Chapter 478: Gold Threaded Silkworms Acquiring the Treasure

Chapter 478: Gold Threaded Silkworms Acquiring the Treasure

Han Li didn’t immediately take action. Instead, he carefully released his spiritual sense and searched his surroundings. Certain that Zenith Yin and the others weren’t spying on him, he no longer hesitated and extended his finger. A blade of azure swordlight extended from its tip.

Han Li calmly used the swordlight to carve a fist sized hole in the stone wall before willing it away.

He then used his other hand to quickly touch the circle, causing a gap to appear in the stone wall.

Han Li knew that his time was limited and instantly extended his arm into the hole. The area within wasn’t large. After randomly reaching out, he managed to grab onto something. His expression stirred.

The item was slender, curved, and soft. After he took it out from the wall, he saw that it was an aged yellow scroll.

Just about as Han Li was about to open it with amazement, his expression suddenly changed and he quickly placed the scroll in his robes. His body blurred as he placed his back against the hole in the wall, pretending to rest against it.

Just as Han Li finished his movements, he heard Zenith Yin’s gloomy voice, “Han Li, return to us quickly. We are about to enter.”

Having heard that, Han Li astonishment flickered from his eyes. Weren’t they to rest for the time being? Why the sudden change of mind? Could it be the three old devils became aware of something amiss?

After Han Li felt Zenith Yin’s spiritual sense disappeared from his surroundings, he immediately turned around the repaired the stone hole. He then walked back to the front of the stone platform.

When he arrived at the front, the old devils were standing in front of the steps, looking upwards with a grave expression. Standing behind them, Wu Chou and the Bone Sage were mimicking them.

Han Li astonishedly followed their gaze up the stairs.

He could only see blue light up above, twinkling with blinding intensity. Several threads of gold light flashed out from a flicker of blue light. In a short moment, those threads became several inches thicker. But because of the separation of the white light barrier, Han Li was unable to feel anything strange.

Zenith Yin nodded when he saw Han Li arrived. He turned his head to Man Huzi and said, “Brother Man, my junior disciple has arrived. Let us go up. I hadn’t expected that Wan Tianming’s Gold Threaded Silkworm could actually rock the Heavenvoid Cauldron. Although I don’t know how this happened, it would be best for us to go see.”

Man Huzi replied by wordlessly approaching the stairs. Zenith Yin and the others closely followed after him.

Boom! Man Huzi endowed his fist in devilish arts and fiercely bashed the light barrier, blowing open a ten-meter-large hole.

Man Huzi took the lead. Zenith Yin and Layman Qing Yi surrounded Han Li and forced him to walk between them. The Bone Sage and Wu Chou followed them from behind.

‘So cold!’ Although Han Li had made a few preparations outside the light barrier, Han Li couldn’t help but shiver from the surrounding cold. He quickly covered his body in a barrier of light, greatly reducing the chill.

Man Huzi didn’t wait for the rest of them. He walked straight towards the center of the flourishing blue light with large steps.

After Qing Yi and Zenith Yin glanced at each other, they couldn’t help but wryly smile as they caught up to him. But before Zenith Yin chased after Man Huzi, he turned to look at Han Li, indicating that he had best hurry.

Han Li released a torrent of curses at Zenith Yin in his mind. He knew his place and didn’t have any thoughts to flee. He merely wanted to drag along at the back and take a look at the scroll. It could perhaps provide assistance towards his current predicament.

However, Zenith Yin’s extortion seemed to remind Wu Chou of something. He began to stare at Han Li with absolute focus. The Bone Sage then shot a look at doubt at Han Li.

Han Li had no choice but to quicken his steps. But after he walked several steps, his speed slowed down through no intention of his own.

Although his light barrier was protecting from from the freezing blue light, Han Li felt a chill pass through his body with each step he took. After only a short moment, his face turned pale white. He quickly closed his mouth, fearing the frost would spread throughout his core.

At that moment, Han Li heard Zenith Yin’s voice in his ear, “The White Rhino Emblem doesn’t only protect from the heat. It also works against the cold! What are you waiting for!”

Han Li came to a sudden realization and hastily brought the item out, hanging it from his waist. Once the White Rhino Emblem brightly shined with light, he instantly felt warmth surround him. No longer impeded by the cold, Han Li leisurely walked forward and glanced how the others dealt with the cold.

Man Huzi and the other Nascent Soul cultivators only used a light barrier on their bodies and continued without obstruction. As for the Bone Sage, he wore a chain of sparkling red beads and displayed no trace of cold.

As for Wu Chou, he had put on a grotesque serpent scale armband that emitted a pink light barrier around his body.

Han Li then turned his gaze to the center of the platform up above. There was a small altar protruding his vision. There were eight orbs of gold light pulsing above the altar. At the center of the lights, there was a large hold that shined with blinding blue light.

Han Li’s mind was roused at the sight. He quickly examine the scene.

Each of the golden orbs of light contained a meter-long silkworm with each worm pulling on the thick golden thread they released into the hole. Their bodies swayed as they tugged back as forcefully as they could. Each sway caused the blue light from the hole to wildly flicker.

Three silhouettes were standing to the side of the altar. They were Wan Tianming’s party of Righteous Dao cultivators.

They clearly knew that Man Huzi and the others had arrived, but they completely ignored them. They were only focused on the golden light in front of them, each with a tense expression.

A cold glint flickered through Man Huzi’s eyes when he saw the scene. He wordlessly raised his hand and shot two streaks of golden light towards the Righteous Dao cultivators.

“Glacial Dragon!”

“Phantom Tortoise!”

Wan Tianming and Tian Wuzi simultaneously shouted as they coldly gazed in the direction of the attack. With a sudden burst of fluctuating sounds, two streaks of azure and blue light intercepted the golden lights.

“Return!” Man Huzi was startled by their quick reaction and had two streaks of golden light return with a wave of his hand. They landed in his hand as two golden knives.

The azure and blue lights didn’t pursue and instead revolved in place. Their true appearances were revealed to be a ten-meter-long white flood dragon and a bizarre transparent turtle.

After Man Huzi clearly saw what those two things were, he appeared surprised.

“The Mad Matron’s Glacial Dragon and Tian Yuanzi’s Phantom Tortoise!” Layman Qing Yi blurted this out with a face of astonishment.

“It was no wonder that Wan Tianming’s party was so arrogant. Those two old eccentrics had lent them their spirit beasts. From what I know, those two old freaks treasure those spirit beasts to the point where they would never leave their side. Just how do they have them in their possession?” Zenith Yin spoke with an aghast voice and a resentful expression.

Man Huzi replied with a solemn expression, “Humph! Just look at the borrowers. Wan Tianming is the Mad Matron’s blood nephew. Tian Wuzi and Tian Yuanzi are disciples of the same master. There is nothing odd about being lent those two spirit beasts.”

As Layman Qingyi worryingly gazed at the white flood dragon and the huge tortoise, he said, “This is going to become troublesome! Those two beasts are by no means weak. Even if us three were to do our utmost, we would be unable to break away from them for quite some time.”

Man Huzi wore a sinister grin and said, “Qing Yi, Zenith Yin! Have your Azure Thorn Bird and Heavenwide Corpse distract them. They might not prove to be an opponent to those beasts, but we need those beasts occupied for a moment if we are to act. We don’t even need to defeat Wan Tianming and the others. It will be fine so long as we can kill one of the Gold Threaded Silkworms.”

Having heard this, the Zenith Yin and Qing Yi looked at each other in dismay and revealed some hesitation.

“Don’t worry, I will also send my spirit beast to fight. They should prove to be quite troublesome all together!” Man Huzi glanced at the two and wore an expression of slight disdain.

With that said, Qing Yi’s and Zenith Yin’s expressions relaxed, and they agreed.