Chapter 557: Securing the Transportation Formation

Chapter 557: Securing the Transportation Formation

Two days later, an azure streak of light flew towards a small, nameless island to the west of Twin Peaks Island. When the azure light arrived above the island, it vanished to reveal Han Li and Lady Fan.

Han Li had found Lady Fan’s speed to be annoyingly slow, and had bluntly enveloped her in his light and took both of them to their destination at greater speed.

Han Li looked at the island beneath him as he stood in the air, before indifferently asking, “The transportation formation is on this island?”

Lady Fan solemnly said, “That’s right. There are eight Exquisite Sound Sect disciples guarding the transportation formation. Apart from two of my own subordinates, the rest are Devil Dao subordinates that Yun Tianxiao brought with him. Those six are all at Foundation Establishment and will not obey my orders.”

“Got it. Call your subordinates over. I’ll deal with the others.” Malicious intent was clearly displayed his face.

“Yes! Senior, it will take just a moment.” Lady Fan followed his orders without hesitation and extended her hand with a sound transmission talisman between her fingers. The talisman trembled for a moment before sending off a streak of fire to the island.

Han Li saw the sound transmission talisman circle around the hill on the island and enter what appeared to be solid dirt. Then, the light disappeared with a flash as if it had entered a restriction.

A moment later, three people flew out from the earth: two alluring women and an old man. When they spotted Han Li and Lady Fan, they immediately flew towards them in a streak of light.

The two female cultivators deeply saluted and greeted Lady Fan upon seeing her. Then, they curiously glanced at Han Li. Once they perceived that Han Li was a Core Formation cultivator, they were startled and immediately grew somber.

As for the blue-clothed old man that had accompanied the two, he arrogantly cupped his fist to Lady Fan and then glanced at Han Li with a trace of confusion.

The old man had thought to ask some questions, but didn’t receive the chance to speak. Han Li had already identified him as an enemy and gazed at him with a trace of killing intent. He then wordlessly flicked his finger at the old man, shooting a streak of azure swordlight at him at lightning speed.

“Ah!” The old man was immediately overwhelmed with fear but the swordlight was truly too fast. He could only briefly yell before a finger thick hole appeared in his head.

The two female disciples paled with fright as they watched the old man’s corpse drop from the sky. But upon seeing Lady Fan’s cold indifference, the two came to a realization and silently glanced at one another.  

“Are all the others down below?” Lady Fan asked the two women with a cold tone.

One of the women tactfully replied without delay, “Yes! The other five are down below at the spell formation. Disciple will lead the way for Sect Master and Senior.”

“Yes, show Senior Li the way. We cannot allow any of them to escape.” An eerie expression appeared on Lady Fan’s beautiful face.

Now sure that Lady Fan had found someone to deal with Yun Tianxiao’s men, the two women didn’t show any further hesitation and brought Han Li and Lady Fan down to the hill.

One of the women took out a sparkling red command medallion and held it below her before shouting, “Open!” Red light then flew out of the talisman and struck the hill, revealing a fifteen-meter-wide, yellow stone gate within the ripples of red light.

The female cultivator then smiled at Han Li and said with a pleasant voice, “Here it is. However, the five within are all at mid Foundation Establishment. Senior, please be careful.”

“I understand,” Han Li expressionlessly said. He then raised his hand and loudly shattered the stone gate with a beam of azure light. With an unchanged expression, Han Li directly flew inside.

The two female cultivators couldn’t help but glance at each other out of worry.  However, Lady Fan held complete confidence in Han Li and called for them to follow her inside.

After Han Li passed through the stone gate, he found himself in a wide passageway about twelve meters long. However, he unconsciously narrowed his eyes as he saw two cultivators enter the passageway.

Without taking the time to examine their appearances, he opened his mouth and spat out two small, translucent swords that glowed with azure light. As soon as the swords left his mouth, they immediately flew towards the two cultivators who immediately appeared terrified. 

Not fully understanding what was happening, they flusteredly took out a red scarf and a small yellow shield, wishing to block the incoming attack. Unfortunately for them, they immediately fell to the ground with miserable screams, and their two magic tools followed suit, falling to the ground with their spiritual Qi scattered.

Han Li stepped over the bodies and continued on his way without stopping. The two small swords started to revolve around Han Li as they followed after him.

Lady Fan and the other two were delighted by the scene and remained behind momentarily to deal with the corpses.

When the three women arrived at the end of the passageway, they entered a hall over three hundred meters wide. Han Li was already standing at the center of the hall next to a small transportation formation, and was expressionlessly examining it as he looked down. The hall was filled with the scent of blood, presumably from the three dismembered corpses that were scattered throughout it.

When Lady Fan saw this, she wore a face of delight and had her two disciples take care of the rest of the corpses.

After Lady Fan arrived at Han Li’s side, she pursed her lips and respectfully said, “It seems Senior’s cultivation has reached a profound stage. He dealt with those Foundation Establishment cultivators with the ease of slaughtering livestock.”

“Foundation Establishment cultivators don’t pose any problem to me as I am now. More importantly, this is the transportation formation that you spoke of?” Han Li seemed to have placed his entire mind on the transportation formation before him.

Lady Fan eyes brightened as she said, “That’s right! Senior should be able to see that the transportation formation is mostly completed. It is merely missing a few portions of Phantasm Stone before it can be used. As Senior saw the Phantasm Stone two days ago, he should know my words to be true.”

“Since that is the case, I will naturally deal with Yun Tianxiao. However, does this transportation formation truly lead to Bright Emperor Island at the Inner Star Seas? To the best of my knowledge, that was merely an ordinary, mid-sized island. How could the Devil Dao cultivators have set up another formation at the other end?” Han Li frowned and stared at the transportation formation before him.

“I heard it before from Yun Tianxiao that Bright Emperor Island has an abandoned transportation formation created during the age of antiquity. The Devil Dao has molded it for their own uses, but the transportation formation is only capable of receiving teleportations. Were it not the only transportation formation capable of accepting a teleportation from the Outer Star Seas, Yun Tianxiao wouldn’t have chosen that location. Senior won’t meet with any troubles after he teleports there.” Lady Fan spoke to Han Li with a blank expression. She knew that the matter of the teleportation was extremely important to Han Li and she didn’t dare to treat him poorly.

Han Li nodded in response and said nothing else. So long as there were no Nascent Soul eccentrics standing guard on the other side, even if there was some danger to be had, it wouldn’t pose any problem to him with the miraculous abilities he currently possessed. Furthermore, he also knew that even if there was potential danger, it would be far less dangerous than flying all the way to the Inner Star Seas.

After examining the transportation formation for a while longer, Han Li turned towards Lady Fan and coldy said, “Immediately send your spell formation expert over here to complete this. I wish to use it the moment I return after I kill Yun Tianxiao, and I will be heading out immediately to deal with him. From what you’ve said, he’ll be returning to Twin Peaks Island to manage the hidden city in six days at the latest.”

He then made his way out of the hall with a stern expression.


As the days passed by, Han Li couldn’t help but grow anxious. He clearly understood that the longer he remained in one place, the more likely that the demon cultivator Feng Xi would find him.

But Han Li felt especially vexed in the face of Feng Xi’s wind spirit energy that had yet to disappear. When he said that it would disappear eventually, had he meant after a single year or several? Or, even worse, was he just lying about that?

Han Li had even swallowed a few Gold Devouring Beetles and had them nibble at it. But when he attempted this, he soon found that this method wouldn’t work.

For the beetles to consume the wind spirit energy, they must first eat through the threads of Divine Devilbane Lightning that surrounded it. But after creating a small hole in the threads of lightning, the wind spirit energy immediately flared, causing him to immediately mend the hole in fear. As a result, if he didn’t plan to exterminate Yun Tianxiao and flee to the Inner Star Seas, Han Li would still be roaming the skies in fear of being tracked.

This ongoing matter filled Han Li’s mind with anxiousness and dread.

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