Chapter 383: Fighting Against Core Formation

Chapter 383: Fighting Against Core Formation

Propelled by Han Li’s late Foundation Establishment cultivation, the already fast Divine Wind Boat was like an arrow loosed from a bow, piercing through the very air itself.

When Han Li saw that the reef was a short distance away, he inwardly sighed in relief. But when he turned his head to wipe away his sweat, he felt his blood run cold and heard something coming from behind him.

During his shock, Han Li instantly reacted, stamping down on his Divine Wind Boat and causing it to strafe to the side. An instant later, the Divine Wind Boat was already about forty meters away.

At nearly the same time, a deep yellow streak of light passed through the location where Han Li had just been. About a hundred meters away, the yellow light stopped, fading away to reveal a silhouette.

Han Li wiped away his sticky, cold sweat and looked at this person with a bitter smile.

The person before him had long, messy hair. He was the the Six United Palace’s Elder Gu!

At that moment, Elder Gu stamped his foot onto an earth-yellow, disc magic treasure and silently glanced at him with a gaze beyond cold as if Han Li were already a dead man in his eyes.

As for the formation that Han Li had placed down, it was forty meters behind him, much to Han Li’s shock.

However, Han Li clearly understood that any questions or pleas of mercy now would be in vain. He could only risk his life against this Core Formation “Senior” and see whether or not there would be an opportunity to use the formation spell to trap him.

With that thought, Han Li’s heart became resolute and he gave orders to Crooked Soul. Crooked Soul blurred and moved to block Han Li’s front. At this same moment, his body released a faint blood-red light along with the scent of blood. As for Han Li, his hands shined with light, revealing two magic tools in his grasp.

Seeing that Han Li and Crooked Soul wished to stubbornly resist, Elder Gu’s eyes shined with an ominous glint before causing the disc magic treasure beneath him to release a long cry. The disc then shined with yellow radiance and enveloped his entire body in yellow light like an armor.

Afterwards, Elder Gu suddenly raised his arms, silently shooting out a swarm of palm-sized blades of crescent light towards Han Li and Crooked Soul.

While Han Li felt greatly alarmed, he also felt relief. His magic treasure was only as fast as the attacks of Lei Wanhe that Han Li had previously witnessed, giving Han Li the opportunity to save his own life.

Han Li’s consciousness surged, and he raised his hands. With one hand, he threw out a huge, enlarged tortoise shell. In the other, he held a sparkling small mirror that directly spouted out a mist of azure light towards the incoming light blades.

An unbroken succession of booms rang out. The front portion of the light blades slowed down under the effects of the azure light mist. But as soon as the rest of the blades entered the azure light, the azure light shattered and fragmented into bits of starlight.

Crack. At this same moment, the mirror in Han Li’s hand cracked into two, becoming unusable.

Han Li threw away the Azure Stasis Mirror without the slightest lament and patted his storage pouch without moving his gaze, releasing two streaks of black light and five streaks of white light from his storage pouch. After the steaks made a half revolution around him, they orderly flew out.

This still wasn’t enough for Han Li. Another eight flashes of white light surrounded him, revealing four puppet soldiers to either side of him. They drew their bows, ready to take action.

Then, the swarm of light blades struck the tortoise shell. In the instant that they made contact, countless deep scars immediately appeared on the shell. After merely a few short moments, the tortoise shell released a wail and was cleaved into countless pieces by the swarm of light blades.

With the time this bought, Han Li’s seven top-grade magic tools had arrived in front of Crooked Soul and continuously revolved around him, forming a black-white barrier of light streaks.

Naturally, these top grade magic tools were also incapable of withstanding the weakened light blade attacks. The Black Dragon Claws and the five white flying blades twinkled as they revolved, merely becoming fireflies.

Without anything to block the swarm of crescent light blades, they chopped towards Crooked Soul who stood motionlessly in front of Han Li.

“HAH!” Crooked Soul suddenly let out a world-shaking roar, shedding off the blood-red light that surrounded his body. In the blink of an eye, the light turned into a huge red flood dragon, charging forward with brandished claws and bared fangs.

Just as the red light and the light blades collided, the puppet soldiers at Han Li’s side released their light arrows for a timely addition to the flood dragon’s attack, causing a momentary deadlock.

Han Li was ecstatic at how the event had played out, but Elder Gu revealed astonishment.

But soon after, the Core Formation cultivator snorted with disdain and raised his hands as a burst of yellow radiance flourished from behind him.

When Han Li saw this, he grew alarmed, as he had spent most of his precious magic tools blocking the last wave of attacks. If his enemy were to unleash another wave of incisive attacks, he would surely meet his end!

While Han Li was lost in fear, the sneering Core Formation cultivator’s complexion suddenly changed. Perhaps due to heavenly intervention, his cheeks flushed with an abnormal shade of red before soon turning pale. Afterwards, the yellow light behind his body dimmed, and his trembling body doubled over from pain.

Elder Gu suddenly felt furious alarm! He was well aware that this was caused by the rash use of his true origin despite not recovering from the earlier damage to his Origin Qi. However, he only needed to suppress his injuries for a moment more to easily get rid of Han Li.

This turn of events left Han Li wild with joy! He instantly reacted, taking advantage of this opportunity by grabbing Crooked Soul and then flying down towards the nameless island at the speed of lightning, leaving behind the flood dragon and puppet soldiers as he was unable to retrieve them in time.

Elder Gu was furious with embarrassment! If he truly allowed Han Li to escape from his hand, he would be made a fool of! Vexed, he could only allow his injuries to somewhat worsen. Gritting his teeth, he made use of his entire body’s spiritual power and forcefully suppressed his injuries before he resolutely chased after Han Li as a streak of blinding yellow light.

Flying at great speed, Han Li managed to travel a hundred meters in an instant. Just as he stepped into the perimeter of the spell formation, the yellow streak of light chased after him, nearly entering the formation at the same time.

Just as Elder Gu smirked while thinking he would be able to kill the two in one blow, his eyes suddenly flashed with light and he saw a huge change of scenery. The nameless island was nowhere to be seen and he found himself above a huge jade sea with an immense pressure holding him in place.

“Formation Spell?” Elder Gu’s expression grew solemn.

Although he was somewhat shocked as to why there was a formation spell here, he didn’t feel any panic. After all, the nearby fluctuations of the formation spell indicated it wasn’t some impressive grand formation. He was confident he’d be able to break through it with ease.

With that thought, Elder Gu’s expression grew cold, and his body shone with dazzling yellow light.

Naturally, what Han Li saw in his Jadewater Azure Armor Formation was completely different than what his Core Formation “Senior” saw. After flashing forward a few times on his Divine Wind Boat, he easily left the great formation.

With thoughts of fleeing to as far away as possible, Han Li turned his head towards the formation.

Han Li’s expression became gloomy. He saw Elder Gu transform into a yellow bolt of lightning, wildly striking against the formation spell’s restrictions. As Han Li saw that he was about to break through, Han Li’s expression continuously alternated between clear and gloomy.

If Han Li were to flee, his pursuer would escape and give chase once more. Given the great discrepancy in speed between his pursuer’s magic treasure and his Divine Wind Boat, he’d definitely be chased down.

As Han Li hesitated, several layers of the formation spell’s restrictions were broken through.

Having then come to a decision, Han Li’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He called out to Crooked Soul without hesitation and stealthy approached Elder Gu under the cover of the spell formation.

But as they were approaching Elder Gu, their target seemed to sense something as he was unbridledly breaking through the spell formation. Elder Gu suddenly stopped and vigilantly looked around with a stern expression.

Han Li wrinkled his brow. A small, azure flag then appeared into his hand with a flash of light: the formation’s master control flag.

After whispering an indiscernible incantation, Han Li suddenly tossed the flag. The flag turned into a streak of azure light, merging with the formation.

Afterwards, the scene before Elder Gu’s eyes changed once more. He was now surrounded by a surging storm, and the original six hundred kilograms of pressure suppressing him suddenly multiplied, causing his body to feel sluggish.