Chapter 522: Rainbow Beads and New Gold Devouring Beetles

Chapter 522: Rainbow Beads and New Gold Devouring Beetles

One of the items Han Li found in the sea below where the previous battle occured was about ten meters long and sparkled with silver light. It appeared to be a portion of the huge tortoise’s tail. The other item was half of the ghost head staff. It still contained a significant amount of spiritual Qi.

It was quite difficult to make out who had won the battle based on these two items.

After the tribulation had concluded, it was even possible that the battle had moved to a different section of the sea.

After all, battles at the Nascent Soul and grade eight demon beast stage weren’t matters that could be easily concluded, regardless of whether it were a cultivator wanting to slay a demon beast for their core, or a demon beast wishing to devour a cultivator’s Nascent Soul. Either way, it would prove quite easy for the weaker party to escape.

Han Li looked at the two items in his hands with narrowed eyes. After some further thought, he tossed the two items back into the sea.

Although it wasn’t likely that someone would pursue these two items, Han Li was unwilling to invite any disaster to his doorstep.

After carefully examining his surroundings for a moment and making certain that there were no concealed cultivators or demon beasts in the vicinity, he flew into the sea mist without any further hesitation.

When Han Li saw that the restrictions outside his cave residence were untouched, he finally felt his worries dissipate as he hurriedly entered.

Before the the battle had erupted, Han Li had originally planned to abandon the island. But afterwards, he changed his mind.

Even if the demon tortoise survived the battle and its nest was in the nearby seas, it definitely would’ve received heavy wounds. On the other hand, after going through such a grave experience, it most likely would’ve left. Moreover, finding another hidden island wasn’t going to be an easy matter. And even if he did find another, who knew if there would be yet another high grade demon beast lurking nearby.

Hence, it was much safer to stay.

However, Han Li didn’t dare to let down his guard, and immediately prioritized putting down many more illusion formations on the small island. He also carved out two false cave residences on other parts of the island, and placed separate concealment restrictions on them. With this, if any powerful enemies were to attack, he would be given an opportunity to escape.

With all of that done, Han Li finally felt at ease.

However, Han Li was unaware that the battle that had occurred that day was actually the spark that would lead to a huge battle between cultivators and demon beasts a few days later. The enraged flood dragons of the Outer Star Seas had all joined together to form a man hunting party, sowing calamity amongst human cultivators.

Han Li, who had spent several days in peace in his cave residence, had already thrown the recent battle to the back of his head.

He was currently refining a few sets of enemy entrapment formation tools for his future demon beast hunts. As he was planning to hunt down grade six and seven demon beasts, he couldn’t afford to be careless.

During this time, the Gold Devouring Beetles finally finished laying their eggs.

As Han Li was joyously observing the beetle eggs, his face suddenly revealed amazement.

Although the eggs were shiny silver as expected, the eggs also had rather eye-catching specks of black on them as well.

“This is...” After looking at this, Han Li’s first thought was that the Gold Devouring Beetles had somehow ascended in grade. But Han Li soon rejected this idea.

Although the Gold Devouring Beetles were quite powerful, they were nowhere near as indestructible as the legends had described their matured form to be. There was no way they could have matured so quickly.

Hence, after some further thought, Han Li recalled the countless Ironfire Ants that they had devoured. Could it be that the Gold Devouring Beetles had consumed so many Ironfire Ants that they underwent an unexpected mutation?

Han Li’s curiosity was piqued.

However, from his previous experiences, it would take about a year for the eggs to hatch. As such, he forcefully suppressed his anticipation as he placed down a soul control formation around the eggs, placing a drop of blood into it so that they would recognize him as their master. Afterwards, Han Li took a look at the Gold Threaded Silkworms while he was at the insect rooms.

As of current, apart from the two Gold Threaded Silkworms that had taken the rainbow beads, the rest of Gold Threaded Silkworms had slowly deteriorated before inevitably perishing, even with the support of spirit medicines. Likewise, the two survivors showed no signs of improving despite having already survived for so long and being given so much medicine.

At that moment, Han Li had entirely given up on preserving them and had specially prepared some Rainbow Skirt Grass for the two Gold Threaded Silkworms. He wanted to see whether or not it had a similar effect like on his beetles and would cause them to lay eggs.

With these results, Han Li was certain that while the rainbow beads weren’t on par with the Heavenmend Pills, they only possessed positive effects and weren’t harmful to the user.

After half a month, Han Li had finished constructing his sets of formation spell setup tools and had fed the the Rainbow Skirt Grass to the Gold Threaded Silkworms. He was now planning to head into seclusion and consume the rainbow beads. Minusing the two beads he had given to the silkworms, Han Li still had six on hand.


Han Li sat cross-legged at the center of the room and stared at the box containing the beads with an appearance of great tranquility. Since he already came to a decision, he wasn’t going to cowardly back down now. He swiftly picked up a bead and placed it in his mouth. Soon, Han Li wore an expression of astonishment.

The originally solid bead turned incredibly soft upon entering his mouth. It was somewhat bitter but it was easily swallowed. After entering his stomach, he began to feel a strange warmth from his Dantian.

Han Li frowned and immersed his spiritual sense within himself. The rainbow bead was completely intact within his stomach and emitted a faint glow.

He muttered to himself for a moment after seeing this and soon clutched his hands in an incantation gesture. A thin thread of azure flame spouted out from his golden core and enveloped the bead before slowly refining it. In an instant, the warmth became scorching hot!

Han Li then closed his eyes and began to meditate.

Two months later, Han Li had completely refined the bead with his core fire, but he didn’t feel any immediate changes. After some hesitation, he began to refine the second one.

Nearly a year passed by in the blink of an eye. Han Li emerged from seclusion with all six rainbow beads having been cleanly consumed. He could now feel a slight change and was now absorbing spiritual Qi and producing spiritual power at a slightly faster rate. Although the effects weren’t very obvious, Han Li was wild with joy.

After all, the effects of the rainbow beads had yet to be fully displayed.

However, Han Li’s cheerful mood was soon dampened by a cold reality.

After the Gold Threaded Silkworms ate the Rainbow Skirt Grass, they had laid eggs as expected, over a hundred even. However, all of the eggs were dead. The Gold Threaded Silkworms had both died after laying the eggs as well.

Han Li stood outside the insect room, staring at the dead eggs in silence.

Although he had suffered quite a loss, he did manage to verify the medicinal effects of the Rainbow Skirt Grass at the very least.

Although he suspected that the mature Rainbow Skirt Grass would have a similar effect to induce reproduction in higher grade demon beasts, he hadn’t had the chance to test it until now. From the Gold Threaded Silkworm’s actions, it was proven almost certainly true.

The rarer and higher grade the demon beast, the more difficult it would be to reproduce! It was no wonder that high grade demon beasts so rapidly flocked to the Rainbow Skirt Grass when it was in bloom.

As the saying goes, disaster and fortune often came hand in hand. While Han Li was brooding over the Gold Threaded Silkworms, the Gold Devouring Beetle eggs hatched several days later.

The newly-hatched Gold Devouring Beetles gave Han Li a rather pleasant surprise.

They appeared no different than before, apart from the color of their shells. In addition to the golden spots on their silver shells, there were also traces of black. But more importantly, the spiritual Qi they emitted gave Han Li a rather distinct impression.

Han Li was now completely certain that the Gold Devouring Beetles had changed because the previous generation of Gold Devouring Beetles had consumed countless Ironfire Ants.

Of course, Han Li would have to do some testing to find out what differences they had developed.

As a result, Han Li placed all the beetles into a storage pouch and reentered his hidden room. About half a day later, he left the room with unconcealed excitement.

These new Gold Devouring Beetles were far more powerful than he had anticipated. He now felt even more assured in his future hunts for spirit beasts.

Although Han Li still wished to research the puppet fragments from the Heavenvoid Hall, he reckoned it wasn’t going to be a matter that only took a few years. As such, he could only put it off for later.

Han Li had already finished his preparations for his sea expedition for high grade demon beast cores. He already had his Rainbow Skirt Grass and sets of formation setup tools. As there could come a chance that they may prove to be useful, Han Li took along the Bloodjade Spider and the Weeping Soul Beast. While Han Li felt quite uneasy towards leaving behind the spiritual medicines, the Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng in particular, they weren’t something that he could bring along.

After all, he didn’t know precisely how long he would be out to sea. The Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng was still a plant and couldn’t be separated too long from the ground.

With that in mind, Han Li bluntly left behind a portion of the newly-hatched Gold Devouring Beetles at the cave residence.

He gave them the order to kill any cultivators or demon beasts that trespassed.

This way, any trespassers would be killed, so long as they weren’t Nascent Soul cultivators or grade eight demon beasts.

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