Chapter 1057: The Ninth Floor

Having experienced what it’s like to experienced what it’s like to be devoured by a spatial tear, Han Li was greatly fearful of them, but still managed to collect himself. With the power of the Spirit Subjugation Talisman, his magic power was forced to the peak of mid-Nascent Soul stage, and his Tailstar Essence Shield became blindingly bright as he poured in his newfound power.

He apprehensively thought, ‘Against a tear this large, so long as I don’t skirt past its edge, I should come out of this relatively safe.’

As the spatial tear enveloped him, he felt darkness embrace him and he suddenly grew dizzy. Then, light shined around him and he found himself in a new space.

Fortunately, Han Li had experience with this and instantly cleared his mind, hastily looking around him in a state of caution.

“The ninth floor!” he gasped.

He was clearly in an isolated space of mostly empty area a couple kilometers long. It was surrounded by a ravenous yellow mist that repeatedly lit and dimmed. It was unknown how broad it stretched.

Underneath him stood a huge altar that was hundreds of meters tall, but was rather narrow and had steps down on every side. It was made from an ethereal jade of impeccable majesty.

Surrounding the altar was a circle of huge stone pillars that formed a giant spell formation. They blazed with radiance as if showing the formation was active. At the very top of the altar, lay a giant two-headed wolf along with several silhouettes. There was an ongoing battle of great intensity as the wolf’s black head blew out an endless stream of inky black Qi.

These silhouettes must have been the cultivators and demons from the eighth floor.

Long Meng, still in possession of Hua Tianqi’s body, was fluttering her hands in the air, producing two giant white hands to smash down on the black Qi repeatedly. 

The Ye Clan Grand Elder, Corpse Xiong, the Silver-winged Nightfiend, and the others were standing farther away, trying to avoid being drawn into the exchange. Only the large-headed eccentric was missing among them.

But what astonished Han Li the most was that the younger elder from the Immortal Form Sect stood at the wolf’s side. 

At that moment, her eyes were lifeless and black Qi engorged her face. She was controlling a sparkling silver textile shuttle and was fighting a furious Lady Mu.

The others were also using various techniques to attack the huge wolf with all the power they could muster. Additionally, the surrounding yellow winds rolled on the surface of the huge wolf where a black flood dragon was concealed. It spat out black torrents, blocking a huge silver lotus and eight demon beast mirages.

The silver lotus was motionlessly floating in the air and shining brightly, producing an unending stream of ancient palm-sized talisman characters across its surface. When the torrents made contact with it, a fierce explosion would form and the black wind was scattered.

It was the Black Wind Flag and the Eight Spirit Ruler!

Han Li was astonished by the appearance of the two Immortal Form Sect Elders.

Previously, Gui Ling reported that they had placed some sort of spell formation underground and were scheming. Had they not been rushing towards the black teleportation formation, he would’ve stealthily observed them. In any case, it appeared that one of the women had succumbed to the influence of the Elder Devil.

But what astonished Han Li in particular was how the huge wolf still held the advantage despite having so many highly cultivated opponents. Her attackers were even being pushed back.

The black Qi that the huge wolf released was as dense as oil. Apart from Corpse Xiong’s crimson blade wildly slashing at it, the others were keeping themselves and their treasures a fair distance away, not daring to touch it. They could only launch various ranged attacks to strike at any of the approaching black Qi pythons.

If it weren’t for Long Meng and Corpse Xiong receiving most of the attacks from the huge wolf or the lotus-form of the Eight Spirit Ruler occupying the huge wolf’s attention, everyone else would’ve been wiped out.

The Silver-winged Nightfiend’s Ghost Fiend Threads and the Lion Hawk’s golden shockwaves didn’t seem to have any effect on the black devilish Qi as well.

After all this examination, Han Li noticed something rather strange about the battle.

The two-headed wolf wouldn’t leave the altar and continued to fight as if it were guarding the top of it.

Then, he heard a furious voice shout out from a distance.

“Not good! How did the Elder Devil gain the magic tool to open the seal?”

Han Li turned and looked in the direction of the shocked voice. It belonged to Master Sable who stood a sixty meter distance. Daoist Sevenwonders was at his size with an equally gloomy air.

Han Li then discovered that everyone else had all appeared within the space of the ninth floor and none of them appeared to be injured.

The spatial tear’s appearance wasn’t an accident then. Probably was caused by an activated restriction, teleporting everyone on the eight floor to this one.

However, Lin Yinping’s complexion was bloodless. The recent surprise had left her completely in terror.

Han Li then followed Master Sable and Sevenwonders’s gaze to the altar.

After closely examining for a moment, Han Li yelped in surprise.

He saw two huge ten-meter-tall stone tablets behind it. They appeared unremarkable.

As soon as he saw those, a glimpse of astonishment crossed his face as the name of Flexile Spirit Jade appeared in his mind. This jade is the same as the stone tablet he saw in the depths of the devilish Qi whirlpool in the Heavenly South.[1]

[1] In Chapter 968, Han Li dived to the depths of the devilish Qi whirlpool located off the shore of the Heavenly South.

However, the stone tablet he saw in the past was shattered. These two were still intact and one had a dark-green block seal embedded within it, causing the stone pillar to tremble and shine with a faint black power.

Han Li’s expression stirred upon discovering that the pillar’s light was causing a reaction in the spell formation surrounding the altar, displaying that the pillar was a core part of the formation.

His thoughts became more fervent the longer he looked.

When Lady Mu saw the arrival of the others, she happily shouted, “Master Sable, Brother Sevenwonders, you’ve come at the right time! The devil ancestor is currently using the altar to remove the sealing restriction. Although I don’t know what is being suppressed, it cannot be good.”

“We meet again. Fellow Daoist Sable, let us act quickly or suffer the consequences.” Daoist Sevenwonders’s expression deeply sank and he immediately flung out his sleeve.

Suddenly, various-colored light flashed from his sleeve and seven various treasures were released down towards the huge wolf with great momentum. These were the grand treasures that earned him the name of ‘Sevenwonders’. 

Master Sable sighed and acted with similar haste, taking out a sheathed golden sword.

Once drawn, it appeared dim and ancient, but when the old Daoist spat a mist of blood essence onto the sword, it seemed to have awakened. A heaven-shaking dragon’s cry rattled from the sword and it lit up with blinding light.

The old Daoist formed an incantation gesture with one of his hands and pointed to the sword with a solemn attitude, before waving his arm down.

A huge thirty-meter-long giant sword streak suddenly shot out from the ancient weapon and cleaved down as if a sword was a declaration from the heavens.

Before the sword Qi landed, a thunderous boom shot out. The sword Qi extended into a long white line as if it were tearing the air itself into two.

But as it so happened, the Devil Ancestor Yuan Cha had already taken notice of the newly arrived as soon as they had appeared.

A keen glint flashed from the wolf’s eyes and its body trembled. The black Qi that surrounded the altar quickly circled it and entered its body, rapidly disappearing. An instant later, the wolf opened its mouth and released a dense wave of black Qi to meet the attack.

“Be careful, the devilish Qi is extremely powerful!” Lady Mu cried out, “You cannot allow it to directly corrupt your treasures, or you will immediately lose their powers!”

At that moment, seven blinding lights and the giant swordstreak clashed against the devilish Qi.

As soon as Daoist Sevenwonders heard her, his expression briefly changed and he reached out for his treasures without another thought.

His seven streaks of light stopped in place upon initial contact with the devilish Qi. They promptly bound together and released a haze of variously-colored light before continuing on.

The huge swordstreak was the first to cut through the devilish Qi.

The swordlight and black Qi intertwined, releasing an astonishing boom. Countless yellow streaks erupted from the black Qi, leaving more holes than naught. Soon after the mist of light produced from Daoist Sevenwonders’ treasures instantly wiped away the remaining devilish Qi before the two attacks moved on to strike at the huge wolf down below.

Several puffs sounded out from below as the wolf released several more mouthfuls of black Qi in response.

Suddenly, the new Qi ruptured and completely submerged both of their attacks. Dim light violently flickered from them, only for them to immediately disappear after.

When the old Daoist saw this, his heart trembled and he hastily formed another incantation gesture, ordering the sword Qi, but it didn’t respond, only to disappear a moment later, to the old man’s surprise.

Having dealt with their attacks, the black Qi marched onward, madly rushing towards them in a display of astonishing momentum. The sheer force and scope of the attack would inevitably engulf Han Li and the others nearby.

Daoist Sevenwonders saw that the situation was far from good and moved to recall his treasures. Master Sable held the ancient sword in his hand and slicked at the air several times, producing a curtain of yellow light to temporarily protect them against the devilish Qi rushing towards them.

The old Daoist immediately turned to the scholar and gravely said, “Brother Sevenwonders, it seems that our usual treasures can’t deal with this devil. Quickly use those other! We cannot allow the seal to open, I will protect you!”

“I’ll have to trouble you then.” Without any further hesitation, Sevenwonders nodded and slapped his storage pouch. In a flicker of white light, several palm-sized emerald-green rings appeared in his hand.

Meanwhile, Han Li released several tens of golden flying swords. Before the devilish Qi approached, golden lightning wildly flashed and thunder roared, scattering them in their entirety.