Chapter 189 - Extermination By Lightning

Chapter 189: Extermination By Lightning

Although Han Li could not understand how Feng Yue’s movements were so fast, suspicions began to arise in his heart.

But now was not the time to get to investigate; he had no choice, but to put away the “Golden Light Brick” treasure talisman. He waved the “Golden Beetle Swarm Blade’s” mother blade in his hand, causing all of the children blades to fly out like a swarm of bees, turning into eight streaks of golden light. They all aggressively shot towards Feng Yue, relying on the chaos the large numbers would create in order to obtain victory.

If the opponent was willing to withdraw the yellow streak to protect himself, it would obviously be better; he would be able to force a stalemate for quite some time, but Han Li was not confident in this idea. Based on the opponent having such a widespread reputation, his true strength definitely would not be limited to this. The previous attack seemed to intend to probe him.

As expected, when Feng Yue saw Han Li’s golden blades flying towards him, he wasn’t panicked in the slightest.

He laughed coldly a few times, and an item that he had just taken out began to emit light; it was a yellow umbrella-shaped magic tool.

Feng Yue didn’t actually cause the umbrella to leave his hand; instead, when he saw the eight streaks of golden light appear in front of him, he leisurely opened the umbrella. A spherical barrier made of yellow light appeared and immediately covered up all of Feng Yue’s body. When the golden blades hit the ball of light, they exploded with strange “pi pi pa pa” sounds, and all of the golden blades easily rebounded.

This was also a high-grade protective magic tool, and judging by its strength it definitely surpassed that of Han Li’s Flying Dark-Iron Shield.

Han Li’s facial color changed dramatically, becoming slightly wane. Feng Yue began to laugh crazily and loudly, and his expression was one of delight.

This was not surprising; ever since he had obtained the “Yellow Parasol”, he had never been harmed by any low-layer cultivators. Seeing Han Li’s frightened appearance, he naturally felt extremely carefree in his heart.

Feng Yue valued this umbrella far more than the knife treasure talisman. Treasure talismans could only be used for a limited amount of time; when their energy was used up, they became useless pieces of paper. On the other hand, the “Yellow Parasol” could be used an unlimited number of times!

Han Li sighed and cut off his spell, pointing with one finger; all of the golden blades were summoned back to him and returned to their original shape upon landing in his hand.

Feng Yue didn’t know what Han Li planned to do, but since he was still being protected and felt carefree, he focused all of his attention on controlling the yellow streak,

Based on protective ability and scope, the “Flying Dark-Iron Shield” possibly was much worse than the “Yellow Parasol”; however, what Feng Yue didn’t know was that in terms of flexibility, this small shield definitely was much better than most normal defensive magic tools.

In the end, it didn’t matter how frantically Feng Yue made the yellow streak move or how wondrously it hovered; they were all completely blocked by the shield outside. It was at this time that he realized if he didn’t utterly destroy this shield, he would have no way of getting to Han Li!

His face revealed an expression of resent, and he was forced to return to his old tactic of using the yellow streak of the knife to slowly wear at the iron shield. Despite the fact that the black light being emitted from the shield had already been decreased by a significant amount, the remaining light was enough to resist for a short period of time.

At this time, Han Li, seeing that there was no way for him to secure victory, clenched his teeth and made a heart-wrenching decision.

He returned the golden blades to his storage pouch and switched it out for a small, azure-black gourd. He raised the gourd high into the air, and seven or eight black spheres flew out from it; these spheres flew towards Feng Yue, light as a feather.

Feng Yue was naturally aware of Han Li’s movements, and thus he stared blankly for a moment. This was because the gourd magic tool was simply too common; lower-layer cultivators all knew about these cheap magic tools, and almost all of them had tried using such items before.

It didn’t matter whether the tool that contained the spheres was a gourd or a bottle or a pot; although the spheres that came shooting out of it were very enticingly called “Primeval Beads”, their strength as compared to top-quality magic tools was simply too small.

But it was also because of this that Feng Yue began to suspect something in his heart.

He didn’t wait for the spheres to come near him; instead, he reached out and placed an “Ice Spear Technique” talisman into his hand. Then, he raised it, and the talisman immediately became a crystal-clear, brilliantly white ice spear, which he resolutely threw to meet the spheres.

With a crisp “peng”, the ice spear flew knocked away three or four of these spheres before shattering. White fragments of ice dispersed in midair, as if they were flowers scattered by heavenly maidens. These fragments of ice became a small rain of hail, beautiful in an unexpected way.

Seeing these circumstances unfold, Feng Yue finally began to relax, and he once again focused his attention onto Han Li himself. This was because at this time, an azure banner had suddenly appeared; on this banner was the image of an azure dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws. It appeared incredibly realistic, as if it were about to jump out.

Feng Yue’s experience was very abundant, and with one glance he knew this definitely was a top-notch, high-grade magic tool; he could not afford to underestimate its strength!

Meanwhile, Han Li was controlling this flag, allowing its surface to begin to accumulate azure-colored spiritual light. This light was very dazzling, and its strength was truly not small.

Although Feng Yue was completely confident in his Yellow Parasol, his prudent and cunning personality caused him to unblinkingly stare at this azure flag, afraid that this magic tool would have some kind of odd power and could break through his defenses.

As for those Primeval Beads, he had long realized that those were red herrings meant to disturb his line of sight, and so he ignored them. Based on the pitiful destructive force of the Primeval Beads, even if they were to hover around the Yellow Parasol for an entire day it would be impossible for them to disturb his defenses even slightly.

However, Feng Yue became increasingly distressed and bewildered after seeing Han Li take out one high-grade magic tool after another.

He guessed that Han Li and that woman with many treasures were the same and that he was the disciple of some expert. His desire to kill Han Li became even more urgent.

He feared that if the opponent was able to survive, it would cause him no end of trouble. Even more so, the opponent had witnessed the entire process of him killing people and stealing their belongings. If the elder of the woman with many treasures came looking for him, he would have a lot of trouble on his hands.

Right as Feng Yue was attracted by the Azure Flood Dragon Banner and his killing intent was rising, those Primeval Beads flew in front of him and ran into the barrier created by the Yellow Parasol. After making some silvery noises from attacking the barrier, the foremost few beads were easily repelled out.

When Feng Yue heard that sound, he instinctively lowered his head to take a look.

“Relying on those Primeval Beads to attack me is too arrogant! These aren’t even worth mentioning; even…”

“Yi! Why is this one so small; it’s even colored blue……”

Feng Yue had just sneered when he discovered a Primeval Bead that had revealed a blue bead hiding inside of it after it had been reflected. It was only as large as a pill, much more modest in size than regular Primeval Beads.

Feng Yue startled a little; before he was able to come up with an idea, the blue bead had already hit the ball-shaped barrier.

“White light! A magnificent, blinding white light!”

This was the last color that Feng Yue ever saw in this world. His body slowly turned, and then he never knew anything again.

In the eyes of Han Li, when the blue bead came into contact with the yellow light, it immediately exploded out with silver light in a sphere a few Zhang wide. It noiselessly enveloped the larger half of Feng Yue’s body. After this, the white light disappeared without a trace, revealing Feng Yue’s stupefied expression, as if he were ready to fight another day.

Han Li’s heart sank, but before he could move, a light gust of wind blew. Feng Yue’s body suddenly collapsed like grains of sand and turned into ash that blew away with the wind.

All that remained were the halves of two small legs and the pair of shoes on his feet. They stood all alone on the ground, creating an unspeakably strange scene.

When Han Li saw this, he was not afraid. In fact, he immediately sat on the ground and breathed in deeply, allowing his heart, which had been stuck in his throat, to calm down.

It was only after using his greatest last resort, the “Heavenly Lightning Seed”, paired with a whole string of movements meant to cover it up, that he was able to completely wipe out Feng Yue from the face of the earth.

But Han Li’s expression was not actually one of joy; rather, it displayed both self-deprecation and bitter laughter.

This was not too surprising, given that the Trial by Blood and Fire had only entered the second day; he had already used all of his magic treasures, as well as his ultimate trump card he was saving as a last resort. How could he possibly be happy?

When he thought about the remaining three days, as well as the unknown number of violent people he would meet like Feng Yue, his heart sank again even as he had just begun to relax.

However, if he hadn’t used the Heaven’s Lightning Child, it would have definitely been difficult for him to escape; the Flying Dark-Iron Shield had reached its breaking point. In addition, considering the opponent’s high-grade magic tools as well as the woman with many treasures, he definitely had not suffered a loss; in fact, it would be more accurate to say that he had struck it rich!

Han Li began to think better of his situation, and his countenance was revived; he hurriedly looked to the opposite side. But as soon as his eyes fell upon the site, Han Li’s mouth fell wide open, rendering him speechless for a significant amount of time!