Chapter 488: Battle for the Medicine Pill

Chapter 488: Battle for the Medicine Pill

“Humph! Reincarnation? You sure can dream! You’re not afraid that I’ll refine your Nascent Soul? I’ll be denying you of your next life.” Man Huzi icily said as he glared at Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul.

“If you truly have the ability, then so be it, I will suffer. But instead of wasting time further deliberating on the matter, wouldn’t it be better for Fellow Daoist Man to receive my Heavensifting Mines first?” After the infant spoke, it tossed out two balls from its hands. As soon as the purple balls left its hands, they immediately grew several times larger and launched themselves towards Man Huzi with an overbearing momentum.

Man Huzi’s eyes widened and his face contorted in anger. He fiercely struck his chest with both hands, causing a divine sound to ring out from his head along with a burst of golden light. A two-inch long infant with faintly golden skin and Man Huzi’s face appeared above his head. It was slightly larger and more solid than Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul. However, its eyes were closed and it held a small azure shield tightly in its hands. The round shield appeared exquisite and had a radiant soybean-sized stone embedded in its center.

Although Man Huzi’s Nascent Soul had its eyes closed, it was still aware of the approaching purple ball of light. It lifted the shield in its hands, emitting a light barrier that covered Man Huzi’s entire body just before the purple balls of light struck his body.

The others Nascent Soul cultivators were dumbstruck upon seeing both of their Nascent Souls manifest, as it signified they were now in a battle of life or death.

A world-shattering explosion shook the skies, and the light barrier surrounding the stone platform radiated a purple-red light. A forty-meter-wide cloud of lightning suddenly appeared, binding Man Huzi at its center. Purple lightning wildly stormed inside the clouds with thunderous bellows and blinding flashes of light intertwined. It was as if divine retribution had come, bringing forth an execution by celestial lightning.

The others were thoroughly shocked by the sight. They had long heard of the Heavensifting Mine’s ferocity, but this was the first time they had seen it. It was truly fearsome and deserving of its grand reputation.

However, their attacks only became more fierce after witnessing the might of the Heavensifting Mine.

Without looking at Man Huzi, Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul waved its small hand, summoning a small purple sword. With a flash of purple light, the Nascent Soul and the small sword disappeared. An instant later, it reappeared fifteen meters above the medicine pill.

“Nascent Soul Swordflight!” The other four Nascent Soul cultivators looked on in shock. It wasn’t a trick of their eyes produced by amazing speed, but actual teleportation. Without a fleshly body to tie down the Nascent Soul, it was capable of extraordinary abilities.

However, these sorts of wondrous techniques greatly harmed one’s own Origin Qi. Although all Nascent Soul cultivators knew these techniques, none were willing to lightly make use of them. But now, much to everyone’s astonishment, Wan Tianming had used one to great effect.

Zenith Yin and Qing Yi simultaneously abandoned their opponents and hastily shot towards the Heavenmend Pill. As for their opponents, Tian Wuzi and the old farmer, after glancing at each other, they merely cast a few magic techniques after them in a token show of effort, not making much of an attempt to block them.

As such, Zenith Yin and Qing Yi were able to easily break free and quickly descended.

Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul didn’t turn its head around, but it was still able to see what was happening behind it. An unsuitable sneer appeared on the infant’s face. At his current distance, the Heavenmend Pill was practically his. What could they do now to block him?

As expected, Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul flickered several times, appearing closer to the rainbow ball of light with each appearance. A large purple hand then appeared out of the air and grabbed the rainbow ball into its hand. The ball of light disappeared as soon as it had been grasped by the hand, leaving behind only the rainbow pill.

Wan Tianming went rapt with delight as Zenith Yin and Qing Yi soon appeared behind him. They couldn’t possibly allow Wan Tianming to succeed. Zenith Yin furiously growled, “Wan Tianming, let go of the pill.” A large cloud of profound devilish Qi then enveloped Wan Tianming’s Nascent soul, along with countless azure threads of light that tightly wove around it.

“Are you truly capable of restraining me?” The Nascent Soul scoffed, and with a flash of violet light, it disappeared from the black fog and azure light surrounding it. It reappeared forty meters away on the small purple sword with a mocking expression.

But as soon as the mocking smile appeared on his face, it was immediately replaced with fear. It suddenly turned its attention to the sky above in disbelief. What it saw caused the infant’s face to grow incredibly pale.

Above him in the sky, Wan Tianming’s fleshly body was in the grasp of a lofty figure surrounded in sparkling golden light. Who else could it be aside from Man Huzi?

But now, Man Huzi’s hair was completely curled and his clothes were in tatters, making for quite a wretched appearance. Still, the gold scales surrounding his body and his fiendish expression gave him a resemblance similar to that of a malevolent god.

“Impossible! How were you able to escape?” Wan Tianming hastily looked at the lightning storm in disbelief, but his fears were only solidified. The domineering storm of purple lightning had disappeared, leaving behind only a few traces of static.

“Hehe! Sect Master Wang, it can only be said that your luck was quite poor. In the past, I slaughtered a lightning whale demon beast. Although its body was heavily injured, the lightning absorption pearl inside its body had remained completely intact. Your Heavensifting Mine may be formidable, but with a majority of its strength absorbed by the pearl, it posed little threat to me.” Man Huzi raised his hand, revealing a gem that flickered with violet light. Then with a wave of his hand, it disappeared.

“Now, this great Lord is going to count to three. If you do not throw the Heavenmend Pill to me, I will destroy your physical body. You should know what happens afterwards!” Man Huzi didn’t give Wan Tianming any leeway or time to consider. With one hand carrying Wan Tianming’s body and the other grasping the skull, he started counting. His hands began to shine with brilliant golden light.

Wan Tianming bitterly clenched his teeth. He had clearly placed several restrictions down on his fleshly body before he manifested his Nascent Soul. But now, his body had fallen into the hands of an enemy that possessed a lightning absorption stone. He could hardly believe it.

He didn’t have the slightest time to think. If his body were to be destroyed, his Nascent Soul would surely turn to dust. He had yet to reach the stage where his Nascent Soul could roam alone. Although a Nascent Soul cultivator could manifest their Nascent Soul to perform a few extraordinary techniques, it was rarely done as it would leave their body vulnerable. With the Heavenmend Pill in sight and after having been tied down by Man Huzi for so long, Wan Tianming became overwhelmed with impatience and greed, causing him to make such a grave mistake.

With Man Huzi staunchly refusing to compromise, Wan Tianming felt immense remorse and started to quickly analyze his options. But as soon as Man Huzi said, “Two”, he clenched his teeth and tossed the Heavenmend Pill towards Man Huzi.

Wan Tianming helplessly threw the pill he had acquired from using his Nascent Soul Swordflight, concluding the dramatic development in an instant.

Excitement flashed from Man Huzi’s eyes. After he flew forward and caught the rainbow pill, he ruthlessly threw Wan Tianming’s body towards the other side of the light barrier with all his strength. If no one were to intercept it, it would surely be crushed to pulp.

When Wan Tianming saw this, he was overwhelmed with fright and shot towards his body without a thought. Fortunately, despite being far away, he was able to intercept it by using the teleportations of his Nascent Soul Swordflight. Man Huzi then took advantage of the situation and flew towards the exit in a streak of light.

It wasn’t that Man Huzi didn’t want to kill Wan Tianming, but rather, Wan Tianming was the Sect Master of the Thousand Gates of Enlightenment. Had he truly killed him, he would become a target of the Righteous Dao. There was also the matter of the Thousand Gates of Enlightment’s Mad Matron, the number one figure of the Righteous Dao. He wasn’t yet her match and was unwilling to be relentlessly hunted down by her. As the main enemy of both the Devil and the Righteous Dao was still the Star Palace, he naturally only aimed for the medicine pill.

Seeing that Man Huzi had unexpectedly acquired the Heavenmend Pill and was about to escape, Tian Wuxi and the old farmer immediately chased after him.

Zenith Yin and Qing Yi had been momentarily stunned by the scene. After glancing at each other, they gave chase, unwilling to accept defeat.

But before Zenith Yin gaze chase, he turned into a black cloud and arrived above Han Li and Wu Chou. He coldly said, “Wu Chou! Stay here with Han Li and don’t wander. I will return in a moment. I will lend these two demon corpses to you for now.” After that was said, two Heavenwide Corpses appeared at Wu Chou’s side, and Zenith Yin blurred through the air with a flicker.

As such, the Nascent Soul cultivators were all chasing Man Huzi. Each of them blew a hole through the light barrier at the stairs in wild pursuit of Man Huzi. As for Wan Tianming who had just regained control of his body, he grit his teeth and followed suit.