Chapter 487: Appearance of a Nascent Soul

Chapter 487: Appearance of a Nascent Soul

Chaos erupted in the sky in response to the appearance of the Heavenmend Pill.

Having been on the cusp of making peace with one another just a mere moment ago, everyone immediately turned into streaks of light and shot straight towards the newly emerged ball of rainbow light. But halfway there, their lights became interweaved, rendering them all incapable of advancing even a step forward. For a time, radiance flashed and Devilish Qi scattered in a far more intense display than before.

As for the rainbow ball of light, it was motionlessly floating above the hole as if it waiting for someone to grab it.

Everyone had now clearly seen the inch-thick medicine pill revolving inside the rainbow ball of light. Each time the pill turned, the ball of light flickered and contracted, appearing as if it were alive. Upon seeing this, the Nascent Soul cultivators only became even more fervent.

Wu Chou and the Bone Sage were both mesmerized as they watched the battle that had erupted in the sky.

Wu Chou suddenly heard Zenith Yin’s ice-cold voice in his ear, “Are you an idiot? What are you looking at! Quickly, acquire the Heavenmend Pill!” After hearing this, Wu Chou shuddered in realization and shot towards the rainbow ball of light as a cloud of black Qi.

At that moment, the Bone Sage also took action. However, the Heavenmend Pill wasn’t his target. Instead, his hands blurred, transforming into devilish green pythons as they shot straight for Wu Chou’s back.

Although the green pythons’ attack was silent, Wu Chou had been vigilant and faintly perceived their approach. In an instant, he hastily turned around to receive the attack in furious alarm.

“You’re courting death to actually be attacking me!” Wu Chou was unable to suppress his rage, causing his Profound Yin Qi to scream out around him and rush towards the Bone Sage.

The Bone Sage coldly chuckled and responded by wordlessly sending a cloud of green Ghost Qi at him in response.

“Man Huzi! What is your junior doing!?” Zenith Yin naturally saw what was happening and furiously yelled at Man Huzi.

Man Huzi launched a golden first towards Wan Tianming before roaring with laughter, “What is he doing? Obviously, he is blocking Fellow Daoist Wu from monopolizing the Heavenmend Pill. Did you really think because we’re fellow Devil Dao cultivators that this Lord would just give the Heavenmend Pill to you?”

“You...” When Zenith Yin heard this, his face turned white from anger. Man Huzi’s words had effectively dissolved the alliance between the Devil Dao cultivators, leaving the acquisition of the Heavenmend Pill up to skill. But, such a development had been inevitable from the very beginning of their alliance.

The Heavenvoid Cauldron hadn’t been acquired and only one Heavenmend Pill had appeared. Naturally, everyone wished to acquire it. Let alone the Devil Dao cultivators, even the Righteous Dao cultivators had their own sinister plots in mind.

Zenith Yin clearly understood that the midst of battle was not the time to be squabbling. He settled his mind and thought about using his Heavenwide Corpses to acquire the Heavenmend Pill, but the dark-skinned old farmer’s techniques were threatening and couldn’t be ignored. So long as he released even a single demon corpse, the old farmer would release a green thread as if it had been foreseen and immediately restrained it. They simply wouldn’t be able to escape. The situation caused him to clench his teeth with hate towards both the farmer and Man Huzi.

However, it wasn’t Zenith Yin who solely thought this way. Each one of the Nascent Soul cultivators had similar circumstances and were looking for any way they could escape from the battle and seize the treasure.

Unfortunately, all of the old eccentrics present were exceptionally cunning and deceitful; none of them could easily break away from the fray. After all, it was far simpler to tie someone down than to fully escape the battle.

As the Nascent Soul melee was unraveling in the sky, no one was paying any heed to Han Li.

Han Li had been greatly surprised when he survived the Star Palace elder’s strike. After all, he had been struck head on by a Nascent Soul magic treasure, but when he looked down at his chest, he discovered he had been saved by the Emperor Scale Plate that Man Huzi had lent him.

The remnants of his outer clothes had already been burnt black, only to reveal the sparkling silver scales that lay underneath. However, there was a slight dent at the very center of the armor.

Han Li rejoiced after seeing this. Fortunately, he had decided to wear the armor as soon as he examined that nothing was wrong with it, as he expected the Heavenvoid Hall to be extremely dangerous. As a result, his life had been saved.

However, Han Li clearly understood that the most significant reason he survived was the red and yellow jade scepter.

Just as he had brought the jade scepter up to block the attack, he faintly saw a silver wolf head emerge from the scepter and absorb a majority of the blow’s force. Otherwise, despite its amazing defensive power, the Emperor Scale Plate wouldn’t have remained intact. In that case, he would have suffered a heavy injury, even if the attack didn’t penetrate the armor.

Han Li wished to further examine the true capabilities of the scepter, but now was not a good opportunity. It was only after he put away the scepter that he felt the ferocious pain coming from his palm and web between his thumb and forefinger.

Han Li clenched his teeth and his hands flashed with white light, healing his wounds at a speed visible to the eye. At the same time, he vigilantly swept his gaze over the scene and saw the tragic state of his Bloodjade Spider’s corpse on the altar.

A trace of sadness flickered from Han Li’s eyes before it was replaced with wide eyes filled with determination. He crawled to the edge of the light barrier that was holding him up and silently flew to the steps.

According to his exceptional memory, so long as those mechanical puppets didn’t reappear, he should be able to return to the previous floor without much danger. This would be far better than staying in place and leaving himself at the mercy of those old Nascent Soul Devils.

After all, Han Li had lost all value to them once his Bloodjade Spider had perished. Without any more protective talismans on him, he couldn’t possibly entrust his life to the goodwill of those Devil Dao cultivators.Han Li’s best course of action would be for him to take his life into his own hands!

Moreover, the attempt to acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron had failed. Even if those old Devils still managed to seize the Heavenmend Pill, wouldn’t they still have a bellyful of anger? It was certain that he would be the target for them to relieve their frustrations.

With that thought, Han Li’s movements became even more stealthy. Just as he had silently flown for about forty meters and was about to prepare for his reckless charge, he suddenly heard a voice say, “Han Li, where are you going?”

Although the Bone Sage’s voice was calm and soft, it was enough for Zenith Yin and the others to hear clearly.

In an instant, Zenith Yin and Man Huzi shot an ice-cold glance at Han Li, causing him to stop in place.

‘Damned Bone Sage!’ Having caught the attention of the Devil Dao cultivators, Han Li didn’t have the slightest confidence in escaping them. In the short amount of time he would be slowed down by the light barrier, Zenith Yin alone would be able kill him several times over.

The Bone Sage sneered. He had been using his spiritual sense to monitor Han Li this entire time. Although he had managed to cleanly deal with Wu Chou, he didn’t display the slightest intention of acquiring the Heavenvoid Pill, rendering his intentions unclear..

After returning, Han Li shot him a hateful glance, and a trace of suspicion arose in his mind.

“Man Huzi, if you do not step aside, then don’t blame this Sect Master for using his Heavensifting Mines!” Wan Tianming saw that the rainbow ball wasn't far beneath him, but in a mere instant, he had been beaten back by Man Huzi’s golden fists. Having already suffered this several times, Wan Tianming had finally flown into a rage.

Man Huzi was somewhat startled by this, but he soon sneered and casually said, “The Heavensifting Mine! Zenith Yin and Qing Yi might be afraid of it, but this mighty Lord wishes to see its power. I’m afraid I must request for Fellow Daoist Wan to broaden my perspective!” It was clear that he didn’t believe Wan Tianming was actually going to use the treasure.

With a pale, ashen face, Wan Tianming clenched his teeth in anger, saying, “Good, good! Man Huzi, you’ve forced this sect master to allow you to witness the true ferocity of the Heavensifting Mine!”

After that was said, he slapped the top of his head without further hesitation. A resounding cry sounded out, followed by a purple light that shot from the top of his head. It stopped about a meter above his head and revealed itself to be a two-inch tall naked infant. Purple light wound around its body, and its skin appeared soft and delicate. But what was more shocking was that its face was entirely the same as Wan Tianming and that it held a sparkling purple ball in its hand.

Man Huzi’s careless expression underwent a massive change. With a spirited gaze, he imposingly said, “Nascent Soul Manifestation! Wan Tianming, do you truly wish for your soul to be exterminated?”

“My lifespan has already nearly reached its end. What difference does it make whether or not I die a bit sooner if I cannot acquire the Heavenment Pill? At worst, I’ll have Fellow Daoist Man assist in sending me off onto the path of a warrior’s reincarnation.” After those vague words were said, his Nascent Soul became exasperated as if it had been strenuous for him to speak.

At the same time that Wan Tianming’s Nascent Soul appeared, his physical body had closed its eyes and become completely motionless as if it had become unconscious.