Chapter 384: Beheading the Superior

While the Core Formation cultivator’s body was slowed by the formation, a dozen translucent white ice spears shot out of the seawater behind him.

Suddenly, Elder Gu’s sluggish body became nimble once more. He managed to turn around and raise his hand, shooting out a huge yellow crescent. In the blink of an eye, he completely smashed the ice spears, but without the slightest delay, an ice snake shot out from another direction to strike him.

Simultaneously, the seawater behind Elder Gu parted to reveal a blood-red beam of light. As the light beam was shot from a close range and traveled too quickly, Elder Gu was unable to dodge in time while under the formation spells restrictions. He could only grimace and envelope his body with yellow radiance in an attempt to block the attacks.

The arm-thick, blood-red light beam struck, causing Elder Gu to stumble forward and somewhat lose his balance. At the same time, there was a flash of azure light from his side, suddenly revealing Han Li fiercely chopping down with a huge azure sword in his hands.

Elder Gu was greatly alarmed. There was clearly no one there before! What movement technique could be this strange?

Although he felt astonished, he instantly reacted, causing his body’s yellow light to suddenly surge in order to block Han Li’s huge sword.

Han Li chuckled and disappeared from sight. Then, Elder Gu heard sounds of breaking wind around him and saw over ten red threads stabbing towards him.

“Flying needles!” Elder Gu was aghast! He naturally knew much of these “Hidden Weapons” famed among the cultivation world. His body’s yellow light brightly shined as if attempting to destroy the insidious magic tools, unwittingly falling into Han Li’s trap.

“BANG!” Han Li had reappeared behind him and swung down, causing the yellow radiance to sway. The dozen red threads then bizarrely drilled into his yellow radiance like snakes. In a single second, they pierced through a meter and still continued to fiercely bore deeper.

With furious alarm, Elder Gu’s eyes coldly glinted and he reached for his storage pouch. He realized that with their spell formation and strange attacks along with the great damage to his Origin Qi he previously suffered, it would be difficult to prevail.

But without waiting for him to take something out, two thumb-thick streaks of blood-red light appeared in front of him, shooting towards his body with extreme incisiveness.

Having suffered Han Li’s attack and being trapped by the flying needles, the yellow radiance of his body had greatly weakened, allowing the unremarkable streaks of blood-red light to pierce through his yellow radiance.

Elder Gu’s face grew deathly pale! But as a Core Formation cultivator, feeling dread as he felt the blood-red streak pierce through his yellow radiance and being unable to take out any of his treasures, he suddenly exerted the entirety of his body’s strength to dodge.

An instant later, both of the blood-red streaks of light struck. One of the streaks brushed past his ear, taking away a majority of its flesh. As for the other, although it missed any of his vital regions, it left a small hole with blood spurting hole out of his shoulder. Elder Gu then shouted in pain as his knees buckled.

That wasn’t the last of Han Li’s attacks. Crooked Soul’s lofty figure appeared from the sea a second later and raised his arms, shooting out two blood-red light beams.

At this same moment, Han Li expressionlessly held a silver sword with a single hand and waved it in arcs of silver light, continuously striking the yellow radiance. Ear-piercing screeches echoed upon each slash. With his other hand, he took out a thick stack of talismans, releasing a barrage of countless fireballs and ice spears. In the following moments, flashes of blinding radiance and sounds of explosions continued without end.

Slowly recovering his consciousness from the pain, Elder Gu panicked. He clearly felt that due to the formation spell’s pressure, his enemy’s ceaseless attacks, and his lack of magic power from the use of his immemorial bowl, the yellow radiance protecting his body would not last.

Without any regard for the consequences, he used a secret technique to forcefully withdraw magic power. But before this was completed, Han Li’s incantation produced an ice-cold sound.

Suddenly, the chaotic seawaters surrounding Elder Gu began to swirl, momentarily increasing the huge pressure affecting his body by several-fold. As the yellow light protecting his body was brought to its final glimmers, it released a mournful groan under Elder Gu’s incredulous gaze before it finally disappeared without a trace. With nothing left to obstruct the flying needles, they immediately pierced through his vitals in a flash of red light, bringing Elder Gu to his knees.

A silver light flashed to reveal Han Li silently appearing at his side and the Six United Palace’s Elder Gu’s fine head then landed over ten meters away.

Immediately after, a fountain of blood shout out from the headless corpse, densely filling the air with the scent of blood.

Han Li let out a long breath, but quickly stepped forward to the side of the corpse to snatch its storage pouch. At the same time, Crooked Soul reached out to collect the yellow bowl magic treasure.

With that, Han Li Li and Crooked Soul quickly fled away out of the formation in the Divine Wind Boat. After flying for only fifteen meters, Han Li plunged the boat into the ocean and submerged himself about a hundred meters down.

Afterwards, he put away his Divine Wind boat and took out aura-severing red muslin cloth, wrapping it around Crooked Soul and himself. They then used the nameless incantation to restrain their Qi.

Not long after this was done, a formidable and wrathful spiritual sense arrived nearby, searching from up above the nearby sea.

Although the spiritual sense made a fine examination, its owner was unable to find any trace of Han Li or Crooked Soul. After furiously sweeping his spiritual sense through the nearby area once more, he hurriedly rushed away to another area.

After this, Han Li finally felt truly at ease. Naturally, he wouldn’t foolishly make a sudden emergence from the sea. Instead, he released a blue light barrier to separate him and Crooked Soul from the ocean and had Crooked Soul enter meditation.

The concealment within the ocean lasted for over half a month.

During those days, the owner of the huge spiritual sense was unwilling to give up and repeatedly searched the nearby seas several times. But as Han Li had always noticed him coming and had restrained his Qi beforehand, he was never successful.

Now that the spiritual sense hadn’t appeared for several days, Han Li finally dared to move.

After slowly travelling over fifty kilometers away, he finally flew out of the seawater, got his bearings, and flew off at his greatest speed.

Naturally, he couldn’t return to Stalwart Star Island, and would have to find somewhere else to stay. Although he didn’t know what sort of shameful relationship the Six United Palace’s Elder Gu and Elder Miao had with the youth named Wu Chou, they would be certain to kill and silence him. But since a Foundation Establishment cultivator such as himself couldn’t compare to the remaining two Core Formation cultivators, it would be better to travel far away from the scope of their influence.

It was truly unfortunate to lose his three magic formation tool sets and his Immortal’s cave at Minor Expanse Island. With the addition of the lost magic tools during his fight with Elder Gu, Han Li had suffered a truly great loss!

As Han Li flew as fast as he could, he laughed at himself with a bitter smile.

But when compared to the disastrous fates of the other Foundation Establishment cultivators, he couldn’t complain! He managed to preserve his own life.

While Han Li was consoling himself, his heart suddenly stirred and he took out Elder Gu’s storage pouch. During the previous period under the ocean, Han Li had been apprehensive and hadn’t examined the storage pouch as a result. Now was the time to take a look. Surely a Core Formation cultivator couldn’t be too poor. With some luck, he might even be able to more than recoup his losses.

After slowly sinking his spiritual sense into the storage pouch, Han Li found eighty mid-grade spirit stones and grew mad with joy.

This Elder Gu was truly quite wealthy! He actually carried such a great amount of spirit stones!

Could it be that Elder Gu was like himself and carried all of his belongings on his person? If this were the case, this would be an ordinary amount of spirit stones for a Core Formation cultivator.

With that in mind, Han Li shifted his attention away from the spirit stones to the other items in the pouch.

There was a yellow, inch-tall jade bottle, two talismans respectively sparkling with yellow and blue light, a book, and an orb sparkling with blue radiance. As for the rest of the items, they were of little value.

The book wasn’t anything special. It was a high layer cultivation art, Earthfire Technique. Although it couldn’t be said to be common, it was something that he definitely wouldn’t cultivate.

Much to Han Li’s joy, the two talismans turned out to be treasure talismans, despite him not knowing their names. One of them had a small golden sword drawn on it, and the other had a blue flood dragon.

Han Li then took out the sphere and played around with it for a moment. Eventually, he became certain that it was the core of a grade five demon beast, a very precious item.

Lastly, there was the small, unremarkable bottle. When Han Li opened the small yellow bottle, he spotted five thumb-sized yellow pills. These pills were identical to one another, brightly colored, perfectly shaped, and had a fantastic medicinal scent.

“Dustfall Pills!” Han Li stared at the pills in his hand in complete astonishment..

Although he hadn’t seen this item before, the pills perfectly matched the description found in the “Pill Dao Evaluations”. What else could they possibly be?

Chapter 384: Beheading the Superior