Chapter 188 - A Bad Reputation

Chapter 188: A Bad Reputation

Feng Yue’s ugly face was extremely unsightly; he had never imagined that the opponent would actually dare to mock him. The rage in his heart suddenly began to soar.

Although he wasn’t yet Foundation Establishment, by relying on a few decent magic tools and cruel, savage methods, his fearful name was widespread among the lower-level disciples!

One should know that in order to get revenge, he shut other cultivators into some dark room and tortured them constantly for three days and three nights. Their piteous cries rang out day and night without stopping before they were viciously slain.

Normally, when ordinary disciples heard his name, their faces would become deathly pale, and they would immediately retreat far away.

With this evil reputation, he should have long been finished off by Foundation Establishment experts who found him displeasing to the eye. However, he was also extremely clever; although he was incomparably savage to lower-layered cultivators, he would flee as soon as he caught wind of someone whose power greatly surpassed his own. He would escape back to the Heavenly Imperial Fortress and hide out; the people in the Heavenly Imperial Fortress, to protect their reputation, naturally would not deliver him up.

As such, those pursuing him often would refrain from harming innocents to chase him. They could only stare at him, watching him act freely and leisurely.

After waiting for those pursuing him to lose interest, Feng Yue would again arrogantly exit the fort, continuing to cruelly treat other cultivators. After this had happened a few times, those experts could only pinch their noses and were disinterested in involving themselves again! Feng Yue also knew his place and would not attack those from important backgrounds and those intimate to them.

(TL: pinch their noses means to ignore it, like a stinky smell.)

As such, Feng Yue’s behavior within the Seven Great Sects became increasingly ferocious and bold, and his evil name spread far and wide! This made his personality even more unrestrained, and he became incredibly conceited, adopting an arrogant and violent attitude! He did not have a shred of respect for any of the low-layered cultivators other than a few disciples from his sect whose reputations were not below his.

But today, Han Li, an eleventh layer rookie, went so far as to say he wanted to kill him! How could the arrogant and accustomed Feng Yue contain his rage!

“You’re courting death!”

The agitated Feng Yue was not willing to allow Han Li to speak for even one more second; he touched the small blade in front of him, and it became a streak of yellow light, flying directly at Han Li’s forehead. He had decided to cut off the opponent’s head in one move. He believed that, although the opponent had set up a blue, water-based barrier, the barrier would break under one attack of his own treasure talisman, and the person inside it would die.

Han Li, of course, would not allow the opponent to do whatever he wanted. He sneakily raised his hand, throwing out a small, black shield that began to expand on its own after leaving his hand. The yellow streak was firmly blocked outside at roughly a distance about six meters away.

As soon as the small blade’s yellow streak and the black light on the shield collided, several “zhi zhi” sounds were emitted. Although the yellow streak immediately gained the upper hand and forced the black light to steadily retreat, the small shield, unwilling to be outdone, continued to emit black light, tenaciously resisting the yellow streak.

At this point, the yellow streak would be unable to break through and enter in any short amount of time.

Seeing this, Feng Yue’s expression was one of shock, while Han Li sighed lightly.

Feng Yue didn’t expect that Han Li would have a rare, top quality defensive magic tool; at the same time, Han Li felt reassured because his previous guess had been correct.

His use of the Flying Dark-Iron Shield to directly counter the opponent’s treasure talisman with force had actually been quite risky. If the opponent’s treasure talisman was powerful beyond his expectations, then his head would have hit the ground a long time ago.

When Han Li and “Senior Martial Brother Lu” had battled, the Azure Flood Dragon Banner had been able to hold out against his flying gray sword talisman for half a day. Even if Feng Yue’s small blade was somewhat stronger, the Flying Dark-Iron Shield could probably withstand it for at least a short time.

It was only because of the above reasoning that Han Li was willing to take this risk.

Seeing that he temporarily didn’t need to worry, Han Li immediately grabbed the “Golden Light Brick” talisman in his hand, preparing to activate it and shoot down the opponent in one blow!

But before he was able to rotate the spiritual power in his body and begin to cast the talisman, Feng Yue suddenly yelled out, “Sl*t! Where are you trying to run?”

Then his body image flashed; he appeared in a nearby patch of dense forest, blocking someone off.

The person who was trying to sneakily run into the dense forest was none other than the yellow-robed woman.

It turned out that this woman, seeing that her odds of success were low and recognizing Feng Yue’s fearsome reputation, became fearful in her heart. She decided to use the moment while Han Li and Feng Yue were battling to run away, fleeing without a trace.

Han Li had long noticed this woman’s activity; although he was somewhat resentful in his heart, he wasn’t interested in doing anything about it.

Since she seemed to be unable to help if she stayed, if she wanted to leave it was up to her!

However, she had first betrayed their agreement of cooperation, so he would not try to prevent her from attempting to flee. On the other hand, he would no longer help her; whether she survived or perished depended on herself alone!

Han Li had coldly decided to ignore this woman, but the fury of Feng Yue was still burning, and he would not be so easily deceived.

He had long ago developed a strong hate for both Han Li and the yellow-robed woman because of the words that Han Li had spoken. When he saw this woman trying to flee, he was naturally unwilling to let her go! This was why he suddenly flew to block the yellow-robed woman’s path.

When Han Li’s Senior Martial Sister saw this, she was so frightened that she became like a mortal, turning around and running. All of her magic skills had been forgotten.

When Feng Yue saw this, his ugly face throbbed a few times, and he slipped away, again standing in front of that woman. He raised his hand without hesitation, causing his large hand to glow with yellow light. He then inserted this hand directly through her chest, protruding out her back; the hand became a bloody hand that dripped with blood.

The yellow-robed female’s corpse fell to the ground, her eyes opened wide; however, her eyes had lost their vigor. Before she died, perhaps she regretted her rash decision to leave Han Li’s side, but there was no medicine for regret that she could eat in this world!

Based on the fact that the opponent had no more magic tools or strong talismans left, Feng Yue, having just slaughtered the yellow-robed female at close range, removed his hand and purposefully licked the blood still dripping from his finger. Then, he smiled maliciously at Han Li.

When the Han Li hiding inside the shield saw this, his face turned green, and he pressed his lips tightly together. Although he didn’t yell out, he had definitely been scared out of his wits, Feng Yue delightedly thought.

In reality, the reason he had been able to win against his opponents so easily in the past was mostly due to his fearsome reputation. When people who fought against him thought about the fate worse than death that they would suffer at his hands, they would already be fearful even before they fought. Naturally, their fighting abilities would suffer greatly, and losing became inevitable.

Today, Feng Yue saw that although Han Li’s cultivation was not very deep, the magic tools he had were quite strong. Thus, he intended to use this kind of scare tactic to weaken Han Li’s fighting ability and gain the upper hand.

Now, looking at Han Li’s expression, it seemed as if his tactics had worked. Feng Yue was secretly happy in his heart, swaying on his feet as if he were showing off. He returned to his original position in front of Han Li.

The color of Han Li’s face was indeed not pleasant to look at, and the feelings in his heart were also not worth mentioning. However, it wasn’t because of the opponent’s bloody methods; rather, it was because he was preparing to move like lightning that he felt his head starting to hurt like crazy.

The last time Han Li had used the “Golden Light Brick” treasure talisman, he realized that although its power seemed to be much greater than the flying gray sword talisman, in real battles with other opponents, there were actually a few large drawbacks.

Its destructive power was truly frightening; if one was hit by it, lower-layered cultivators would be obliterated no matter how many magic tools or protective barriers they had on them. They wouldn’t make a big difference. However, this treasure talisman’s drawbacks were also incredibly apparent. It could only be used after sucking up a large amount of the user’s magic power, and its lack of speed or mobility would leave people speechless.

If it was possible to bind the opponent beforehand, this treasure talisman’s surprising function would be greatly increased; it would be the best tool for killing people. But if someone were to use only the Golden Light Brick to kill their enemies, it would be an unthinkable thing to do. Unless the opponent’s magic power was depleted, using a few random supportive techniques would allow someone to easily dodge this treasure’s attack.

Thus, this “Golden Light Brick” treasure talisman was actually not like the flying sword treasure talisman or Feng Yue’s small blade treasure talisman in the sense that it was not meant for a dogfight. Instead, it was purely effective for generating huge amounts of destructive power, similar to the official magic treasures of Core Formation experts from the Heavenly Imperial Fortress.

Because Han Li no longer had any magic tools that could bind the enemy, his original plan was to use multiple golden blades to slow down the enemy, and then use the Golden Light Brick to launch a surprise attack when the opponent was least expecting it. According to Han Li’s reasoning, although success wasn’t one hundred percent guaranteed, there was still approximately a fifty percent chance!

However, after seeing Feng Yue’s movements, Han Li knew this plan was simply unrealistic. Based on the opponent’s display of speed that was not slower than the Shifting Smoke Steps, it would be easy for him to escape from the magic tool dogfight at any time.

Han Li was extremely vexed, but he was also somewhat bewildered. Could it be that this Feng Yue was the same as him, having origins from Jiang Hu?