Chapter 471: An Odd Treasure

Chapter 471: An Odd Treasure

There was no question as to whether or not this passageway led to the Boundary of Fantastical Illusion. With his cultivation of the Great Development Technique along with the Matron Screen Beads that Zenith Yin lent him, passing through this trial should be a matter of ease.

With that thought, Han Li turned his attention to carefully examining the two ancient treasures in his hands. If he couldn’t fully understand the scope of their power, he wouldn’t be able to effectively use them when the time came.

With a flash of blood-red light, the cloak disappeared from his hand, leaving only the chain of five copper bands in his other hand. These five copper bands were about as wide as an ordinary arm and had mysterious talisman markings engraved on their surface, causing them to appear mystifying.

Han Li lightly shook them with a wave of his wrist. The colorful glow of the copper bands continuously fluctuated in response and released the faint cry of a phoenix. A flicker of spirit appeared from Han Li’s eyes as he lowered his head in thought. He then slowly poured spiritual power into the copper bands through his fingers.

During this, Han Li solemnly gazed at the bands without blinking. Then with a flash of colorful light, the chain of five bands abruptly disappeared without a trace.

Han Li was startled, but something soon came to mind. He looked upward to see the five copper bands floating not far above his head. They were ceaselessly flickering with demonic light.

Han Li frowned and raised his arm, sending out an azure incantation seal. The copper bands immediately twirled for a moment before striking the wall to the side. With several muffled pengs, the wall flashed with white light, revealing not the slightest damage. The copper bands had instead been pushed far away.

It seemed the copper bands were not intended to be used to directly attack.

Han Li’s expression remained unchanged. He waved his arm and had the copper bands fly back above his head. Then without any hesitation, he spouted out a breath of spiritual Qi towards the rings, causing them to swell into a huge size in the blink of an eye. Blinding radiance coiled around the bands, and their talisman markings began to move.

Ring-type magic tools weren’t ordinarily used to make direct attacks. A majority of them were used to either trap the enemy or defend one’s self, something that Han Li had learned through experience.

After looking at the huge bands and the astonishing pressure they radiated, Han Li lifted his head and slowly uttered the word, “Execute.”

Immediately after he spoke, the huge bands released a cry and directly fell down onto him. The rings overlapped one another and covered Han Li within them. Afterwards, the huge bands revolved around him with increasing speed, completely covering Han Li in a blurred screen of rainbow light.

Han Li wore a slight smile. It seemed the copper bands possessed defensive abilities. As for how effective they were, that was something that could only be tested during an enemy confrontation. With that thought, Han Li shot an incantation seal towards the light screen with a flick of his finger. In an instant, the light curtain dissolved and the rings returned to their original appearance.

But after a period of violent swaying, the copper rings released a flash of brilliance and disappeared from sight.

This time, Han Li remained calm as he extended his palm. Following a flash of rainbow light, the five palm-sized copper bands appeared in his hand.

Han Li calmly gazed at the copper bands with a pensive expression as if something had come to mind.

Not long after, Han Li chanted a series of cryptic incantations, causing the bands to disappear from his hand. But after only a second, they appeared around Han Li’s limbs and neck in a flourish of light.

Han Li’s stance grew unsteady as he began to drop down like a log. Fortunately, he had already prepared for this and hastily muttered an incantation to release the copper rings.

Han Li hastily recovered his balance and rubbed his choked neck. However, his eyes betrayed immense excitement.

This magic treasure could be used as a sneak attack, and was something that was impossible to defend against. Even if his opponents had immense spiritual sense and realized something was amiss with the copper rings before they were restrained, they still wouldn’t have time to react. Han Li was confident that even Nascent Soul cultivators couldn’t guard against them. He reckoned that the odds of success for an ambush were quite large. Of course, he still had no way of knowing how long the bands would be able to restrain his opponents.

Han Li was delighted to find that the copper bands abilities went far beyond his original expectations. Feeling completely content, Han Li placed the copper bands in his storage pouch, and he took out the dark-red cloak.

Tests for this ancient treasure were naturally much simpler. He simply wore the cloak on his body and poured a bit of magic power into it. It brightly flourished with a blood light and caused Han Li to feel a burning sensation on his body. At that same time, his magic power began to wildly flow into the cloak beyond his control.

Han Li was greatly frightened and hastily severed his magic power towards the cloak, causing its brilliance to immediately dim.

Han Li was startled and took off the cloak. He looked through it once more with squinted eyes. After a short moment, he donned it again and began to gradually pour spiritual power into the cape with great care.

Once again, magic power began to rush out from his body, but this time, Han Li was prepared and remained calm. Instead, he turned his eyes to the cloak and carefully examined it for any oddities. In that moment, the cloak’s outer layer of feathers grew longer and blood-red, covering Han Li in a dense barrier of blood light.

After staring at it for a moment, Han Li waved his arms and slowly hovered off the ground. He then gazed around himself for a moment, before disappearing without a trace.

A series of muffled bangs soon followed, and a ball of blood light burst from the right wall. Han Li fell from the ruptured light and tumbled several times, nearly falling onto his behind.

His face was filled with shock! He hadn’t even used its full strength and only utilized the most common flying technique. However, this had caused Han Li to abruptly crash into the wall, much to his dismay!

With disbelief, Han Li attempted to use several other movement techniques, but the results were all the same. He would ram into a wall and end up disoriented without making any progress on controlling the cloak’s abilities. It seemed this treasure allowed him to use this astonishing speed without any option of going slower.

Han Li silently stood in place with complete astonishment. This cloak was far too bizarre. This was undoubtedly a top-grade life-preserving treasure given its light-like speed. Han Li was confident that even if a Nascent Soul cultivator were to chase him, they would lose his trail after only a short moment with this amazing treasure.

But at the same time, this cloak had significant flaws. Not to mention the astonishing expenditure of magic power, it’s speed completely uncontrollable, much to Han Li’s disappointment.

It was clear that this top-grade ancient treasure was flawed and limited. Why else would it appear in the outer halls? But despite this, this item was still immensely useful in fleeing from enemies.

Han Li put away the cloak with complicated feelings. He then lowered his head in bitter laughter before sitting cross-legged on the floor to refine Qi. As the cloak had consumed quite a bit of magic power in such a short time, he couldn’t afford to just walk out of the room in his current condition.

Han Li rested for over half a day, and when he had nearly replenished his spent magic power, Han Li opened his eyes and stood up as he solemnly gazed into the passageway.

With the bracelet of Matron Screen Beads in one hand and his Great Development Technique circulating throughout his body, he slowly walked into the passageway.

Upon entering, Han Li discovered that the passageway was quite short. After turning a corner, he had arrived at its end.

Light flashed before his eyes, fading away to reveal an outdoor corridor. The corridor was magnificent and refined, but at a glance, it appeared to be endless. It was unknown just how far it reached. White clouds and divine melodies flowed in from outside the corridor along with the faint image of a lustrous jade pavilion.

When Han Li saw this, a faint sneer appeared on his face as he walked onto the promenade with long strides.

Just as he set foot on it, Han Li circulated magic power throughout his body. According to what he know, this one was like the other trials: flying techniques could not be used and one could only travel by foot.

Han Li wasn’t bothered by this and intensely studied the are outside the corridor. The divine melodies became clearer after entering the corridor.

Han Li attentively listened to the so-called divine melodies with a blank face. Not long after, he unconsciously wore a mocking expression on his face.

Han Li walked without the slightest urgency as if he were taking a stroll in his own garden. However, the further he walked down the corridor, the more beautiful and clear the melodies became. At that same time, extremely graceful cranes began to appear from within the white clouds. Their elegant dancing along with the cries they unleashed were extremely impressive.