand tightly grasped onto the red-yellow jade scepter, and a silver light flickered from his back, followed by the appearance of two silver wings.

‘The Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates! How does he possibly have such a heaven-defying treasure!’ Han Li couldn’t help but bitterly smiled. When he recalled the origins of the treasure, his first thoughts were that he couldn’t withstand a strike of this magic treasure no matter what. From the description of its power in legend, he’d have to be deranged to even think of attempting something so foolish.

The Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates was a peak grade magic treasure that had eliminated an entire generation of Star Palace Masters. It was once the possession of a cultivator with immense and profound abilities who had once shaken the Scattered Star Seas for several hundred years. This lone cultivator had been able to withstand the entirety of the Star Palaces’ forces without being at a disadvantage. At the time, this cultivator had truly been the top figure in the Scattered Star Seas.

Of course, the main reason for the fame of the “Vagrant of the Heavenly Mirrors” was his profound cultivation that eclipsed everyone else in the Scattered Star Seas. His magic treasure, the Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates, was widely known as the top ranked offensive magic treasure, even at the time of his existence. There had been countless cultivators that had fallen to the mirrors including at least six Nascent Soul cultivators, emphasizing the fearsomeness of this magic treasure!

Of course, Wen Tianren’s mirrors were merely replicas of the golden mirrors. At Wen Tianren’s current cultivation, it would be impossible for him to control such a mighty magic treasure. Had he attempted to take that legendary magic treasure into his body, Wen Tianren himself feared his body would rupture from its overwhelming power.

Likewise, if Han Li truly believed that this were the original item, he would’ve immediately slipped away without the slightest intention of fighting back. Even with this not being the case, Han Li didn’t have the slightest intention of receiving any of its attacks. After all, the original’s reputation was far too frightful. He had even prepared the Thunderstorm Wings to evade its attacks should the need arise.

With the complete confidence Han Li held in the abilities of the Thunderstorm Wings, he was able to avoid panic despite the nervousness within his heart.

At that moment, the golden light had already reflected off the final mirror and grown into a head-sized golden orb of light. It floated in front of Wen Tianren and continuously pulsed as if it were about to burst.

Without any hesitation, Wen Tianren waved to the light orb which immediately flew into his palm.

Wen Tianren grabbed onto the light orb and turned to look at Han Li. An odd expression fluttered within his eyes when he saw the wings on Han Li’s back, but it soon disappeared.

At that moment, Fairy Violet Spirit glanced at Wen Tianren’s golden horn and then turned her gaze to the wings on Han Li’s back. She felt her mouth turn dry as a complicated expression appeared on her face.

The coming battle was about to greatly widen her horizons, and was something that had reached far beyond what common cultivators were capable of. Both parties had now taken out their last resorts in what was clearly a battle of life or death. Even the intensity of the atmosphere made it hard for her to breath. She could only silently watch on, in the hopes that her preferred cultivator won the upcoming battle.

Wen Tianren made the first move!

He brought the golden light orb to his chest and slapped his other hand onto it, causing the orb of light to collapse and shoot out countless thumb-sized balls of light. Contrary to Han Li’s expectation, the balls of light entered the octagonal mirrors.

The mirrors immediately began to glow and trembled before releasing eight dense beams of golden light.

In the same moment that the beams of light shot out from the mirrors, they had already arrived in front of Han Li with an imperceptible  speed. Han Li’s expression distorted at the sight.

The outermost layer of his sword mirages had instantly disappeared upon contact with the beams of light. Even the true Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were knocked away with sparks of azure light. They weren’t able to put up even the slightest resistance upon making contact with the light beams.

The combined Five Element Bands flashed with rainbow light and blocked the beams for only a moment before releasing a wail and a violet flash of light before collapsing into fragments.

Han Li was overwhelmed with shock and felt pain at their loss. The Five Element Bands weren’t of much use against higher grade cultivators, but they had always been successful when handling cultivators of a similar grade. Their loss was truly a pity.

After the incredibly incisive golden lights had shattered the bands, they were about to strike the final barrier of red-yellow light produced by the jade scepter.

Han Li let out a sigh as thunder roared from his back. With a slight flap, he disappeared from sight, and the eight streaks of light missed their target.

A short moment later, Han Li reappeared a hundred meters away. With yet another roar of thunder, he disappeared yet again.

Wen Tianren was startled upon seeing this, but his expression soon changed after something came to mind. His legs were aflame with scarlet flame as he flew off, instantly arriving at a nearby location. In the instant he moved, Han Li appeared at Wen Tianren’s original location with an azure swordstreak flickering from his hand. Han Li revealed shock, but he soon disappeared once more in a flash of silver light, leaving thunder in his wake.

This time, Wen Tianren didn’t move. Instead, he shot out another streak of golden light from his horn and had his mirrors fly upward and point down. Once the golden light entered the mirrors, they began to hum and transform into countless beams of light, filling the air around him.

At that moment, Han Li reappeared about thirty meters behind Wen Tianren and the beams of light instantly converged onto Han Li, rigidly trapping him. Han Li’s expression vastly changed and he hurriedly flapped his wings. But underneath the golden light, he was completely incapable of movement.

Han Li then waved his hands without any further thoughts and spat out two flying swords towards the golden light surrounding him, and ordered them to violently chop it. The golden light was completely unaffected and began to close in on him.

Han Li’s heart sank and he hurriedly opened his mouth, shooting out a dense bolt of golden lightning. The golden light slightly flickered for a moment, but they didn’t sustain any damage. At that moment, the golden light had become interwoven with his red-yellow light barrier. The barrier started to sway as if it were about to be penetrated by the golden light.

Han Li’s face paled as he suddenly waved his jade scepter and madly poured spiritual power into it. The yellow-red light barrier shimmered with light and its color soon became an illustrious silver, repelling the golden light with its complete strength.

When Wen Tianren saw this, he revealed surprise, but soon a trace of hostility appeared within his eyes. He formed an incantation gesture with his hands and his small mirrors suddenly pointed at the top of Han Li’s head, the golden light converged above Han Li and started to turn into balls of golden flames.

Wen Tianren became completely solemn. His hands unceasingly formed various complex incantation gestures and he began to mutter an incantation.

He soon opened his mouth and spat out several balls of pure blood essence. Each mouthful of blood left him slightly more pale. When each of the balls of blood essence entered the golden flames, his complexion had turned deathly pale and blood could no longer be seen from his face. However, the eight golden flames had instantly flared with immense light, increasing their pressure several fold.

Wen Tianren coldly glanced at Han Li and eerily said, “You are worthy enough to die from the Divine Golden Flames. With your cultivation, it’d be quite remarkable for you to last most of an hour.”

Without any further hesitation, he pointed to the eight golden flames that were above Han Li, and had them drop down from above him.

Han Li was immediately submerged in the golden flames.

Wen Tianren’s figure blurred and appeared above the golden flames in a cross-legged meditation position. Afterwards, he began to form extremely strange incantation gestures, and released a faint gold thread from his horn into the flames. At the same moment as Han Li was enveloped in flames, Wen Tianren slowly closed his eyes.

Beyond expectation, Han Li remained calm and stared at the golden flames surrounding him with a solemn expression.

After the golden flames had appeared, he began to circulate the spiritual power within his body at six times the normal speed in order to sustain the silver light barrier. Otherwise, it would’ve dispersed underneath the flames.

It appeared that Wen Tianren wished to use the golden flames to exhaust Han Li’s spiritual power and turn him to ash. He would’ve taken a moment to inspect just how powerful the jade scepter shield were if he didn’t fear that the golden flames would take his life.

The Divine Golden Flames were truly unordinary. Although they weren’t as powerful as the Celestial Ice Flames, let alone the Sacred Asura Flames, they were still on the same level as Zenith Yin’s corpsefire.

Han Li was inwardly analyzing exactly how powerful the golden flames were.