Chapter 809: Matters Unfolding

“Go!” The loud man roared. The stone block revolved once in the air and struck the rainbow light barrier in a burst of light. The two swords transformed into streaks of light and followed after the stone block. 

As expected, the stone block magic treasure was exceptional. Before it even struck, it carried the faint sounds of a storm. Soon, a booming explosion sounded out, accompanied by a pulse of various colored light while the nearby earth swayed.

When the other two saw the stone block’s might, they wore a hopeful smile, but their smiles soon froze on their faces. In the intertwining lights, the rainbow light suddenly grew brighter and suppressed the three magic treasures for a time before they were struck back with a clear ring sounding out from the rainbow light. 

In the three’s alarm, they hastily regained control of their magic treasures and glanced at each other with expressions of dismay. The ferocity of this restriction was far beyond what they had anticipated.

The large man snorted, but just as he thought to say something further, the rainbow light surrounding them suddenly flashed and turned red. Before the three even realized what was going on, the restriction began to condense clouds of flame, suddenly raising the temperature within the area.

“What’s going on? Wasn’t this restriction not supposed to be an offensive-type?” The scarred-large man shouted in alarm, but the other two weren’t able to answer him. The fiery clouds above them had already begun to press down on them.

In that moment, the hooded member amongst the three began to summon magic treasures all around his body in an attempt to protect himself. He also slapped several talismans on his body, forming various colored barriers twinkling around him.

The fiery clouds then engulfed the three. Soon, three miserable screams were heard, only for silence to follow shortly afterwards.

A moment later, the fire cloud disappeared and the light barrier turned back to normal. There was no one amongst the rubble, only three magic treasures shining with greatly dimmed radiance.

While there weren’t many cultivators that had encountered such misfortune when they first entered Devilfall Valley, over half of them that did had died. Whenever one encountered misfortune in the valley, they immediately feared for their life. There was even a Nascent Soul Elder of a mid-grade sect that perished as a result of a spatial tear in a moment of carelessness.

Ignorant of what had happened to the various other cultivators, Han Li was treading with great care regardless. But at that moment, he encountered a pleasant surprise. 

Standing in the air above a wasteland with his hands behind his back, Han Li was glancing below him with eyes that brilliantly flickered with blue light. If someone were to see the blue light shining from his eyes, they would think of him as demonic, not that Han Li would pay them any heed.

It appeared as if there was nothing in front of him. He found nothing with his spiritual sense either, but with his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, Han Li was able to spot a meter-long arc of light. It was about forty meters ahead of him and shined with a faint light. 

Han Li took a deep breath and the blue light in his eyes slightly weakened as his expression wavered. He was now completely certain that the Brightspirit Eyes were able to see spatial tears that his spiritual sense wasn’t able to detect.

This pleasant surprise justified the large quantity of green liquid he had used to create the Brightsight Spirit Water over the years. As a result, he was now able to cleanly avoid the most common danger in Devilfall Valley. The sole problem was that he could only detect spatial tears when using the ability to its fullest extent. He would overlook a spatial tear if he were even slightly careless. 

As for the magic power consumption of the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, it wasn’t much to speak of. However, it would be troublesome if Marquis Nanlong noticed something strange about his eyes after he met up with him. Han Li didn’t wish for others to know about this ability. 

Han Li lowered his head in thought, and something soon came to mind. He slapped his storage pouch and he took out a cloak that sparkled with azure light. This cloak wasn’t ordinary clothing; it was a top grade magic tool that Han Li had acquired in the war. 

This item had no other function than to conceal one’s face, preventing any others from looking at one's true appearance. Of course, this effect didn’t need a continuous supply of magic power and it wouldn’t work against those with a far higher cultivation than him. Apart from the Moulan Divine Sage and Wei Wuya, there shouldn’t be anyone that was capable of seeing through it.

After properly wearing the cloak, Han Li took another glance at the indistinct spatial tear and flew past it in a streak of azure light.


In a dense forest with trees reaching into the sky, there was a tall woman with a common appearance that was currently flying around the forest at a low altitude. While her face wasn’t particularly special, her eyes were exceptionally bright and clear. She occasionally glanced around as if looking for something.

After a short time, the woman eventually passed through the forest and arrived at the other end. She came to a sudden stop with an expression of surprise. 

“It seems this isn’t the place. The signs left behind by the Ghost Spirit Sect Elder aren’t here. It should be in another place. But to have me find the Spirit Kindle Fruit and wait for him, does he have other goals inside Devilfall Valley?” The woman then raised her head and glanced towards the yellow sky. Her eyes seemed vacant as if she were absorbed in her thoughts. 

Suddenly, her expression stirred and she shot back into the forest in a blur. She concealed her presence with several techniques, hid below a huge tree, and then remained completely still.

She saw three different colored streaks of light flying across the distance. Their speed wasn’t fast, but it was clear that there were three old men travelling together.

In an instant, the three streaks of light arrived above the forest. The silver-haired old man amongst them sensed something and glanced down toward the woman’s hiding spot.

“What? Has Brother Cheng discovered something?” A purple-robed old man with a wrinkled face asked.

The silver-haired old man replied, “Its nothing. There’s just a Core Formation woman hidden down below in the forest. It seems she doesn’t wish to meet anybody.”

The purple-robed old man couldn’t help but excitedly ask, “Since this woman is being so careful, could it be there are some treasures hidden inside?” 

The third old man whose face was covered with azure Qi calmly said, “Brother Lin must be dreaming. This forest has no trace of a restriction, and there is only a Core Formation cultivator below us and it’s a woman at that! Given how dangerous Devilfall Valley is, it is only natural for her to avoid us. Let’s not involve ourselves and continue our search for treasure. We had best look for the treasures in the outer valley quickly or we will have to head into the valley’s depths.”

The retort hadn’t angered the purple-robed old man. Instead, he smiled and agreed, “Brother Ou’s words hold reason. We don’t need to pay any attention to the female cultivator. We can travel faster through this wretched place but we still cannot use our full speed. We won’t be able to search through such a large area in a short amount of time. We can’t waste our time.” The silver-haired old man also nodded and they flew past the dense forest.

When the woman saw that they left, she carefully walked out of the forest and glanced in the direction that they flew off in. Violet Spirit muttered to herself, “That silver-haired old man should be Brother Han’s Senior Martial Brother. I didn’t expect to find him here. Fortunately, it was only a false alarm.”

She and Han Li had agreed that she would first seek out traces related of the Spirit Kindle Fruit in the outer valley. Afterwards, they would meet up and search for the Spirit Kindle Fruit together. Violet Spirit had originally agreed to this condition with delight, but had felt somewhat puzzled by Han Li’s condition. However, she knew that his other affairs had nothing to do with her and as such, she didn’t ask too much about the matter.

As of current, she hadn’t found her target in the forest. She hesitated for a moment before rushing in the direction the three old men had taken.

In another forest of Devilfall Valley, there were six black-robed Ghost Sect Disciples that were searching through it. Wang Chan and Yan Ruyan were among them. In the forest above, there was a pale old man floating motionlessly in the air. As for the Ghost Spirit Sect Master Wang Tiangu and the other Ghost Spirit Sect disciples, they were nowhere to be seen.  

Suddenly, a cry of alarm echoed through a certain portion of the forest. Soon after, a disciple’s cheery voice arrived at the old man’s ear, “I’ve found it. It’s here!” The old man’s expression stirred and he flew over in a streak of black light.

When the others heard this, they all rushed towards him.

“Where?” The old man coldly asked as he stood in the air above the disciple, glancing around. 

The disciple pointed to one of the trees and respectfully said, “Elder Zhong, it’s here.” 

Elder Zhong’s gaze followed the disciple’s finger and he raised his brow. The large tree appeared rather peculiar. Not only did its roots divide into two, but a thick branch extended to either side of it. The tree appeared almost like a huge person.

The old man nodded and said with a stiff face, “Not bad. This tree could be the one, and if it actually is, we will heavily reward you when we leave the valley.” When the disciple heard this, he hastily replied with delighted thanks.

Elder Zhong slowly descended and flew twice around the huge tree and then stopped at its side. He stared at it for a moment more and grasped his fingers towards the tree. A trace of black Yin Qi slowly flew out from the tree and shot into his hands.

Elder Zhong smiled and commanded, “It is truly here. Call for the others to come.” 

As time passed by, the other cultivators in the valley became further scattered. Apart from a few that had a specific objective in mind, they all began to randomly search in hopes of finding treasure. 

But to the disappointment of a majority of the cultivators, only a few were lucky in their search around the outer valley. A majority were left without any gains. As a result, a most of them concluded that the rumors were false and all the true treasures in the valley laid deep in its depths. The more impatient and confident cultivators began to slowly make their way towards the valley’s center.

As for Han Li, his first day in Devilfall Valley was quite calm. As he traveled, he wasted no time searching for treasures. There was nowhere that was safe. It was quite possible that anywhere he went was protected with restrictions, so he found it best to stay away. 

Although he flew at a slow speed, he gradually grew closer to the location he had agreed upon with Marquis Nanlong, and became aware of his location in the valley.