Chapter 96 - Really want to stir the Sacred Family?

Chapter 96 - Really want to stir the Sacred Family?

Nie Li did not expect to have any problems. He never thought that his luck would be so bad and his first time coming over to see Ye Ziyun to be found out by the City Lord.

However, Ye Zong did not kill him, probably because the Alchemist Association side said something. Since that’s the case, Nie Li has nothing to fear. No need wait for too long, Nie Li will thoroughly subdue Ye Zong, and make him send his daughter over with his own hands.

Thinking about it here, Nie Li had a hint of faint smile on his face. For this distant target and dream, he has to work hard.

Nie Li swallowed several elixirs, crossed his legs and began cultivating. He 0perated the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique to try and break through to 4-star Silver rank.

In the yard

Every since she practised the [Nine Revolving Phoenix] cultivating technique and integrated with the Snow Queen, Ye Ziyun’s cultivation has soared leaps and bounds. She wasn’t any slower compared to Nie Li, and reached the cultivation of a 3-star Silver rank. After all, her cultivating technique is faster than Nie Li’s [Heavenly God] cultivation technique. The power of the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique can only be seen at a later part of his cultivation.

Among everyone that was gifted one of Nie Li’s cultivation techniques, Nie Li’s [Heavenly God] cultivating technique is the slowest to work with. The difficulty that he faced during cultivating is also several times harder than the others. But of course, the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique is the strongest once one completes their cultivation. Even against seven people who are the same rank as Nie lie, they might not be his opponents. The difficulty in the cultivating technique is extremely large, but to be able to catch up with the speed of others is the advantage that Nie Li has from rebirth.

‘Sage Emperor, wait till I practised the [Heavenly God] cultivating technique to its peak and nurtured seven God rank masters. This time, we’ll see who’s stronger!’ Nie Li thought in his heart. In his previous life, one of the reasons why he lost, is because his cultivation lost by rank. The other reason is because the Sage Emperor had several Deity rank demon beasts by his side, who attacked him to exhaust his strength. This was the reason why he was defeated so quickly. In this life, he will definitely repeat the same thing. Aside from raising his strength, he will also bring along several powerful companions. It won’t be like his previous life, when he was all alone.

After sat crossed legged and practised for about an hour, Nie Li’s injuries had more or less healed.

“Nie Li, how is your healing progress?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li, slightly narrowing his eyes.

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nie Li still thought that Ye Ziyun was concern about him. He nodded and said, “I’ve healed, more or less.”

“Okay, since that’s the case, you have to leave! If you continue to stay here, don’t blame me for being impolite!” Ye Ziyun’s expression was strict, pushing Nie Li out.

“Ziyun, I’m in love with you! You can’t do this to me! Ouch, my injuries still haven’t fully recovered yet! I’ll need at least another two days of healing before I can move! Urgh, I can’t, I’m about to vomit blood!”

“I will not believe you again. If you still don’t leave, I’ll take to broom and chase you out!” Ye Ziyun clenched her teeth, Nie Li is being too much of a rogue.

“You wouldn’t be so heartless, right?” Nie Li stared at Ye Ziyun.

“You can try me!” Ye Ziyun had both her hands on her hips, and let out two snorts. Regarding the issue today, it’s already good of her not bashing Nie Li up.

“Fine, I’ll return first. I’ll look for you again tomorrow!”

“If you dare to come tomorrow, see what I’ll do!” Ye Ziyun pushed Nie Li out, pouting her mouth with her hands on her hips and said.

“Ah? Then when can I come look for you?” Nie Li bitterly laughed, looking at Ye Ziyun.


Ye Ziyun closed the door to her yard.

“Then I’ll come over the day after tomorrow!” Even though he was chased out by Ye Ziyun, his mood wasn’t bad. Both of his hands were at his back, humming a song and walking towards the place he was living in.

Looking at the shut door, Ye Ziyun stomped her feet, annoyed to the point she felt her teeth itching. However, she recalled something and laughed. Her laughter was simply charming. If it was seen by anyone, they would definitely be in a daze. She is simply helpless when facing a shameless person like Nie Li. However, since this matter has already progressed to this point, she has no idea what to do and can only listen to Nie Li.

She suddenly recalled something, and her cheeks reddened.

While walking, Nie Li was deep within his thoughts and recalled something from the past. Truth is, Nie Li has no idea how to chase a girl. Ye Ziyun and Nie Li got together only by the trial of death. After Ye Ziyun was killed, Nie Li had several contacts with girls, however, he did not have any deep relationship with them. Nie Li’s heart had always been thinking of Ye Ziyun, and wouldn’t let any other girl enter his heart.

You can imagine Nie Li’s joy of seeing Ye Ziyun again. However, they did not have any trial of death in this life, therefore, Nie Li has no idea how to get Ye Ziyun’s feelings match his own. He can only shamelessly throw himself at her. Even if he’s hated by Ye Ziyun, he also have to shamelessly guard by her side. Nie Li doesn’t want to lose her again.

‘At least, it’s better than doing nothing.’ Nie Li thought to himself. No matter how Ye Ziyun treats him, Nie Li will still guard her side.

Within Nie Li’s yard, Nie Yu is currently hard at practice. Upon seeing Nie Li, her face had an expression of joy.

“Big brother Nie Li, you’re back?” Nie Yu hurriedly went up. When Nie Li left, she had been constantly worried.

Nie Li rubbed Nie Yu’s small head, “Has Xiao Yu been practising diligently?”

“Yes. Xiao Yu has been very diligent. The cultivating technique that Big brother Nie Li gave me is really amazing, I’m already 2-star Bronze rank!” Nie Yu’s eyes were shining when she looked at Nie Li, filled with worship. In her heart, Nie Li is simply an existence that can achieve anything.

“Not bad!” Nie Yu lightly smiled, nodding his head. Nie Yu’s cultivating speed is still quite good.

Just when Nie Li and Nie Yu were chatting, a knocking sound came from the door.

When Nie Li opened the door, Du Ze, Lu Piao, along with three other people were there. He was a little shocked and asked, “What are you guys doing here?”

“We heard that you’ve gone to the City Lord’s Mansion and decided to come by. Finding you was not easy. We had to find President Gu Yan, after many troubles, and get him to write us a letter for us to be allowed in!” Lu Piao laughed and said, “You’re really good. To chase after Ye Ziyun to the point of entering the City Lord’s Mansion, I admire you!”

Du Ze looked at Nie Li awhile and said, “You actually beat Shen Xiao, a genius of the Sacred Family? You purposely showed your strength, right? Otherwise, with your character, you’d be very low key.”

“Previously, my strength was too weak, therefore I did not dare to be too public. After I integrated with a demon spirit, even if I were to encounter people from the Dark Guild, I would have the strength to protect myself. Furthermore, to be able to scoop a bunch from the Sacred Family, why not?” Nie Li said, lightly laughed.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao, Du Ze and bunch couldn’t help laughing.

“This time, the Sacred Family was made miserable by you. It’s a total of four hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins!”

“Yeah, the Patriarch of the Sacred Family probably wants to vomit blood.”

Nie Li shook his head and said, “Four hundred and fifty million demon spirit coins isn’t enough to shake the foundation of the Sacred Family.”

“Nie Li, you couldn’t be wanting to get rid of the Sacred Family, right? That’s one of the three Major families!” Lu Piao’s eyes widened, and said while looking at Nie Li.

“Of course. I’ve tricked the Sacred Family, they definitely won’t just let this off. Sooner or later, they will come and look for me. However, I don’t plan to let them off!” A hint of chill flashed pass Nie Li’s eyes.

Seeing Nie Li’s expression, Du Ze was shocked in his heart. Nie Li doesn’t look like he’s joking. Nie Li was seriously going to get rid of the Sacred Family with his strength alone? This is way harder than any tournament!

“No matter what you’re going to do, if you just let us about it, we brothers will definitely support you!” Du Ze firmly said. If it wasn’t for Nie Li, he wouldn’t have his current strength. No matter what is it, as long as Nie Li opens his mouth, even if it means throwing his life away, Du Ze will definitely not frown his brows for a second.

“How can I be left out of this kind of thing?” Lu Piao chuckled and said.

“Good brothers!” Nie Li bumped Du Ze’s chest. With this bunch, even if they were going up the knife mountains or down the flaming sea, they were a bunch of brothers that wouldn’t even frown for a second. This is simply the biggest fortune in life!

Recalling the scenes of Du Ze and Lu Piao dying during the battle for Glory City, a faint tears flashed across Nie Li’s eyes. In this life, he definitely won’t let Glory City repeat the same tragedy again!