Chapter 537: Information

Chapter 537: Information

Each of the other cultivators took out their items, and as expected, they were each noteworthy and proved valuable to Core Formation cultivators. It was no wonder that this secret market had such a special meeting.

Han Li indifferently glanced at the items being presented. Although the items didn’t interest him, they greatly provoked the interest of the other cultivators, heating up the atmosphere in the room. When Han Li’s turn came, he casually took out a few rare grade six and seven demon beast materials. Of course, this naturally aroused quite some surprise.

Soon, it became the last cultivator’s turn, a dark-skinned, middle-aged man. He was among the three mid Core Formation cultivators at the table. The others gazed at him with a trace of additional respect.

At that moment, the person unhurriedly took out two items from his storage pouch and casually placed them onto the table with an unchanged expression. There was a palm-sized, pitch-black copper plate, and a half-foot-long piece of grey bone. It appeared to have come from the spine of some animal.

The majority of cultivators present blankly stared at the items, unable to make out anything exceptional about them. They all waited for him to give an explanation.

But after he took out the items, he astonishingly said, “I will only sell these two items to those that recognize them. If you aren’t destined for them, do not seek them!” He then leaned back against his chair without a care and narrowed his eyes, paying no heed to the beautiful woman close to him, leaving her slightly embarrassed. When the others heard this, they silently looked at each other in dismay.

Only Han Li and Yun Tianxiao revealed a slight change in expression when they gazed at the items.

An odd expression flickered across Han Li’s face. Although he was somewhat far from the items, when he swept his immense spiritual sense past them, he was able to clearly tell what they were.

Although the bone didn’t belong to an ordinary demon beast, it simply didn’t catch his interest. However, he was somewhat interested in the copper plate, as there were a few bewildering, ancient characters inscribed onto it. The ancient characters were nearly the same as those contained inside the aged hide book of the nameless Qi concealment technique. Could it have something to do with it? Even now, Han Li was incapable of completely understanding the ancient book’s contents.

Just as Han Li inwardly mulled this over, Yun Tianxiao smiled and laughed.

After sweeping his gaze over the bones, Yun Tianxiao jokingly said, “Haha! I didn’t expect Brother Sun to be so magnanimous as to bring out the spirit bone of a grade eight demon beast. I am truly tempted.”

These words startled everyone present and caused an uproar. The item could be considered the most precious one being displayed. The spirit bone of an existence on the level of a grade eight demon beast was definitely a bizarre treasure seldom seen by Core Formation cultivators.

When Han Li heard this, his heart stirred. Could this person have any information on grade eight demon beasts?

The cultivator surnamed Sun chuckled upon hearing that Yun Tianxiao was able to to make out the origins of the bone. After deeply glancing at him, he spoke no further.

At that point, the trade meeting became a rather fervent event. Everyone wore an expression of unconcealed excitement. The female cultivator companions also gazed at the items on the table with passionate expressions.

When Han Li saw this, he unconsciously turned his head to Wen Siyue to find that she also wore a passionate expression. It seemed that these items held an undeniable allure regardless of one’s status.

At that moment, the fat old man started to list out the conditions by which he would trade his items.

“The Heavenly Spirit Beads can be exchanged for several stalks of medicine herbs aged five hundred years and higher. The demon core requires the tendon of a grade seven demon beast. Of course, I am also willing to trade them for enough spirit stones. And...” Seeing that everyone managed to bring out precious treasures, the arrogance of the fat old man had mostly dissolved. When he spoke of the tendon, he unconsciously glanced in Han Li’s direction as Han Li happened to have one on his side of the table.

Unfortunately, Han Li had no interest in a grade six demon beast core. He merely continued to sit with Wen Siyue in his loose embrace.

“I do want that grade six demon core, but I don’t have any spirit tendons. How many spirit stones do you want for it?” A white haired old man said with much interested.

“As Fellow Daoist knows, demon beasts are far more difficult to come by than they had been in the past. As such, its price will be higher. I will require fifteen thousand spirit stones for it.” The fat old man appeared unwilling to part with it and responded with an obviously high price.

When the white-haired old man heard this, he bitterly smiled and said little else. It was clear the high price had dissuaded him.

“I want that demon core!” A white-haired old woman expressionlessly said. Soon after she spoke, a storage pouch flew in the direction of the fat old man.

The fat old man received the storage pouch and wore a satisfied expression after inspecting it.

“Only Lady Qing can be so bold. Us poor cultivators cannot hope to compare.” The old man seemed to recognize the woman and tossed the demon beast core over to her with a chuckle.

The white-haired old woman coldly snorted and caught the demon beast core. After wordlessly examining it, she placed it into her storage pouch and said nothing further.

The other cultivators began to ask about the fat old man’s other items, resulting in most of them being traded for. He then put away the remaining items.

The following bidding for the red banded eccentric’s Darkcoil Worm egg created a huge contest.

Because his conditions were quite lax and he also accepted spirit stones, the demon beast egg was open to everyone. In the end, the beast egg was exchanged for several bottles of precious medicine pills by a red-clothed cultivator with an unremarkable appearance.

After another six people, it was finally Han Li’s turn.

Han Li looked at the pile of valuable materials in front of him and felt several burning gazes fall onto him. Among them was the fat old man who particularly desired the spirit tendon.

Han Li gently smiled. Without standing, he leaned back into his chair with Wen Siyue in his arm and calmly said, “I don’t want any items for these materials. I am only willing to exchange them for information. So long as your information is to my satisfaction, I will give all of these materials to you.”


Han Li’s words were cause for surprise. Although they were somewhat shocked, nobody stirred up a fuss. Rather, they all glanced at Han Li with curiosity, calmly waiting to hear what he would say next.

Yun Tianxiao’s eyes stirred and suspicion flickered across his face.

Han Li leisurely asked, “Might any of you Fellow Daoists know the location of a grade eight demon beast nest? I wish to use these materials to acquire such information.”

“Grade eight demon beast!” Each person took in a breath of alarm with an expression of great shock.

“Could it be that Fellow Daoist is joking? Do you intend on fighting a grade eight demon beast?” The fat old man wore an incredulous expression.

As Han Li tapped the table, he unhurriedly said, “Of course not. I am using the information for something else. But I’m not interested in saying what specifically.” At the same time, he swept his gaze past the other cultivators without a trace of politeness. They revealed amazement and shock, much to Han Li’s disappointment. Han Li’s gaze then fell onto the dark-skinned cultivator surnamed Sun.

When Cultivator Sun saw Han Li look at him, he was startled, but soon came to an understanding. He smiled and asked, “Could it be that Fellow Daoist believes that I have information on a grade eight demon beast? Unfortunately, Fellow Daoist Li is mistaken.” He then shook his head.

Han Li revealed unconcealed disappointment and deeply sighed.

But at that a moment, Han Li heard a sweet voice say, “I know the location of a grade eight demon beast, but I don’t want the materials. I have a different condition for Fellow Daoist Li.”

Han Li was greatly startled by who had spoken.

Han Li incredulously said, “You have information on a grade eight demon beast?”

The person who had spoken was the woman in his embrace, Wen Siyue.

Faintly leaning onto Han Li, Wen Siyue appeared extremely calm as she looked into Han Li’s face and said, “That’s right. I know the approximate location of a grade eight demon beast nest.”

Lady Fan wore a look of amazement, but she soon rebuked Wen Siyue with a cold expression, “Siyue, what nonsense are you spouting? How could you have information on a grade eight demon beast? Don’t speak without thinking!”

While Han Li was in doubt, he suddenly felt the woman draw closer to him. She firmly said, “Marital Aunt Fan! Siyue truly knows the whereabouts of a grade eight demon beast. I have no intention of deceiving Senior Li. Please, be at ease!”

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