Chapter 521: Savage Flood Dragon

Chapter 521: Savage Flood Dragon

‘Savage Flood Dragon!’ Han Li inwardly shouted with an expression of rarely-seen fear.

This scarlet demon beast had a body that stretched out to four hundred meters and appeared similar to the the inky flood dragon that he had seen before. Furthermore, it was one of the more fearsome types of flood dragons amongst its kind. Judging by the congealed essence that was displayed by the light wandering across its scarlet scales, it appeared to be a genuine grade eight demon beast. The demon beast emitted a pressure that Han Li had only experienced from Nascent Soul cultivators.

Flood dragons were one of the few primordial demon beasts that remained in this world since the ages of antiquity. Not only did these demon beasts cultivate far faster than others, but their magic power would also greatly exceed that of other demon beasts of similar ranking. It wasn’t impossible for a flood dragon to even defeat an opponent that was of a superior grade.

If what the ancient records said was true, then the grade eight Savage Flood Dragon should be an equal match for average grade nine demon beasts.

This knowledge caused Han Li to turn pale from shock. He immediately wanted to run, but he still managed to retain enough reason to not make any rash movements.There were still two more streaks of light flying across the sky towards them. It seemed they came with hostile intentions since they were flying over without the slightest attempt at concealment.

As these developments occurred, Han Li placed the blood red cloak on his body as stealthily as possible. At the same time, he also summoned the Five Element Bands and the flower basket into his hands. With these at the ready, Han Li felt far more at ease.

By this point, the Savage Flood Dragon had already let out a long hiss. It turned its long head towards the huge turtle resisting the lightning with all its strength, watching it with a strange expression.

Soon, the flood dragon’s body emitted a frightening blue light, causing his body to suddenly shrink.

After only a short moment, the flood dragon’s body had assumed a form that was close in size and shape to a human.

Its head was still that of a fierce flood dragon, but its limbs appeared to be that of a human, apart from the scarlet scales that covered its body. It also had a thick scaly tail that continuously whipped around.

The flood dragon’s transformation left Han Li dumbstruck.

The flood dragon stood idly on top of the raging seas as if he were standing on land, not swaying in the slightest.

However, after he transformed, his eyes unconsciously swept towards Han Li’s direction, and its gaze became icy. Han Li suddenly felt his body break out into a chill as he tightly grabbed onto his ancient treasures with sweaty palms.

Fortunately, the golden light and red brilliance had just arrived during that time.

The Savage Flood Dragon immediately lost interest in Han Li as its cold gaze swept past the three people that had appeared before it.

The golden light was revealed to be an old Daoist with the appearance of a sage. He carried a saber on his back and a horsetail whisk in his hand and wore a brilliant gold Daoist’s robe containing the eight trigrams. He twirled his beard as he examined the human form of the flood dragon. While his face showed shock, his eyes surprisingly contained a trace of greed.

Not far away from the old Daoist stood two middle-aged men with identical appearances. Their skin appeared as ashen as corpse’s and they wore brilliant fire-red robes. The only difference between them that Han Li could distinguish was that one of them held a three-meter-long ghost head staff, while the other wore a massive red gourd on their back.

They first glanced at the huge turtle beneath them before turning their eyes to the Savage Flood Dragon and the old Daoist. They were both silent and expressionless.

The old man appeared to only possess an early Nascent Soul cultivation, and the two middle-aged men appeared to only be late Core Formation cultivators. But Han Li was baffled to see that the two red-robed middle-aged man were able to face the immense pressure from both the flood dragon and the old Nascent Soul Daoist without showing the slightest fear.

After the old man’s eyes wandered several times around the two, he suddenly smiled at them and said, “Hehe! I didn’t think that I’d encounter the Huo Brothers. This humble Daoist apologizes for not recognizing you sooner!”

The face of the red-robed man with the gourd on his back twitched. He then expressionlessly said, “We also didn’t expect to find Senior Jin Xia here. If Senior wishes to exterminate the two demon beasts beneath us, we would be glad to work together.”

When the old Daoist heard this, he felt gloomy.

The flood dragon was an existence that was equivalent to a grade nine demon beast. He wasn’t so arrogant to believe that he could handle it alone. Were it not for the confidence he held in his incisive magic treasures, he wouldn’t even consider fighting it.

After the old Daoist frowned, he dryly coughed several times before bluntly saying, “You Fellow Daoists must be joking. This humble Daoist wouldn’t be able to deal with the Savage Flood Dragon by himself. Likewise, neither could the two of you restrain it. But together, we might have a chance at success. Perhaps you Fellow Daoists would be interested in giving it a try? It’s been quite a while since a grade eight demon beast has been seen. If we were to join hands, we might be able to luckily succeed. In that case, I will only require the flood dragon’s soul. I have no need of its demon core.” Daoist Jin Xia stared at the two red-robed men as he spoke.

The old Daoist’s words seemed to run contrary to the two red-robed men’s expectations. But after they glanced at each other, clearly communicating through some unknown method, the middle-aged man holding the ghost head staff briefly nodded and replied, “Fine! We’ll agree to Senior’s conditions. Us Juniors don’t wish to relinquish this opportunity and will strive our hardest!”

When that was said, his companion had already taken the fire-red gourd into his hand.

When the old Daoist heard this, he rejoiced. He raised his arm and flung out an azure jade ring from his sleeve. It flew downwards, leaving a strange cry in its wake.

The Savage Flood Dragon stared coldly at the three as if it understood their words. A fierce expression flickered from his face as he opened his mouth, shooting a beam of scarlet light towards the old Daoist. Its silhouette then flickered and disappeared from sight.

In the following moment, the Savage Flood Dragon re-appeared behind the two red-robed men in a flash. With fingers wrapped in blue light, it fiercely swiped its claws down to be met with a clang.

The ghost head staff in one of their hands had automatically taken the shape of a three-meter-tall malevolent spirit, and blocked the strike, saving their lives.

When this occurred, the brothers surnamed Huo were greatly frightened. Their stiff, corpse-like faces were now overwhelmed with shock.

At that same moment, the large red gourd lightly shook. With a howl of wind, countless grains of red crystal rushed out of the gourd, enveloping an area of over three hundred meters turning it into a realm of blazing fire and trapping the Savage Flood Dragon within it.

As for the scarlet ray of light that the flood dragon had released, it was currently tangling with the old Daoist’s jade ring as if it were alive.

The old Daoist’s expression was quite solemn and he did his utmost to prevent the scarlet light from nearing his body. He knew that the scarlet light was not to be underestimated.

The Savage Flood Dragon was suppressing the two late Core Formation cultivators in a clear attempt to allow the demon tortoise to finish its tribulation.

Conversely, the old Daoist and the red-robed man feared the escape of the Savage Flood Dragon and rejoiced at every bit of magic power that the demon beast wasted. It would save them quite a bit of trouble later on. As for the huge tortoise, even if its tribulation was completed, its Origin Qi would be greatly damaged, and it wouldn’t pose much of a threat.

As such, the three cultivators continued their fight with the demon beast in the sky as the huge tortoise beneath them reached the key moment of its tribulation. The bolts of lightning falling from the sky began to form silver spheres of lightning. Each strike caused the huge tortoise to tremble and was met with wild roars.

Han Li rejoiced at the sight.

Naturally, he had no thoughts to take advantage of the situation. A battle at this level was beyond what he could handle. But either way, regardless of which side won, it would be more than enough to solve Han Li’s cave residence predicament.

As of now, an elusive opportunity for escape had finally showed itself. Han Li immediately made use of it, immersing the blood-red cape with his magic power and tearing through the sky as a streak of blood-red light.

Han Li’s sudden appearance and show of speed had caused both the cultivators and the flood dragon to become alarmed, but they soon ignored him.

This was because they were able to perceive that Han Li’s cultivation was quite shallow despite traveling at such a fast speed. An early Core Formation cultivator would prove insignificant to all of them.

As Han Li was fearful of the demon beasts and cultivators discovering his cave residence, he decided to fly in a direction away from the sea mist.

With the blood-red cloak’s astonishing speed, Han Li was able to travel several thousands of kilometers in moments. After seeing that there were no pursuers, he finally relaxed and flew without his cloak as he went on ahead.

After flying for the greater part of a day, Han Li casually sought an island to stay on for the time being.

Several days later, Han Li reckoned that the battle should’ve reached a conclusion, and he carefully flew back.

As expected, the sea nearby the mist was completely tranquil with no demon beasts, cultivators, or heavenly lightning in sight as if nothing had occurred.

Han Li floated above the nearby seas and muttered to himself for a moment before slowly releasing his spiritual sense into the nearby seas. His body then suddenly blurred with a flash of azure light as he dived into the sea. In the time it took to finish a meal, Han Li emerged, holding something in each of his hands.

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