Chapter 472: Black Palace

Chapter 472: Black Palace

Han Li gave the cranes a mere glance before continuing along his way, paying no further attention to them.

But as Han Li continued on his path, the divine melodies descending from the sky gradually increased in intensity. The white cranes that had been dancing in the air abruptly flew to both sides of the corridor and spread their wings with a long cry.

A short moment later, amidst the divine melodies, the cranes spun several times before transforming into young women in palace dresses.

These young women appeared to be only eighteen years of age and were astoundingly beautiful and full of youthful vigor. They smiled towards Han Li with bright eyes that were filled with affection as if he were their beloved sweetheart and then swung their slender waists with a flexibility that made them appear boneless.

At that moment, the divine sounds changed, becoming soft and tender like the caress of a lover. The very air was filled with the sensation of passionate romance, unwillingly bringing forth emotion within even those who have long buried them deep within their hearts.

When Han Li heard these new sounds, his expression changed for a moment before he immediately steeled his heart and continued on his way, pointedly ignoring the the sweet nothings whispered by the young women.

After walking about a hundred meters, Han Li heard a sudden change in tone causing the melodies to contain feelings of grief and sadness.

The young women’s expressions transformed with the melodies, and their dancing halted. Each of their faces held immense sadness as they gazed at Han Li with extreme grief, as if he were a heartbreaking ingrate. Anyone who gazed upon the women would feel immense heartache and compassionate affection.

“Interesting!” Han Li smiled and walked from side to side, appreciating the saddened expressions of the young women as if he were watching an interesting play.

Han Li clearly understood that since the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion followed after the Paths of Ice and Fire, there were certain to be more than these mere tricks.

As expected, after seeing that this was unable to stop Han Li, the divine melodies shifted to subtly invoke lust. At that same moment, the young women aged by several years with a flash of light, each of them now appearing as curvaceous beauties in their prime.

With flushed complexions, the peerless beauties’ eyes fluttered with enticing passion as they took off their muslin dresses. Along with the seductive moans leaving their small red mouths and the demonic lust-provoking sounds being emitted by the sky, it was more than enough to drive any man mad with temptation.

Han Li was stunned. But after circulating the Great Development Technique once through his body, he immediately regained his calm.

Even if a master of bewitchment techniques were to assault Han Li with full force as he was now, Han Li wouldn’t be fazed in the slightest. In comparison to such an event, these crude illusions were beneath his notice.

As Han Li walked through the two rows of gorgeous women, their actions became even more unrestrained. A few of them looked to Han Li with flirtatious glances as they pressed their hands against their chest. Others stroked their entire body as they shook their hips, along with other increasingly lewd acts.

Han Li watched on with dazzled eyes and clicked his tongue. While he remained unfazed due to the protection of the Great Development Technique, he still made sure to properly appreciate such a rare view.

Following this, the women’s appearances changed once more, transforming into all sorts of different types of beauties. There were dignified and scholarly noblewomen, fiery whores, pure-hearted maidens, and elegant and icy matrons, each with their own different bearings and mannerisms. The scene that was revealed was much like a gathering of all the peerless beauties of the mortal world.

A faint smile hung on Han Li’s face, but his gaze was ice-cold, without the slightest hint of desire.

After two hours at a relaxed pace, Han Li had finally arrived at the end of the corridor after taking his time and feasting the view.

The corridor led to a black palace hall with a flat ceiling. The large gates and its walls were constructed entirely out of black bricks.

The hall’s gates appeared over forty meters tall. As for the interior of the hall, it was pitch-black, eliciting a feeling of mystery.

At the same time that Han Li caught sight of the large black palace hall, the overbearing melodies from the sky and the seductive women suddenly disappeared. All that remained were the endless white clouds. The corridor’s appearance had returned to how it was when he had just entered.

Han Li didn’t appear surprised and just turned his gaze towards the black hall, wearing a solemn expression. He unconsciously slowed his steps as he approached, but before he grew near, a dense bloody scent arrived before him.

Han Li frowned and took another look at the palace hall.

He discovered that the palace hall wasn’t actually purely black, but rather, it contained an odd shade of red as if a layer of hot blood had been frozen over it, producing the wicked scent.

Han Li stood in front of the gates with crossed arms and muttered to himself for a moment.

Although he hadn’t had someone explain the finer details of the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion, the mere appearance of this hall made him certain that this place tested the darkest fears of a person’s mind. This undoubtedly wouldn’t be as easy as the corridor had been.

Han Li fully understood that there were a few weaknesses present in his heart.

He was neither fearless nor unyielding. Nor was he a sage so wise that he was disconnected from the world. At most, he had been a clever and scheming mortal. It would be quite terrible if he saw something he was truly unable to endure and was forced to become still.

It seemed that he would finally have to rely on the assistance from the Matron Screen Beads to pass through this trial.

With that thought, Han Li stroked the beads on his wrist and steeled his mind before walking into the large hall.

It was beyond merely black!

Just as Han Li walked into the palace hall, he experienced an immense feeling of discomfort.

Han Li was unable to detect any restrictions but could only see about ten meters ahead of him despite having his eyes wide open. He was also unable to extend his spiritual sense out from his body.

The absence of light was accompanied by a complete lack of sound, producing a stillness capable of inspiring dread.

Han Li unconsciously licked his lips and waved his hand, attempting to summon a ball of fire.

But at the same instant the flame appeared, it was immediately extinguished.

Han Li was lost in surprise for a moment before indignantly making another wave of his hand. This time, he had summoned a moonlight stone form his storage pouch.

But just like the flame, its light immediately faded away after appearing, turning completely dull as if it were an ordinary stone.

It was now that he realized the hall’s restrictions must have the peculiar effect of absorbing light.

With his hopes of producing light dashed, he leisurely walked forwards.

But before he could even take a few steps, he suddenly heard sporadic and faint sobs of pain from the distance. It sounded as though they came from a young girl.

Han Li wryly smiled and continued forward, ignoring the sound.

However, the sobs erratically appeared from either close or far away, and they became increasingly sorrowful. The sobs seemed to be following him.

“Bah!” These sounds had caused him to become distraught and he couldn’t help but unleash a shout that caused the nearby ground to tremble.

The sobbing suddenly stopped.

Han Li felt greatly relieved and quickened his pace, wanting to leave this hall as soon as possible.

But after having only walked about ten meters, the sobbing continued. This time, a white silhouette had appeared not far in front of Han Li. A young woman wearing mourning clothes was crouched down .

The sorrowful sobs were apparently coming from her. Han Li’s face froze upon seeing the white-clothed woman. Strangely enough, despite the fact that she was kneeling and made no attempt to approach him, he hastily approached her instead.

He knew that the more timid and cowardly he acted in this place, the more likely he was to become entangled in its illusions. As avoiding any conflict wasn’t possible, a calm confrontation seemed to be the optimal choice.

With that thought in mind, Han Li arrived about twenty meters from the white-clothed woman.

Just as Han Li thought to recklessly roar once more and disperse the woman, he suddenly felt that this woman’s sobbing seemed familiar as if he had heard it before, long ago.

Han Li’s heart trembled. He hastily reassured himself that this was but an illusion to prevent himself from becoming mesmerized. But the longer he gazed at her, the more familiar she seemed. His mind began to fervently shuffle through his memories, but he was unable to recall who she was.

Han Li unconsciously stopped and frowned, coldly gazing at the woman in front of him in silence.

“Fourth Brother!” The woman exclaimed with a timid, delicate voice.

When Han Li heard this, he felt his mind shudder as blood rushed to his head. He couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you? Could you be...?”

“Fourth Brother, don’t recognize me anymore? I’m your little sister!” The white clothed woman slowly lifted her head from the ground and revealed her delicate, grieving face. Her small nose, bright eyes, and delicate face were reminiscent of his shy little sister from before he left for the Seven Mysteries Sect.