Chapter 484: Battling Over Treasure

Chapter 484: Battling Over Treasure

Wu Chou hadn’t anticipated that the taciturn Bone Sage would silently compete with him for the treasure. With a savage expression, he furiously shouted, “You dare to fight this young island lord over treasure?”

The Bone Sage sneered and spoke with unconcealed derision, “Funny. Was this treasure created by your clan? Why can’t I contend for it?”

Wu Chou flew into a fit of rage out of embarrassment, but something soon came to mind and he foully grimaced. Instead of further refuting, he clasped his hand into an incarnation gesture, forcefully causing the black pythons to exert more strength.

It seemed Wu Chou understood that since the Bone Sage was being supported by Man Huzi, who Zenith Yin held in fear, he couldn’t use his grandfather’s status to subdue him.

Wu Chou’s actions caused the Bone Sage to sneer. Without speaking further, he pointed at the green web, causing its light to brightly flourish as its threads grew thicker and tightened.

Wu Chou’s and the Bone Sage’s techniques had both restrained the wolf, but despite its light barrier having decreased several times in size, it grew increasingly firm and bright. The unscathed flame wolf gazed at the two of them as they remained at a standstill.

The Nascent Soul cultivators that were still fighting in the sky were all caught by surprise. None of them had expected that the treasure would run towards the Core Formation cultivators. The Righteous Dao cultivators grew increasingly anxious and wished to break off from the battle to seize the treasure. However, the eccentrics of the Devil Dao were largely unbothered.

Regardless of how you looked at it, their side was going to acquire the treasure. With this in mind, they were happy to tie down the Righteous Dao cultivators and allow their juniors to safely secure the treasure. Besides, Man Huzi and Zenith Yin both felt that they had a high chance of acquiring the treasure for themselves.

Wu Chou had been given many treasures by Zenith Yin, and he also used the Profound Yin Devilish Art, one of the best cultivations arts in the Scattered Star Seas. As such, Zenith Yin felt confident that Wu Chou would be able to wrest away the treasure from the Bone Sage who only appeared to be an early Core Formation cultivator. Man Huzi, knowing the Bone Sage’s true identity, held far more confidence in acquiring it than Zenith Yin did. Qing Yi could only look at the circumstances with a trace of sadness. After hesitating for only a moment, he decided to tangle with Tian Wuzi and keep him occupied.

At that moment, the sole person near the altar was Han Li, and he didn’t feel calm or confident in the slightest. In fact, he felt cold sweat running down his his back. He had instinctively taken out the ancient flower basket a moment ago due to the fact it was the most suitable for seizing treasures.

But when he saw the Bone Sage move to take the treasure, he instantly recalled something significant. His ancient flower basket treasure was something he had acquired from the ugly man that was watching over the Bone Sage’s prison. If he were to take it out then wouldn’t he be informing Zenith Yin that he had released the Bone Sage?

This was what had caused Han Li to break out in a cold sweat. Joining the competition to seize the treasure was now the last thing on his mind! Rather, his mind was chaotically filled with all sorts of distracting thoughts, while he did doing his utmost to come up with an appropriate solution to deal with Zenith Yin.

But in the next moment, Han Li felt amazed. He had clearly felt Zenith Yin’s gaze sweep past the flower basket and not react in the slightest.

Han Li suddenly came to a delighted realization. The ancient flower basket wasn't something that Zenith Yin had given to the ugly man. Furthermore, it wasn’t something that he even knew the ugly man had possessed. Having come to this conclusion, Han Li felt greatly relieved.

Han Li had guessed correctly! That ugly man had stood guard at the Bone Sage’s island for a very long time, and had heard of the ancient flower basket during that time and had left to retrieve it. Although he managed to smoothly acquire the treasure, Han Li’s party had already surrounded the Bone Sage’s formation and were just about to destroy it. This frightened the ugly man into a furious rage, but he ultimately ended up dying to Han Li’s Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, allowing Han Li to acquire the flower basket as spoils.

Having recovered his calm, Han Li glanced at Wu Chou and the Bone Sage struggling over the fire wolf. He thought to himself, ‘You’re quite in luck, old devil. Had Zenith Yin discovered this matter, I would have dragged you down with me. Don’t think that I’ll leave you unscathed!’

Another round of heavy, thunderous clangs rang out from the hole.

Having gone through this before, the Nascent Soul cultivators slowed their hands and glanced at one another. No one knew who moved first as they all blurred and appeared in the direction of the altar’s hole.

At that moment, the Heavenvoid Cauldron was close to the surface. The Nascent Soul cultivators were all forced to block the fantastical cold it had released, each making full use of their respective techniques and defensive treasures. While these actions produced flashes of wondrous light, both sides remained cautious as they vigilantly watched one another.

At that moment, Zenith Yin was extremely vexed.

His original plan had been to fend off the Righteous Dao and seize all of the treasures in one go. Then they would split the treasures in agreement. But who could’ve thought that as the Heavenvoid Cauldron neared the surface the ancient treasures would fly out on their own. In this manner, the acquisition of treasure was entirely a matter of skill.

After all, regardless of who seizes the treasure, it was impossible to ask them to hand it over to others as they had been acquired through battle. This would render their original agreement on how to split the treasures null and void.

Zenith Yin’s eyes furiously looked around, wishing to see if there was a way he could acquire more treasures. But just as these thoughts appeared in his mind, a deafening screech was heard followed by two sounds of rustling wind. A streak of red and a streak of white radiance shot out of the blue flame at the center.

The six Nascent Soul cultivators were all quite close to the hole, and they all acted nearly simultaneously, using their secret techniques to fight for control.

Wan Tianming was contending for the yellow light against Zenith Yin and Qing Yi. As a result, Wan Tianming ordered a purple flame dragon to chase after the yellow light. Simultaneously, he opened his mouth with a strange expression appearing on his face, directly shooting out two sparkling purple pearls towards Zenith Yin and Qing Yi.

“True Heavensifting Mines!” When Zenith Yin saw the unremarkable pearls, he shouted as if they were vipers.

The two didn’t dare to use magic treasures to block them. They quickly dodged out of the way, but by then, the purple flame dragon had swallowed the yellow light and was returning to Wan Tianming.

Wan Tianming excitedly clasped the yellow light and twisted his hands, revealing the ancient treasure’s original appearance, a four pointed ornament. From the flickering talisman characters that flickered on its surface and its spiritual Qi fluctuations, one could tell the treasure was outstanding.

As for the two purple beads, they shot about ten meters away before they softly burst and disappeared without a trace.

When Zenith Yin and Qing Yi saw this, their complexions turned ashen as they watched Wan Tianming fiddling with the jade ornament.

“What a truly great sect master of the Righteous Dao! To think he would use false mines to deceive us!” Zenith Yin uttered each word through gritted teeth.

Qing Yi’s face appeared just as gastly as he chillingly stared at Wan Tianming.

Wan Tianming sneered and returned their insults, “Who would’ve thought that these long famed cultivators, who even weren’t able to see whether or not my True Heavensifting Mines were actually real, would be able to so shamelessly say those things in front of this Sect Master? Could it be that you didn’t know that I would only use the True Heavensifting Mines during a matter of life or death? They’re hardly appropriate to use in a fight over treasures. As I must produce them by harming my own cultivation, why would I be so wasteful? But of course, if you two Fellow Daoists wish to witness their true might, I am willing to make the exception.” Wan Tianming softly clasped his hands. With a flash of purple light, the jade ornament could no longer be seen, instead replaced by a purple pearl that looked exactly the same as the ones from before.

Zenith Yin and Qing Yi’s expressions changed before they glanced at each other with gloomy expressions as if they were both uncertain of his intentions.

At that moment, Man Huzi shrugged off a blow from the dark old farmer and Tian Wuzi with the overbearing defense of his Heavenbearing Devil Arts and managed to forcefully capture the white light. It was revealed to be a sparkling ancient coin.

When Zenith Yin saw this, his face became even more unsightly.

“Yi!” At that moment, Qing Yi shouted out as if he were amazed. Zenith Yin couldn’t help but turn his gaze over, revealing a similar expression of astonishment.

At that very moment, Han Li was below the altar carefully examining a red-yellow Ruyi scepter in hand. It was finely carved with two lifelike carvings of wolf heads on each end.

It seemed that this was the ancient treasure that had transformed into the two headed flame wolf. Not far from him, Wu Chou and the Bone Sage were impotently gazing at Han Li with resentful expressions. A trace of confusion flickered from Zenith Yin’s eyes and he grew silent. He indeed felt quite shocked!

The treasure hadn’t fallen into the hands of Zenith Yin or Wu Chou, but rather to Han Li, who hadn’t displayed the slightest intent to act from the very start.