Chapter 538: The Might of New Swords

Chapter 538: The Might of New Swords


Lady Fan frowned and thought to say something when Han Li interrupted her with a serious expression, “Wait, I want to hear what she has to say. I will determine whether or not she is telling the truth.”

Yun Tianxiao’s eyes coldly glinted. After muttering to himself for a moment, he smiled, saying, “Since Martial Niece Wen knows something, let Fellow Daoist Li ask.”

With a moment’s pause, Lady Fan reluctantly agreed, “Fine!”

“Many thanks.” Without any further niceties, Han Li nodded his head and expressed his thanks.

Han Li’s casual mannerisms caused a faint trace of irritation to appear on Yun Tianxiao’s face, but it was quickly concealed.

At that moment, Han Li stared at Wen Siyue and asked, “You said you know about the nest of a grade eight demon beast.”

Han Li’s voice was tranquil, absent of either anger or happiness. This aroused a trace of hesitation in Wen Siyue who was only a hair's breadth away. But she soon thought of something terrifying and became resolute. She nodded and gave a sincere recollection, “When I first arrived at the Outer Star Seas, I unintentionally acquired a sea map detailing a certain area. I originally believed it to be the location of hidden treasures and stealthily slipped away to take a look. I ended up discovering a young Windbreaker Beast. Fortunately, the beast was only at grade three and was unable to discover me so I immediately left the location out of fear. Senior should know that Windbreaker Beasts only give birth once they reach grade eight, and they won’t leave their offspring until they reach about grade five. As such, it is certain that there is a grade eight demon beast lurking nearby. If Senior is willing to agree to my conditions, I am willing to lead the way.”

Han Li’s expression changed and he revealed a trace of excitement. A fully grown Windbreaker Beast was a genuine grade eight demon beast. If this woman spoke the truth, the nest was certain to have the Demon Echo Grass he required.

Han Li stared at the woman for a long while before letting out a long breath. With a deep voice, he asked, “What does Fellow Daoist desire for the information on the demon beast nest?”

Wen Siyue blushed for a moment before unhesitantly saying, “I wish for Senior to take this young woman away from here and take her as your concubine.”

“What!” Han Li paused for a moment with an expression of surprise on his face.

“Siyue, what nonsense are you saying?” When Lady Fan heard her, she was unable to stay sitting as furious surprise appeared on her face.

The other cultivators also appeared shocked. But soon after, a majority of the cultivators revealed entertained expressions. A few of them even bantered and couldn’t help but chuckle.

When Yun Tianxiao heard this, his expression grew sullen, and his complexion became ashen.

Yun Tianxiao slapped his palms against the table and stared at his hands. With a cold voice, he expressionlessly said, “I didn’t clearly hear what you wanted from Fellow Daoist Li. Let me hear that again.”

Wen Siyue’s body trembled several times while in Han Li’s embrace, and her face became bloodlessly pale. But when her bright eyes fell onto Han Li’s calm expression, she regained a trace of courage, and she shouted with all the strength in her body, “I... I want Senior Li to take me as his concubine and take me away from the Exquisite Sound Sect!” Afterwards, she lowered her head, no longer daring to look up.

Puff. Yun Tianxiao’s hands were instantly covered in grey flames that were half a foot high. The flames were wild and untamed. Strange grey light shone onto his face, making for a frightening sight.

“Hollow Bone Yin Flames!” Someone uttered. Suddenly, the original laughter and smiles in the room had disappeared, all replaced with solemn expressions.

“Fellow Daoist Li! It seems that girl’s cultivation has gone awry, and her mind became addled. I hope Fellow Daoist doesn’t take her drivel to heart. Servants, restrict Wen Siyue’s magic power and place her in seclusion for half a month.” Yun Tianxiao coldly ordered without the slightest emotion.

Just as those orders were spoken, two azure-robed, late Foundation Establishment cultivators walked in and headed straight towards Han Li.

With an ashen complexion, Wen Siyue looked into Han Li’s eyes with a pleading expression and a delicate, heart-wrenching gaze.

Han Li couldn’t help but frown, “Wait!”

Without waiting for Yun Tianxiao to speak, Lady Fan perturbedly said, “What? Does Fellow Daoist Li plan on taking in the woman?”

Without faltering, Han Li indifferently said, “Perhaps. However, I rather want to know the information on the demon beast. I hope Brother Yun and Madam won’t be impatient. How about you wait until after hearing my response?”

When Yun Tianxiao heard this, his expression fluctuated as he muttered to himself for a short moment. He then waved his hands and extinguished the flames.

As Yun Tianxiao emotionlessly stared at Han Li, he uttered, “Servants, step down. I will listen to what he has to say.”

He decided to give Han Li face as he was a fellow Core Formation cultivator. After all, there would soon be a great event where he would require the power of all the Core Formation cultivators present. Thus, he was unwilling to casually offend anybody.

“Fellow Daoist Wen took the initiative to willingly become my concubine, but I don’t care about that in the slightest. However, I am quite determined to win over her information on the demon beast. Wouldn’t it be better if I were to exchange these materials for this woman’s freedom? What do you think Brother Yun?” Han Li pushed out the pile of precious materials towards Yun Tianxiao and unblinkingly gazed at him with a mysterious smile.

“You will use these to exchange for her?” Yun Tianxiao spoke with an ice-cold tone, but his eyes revealed a trace of confusion. The pile before him contained precious materials from grade six and seven demon beasts. It was worth several tens of thousands of spirit stones at the very least, and he was more than willing to accept it in exchange for a Foundation Establishment cultivator. Even if the woman was an enchanting beauty, it was quite an astonishing affair. Could it be that the information of a grade eight demon beast was that important to him? Should he use this opportunity to settle the situation, or should he use force to further pressure him?

After some further thought, Yun Tianxiao quickly came to a conclusion and his expression relaxed. Just as he thought to say something, Lady Fan leaned her seductive body against him and whispered something into his ear. In an instant, Yun Tianxiao’s expression changed to reveal hesitation.

After a moment of silence, he righteously said, “Fellow Daoist Li, I cannot let you take this girl away, no matter how much you pay. Otherwise, it would set a precedent that will allow the sect’s female cultivators to be easily taken away by anyone who fancies them. This would greatly tarnish our reputation.”

These words startled the other cultivators and caused them to look at each other. It was reasonable to say that the pile of precious materials was worth far more than a Foundation Establishment woman, no matter how beautiful she may be. Hence, there was definitely something amiss with Yun Tianxiao’s rejection. With Han Li’s unwillingness to release the woman, the others watched the scene with a sneer. They felt the following exchange would prove to be quite entertaining.

“Exquisite Sound Sect?” Han Li pursed his lips and a strange expression flickered through his eyes.

“What? Fellow Daoist Li doesn’t know that this secret room was opened by the sect? I happen to be an elder of the Exquisite Sound Sect. I am assisting Sect Elder Fan in managing it,” Yun Tianxiao coldly said. His face was faintly covered in a layer of strange grey Qi, undoubtedly in a display of superior might.

Yun Tianxiao’s display was but a minor effort at intimidation.

‘Since he is only an early Core Formation cultivator and he is currently in my territory, he will have to submit after thinking about what there is to gain and lose. It is only a pity about those materials.’ Yun Tianxiao thought with slight regret. There wasn’t a trace of worry in his mind.

But at that moment, Han Li suddenly sneered and uttered, “Fine.”

Much like Yun Tianxiao, Han Li raised his hand, summoning a white light that abruptly flashed before him.

Yun Tianxiao was greatly startled and unconsciously circulated his cultivation art, enveloping his body in countless grey flames.

At that moment, the white light ruthlessly struck the flames. It underwent a series of blurs and suddenly revealed twelve inch-long swords that all bore into the flames.

“AH!” Yun Tianxiao was stricken with terror and hastily unleashed his magic treasure.

However, the flames weren’t able to block the twelve flying swords for even an instant. The flames faded away as a dozen bloody holes appeared on Yun Tianxiao’s body.

By the time Yun Tianxiao had released his small grey pitchfork, he had already fallen to the ground with a miserable scream.

When the other cultivators saw this, they became dumbstruck and their mouths were gaping open. They were unable to recollect themselves for quite some time.

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