Chapter 1058: Devil Restriction

Gui Ling grasped at the huge silver axe in her hand and summoned a tiger phantom from within it. The beast blew out a yellow mist from its mouth as soon as it appeared, forcefully blocking the black Qi from approaching further. Both Lin Yinping and Keen Spirit Peacock possessed by Grand Immortal Xu were covered in rainbow light in an attempt to protect themselves.

After Han Li glanced at the situation near him, he frowned and turned to look at the Eight Spirit Ruler and the Black Wind Flag.

Of these two treasures, one was masterless and the other corrupted, but neither were revealing their true powers. Even so, the inky winds raging around the slick black flood dragon and the silver talisman characters floating across the huge argent lotus seemed to be stuck in a stalemate. 

While the dazzling clash occurred high above them, it was impossible not to notice them. However, no one could go to claim the treasures, with everyone entirely occupied with the battle at hand.

Han Li knew that he was no match for the devil ancestor’s abilities and immediately planned on escaping, but within this sealed space, where would he run?

As such, he could only brace himself for what was to come and make every attempt to avoid the resulting battle.

Although his Divine Devilbane Lightning was far more effective in dealing with the devilish Qi than he imagined, he didn’t dare to throw himself into the fray. His best bet was to protect himself and see how things developed.

If the devil ancestor took notice of his particular skill set and decided to attack him directly, he definitely wouldn’t make it out in one piece.

Furthermore, he was disconnected to what would happen to the Great Jin if the devil ancestor were to escape. He wasn’t about to sacrifice himself on their behalf.

With that in mind, he stealthily released his spiritual sense in the direction of the altar.

Caught unaware, his spiritual sense was repelled from an undetectable restriction of sorts.

He inwardly sighed and unconsciously turned his spiritual sense elsewhere and discovered something that made him pause.

Three hundred meters deep below, he sensed a foot-large golden sphere: the Gold Devouring Beetles he had previously released.

Like the cultivators and demons, these insects were brought along as well.

When he earlier released his beetles, he had them scour the walls of the eight floor to see if there were any weak points he could exploit, but because he was trapped in the sealed area created by the Black Wind Flag, he had lost contact with them.

Because they were underground when they teleported, the others hadn’t taken any notice of them.

Han Li looked at the huge stone pillars surrounding the altar that twinkled with light. His heart stirred and he paused in hesitation before giving his hidden beetles a command.

The golden sphere of light flashed and scattered all over.

Corpse Xiong and the others closer to the battle were occasionally striking at the huge stone pillars in an attempt to destroy the spell formation, hopefully breaking the stalemate. But apart from Corpse Xiong’s blood blade, the other attacks produced little effect.

As for the large white hands that Long Meng summoned, they only served to shake the pillars.

The stone pillars were made from an unknown material that was extremely durable.

Of course, if Corpse Xiong or Long Meng had more time to deal with them, they would likely be able to break them.

Just as the newly arrived cultivators thought to retreat, the wolf spat out several breaths of black Qi at full force, madly sweeping towards them. Alarmed, they had no option but to respond with full force.

While Han Li absentmindedly dealt with the attack, he began to look around for a way to escape.

Meanwhile, Daoist Sevenwonders had summoned forth five emerald rings while Master Sable protected him.

Sevenwonders chanted incantations without end and flicked his fingers, striking each ring with spell seals. They all let out intermittent cries and began to tremble and shine with light.

After occupying the new arrivals with great amounts of black Qi, the large two-headed wolf turned its gaze back to Long Meng and Corpse Xiong.

The devil glared at them, viewing them as her current greatest enemies.

Needless to say, after Yuan Cha and Long Meng spent so many years soulfused together, they knew each other in their entirety. As such, Yuan Cha held Long Meng in fear.

As for the stealthy appearance of Corpse Xiong, he was only a trifling late-Nascent Soul cultivator, but the blood blade in his hand was exceptionally powerful. Not only did devilish Qi have no effect, but the blade seemed to be able to restrain the devilish Qi in turn.

If it weren’t for the vast power difference between them, it likely would’ve been Corpse Xiong could’ve overcome the vast devilish Qi by himself.

In truth, if Yuan Cha hadn’t taken the risk to ambush the younger Immortal Form Elder with a bewitchment technique on the last floor, she wouldn’t have been able to acquire the Dragon Call Crest to get here. She would’ve left the Devil Suppression Pagoda before her devilish Qi ran out instead.

As of current, the seal on the altar had already begun opening. So long as she didn’t leave, the altar could provide her with an unending source of devilish Qi. Even when faced against so many cultivators, she had the upper hand and could slowly feel her exhausted devilish essence slowly recover.

As a result, the devil chose not to take any risks and decided to dissolve the seal at a slow and methodical pace.

However, green light began to glow with immense power, giving the wolf a feeling of a terrible familiarity. She raised her head and astonishedly shouted, ““The Devil Restraining Bands!”

When the huge wolf saw the five rings, a trace of fear appeared from her eyes. The wolf head let out a world-shaking roar as an astonishing pressure erupted from it. Black light then began to shine from its mouth as if it were about to release an attack.

However, Sevenwonders had already finished casting his technique and pointed to one of the rings in front of him. Then with a grave face, he uttered, “Restrain.”

Contrasting his soft voice, the emerald ring flared brilliantly before disappearing.

In a short moment, the huge wolf cried out as a green streak suddenly appeared next to her and wrapped around her head, forming a huge collar.

Incantation characters roamed across its surface and it quickly shrunk.

The devilish Qi that was about to release was forcefully restrained and the wolf let out a cry of anguish.

In a panic, the wolf swiped at the collar, claws flickered with a cold light.

Green light flared and a muffled hum sounded out with the claw easily repelled. The ring tightened even further afterwards, causing the wolf to let out whine and whimper as if it were in extreme pain.

When those nearby the altar saw this, they rejoiced and promptly began to attack with renewed vigor.

With the huge wolf occupied, the devilish Qi was masterless and greatly weakened, allowing it to be easily scattered. Corpse Xiong and Long Meng then made a mad rush to the center.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend and the Lion Hawk both intended on rushing forwards as well, but suddenly they received voice transmissions from Corpse Xiong. The two exchanged a glance before shooting towards one of the stone pillars that surrounded them.

At a distance away, they began to fire off Ghostfiend Threads and golden shockwaves in a combined assault.

Master Sable and Daoist Sevenwonders rejoiced when they saw the treasure work and the old Daoist poured magic power into the sword without reservation before slashing at the devilish Qi in front of him.

A huge swordlight leapt forward, clearing a path ahead.

At the same time, Sevenwonders pointed at the other four emerald bands, having them blur next to the wolf’s limbs in an instant.

The four bands shined with light and tightened, forcing the huge wolf to tumble down from the altar and onto the ground.

When Han Li saw this, he blinked and suddenly recalled the ancient treasure he acquired from the Heavenvoid Hall in the past, the Elemental Bands.

Apart from the vast difference in power, they both appeared to work the same way. It was likely that the Elemental Bands was a replica of them.

At the moment, Master Sable furiously shouted, “Master Xiong, you dare?”

Soon after, the old Daoist waved his hand, 

Han Li discovered that after Long Meng and Corpse Xiong rushed into the black Qi, a white streak and two large green hands rushed upward into the sky, making their way to the changed forms of the Black Wind Flag and the Eight Spirit Ruler.

As for Lady Mu, she was still tangled down by her bewitched junior.

When Han Li saw this, he pursed his lips and frowned, decided to remain still for the time being. At his side, Lin Yinping and Grand Immortal Xu both raced towards the two spirit treasures in the sky as well.

As for Gui Ling, she simply shot a sideways glance at Han Li and hesitated for a moment, still having yet to join the fray.

Spiritual light wildly flashed in the sky, followed by the sounds of unceasing explosions. The cultivators and demons that had fought together against the Elder Devil were now divided as they fought for the Divine Spirit Treasures.

As for Han Li, his gaze dropped onto the altar and looked at the huge wolf that was restrained. With a sullen expression, he shook his sleeve and a hum sounded, summoning several tens of small golden swords.