Chapter 574: The Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates

Gazing at the huge bell, Han Li pointed at the ancient flower basket in front of him and had it transform into white Qi before shooting to the top of the bell.

At that same moment, a muffled clang reverberated throughout the bell. The sound wasn’t loud, but with the bell mouth pointed at Han Li, he felt his mind shake from the sound and he nearly collapsed.

It was the type of attack most annoying to him, a sound based attack!

Han Li inwardly cursed but he didn’t dare be negligently react. With a flash of white light, the flower basket returned to its original form as a flower basket. Soon, it started revolved and spouted out a white radiance that enveloped the silver bell, attempting to draw it in.

Of course, the silver bell naturally wasn’t going to just obediently submit. It shined with a blinding silver light and incessantly rang, but because it was surrounded in layers of white Qi, the attacks were dulled. While Han Li still felt uncomfortable from the attacks, he was able to stay standing.

At that moment, Han Li paid no more attention to the two ancient treasures above him and turned his gaze to the man across from him.

“Divine Devilbane Lightning! You possess a magic treasure made of Golden Lightning Bamboo!” Apart from the legendary Divine Devilbane Lightning that specialized in subduing evil and devilish arts, Wen Tianren knew of no other lightning with such heaven-defying power that was capable of eliminating his apex devil incarnations in an instant. The appearance of Golden Lightning Bamboo had caused a blood bath when it had last appeared in the past, but now it had appeared before him, refined into a magic treasure no less. This realization shocked Wen Tianren to the core.

Han Li’s expression faintly changed after hearing Wen Tianren call out the name of the lightning, but Han Li sneered before wiping his face of emotion. He merely controlled the flower basket above him and intended to restrain the silver bell before doing anything else.

Wen Tianren naturally knew that he had guessed correctly after seeing Han Li’s reaction and his face grew pale. Regardless of whether or not he was the disciple of the number one figure of the Devil Dao, after realizing that he now faced an unordinary cultivator along with the fearsomeness of the Divine Devilbane Lightning, he became filled with trepidation.

After seeing his apex devils struck down by the Divine Devilbane Lightning without the slightest resistance, he realized that the legends of the lightning’s effectiveness against devilish techniques were completely true. So long as Han Li possessed this lighting, he would be incapable of using a vast majority of his Devil Dao techniques. Wen Tianren took a deep breath and glanced at Han Li’s expressionless figure. 

Wen Tianren’s face became incredibly gloomy and his heart became uneasy, at the faint realization that Han Li would inevitably become a nemesis. Not only were his magic treasures and cultivation equal to his own, but the Divine Devilbane Lightning could restrain a vast majority of his techniques. This was intolerable.

Wen Tianren glanced at Han Li and hardened his resolve. “No matter how dire the cost, you will not be leaving this island alive. Only with the Golden Lightning Bamboo treasure in my hands will I finally feel at ease.”

At that moment, the gorgeous young woman that stood in the distance had been left dumbstruck by the series of exchanges in the battle.

When the young woman had seen Han Li control the Gold Devouring Beetles she had already guessed his true identity, much to her shock!

It was truly difficult for her to believe that in only a few tens of years, Han Li’s cultivation had climbed to late Core Formation from early Core Formation. But after she recalled that the legendary Heavenvoid Cauldron was in Han Li’s possession, she grew somewhat calmer.

Before this point, the young woman wasn’t very confident that Han Li would win the battle. She believed that he would only last a while at most before being defeated, and didn’t expect that Han Li would hold the advantage. Han Li’s faint golden lightning in particular had left the woman at a loss for words. When she saw it destroy Wen Tianren’s phantoms, her core was shaken.

Divine Devilbane Lightning! She had recognized the gold lightning before Wen Tianren had!

She was the one who had originally given Han Li the stalk of thousand year old Heaven Lightning Bamboo. But now, it had already become ten-thousand-year old Golden Lightning Bamboo! The woman could only guess that Han Li had somehow acquired other Heavenly Lightning Bamboo during his travels.

This gorgeous young woman was obviously Fairy Violet Spirit who had last seen Han Li at the Heavenvoid Hall. This woman’s appearance had greatly changed and she seemed to be unwillingly travelling together with Wen Tianren. There seemed to be quite the story behind her current circumstances!

As of current, Fairy Violet Spirit was gritting her teeth as she watched the scene in the distance, faintly feeling that the battle was about to resume.

Seeing that the silver bell was about to be captured by Han Li’s flower basket, Wen Tianren’s expression stirred and the golden radiance on his forehead suddenly grew brighter. Soon, it it extended and condensed into a small, exquisite horn. It shined with golden luster and was covered in profound talisman characters. Not only did it lack any devilish Qi, but it was actually filled with an extremely pure spiritual Qi.

After seeing this horn, Han Li’s eyes narrowed and his heart trembled. He instantly pointed to his two azure swords in the distance and had their sword arts dissolve.

The huge azure swords hummed and one of the swords split into twenty-four swords with the other sword dissolving into light. Han Li then employed the Swordshadow Phantasm Technique and had them form three identical copies of light as they returned back to Han Li’s side. They then continuously revolved around Han Li to form a protective barrier around him.

Wen Tianren turned a blind eye to Han Li’s actions and calmly said, “Good, very good! I didn’t expect that you’d pressure me to this degree. I originally believed that apart from those old Nascent Soul monsters that there would be no enemies who were a match for me, but it seems I was arrogant and narrow minded. It’s good that I encountered you here; in fact, it can even be considered fortunate. Else, it would’ve become far more troublesome for me to kill you once you entered Nascent Soul stage.” 

With the golden horn appearing on his forehead, he appeared completely confident, and all signs of his previous panic had disappeared without a trace.

Without showing any emotion on his face, Han Li swept his spiritual sense past Wen Tianren, discovering that apart from the strange horn, there were no other obvious changes to his body.

Han Li frowned and a trace of suspicion bloomed in his heart, causing him to become even more vigilant. However, he unconsciously felt that Wen Tianren’s previous words were only a bluff and that the golden horn was only some sort of trick.

But before Han Li could dispel his doubts, Wen Tianren spread out his arms and successively shot out eight balls of golden flames from his sleeves. These resplendent golden flames were fist-sized and began to quickly revolve around him. 

Upon seeing that Wen Tianren had released some kind of item, Han Li took a deep breath before becoming gloomy and feeling vexed.

He clearly understood that while he possessed a number of magic treasures that few could match, Wen Tianren was likely to be one of those few exceptions. After all, he was a young master of the Starfall Coalition and a disciple of the top figure of the Devil Dao. It should’ve proven quite easy for him to acquire extraordinary magic treasures.

Since he couldn’t continue to battle by relying on his magic treasures, he needed another method that could either trap or kill his opponent.

Unknown to Han Li, Wen Tianren was thinking along similar lines at that moment. As he faced Han Li’s many powerful techniques, he felt a sense of trepidation. As a result, he ceased using any magic treasures and had decided to use his last resort, the eight balls of golden flame.

At that moments, the flames disappeared to reveal ancient palm-sized, octagonal mirrors that appeared to be made of pure gold. Their surfaces appeared as smooth as water and were glistening with golden light. Their backs were completely wrinkled and uneven, appearing quite unsightly.

When Han Li saw this, a strange expression appeared within his eyes and he faintly felt as if he had heard of these ancient mirrors before, but he couldn’t quite come up with a name.

The woman behind Wen Tianren abruptly yelled in shock, “The Golden Mirrors of Eight Gates!”

Han Li was startled and glanced at the beautiful woman. She was gazing at the golden mirrors in alarm and covered her mouth with her hand.

“The Gold Mirrors of Eight Gates?” After some thought, Han Li felt as if that name was quite familiar. But when he suddenly recalled the origins of the mirrors, he felt his heart drop and he suddenly felt out of breath.

Wen Tianren deeply glanced at Fairy Violet Spirit before turning his gaze back to Han Li and icily saying, “Since my companion has already shouted out the name of these mirrors, then surely you must know how vicious they are. Now you can die without regret!”

The golden horn on his forehead began to flicker with a golden radiance and a slim golden light suddenly shot out it, shooting towards one of the nearby mirrors. The ray of light then continued to be reflected off of the other mirrors, each time growing slightly thicker. By the time it had struck all eight mirrors, it was as thick as a small bottle.