Chapter 556: Request and Exchange

Chapter 556: Request and Exchange

Han Li remained speechless after being told that he was identified by his scent. There were even people that were capable of recognizing others by their scent; there truly were too many bizarre things in this world. He was merely unfortunate enough to be discovered this way. However, he didn’t display the slightest panic. So long as experts on the level of Man Huzi and Feng Xi didn’t discover him, he had nothing to fear, given his current cultivation and treasures. Besides, this woman’s knowledge was beyond his and she had deliberately sought him out in secret. He was convinced she had something in mind.

With that thought, Han Li mildly said, “Since Lady Fan has already recognized me, I won’t continue to put up the act. However, should I now address you as the Envoy of the Left, or as Sect Master?”

Lady Fan responded to Han Li’s words with a wry smile. “It seems Senior doesn’t approve of my current role as Sect Master. I’m not sure if Senior knows, but if I hadn’t followed the orders of the Devil Dao, the Exquisite Sound Sect would’ve been eliminated from the Scattered Star Seas. I admit I did long for the position of sect master, but my actions were a result of helplessness.”

Han Li stretched his body and wore a lazy expression. “Lady Fan need not speak further of the matter. I have no interest in who is the sect master of the Exquisite Sound Sect. My status as an elder was only in name after all. However, it seems that Lady Fan knows a few things about me, could you tell me about this? I’ve grown quite curious.”

With luminous eyes, Lady Fan smiled and said, “Although Senior Han’s name can’t be said to be known to everyone, it’s quite the topic of interest among high grade cultivators at the very least. A single Core Formation cultivator snatched the Heavenvoid Cauldron under the presence of many Nascent Soul Eccentrics, and then fled, disappearing without a trace.”

Han Li coldly smiled and directly addressed the woman, “That’s right, Lady Fan, Envoy of the Left. I assume almost everyone who knows of this wants me dead, but I also assume there are a few that have the vain dream of acquiring the treasure for themselves. Lady Fan, do you also hold those sentiments?” 

The beautiful woman shook her head and said, “Senior jests. If I were a Core Formation cultivator, I might hold a few vain delusions, but ever since I failed in forming my core, I’ve already given up on ascending to the next stage of cultivation. That kind of treasure isn’t something that I could ever hope of obtaining. This little woman possess no intention of foolishly bringing trouble upon herself.”

Having examined her as she spoke, Han Li felt that her words were sincere. However, he wasn’t going to easily trust someone’s words and remained vigilant. He then calmly continued his questioning, “Apart from the Heavenvoid Cauldron, is there anything else that you’ve heard?” Previously, he hadn’t dared to make contact with high grade cultivators, resulting in a great lack of information. Since he had the opportunity to clear up some doubts, he may as well bluntly ask more questions. 

“It seems that Senior has also heard quite a bit. There are quite a few rumors relating to Senior. It was said that Senior Han had spent many years in the nearby seas exterminating many cultivators as the Insect Devil. Junior cannot bring herself to believe this rumor. Since Senior had acquired the Heavenvoid Cauldron, how could Senior possibly act in such an inflammatory manner and still have concealed himself? I imagined that if it weren’t for the beast tide, the close friends and kin of the Insect Devil’s victims along with the various dubious inciters would’ve formed a hunting party specifically to chase you down!” The woman mysteriously smiled as she gazed at Han Li and covered her mouth as she chuckled.

Han Li calmly nodded his head and remained silent.

This caused Lady Fan to become somewhat apprehensive. Could it be that the vicious devil from the rumors was actually this Elder Han?

With an unchanged expression, Han Li asked, “Alright, how about Lady Fan explain the true objective of tonight’s meeting?”

After a moment of hesitation, Lady Fan gritted her teeth and revealed an expression of deep resentment, “Since Elder Han has mentioned it, truthfully, I wish to request for Senior’s assistance in helping me eliminate the vile schemer, Yun Tianxiao. With the abilities Senior displayed that day, it should be a matter of great ease.” 

Han Li paused for a moment. Then without revealing the slightest surprise, he calmly asked, “Yun Tianxiao? Is he not your supporter?”

Wearing an unsightly expression, Lady Fan resentfully said, “Senior, there is no need to mock me. Senior Han should’ve seen some of the details from today’s matters in the hall. I’ve more or less become a puppet in the Exquisite Sound Sect. Were it not for the secret bewitchment techniques I possess as well as my faithful subordinates, I fear I wouldn’t even be the Sect Master, puppet I may be.”

Han Li expressionlessly said, “Since Envoy Fan rose to the position of Sect Master with the assistance of the Devil Dao, there should have been some understanding of what would follow. What point is there in complaining now? Being a puppet sect master is overall a better fate than death!” Han Li didn’t display the slightest intention of agreeing.

Lady Fan wore a pained looked before a malevolent expression flickered from her eyes as she spoke, “However, I now find my life quickly coming to an end. Not long ago, one of my trusted disciples mysteriously disappeared along with a jade slip containing the secret techniques of the Exquisite Sound Sect. It most likely has fallen into the hands of Yun Tianxiao. After he has his personal female disciple successfully cultivate a few of the techniques, does Senior Han believe I’ll still be kept alive? So long as Senior assists me in eliminating the treacherous bastard, I am willing to give most of the long accumulated resources of the sect to Senior Han. You may also do as you wish with the sect’s maidens.”

Without even thinking about the conditions she had laid out, Han Li bluntly said, “I have no interest in this. Please leave!”

Han Li didn’t doubt her words. She had pretended to not know Han Li and secretly arranged an attempt to kill Yun Tianxiao. However, Han Li was unwilling to waste any time. There was someone actively hunting for him who was perfectly capable of killing him. If the entirety of the Exquisite Sound Sect had been offered to him after he managed to save himself, perhaps there would of been something to consider.

Lady Fan became perplexed upon seeing this. However, her continued pleading fell onto deaf ears. As a result, she muttered to herself for a moment with a fluctuating expression. Then with gritted teeth, she said, “If I had a method to send Elder Han to the Inner Star Seas in the near future, would Senior Han be willing to assist me?” After she said this, she nervously gazed at Han Li. This was the very last thing she could offer him.

Han Li blankly stared at her after she said this and replied without delay, “If you could send me to the Inner Star Seas within ten days, then the matter may as well be considered decided. However, a transportation formation requires Phantasm Stone. Could it be that Envoy Fan deliberately misled me earlier?” When he uttered the last words, his face grew sullen and his tone became ice-cold.

The beautiful woman felt her heart drop before she hastily explained, “Of course not. To Yun Tianxiao, the transportation formation is truly lacking in Phantasm Stone. However, he didn’t know that long ago, our sect paid a hefty sum for a few rare materials and Phantasm Stone was among them. Originally, I had planned to establish a few teleportation formations among the branch sects in the Inner Star Seas. However, I was dragged into the plot to bring the sect to the outer seas. After seeing Yun Tianxiao’s insatiable ambition and cruelty, I naturally didn’t take out the materials. Otherwise, had he brought us back to the Devil Dao at the Inner Seas, I would’ve had no opportunity to free myself.”

After Han Li heard this, he was elated. However, he suppressed his excitement and pondered over this for a moment.

A short moment later, he raised his head and tranquilly said, “Take out the Phantasm Stones and let me look at them. Then, take me to where the transportation formation is located. If you truly have enough materials and are able to immediately finish the formation, I will take care of him.” Han Li uttered each word with weight.

“This...” A trace of hesitation soon replaced the woman’s joy.

“If you aren’t able to do this, then I will reject your offer.” Han Li stated with an unyielding tone.

Lady Fan frowned and said with embarrassment, “I’ll do it! The materials are well kept, but I will be able to bring them to you tomorrow. However, the transportation formation construction site is quite a distance away. Additionally, a majority of the guards there are Yun Tianxiao’s trusted disciples. I fear it will be somewhat difficult.”

“Since we’ll have to deal with Elder Yun anyways, what's the problem with taking care of his disciples as well? I’ll just kill his disciples before taking his head.” After some further thought, Han Li worriedly asked, “However, Yun Tianxiao’s current location isn’t too far away, right?”

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