Chapter 479: The Sky Blue Flower

Chapter 479: The Sky Blue Flower

Before Zenith Yin could release his demon corpses or Qing Yi release his spirit beast, an astonishing change had occurred.

One of the huge green silkworms in the orbs of light suddenly trembled. The golden light surrounding it quickly dimmed. At nearly the same time, its gold thread was severed with a snap.

“Not good!” The Righteous Dao cultivators to the side shouted out in alarm. But before they could take action, the other Gold Threaded Silkworms followed suit. Their golden light greatly dimmed, and two of the gold threads snapped.

Wan Tianming’s heart dropped into an abyss. He stood still in a daze.

But it still wasn’t the end! Three silkworms remained and the collapse of half of their companions caused their burden to quickly increase. They cried out as they were dragged towards the hole with immense force. Soon after, the huge clang of something heavy being dropped could be heard. Immediately after, the stone platform trembled for a while after. The blue light coming from the hole immediately dimmed and the air became significantly warmer.

The faces of the Righteous Dao cultivators became extremely unsightly.

As for the old devils that were about to act, their eyes were uncharacteristically wide open with their faces wearing expressions of extreme marvel.

“Hahahaha.....” Man Huzi guffawed with delight. Even his yellow beard was wildly shaking.

At that moment, Zenith Yin and Qing Yi responded, both basking in schadenfreude, laughing at the Righteous Dao cultivators without restraint.

At that moment, Wan Tianming’s face became ashen.

In order to acquire the treasure, he had spent much effort concocting this plan and at great cost. And what did he gain? The ridicule of his Devil Dao rivals. This set Wan Tianming’s heart aflame. He could no longer restrain himself and suddenly turned to the Devil Dao cultivators with a chilling expression.

Zenith Yin’s and Qing Yi’s laughter halted for a moment.

Wan Tianming was a mid Nascent Soul cultivator. Even if they were already on opposing sides, the two were unwilling to rashly breed a deep hatred between them. As for Man Huzi, despite no longer laughing, he returned the glare with no trace of politeness.

“What? Sect Master Wan wishes to battle with me? I do wish to experience the True Heavensifting Art’s Three Confucian Marvels.”

After coldly glaring at Man Huzi for a moment, Wan Tianming eventually regained his rationality.

“Go!” With a wave of his sleeve, he led the departure from the stone platform, ignoring the remaining Gold Threaded Silkworms and recalling the White Flood Dragon from its confrontation against the Devil Dao.

With an equivalently unsightly expression, Tian Wuzi recalled the huge tortoise and followed Wan Tianming. As for the old farmer, despite his cold gaze, he followed after them with a far calmer expression.

Just as the Righteous and Devil Dao brushed past each other, they glanced at each other with extreme vigilance.

Despite being extremely domineering, Man Huzi fortunately didn’t provoke them. He merely sneered at Wan Tianming and the others as they disappeared from the light barrier.

Qing Yi looked behind them and said, “I’ll have my Azure Thorn Bird hide at the entrance. If the Righteous Dao fellows come back, we will know.”

Zenith Yin shifted his gaze and sinisterly smiled, “Then I will also dispatch two Heavenwide Corpses to lie in ambush at the entrance. If they attempt to mount a sneak attack, they will be deterred.”

After Qing Yi heard this, his gaze grew blank, and he soon became silent. A moment later, his sleeve trembled and a fist-sized streak of light shot towards the sky.

As for Zenith Yin, he tossed something on the floor. Two puffs of black smoke spread out along with a fishy scent where two tall demon corpses emerged.

“Go!” Zenith Yin solemnly pointed towards the entrance. In an instant, the demon corpses blurred and disappeared from sight.

The scene caused Han Li’s heart to tremble as he recalled the demon corpse’s strange appearance when it had first appeared before him. He couldn’t help but feel fearful towards the demon corpses.

Afterwards, Han Li’s attention shifted towards the Gold Threaded Silkworms that were lying down the altar. He couldn’t help but curiously walk over to them. But after taking only a few steps, he stopped. Someone had already quickly arrived in front of them. Han Li was astonished to discover this person to be the Bone Sage!

Man Huzi walked over and asked, “What’s this about? The Gold Threaded Silkworm could be considered a rare exotic insect. From their previous golden light, their abilities should be quite formidable. It is quite strange of Wan Tianming to abandon them without care!”

After examining the Gold Threaded Silkworm for a moment, the Bone Sage calmly answered, “They had consumed the Sky Blue Flower to forcefully raise their capabilities so that they might have a better chance at acquiring the Heavenvoid Cauldron. But after consuming it, the Gold Threaded Silkworm could be considered to be completely crippled.”

“I had originally thought the Gold Threaded Silkworms couldn’t acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron! But to use the Sky Blue flower, hehe! He ended up losing everything from trying to gain an advantage.” Man Huzi couldn’t help but laugh in response to the Bone Sage’s words.

Zenith Yin walked over with his hands behind his back. “Sky Blue Flower? I didn’t think that Wan Tianming could actually find it. I had thought of using such a method before, but I was unable to find the flower after so many years of searching. For Brother Man’s Junior to know of such a flower, he must be a renowned character! Perhaps I’ve heard this Junior’s name before?” After he changed the subject, he stared at the Bone Sage’s face.

The Bone Sage softly spoke with a smile, “My name is not renowned. I am merely someone who spent too much time reading books. Senior Wu jests.”

“Is that so?” Zenith Yin said with an indifferent expression. It was unknown whether his suspicions had been exhausted or if he was fearful of repercussion from Man Huzi, but Zenith Yin gave up his questioning and turned towards the large hole and peered within. The blue light from the hole reflected off his face, making for a weird sight.

Han Li indifferently watched from the side, but in his mind, he felt slight admiration at the Bone Sage’s patience. Old Devil Bone Sage’s temperament must be quite fearsome indeed for him to so calmly address his enemy as ‘Senior’.

Nevertheless, there was no one here that was fooled, except for perhaps Wu Chou. Each of them were sly foxes that had lived for over several hundred years. They were devious to an extreme.

Just as Han Li gloomily thought this, he heard Qing Yi say, “Since these Gold Threaded Silkworms are useless, let’s exterminate them and remove their irksome presence from our eyes. Qing Yi then flipped his wrinkled palm and a ball of blinding azure light appeared in his hands.

After Han Li’s gaze swept past the three huge silkworms, his heart stirred. He spoke to the old man, “Wait! This Junior is interested in these Gold Threaded Silkworms. Please give them to him!”

The old man’s face revealed both surprise and doubt. Han Li then smiled and cupped his hands, saying, “This one has always been interested in exotic insects. Since they’re still alive, this one wishes to research them for some time. This one hopes Senior will allow this.”

Having heard Han Li, Qing Yi didn’t immediately reply. Instead, he examined Han Li with a pensive expression. Han Li felt his heart on edge. He didn’t know what intentions Qing Yi held.

Qing Yi shook his head and spoke lamentably, “Sigh! This old man was also rogue cultivator. I naturally know that Core Formation rogue cultivators aren’t comparable to their peers from great sects. How they are truly pressed for resources. Fine, since Young Friend Han wants this rubbish, take it!” It was clear that he had misunderstood.

Han Li inwardly rolled his eyes, but he took advantage of the situation and wore an embarrassed expression as he repeatedly expressed his thanks. Afterwards, he reached for an empty spirit beast pouch and stored the three Gold Threaded Silkworms within it.

It appeared as though that at the same time Wan Tianming had discarded them, he had also erased his marks of ownership from them. As such, they entered Han Li’s pouch without a trace of resistance.

After staring into the hole for a moment more with fervent eyes, Zenith Yin shouted at Han Li without turning his head, “Han Li, stop wasting your time on these useless matters. Quickly take out your Bloodjade Spiders. I want to see what grade the spirit beasts are. When the time comes, I will provide some assistance with my flame python. We must succeed in one attempt!”

Han Li inwardly frowned and walked forward.

Layman Qing Yi and Man Huzi happened to glance at Han Li after hearing Zenith Yin.

“Be at ease, so long as you acquire the Heavenvoid Cauldron, your master won’t treat you unfairly.” Zenith Yin turned around and spoke to Han Li with a kindly face, fearing that Han Li wouldn’t attempt his best.

But when Han Li heard those words, he felt a fierce chill run down his spine.