Chapter 808: Death in the Valley

There was a depression not far behind Han Li. It was over three hundred meters wide and completely barren as if it wasn’t created naturally.

With a changed expression, Han Li released his spiritual sense and quickly searched a perimeter of fifteen kilometers around him. After discovering no trace of any other cultivators, he looked at the depression and slowly made his way towards it.

When Han Li arrived at the edge of the depression, he closely examined it and soon a trace of alarm appeared on his face. This wasn’t a depression, but a symmetrically round pit. The pit was filled with ash of an unknown depth and it was impossible to see through it.

Han Li stared at the large hole for a moment more with a pensive expression. He then formed an incantation gesture with his hands and swept up a thirty-meter-tall gale in front of him. “Go”. He uttered the command and waved his sleeve, as the gale swept the ash from the center of the pit.

The wind swept up the ash and rock everywhere it traveled. A moment later, the hole’s true appearance was revealed as a slab of dark-red volcanic rock that appeared incredibly smooth.

“This is...” At a glance, Han Li realized this was something formed from high-temperature fires, likely along with the formation of the hole. Shock appeared on his face as he further thought about the matter.

Could it be that something similar to a fireball created the hole? If he were to strike a stone surface with a fireball, something of a much smaller scale would be created. The result would pale in comparison to this, which would be over a hundred times larger that he could create. Could it be that the abilities of an ancient cultivator were so ferocious? As Han Li lost himself in thought, he eventually sighed and shook his head.

After some further thought, he believed the pit was more likely caused by some sort of fire-attribute ancient treasure. But even so, this demonstrated that ancient cultivator’s abilities were far greater than present cultivator’s.

Afterwards, Han Li slowly walked around the stone pit once more, but didn’t discover anything else notable about it. He then came to a stop and raised his head to the sky. As of current, it should be about noon, but there was no sun in the sky where he was teleported. Instead, it was replaced by an endless cloud of yellow haze that shined with dim light.

This didn’t come as a shock to Han Li since there was some sort of restriction that covered the entire sky. He reckoned that as of current, he wouldn’t be able to fly very high or else he would trigger the restriction.

Of course, Han Li still had to test his hypothesis. He took out a Gold Devouring Beetle from his storage pouch and tossed it into the air. 

Han Li then raised his head and emotionlessly watched the beetle. When it had reached about a hundred and eighty meters in height, a blue lightning bolt suddenly appeared out of nowhere and struck the Gold Devouring Beetle. The insect promptly spun as it fell over twenty meters, but managed to unfold its wings and recover as if nothing had happened.

Han Li wore a pensive expression when he saw this. After commanding the beetle to return, he got his bearings and in a flicker of light, he slowly made his way west. 

He didn’t dare to fly quickly through this strange land for fear that he could come across a restriction or a spatial tear and lead himself into an untimely demise.

As for the matter of Violet Spirit and Marquis Nanlong, Han Li moved out to prepare to handle both of their affairs: seizing the Spirit Kindle Fruit and join together with Marquis Nanlong to kill the Ancient Flame Toad.

Although the Ghost Spirit Sect Nascent Soul Elder had found the Spirit Kindle Fruit when he entered the valley, he wasn’t able to precisely remember its location. It would take some time before they found it. And even if they managed to eventually find the spirit fruit, they would have to immediately refine the pill and then take it immediately. Along with the time it would take to absorb the pill’s medicinal powers, they would need require several days at the very least.

Once Han Li acquired the inner core of the Ancient Flame Toad, something that Nangong Wan direly needed, he could seek out the Spirit Kindle Fruit with an unworried heart. Not to mention that he was rather interested in the remnant treasures the Ancient Flame Toad was guarding.  

With those thoughts in mind, he began to spread out his spiritual sense to its fullest extent and his eyes occasionally flickered with blue light as he employed the Brightsight Spirit Eyes, allowing him to avoid the restrictions and spatial tears.

Although he couldn’t determine where he was in the valley, he shouldn’t be too far away from the other cultivators. Although the transportation formation was said to teleport randomly, the teleportations should only occur within a certain range. Han Li didn’t intend on meeting with any other cultivators; he needed to head to the westmost portion of Devilfall Valley and meet with Marquis Nanlong.

According to Marquis Nanlong, although he had acquired Master Cang Kun’s method to enter the valley, the method is quite dangerous and consumes a great amount of strength. The only benefit to this was being able to follow Master Cang Kun’s route to the valley depths. 

After some deliberation, Han Li decided to use the Ghost Spirit Sect’s method to enter the valley. After all, the Ghost Spirit Sect was confident in their method to enter the valley given their wanton selling of the Devilfall Medallions, and Han Li wanted to use the safer option. From what he saw, their method of entering the outer valley was as smooth as expected, but he would still have to brave a bit of danger if he were to hurry.

Han Li continuously looked around as he flew, but came to a sudden stop as he looked forward and frowned. But his expression soon returned to normal and he continued flying forward, his speed unconsciously having slowed.

After flying over three hundred meters, Han Li stopped and glanced into the distance. There was a white arc of light suspended in the air, that was about three meters long and in the shape of a crescent. The arc of light was completely still and lacked any aura. 

Han Li closely examined the light arc and he swept his hand against the air, sending a streak of azure sword Qi towards it. 

Azure light ruptured in an explosion. As soon as the azure Qi and the light arc contacted each other, the azure Qi immediately disappeared as if devoured by the light arc. In contrast, the light arc appeared completely untouched. 

Han Li nodded. It appeared this was a so-called spatial tear.

If they were all as visible as this one, they should be easy to avoid, but the indistinct ones were troublesome to deal with. Since he had encountered a spatial tear promptly after arriving in the valley, it only illustrated how prevalent they were. If he weren't careful, he would be certain to suffer.

Han Li felt a chill as he thought this and his body blurred. He flew a large arc around the spatial tear and continued on his way without paying it any further attention.

Unbeknownst to Han Li, over fifty kilometers away a fat old man was staring at a foot-long arc of light. He muttered, “How very dangerous, to think that I teleported to the side of a spatial tear. If I had teleported thirty meters closer to it, I may have died. It appears I must take extra care. There must be innumerable spatial tears in Devilfall Valley.”

The old man’s complexion had paled after noticing the tear, but he soon turned his attention to his surroundings. Confirming with his spiritual sense that there were no other dangers, he got his bearings and flew off.

But just as he flew twenty meters away, an arc of white light suddenly appeared in his path. Before he could even scream, his body was split into two and filled the air with blood as both pieces fell to the ground. His face still wore an expression of disbelief. 

Just as soon as the spatial tear had lit up, it slowly faded away and vanished from sight. If anyone else were to come, they would have no way of knowing that it existed.

In another area, three green-robed cultivators were flying back and forth around a pile of rubble. But regardless of the direction they flew, they were always blocked by a barrier of rainbow light when they reached a hundred meters out.

A large man with a large blade scar on his face couldn’t help but shout, “This won’t work! We won’t be able to leave. Those Ghost Spirit Sect wretches actually teleported us into this restriction. When we get out, we will have a proper discussion with them.” 

A cultivator with high cheekbones stopped in the air and snorted. He coldly said, “Worry less. What does the Ghost Spirit Sect have to fear from a small sect like ours? Remember that from the start they said the teleportation was random and that if we were teleported into a spatial tear, we could only blame our luck. It is fortunate that although this restriction is powerful, it isn’t an offensive type. We should be able to slowly whittle away at it and escape.”

The scarred man shook his head and said, “But as a result, the other treasures in the valley will have already been taken. With our cultivation, we will only be able to search the outer valley for treasures. It would only be suicide to search the inner valley. We had to spend the entirety of our wealth in order to buy those Devilfall Medallions.”

After some hesitation, the high-cheeked cultivator said, “If that’s the case, then let’s destroy the restriction by force. Although it appears this restriction is somewhat profound, it is something located in the outer valley. It shouldn’t prove to be powerful beyond reach. Although we might lose a bit of our magic power, we’ll manage to get out.”

The final member of their group, a tanned cultivator, paused in thought and eventually nodded. “Fine. Then so be it. Second Brother, you have an offensive-type magic treasure. We’ll have to rely on you. Both of us will be assisting to the side.”

“It is best to leave this matter to me. With only a few blows, I’ll get rid of this wretched thing.” The large man was roused by these words and spat out a ball of yellow light. It was a small, finely cut stone block that was only an inch long.

The large man formed a hand incantation and pointed at the block. Suddenly, the stone block surged through the air and grew to a meter in length.

The other two then released a red and white streak of light, revealing them to be two sparkling flying swords.