Chapter 483: Transformed Treasure

Chapter 483: Transformed Treasure

Still unsure of the Bone Sage’s intentions, Han Li’s gaze moved towards his nearby Bloodjade Spider.

The red light in the spider’s body began to shine even more brilliantly and, trembling ever so slightly, it pulled its thread back.

In that moment, the milky white spider web sparkled with a faint, yet chilling blue light . The light traveled up the web until it collided with the Bloodjade Spider’s own red light and immediately dissipated into specks of white light. It couldn’t make even the slightest contact with the Bloodjade Spider’s body.

Han Li frowned. There was no doubt this strange light had something to do with the Celestial Ice Flame. Nor was it any no wonder why those eccentrics wouldn’t dare assist the spirit beast in acquiring the treasure. They were fearful of this blue light.

But just as Han Li finished this thought, he heard the sound of Man Huzi laughing as an explosion went off in the sky. The spectacle brought Han Li’s attention back to the battle at hand.

He watched as Man Huzi’s body grew thirteen meters in size. The clothes on the upper half of his body disappeared to reveal the densely packed golden scales that lined his body. They radiated brightly to the point where they can’t be directly seen. But what was even more strange were the several silver rings of light rotating around his huge body.

The silver rings seemed illusionary and fluttered erratically, but they were very much capable of preventing Wan Tianming’s purple flame dragons from approaching Man Huzi, always blocking their every advance. Although Man Huzi proclaimed that his Heavenbearing Devil Arts was ranked first in the Scattered Star Seas, even he was unwilling to foolishly take on Wan Tianming’s true flames with this technique alone.

In addition to the change from Heavenbearing Devil’s transformation, Man Huzi was also now wearing a malicious looking pair of dull, pitch-black gloves that was covered in inch-long needles.

Man Huzi brandished his hands and starting punching the air, sending out huge golden fists with every strike—all aimed at the huge purple draconic sword that Wan Tianming had summoned summoned earlier . Every strike knocked the huge sword back several.

A malicious expression appeared on Wan Tianming’s face as he floated in midair nearby. He ordered two of his purple flame dragons to fly through the skies and look for a weak point in the silver rings. He hoped to corner Man Huzi in a single move.

As for Layman Qing Yi and Tian Wuzi, they were the sort to treasure their lives above all else. They kept a large gap between themselves as they fought. Qing Yi was continuously issuing orders to his Azure Thorn Bird as he attacked with magic treasures, while Tian Wuzi relied on the Phantom Tortoise and his short, sparkling club to form an impenetrable defense. The two were calmly battling as if they were they were exchanging pointers.

The most lively battle was between Zenith Yin and the dark, skinny old farmer. Their battle took place over a large area where both ghostly wails and phoenix cries interweaved amongst each other. Green silhouettes flickered within a huge vortex of black Qi. The only images that could be seen from the outside was the occasional flicker of a Heavenwide Corpse or the wild whips of huge green vines skirting the edge of the black mist.

As for the heavily valued Three Eyed Panther variant, it was currently tangling with the white Glacial Flood Dragon.

The dragon was clearly at a disadvantage; the panther’s aberrant technique putting heavy pressure upon him. The white, icy mist that it spouted immediately turned into chunks of stone upon contact with the yellow light, leaving the panther completely untouched. However, it was still able to tie down the leopard, preventing it from attacking the three Devil Dao cultivators. But under the current circumstances, the dragon wouldn’t be able to last for much longer.

As Han Li observed the battle, a strange thought popped into his mind.

While their battle was quite lively with magic treasures constantly fluttering about and secret techniques being unleashed without restraint, he still felt the absence of the desperate struggle that comes with a battle of life and death. It was as though they were not fighting for their lives, but merely sparring instead. Could it be that all battles between Nascent Soul cultivators were all like this?

After finishing his thought, he took another look at the Bone Sage.

The Bone Sage’s blank face now had a trace of a sneer. But after sensing Han Li’s gaze, his face became blank once more and returned to its normal, unreadable state.

Han Li’s heart trembled and felt as though he were on the verge of realizing something. But before he could further pursue the thought, a huge explosion erupted from the altar’s hole, followed by deafening clangs.

Greatly startled, Han Li turned to face the hole, readying his guard.

He watched as a pulsating blue light emerged from the hole, before violently exploding into a red flame as the cry of a dragon echoed from within. The fiery light quickly wrapped itself around the altar before stopping in midair and merging into the form of a huge two-headed wolf. Its entire body was made of blazing flame. The beast took one look at the scene before it immediately fled.

Upon seeing this, both sides stopped fighting, dumbfounded. The closest to it, Layman Qing Yi, immediately slapped the top of his head. An azure hand of light shot out from his head, sweeping towards the flame wolf.

When Wan Tianming saw this, he anxiously shouted, “Don’t you dare! That treasure is mine!” He spun his body, separating himself into two identical selves which both flared with purple light as they chased after the huge hand.

Having finally collected themselves, the others hastily used their abilities and launched themselves after the wolf, producing a streaks of multi-colored lights all focused on a single point.

The others were obviously a step behind Qing Yi and Wan Tianming. Qing Yi’s large azure hand was not only fast, but it also had a head start. It had arrived at the flame wolf first and was just about to grab it.

Everyone was certain that Qing Yi would capture it successfully, except for the wolf that was. It rocked its heads back and forth, causing a red and yellow barrier of light to appear and wrap around its body. When the hand collided with the barrier, it was repelled with a muffled bang.

At first Qing Yi was shocked, but soon a smile had emerged on his face. Just as the azure hand flourished with light and tightened its grip, Wan Tianming’s purple light appeared right behind. In that instant, he had quickly changed his target. The streaks of light merged into a purple fire dragon and fiercely attacked the large hand.

When Layman Qing Yi saw this, he inwardly rained curses upon Wan Tianming’s treachery! The hand was a profound transformation of his spiritual sense. Though it was an easy ability to use, its power certainly wasn’t weak. Even so, he didn’t dare take a direct hit from a flame dragon created by the Heavensifting True Arts.

Even if he were able to acquire the treasure, his spiritual sense would suffer heavy damage. He couldn’t afford to make such a costly trade! With no better option, the azure hand suddenly stopped grabbing at the flame wolf and turned to block Wan Tianming’s purple flame dragon, resulting a burst of azure light and purple flames.

In that instant, the others had overtaken them. They surrounded the flame wolf and instead of attacking it, they all began to attack each other.

These attacks were far more vicious and ruthless than before. Secret techniques were quickly cast in succession, tangling everyone down and rendering them incapable of paying the flame wolf any heed.

The flame wolf, appearing to be quite intelligent, seemed to have realized the fearsomeness of the Nascent Soul eccentries. It quickly darted out from underneath them and charged in the direction of the three Core Formation cultivators.

Initially, Han Li was dumbstruck by this, but soon he recollected himself.

The two headed flame wolf was certain to be a transformed treasure of the Heavenvoid Cauldron. While he didn’t know how it was able to break out before the Heavenvoid Cauldron was entirely seized, it was undoubtedly a rare item from its mobile transformation and independant acts of resistance.

Upon seeing the treasure wolf charge towards them, Han Li reacted near instantaneously, patting his storage pouch. A white streak of Qi suddenly flew out and appeared in his grasp, revealing an ancient flower basket.

But before Han Li could act, two huge pythons made of black Qi rushed to constrict the flame wolf. They managed to wrap themselves around its body several times, restraining it.

Han Li inwardly cursed and glanced at the side to see Wu Chou forming an incantation seal with a proud expression. It seems the huge black pythons were created with the Profound Yin Arts.

Han Li exposed slight vexation on his face. He couldn’t help but hesitantly consider whether or not he should attack him for the treasure. After all, the treasure hadn’t yet been truly acquired. However, this would undoubtedly enrage Grandmaster Zenith Yin, guaranteeing that Han Li would be disposed off after the Heavenvoid Cauldron was acquired. It simply wasn’t worth the consequences.

These thoughts quickly rushed through his mind, but, before he could even finished his contemplations, the Bone Sage ruthlessly launched an attack at the flame wolf.

A cold glint flickered through the Bone Sage’s eyes. He silently opened his mouth and spat out a ray of green light. In an instant, the green light brightly flourished, transforming into a huge emerald-green net that ensnared both the black python and the flame wolf.